Bankrol Hayden - Costa Rica (feat. The Kid LAROI) [Remix] [Official Audio]

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Bankrol Hayden

Bankrol Hayden

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Bankrol Hayden - Costa Rica (feat. The Kid LAROI) [Remix] [Official Audio]
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Bankrol Hayden
Bankrol Hayden Hace 18 días
TheClubDebo Goons
TheClubDebo Goons Hace 4 días
sup my name Michael monroe i love yo songs I might be a rapper like i love costa rica.
Pizza Time
Pizza Time Hace 5 días
Fax my man
Jaakko Saarinen
Jaakko Saarinen Hace 5 días
buddy kaneki
buddy kaneki Hace 6 días
Sayok Rai nice montage
ɤεภөɱツ YT
ɤεภөɱツ YT Hace 11 días
I live in costarica
Dominic_wagoner Hace 10 horas
He really rhymed millionaire with billionaire
__Crisnaldo_11__ Hace 10 horas
This song is very good without kid laroi but he makes it 10x better imo
TTV Ninja
TTV Ninja Hace 21 un hora
Allietheotter AJ
Allietheotter AJ Hace 22 horas
This song is lowkey so fire. Bankrol killed it, but this remix 10\10. Laroi also made just the song have a better like transition to it. overall amazing song and lets protect Bankrol and Laroi they are both amazing music artists.
Imaad Uzun
Imaad Uzun Hace un día
This is the godliest underrated duo out there
itsJacon Hace un día
Check me out and you will have good luck for the rest of 2020
delyne12 Hace un día
bankroll and tecc? Bankroll and jack harlow? laroi and harlow?
iiSqxrt Hace 2 días
Better than kid buu
la 9
la 9 Hace 2 días
This is FIREEE!!!!!
Randy Nguyen
Randy Nguyen Hace 2 días
TheClubDebo Goons
TheClubDebo Goons Hace 2 días
sup bankrol
Fabio de León Guillermo
Fabio de León Guillermo Hace 3 días
The best song!!!!!!
Everything Allison24
Everything Allison24 Hace 3 días
If I hear this one more time on roblox...someone is getting hurt.
Sam Levell
Sam Levell Hace 4 días
infinate goosebumps when Mr Laroi came in fuck sake 16 with a 40 piece on my wrist ahhhh jeeeez
abigail caren Solomons
abigail caren Solomons Hace 5 días
Fort nite montage worthey
Sine IV
Sine IV Hace 5 días
The Kid LAROI was dead ass in the song for 22 seconds
Vaciil ❽
Vaciil ❽ Hace 5 días
TKL’s verse was only 22 seconds long😐
OFC Hace 6 días
Tiquicia presente
Zilph Patman
Zilph Patman Hace 7 días
lOl 1,669,669 views lOl
FNSLAYER Hace 8 días
Every song with Laroi is a banger but bankroll is pretty good too
TheKidNate\TKN Hace 8 días
The Kid LAROI Part Is Just Fire 1:04
Kiki Pena
Kiki Pena Hace 8 días
D0L OO7 Hace 9 días
i like it
Drew Music
Drew Music Hace 9 días
Yoo this man bout to be a new hit
Dayami Gutiérrez
Dayami Gutiérrez Hace 9 días
{\ /} ( ._.) ( >🍪 want a cookie?✨
Randall Mendoza
Randall Mendoza Hace 9 días
Damn I feel like The Kid LAROI had the better verse let’s keep him alive he’s a good rapper way better than lil pump
Xavier Jaramillo
Xavier Jaramillo Hace 9 días
Nico Saunders
Nico Saunders Hace 10 días
u jus got yoself a new sub😁
Nova Velocity
Nova Velocity Hace 10 días
The original one was good but this is even better ngl kid laroi carried
THUG WIF Hace 10 días
who"s here from the weird emo 9yr kids in roblox.
pewdiepies legs
pewdiepies legs Hace 7 días
No one 😂😂
Zoe Chase
Zoe Chase Hace 10 días
After looking through most of the comments, im glad we can agree that The Kid LAROI is gonna be a legend in our time
ɤεภөɱツ YT
ɤεภөɱツ YT Hace 11 días
drippy Hace 11 días
walked in like im in this bitch
Alejandro Jones
Alejandro Jones Hace 11 días
The kid laroi is gonna be a god
Raging Rubie
Raging Rubie Hace 11 días
Everyone nutting on kid laroi but bankroll did his ish🔥😤🔥😤😤
Frosty Hace 11 días
This song was Carried by the Feature LMAO everyone can agree with this
FlamingZucchini Hace 8 días
I’m gonna have to disagree with you there buddy
Kapolesa Hace 12 días
God song
B E T Films
B E T Films Hace 12 días
Daniel Nem
Daniel Nem Hace 12 días
This is the song it’s just to short
Ndumiso Sithole
Ndumiso Sithole Hace 13 días
Niggas forgetting who's song this song this actually is Ya laroi went hard but Hayden straight up🔥🔥
Izuku Midoria
Izuku Midoria Hace 13 días
This is like the 3rd time in history that the feature doesn’t ruin the song
TEAM S Hace 13 días
Producer carried this song
JTPlays Hace 13 días
What de fuck is costa rica
FlamingZucchini Hace 8 días
It’s a country
Greivin Vargas
Greivin Vargas Hace 13 días
En español suena como la picha pero en ingles suena bien
Aquarius Hace 14 días
This song is amazing. Mind blown 👀❤️
Jeremy Yuslum
Jeremy Yuslum Hace 14 días
The kid laroi is next up. I'm calling it. Each song gets better, the time and effort, just appreciate him for quality rap. If it weren't for him, we would never have a good Australian rapper. This kid is fire.
Harry Wagg
Harry Wagg Hace 14 días
This is FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kavian Talimatasi
Kavian Talimatasi Hace 14 días
Anyone els here couse of tik tok
Aimpactz Hace 14 días
Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson Hace 15 días
Now does he have aimbot orrr
ASMR Hector
ASMR Hector Hace 15 días
Subscribe to my channel AsmR hector please
Leland Means
Leland Means Hace 15 días
whos here after imdontai's stream? FNG!
PS4 slayer 35
PS4 slayer 35 Hace 15 días
Nathaniel Woods
Nathaniel Woods Hace 16 días
N Edit :hi
lilguccidirt95 Hace 16 días
I feel like bankrol and the kid LAROI are of the most underrated artist
FlamingZucchini Hace 8 días
Clover Not a Troll yup
Clover Not a Troll
Clover Not a Troll Hace 9 días
Not really bankrol’s a little bit underrated but The Kid Laroi is just an indrusty plant
Albino Tello
Albino Tello Hace 16 días
The kid laroi kill it
LxnternPlays Hace 17 días
The kid laroi is so Underrated
James Thacker
James Thacker Hace 17 días .., im not the best but i rap about my feelings and my life sooo go check me out
zHao zHao -
zHao zHao - Hace 18 días
can we all just agree that kid laroi sounds like justin beiber rapping
imprezsed Hace 19 días
1:07 yw
icy 07
icy 07 Hace 19 días
Love this
AcidXx Opt
AcidXx Opt Hace 20 días
Is it me or is this the biggest vibe?
Cameron Farmer
Cameron Farmer Hace 20 días
Am I the only one who thinks he sounded like young Chris Brown the way he say "Youuu" at 1:25 ???
Charles Delao
Charles Delao Hace 20 días
this should hit the billboards man it fire 🔥🔥
Elizabeth Faira
Elizabeth Faira Hace 20 días
this song goes hard no cap
Gamer Electro
Gamer Electro Hace 20 días
Alan Johnson’s Beamer
Alan Johnson’s Beamer Hace 20 días
LAROI sounding like a hood Dustin from Stranger Things and STILL absolutely killed it
Álanny Álvarez
Álanny Álvarez Hace 20 días
I'm from Costa Rica, how does no one from here knows this? like omg
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Hace 20 días
Bro it’s not even fair to other artists when laroi is on the track like this kid is 16 and in my opinion the best artist out rn by a lot. Like Hayden is really good and he’s really good on this song but laroi put him to shameeeee
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