Banjo-Kazooie Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! (E3 Nintendo Direct)

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Hace 15 días

Banjo-Kazooie were just revealed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest DLC fighter, coming in Fall 2019! GYUH-HUH!
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Dillon Kinder
Dillon Kinder Hace 5 horas
It’s really funny seeing Banjo still has his banjo and Kazooie still has her horn
ItsASquid Hace 14 horas
K. Rool did nothing wrong.
Mason Hoffman
Mason Hoffman Hace 17 horas
TheJEDIBRANDON Hace 18 horas
1:34 Don’t let the excitement of this distract you from the fact that Banjo/Kazooie sacrificed K. Rool for the soul stone😬😂
Mary Pallister
Mary Pallister Hace un día
He's finally here
Drewey- Oh
Drewey- Oh Hace un día
MrJamie10 Hace un día
Imagine If Banjo Was An Echo Fighter For Duck Hunt
MrRocky Hace un día
And now, Ultimate has officially surpassed Melee.
pikachuandsonic Hace un día
I hope Razputin Aquato from Psychonauts will be the next DLC character!
Yahya Alzubairi
Yahya Alzubairi Hace un día
1:58 Banjo:steals Ivysaur's pancakes and runs away Ivysaur:get back here you son of a
foxy Mario
foxy Mario Hace 2 días
if you can ask talk to write you a paper Mario in
boigamer543 MC
boigamer543 MC Hace 2 días
So when are gonna come out
Hamilton Doge
Hamilton Doge Hace 2 días
dude I cant STOP WATCHING THISSSSS since i saw on e3
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez Hace 2 días
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez Hace 2 días
Who is banjo
Good Bagel
Good Bagel Hace 2 días
anyone notice that old dk picture on the wall 0:05
spencer lelievre
spencer lelievre Hace 2 días
I get why the showed us the king k joke trailer it’s because the are all rare ware characters
Donkey Kong Uzumaki
Donkey Kong Uzumaki Hace 2 días
*EVANGELIO* según san Lucas (9, 18-24) Un dia Jesús acompañado de sus dicipulos, habian ido a un lugar solitario para orar, les preguntó: ¿Quién dice la gente que soy yo? Ellos contestaron: "Unos dicen que eres Juan el Bautista, otros que Elias, y otros que uno de los antiguos profetas que ha resucitado". Él les dijo: "Y ustedes, ¿quién dicen que soy yo?" Respondió Pedro: "El Mesías de Dios".El les ordenó severamente que no le dijeran a nadie. Después les dijo: "Es necesario que el Hijo del hombre sufra mucho, que sea rechazado por los ancianos, los sumos sacerdotes y los rscribas, que sea entregado a la muerte y que resucite al tercer día". Luego, dirigiéndose a la multitud, les dijo: "Si alguno quiere acompañarme, que no se busque a sí mismo, que tome su cruz de cada día y me siga. Pues el que quiera conservar para sí mismo su vida, la perderá; pero el que la pierda por mi causa, ése la encontrará". *_PALABRA DEL SEÑOR_*
Catholic System
Catholic System Hace 2 días
James Clifford Dalogdog
James Clifford Dalogdog Hace 2 días
MNL48 and AKB48 Group joined the celebration!
Galactusgirl Hace 2 días
Sakurai the genie:what are your three wishes? Smash fans:we wish for Ridley, King K.Rool and Banjo-Kazooie for Smash bros. Sakurai the genie:wish granted
Krab King
Krab King Hace 3 días
But I wanted Steve...
J Coal
J Coal Hace 3 días
Tails is next
Zachariah Woller
Zachariah Woller Hace 3 días
He's final smash should have hit Bayonetta.
Hysteria98 Hace 3 días
What's interesting to note as well is this marks the 4th overall Smash character that isn't Japanese in origin, and out of those 4 is a 3rd Rareware character XD Dark Samus Diddy Kong K. Rool Banjo
Gregory Skretting
Gregory Skretting Hace 3 días
1:54 i have been waiting to see that for a long time
Mr Muffin
Mr Muffin Hace 3 días
I know Banjo-Kazooie is great and all, but can we talk about how we've got a King DeDeDe situation with King K.Rool? He's just hanging out with the Kongs! No banana stealing today, i guess.
MARIOSONIC 54321 Hace 4 días
0:07 Nintendo won E3
Core Hazard
Core Hazard Hace 4 días
you know what i want? fulgore or some other characters to be in smash. (killer instinct franchise)
Squidy Hace 4 días
This is an accurate representation of my smash career, drop krool for Banjo
Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez Hace 2 días
Why not main both?
InTheEnd75 Hace 4 días
Swings DK, Diddy and K Rool so excited for Banjo is such a mood
Pierre Meyer
Pierre Meyer Hace 4 días
To think if Rare had not been bought by Microsoft, they could've already been in Melee...
Joshua Lion
Joshua Lion Hace 4 días
Pierre Meyer Shoot, that’s a good point 😔 Stupid Microsoft, they’re the real Grunty.
Pierre Meyer
Pierre Meyer Hace 4 días
@Joshua Lion Yeah but we would have Banjo Threeie on Gamecube :p . I think I could easily trade this trailer's existence for that, as far as i'm concerned haha
Joshua Lion
Joshua Lion Hace 4 días
Pierre Meyer But then we wouldn’t have this awesome trailer 😉
luis rivera
luis rivera Hace 4 días
I watch this at least once per day :v
TorCoolguy Hace 4 días
Part of me imagines Sakurai has had their moveset all lined up for years and was just waiting for the permission from Microsoft.
Extra_Dragons211 Hace 4 días
OMG YES!!!!!
Fix-It Felix
Fix-It Felix Hace 4 días
Damn. Is that the original voice actor for Banjo?
Joshua Lion
Joshua Lion Hace 4 días
Ray King
Ray King Hace 5 días
What if instead of banjo they gave us another villain like porky, egg man, or Tom Nook (the villain of you hard earn money)?
Blu Hace 5 días
I screamed so loud my neighbor came over and asked what was wrong... I shouted "BANJO'S IN SMASH!" ...Then he screamed :p
Good Bagel
Good Bagel Hace 2 días
i started crying of joy lol
Cruzi Hace 5 días
This means Sakurai played Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie through and through, kind of an interesting thought. I wonder what he thought of those games design wise.
Mother 3 is a sin
Mother 3 is a sin Hace 5 días
vincent mitchell
vincent mitchell Hace 5 días
Forward to the past
Forward to the past Hace 5 días
i am crying with joy
Migeru Shiyomoto
Migeru Shiyomoto Hace 5 días
Maybe now people can shut up and stop complaining
PaperGems 1.0
PaperGems 1.0 Hace 5 días
0:54 Donkey Kong has no teeth😂
Goodra64 Hace 5 días
I really hope there's some sort of Palutena's guidance easter egg with these two...
Mecha Shoujo
Mecha Shoujo Hace 5 días
Shout outs to DAVIDE SOLIANI for getting Grant the job to have his music featured in Smash!
Willpiece AMV
Willpiece AMV Hace 5 días
Is Conker coming in Smash too!? That would be awesome!!
MAXam_D3vil [Abigail]
MAXam_D3vil [Abigail] Hace 5 días
1:29 Look at where the King K. Rool lands. There are _golden flowers_ around them. Flowey? Undertale rep in Smash Ult? Only time will tell. I'm thinking on what Paragon (the leaker) said........
smashgod 23
smashgod 23 Hace 6 días
0:53 me and the boys when he breaks up with his girlfriend
「B O N E D A D D Y」
「B O N E D A D D Y」 Hace 6 días
I can't believe Banjo is finally in Smash! Thank you Mascot Hero Soccer Guy
Cheek Clapper
Cheek Clapper Hace 4 días
Mashed Potato Samurai
Wakandan Reactions
Wakandan Reactions Hace 6 días
This trailer is so good it got a sequel
TheHeroicKid Hace 6 días
I’m not actually a human
I’m not actually a human Hace 6 días
*boi* are you serious?
FroggosAndMore Hace 6 días
So you’re telling me.... HE ABUSES A FREAKING BIRD TO FIGHT?!
Joshua Lion
Joshua Lion Hace 4 días
Yeah but she likes it
Snowhue Hace 5 días
Basically yeah
0:50 It's Banjo-Kazooie! Hallelujah, It's Banjo-Kazooie! He'll be in the new character in smash ultimate in Fall 2019!
Kyle Hace 6 días
If Microsoft didn't let Banjo Kazooie in Smash, then they could've won E3. But they made a sacrifice. Thank you Microsoft. Thank you so much.
Kyle Hace 6 días
I'm noticing a pattern in Nintendo's choices for DLC. Characters from beloved franchises that have zero representation in Smash. No assist trophy, no spirit, no music, no stage, nothing. Persona 5 seems to be popular in both Japan and the West, Dragon Quest is really popular is Japan, and Banjo-Kazooie is really popular in the West. So Minecraft could definitely get some representation in Smash. I'm being serious.
Bostonian Jake
Bostonian Jake Hace 5 días
Personally, I'm really hoping for Amaterasu from Okami. She would not only be a very unique fighter, but it would give Capcom more representation outside of Street Fighter. Not to mention it'd keep up the trend of having each DLC fighter come from a different studio (I don't want to see any repeats). Joker - Sega rep The Hero - Square Enix rep Banjo-Kazooie - Microsoft rep Amaterasu - Capcom rep
Madnard Hace 6 días
Strange but agree
joey kirkpatrick
joey kirkpatrick Hace 6 días
I missed you Banjo!
Jake T
Jake T Hace 6 días
Massive Hero Soccer Guy can finally rest, and gaze upon a grateful universe.
Jarvis Carr
Jarvis Carr Hace 6 días
Cool, Banjo and Kazooie are here!!!!! Next time, bring Gruntilda and her evil sisters, including Blobbelda.
ATrainGame Hace 7 días
Now we need Dry Bones K.Rool to emerge from under the rock.
Leon Melia
Leon Melia Hace 7 días
Better fucking have crash dlc CRASH Fucking BANDICOOT PLEASE
Car Mikislav
Car Mikislav Hace 7 días
People from america:we want banjo People from japan:hes cool and all but dragon quest waited to much,cmon sakuri would you let our most beloved character in smash or listen to those dumb americans Sakuri:yes
A-R-E-S Hace 6 días
Banjo is actually really well-received in Japan.
Joshua78967896 Hace 7 días
guh huh
yoshi star galaxy adventures
yoshi star galaxy adventures Hace 7 días
No one like him
Snowhue Hace 5 días
Just because you don’t like a character doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t.
Madnard Hace 6 días
TheMrtraintrack Hace 7 días
One week later. Yup, this is still real.
jack mehoff
jack mehoff Hace 7 días
Think about it Dragon quest heros is being added to Nintendo store and he's in smash. Nintendo is getting persona 5 royal and Jokers been added to smash. Now banjos joining, Expect to see either banjo threeie or an hd version of the original banjo kazooie next E3.
Will Jones
Will Jones Hace 7 días
Other Famous Game Companies In E3: We Won It Guys,Our Fans Should Be Happy! Lets Just Not Hope That A Bear And Bird Appears In Smash... Banjo: *Hold my freaking bird,you sick game dev freaks.*
Will Jones
Will Jones Hace 7 días
I knew it would happen dude. I knew it. That bear and bird. I knew they would make it into a popular game like smash bros. I predicted it when i first got smash bros on the 64 I totally knew it.
Roman Reviews
Roman Reviews Hace 7 días
This is just wonderful
Slowpoke85 Hace 7 días
I still can't fucking believed it actually happened! :D
SohiHien Hace 7 días
If they don't keep the fart sound when Kazooie poops out eggs I will be so sad
Lazym00se Hace 7 días
Madnard Hace 6 días
Yeeeee another person who never played smash bros
Ciaran Franklin
Ciaran Franklin Hace 8 días
OMG Banjo-Kazooie are going to be in Smash YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
GangstaKenny10 Hace 8 días
Lets just HOPE that this guy doesnt pull an unexpected joker maintenance patch.
George Funes
George Funes Hace 8 días
Banjo-Kazooie: the most appropriate smash character ever
Rocket Eagle
Rocket Eagle Hace 8 días
I can't stop watching this.
Kirby Fan
Kirby Fan Hace 8 días
I kinda feel bad for Playtonic Games now...
Erick Maverick
Erick Maverick Hace 6 días
Don't worry. They're actually happy that Banjo made it in.
Julian Hardy
Julian Hardy Hace 8 días
Joshua Lion
Joshua Lion Hace 8 días
I can’t stop watching this trailer 😭😭😭
Jesus Gonzaleslz
Jesus Gonzaleslz Hace 8 días
Joder tengo toda la semana con el tema del banjoo, ya sal de mi cabeeeeeza!!!!!!!!!!
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Hace 8 días
This is crazy
bob da esquina
bob da esquina Hace 8 días
Waluigi q e bom nd ne
Alejandro Rivas
Alejandro Rivas Hace 8 días
Bottles still alive
Leonardo Dueñas
Leonardo Dueñas Hace 8 días
Best intro ....
Cubic Gamer
Cubic Gamer Hace 8 días
El spyro 0:28
Manas Choudhary
Manas Choudhary Hace 9 días
Microsoft and Nintendo's friendship has culminated to this. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
CJleeboy64 Г
CJleeboy64 Г Hace 9 días
So everyone thought the new character would be crash but little they know Banjo made it to smash
the kinkshame express
the kinkshame express Hace 9 días
can you believe we there was a time where we thought ridley and banjo kazooie were impossible?
Mr. M
Mr. M Hace 9 días
Banjo-kazooie in smash *BREAKING NEWS: Bears carry birds on their backs and flying to fly*
Pokémon Nerd 98
Pokémon Nerd 98 Hace 9 días
*Friendship with Sony has ended* *Microsoft has entered the chat*
Deadpool8940 Hace 9 días
Wow I just saw this video and I thought I couldn't believe it. I thought I hadn't realised that Banjo and Kazooie were going to join the Smash either. The American company Microsoft must have given Nintendo a permission to add those two Rare characters to SSBU.
Galactusgirl Hace 9 días
A DLC that I'm actually excited for! Welcome back Banjo-Kazooie!
Nintendo Gamer6464
Nintendo Gamer6464 Hace 9 días
Fall needs to come faster
abelskaka ihml
abelskaka ihml Hace 9 días
This is unbelievable
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade Hace 9 días
After 20 long years, the iconic bear-bird duo is back!😭🙌
Tristan D
Tristan D Hace 9 días
they say where king k rool ended up, will be the next dlc. an undertale character. not sure if I'm ok with that though. but it is what it is.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace 9 días
This is clearly a reference to Gruntilda's demise at the end of Banjo-Kazooie. Anyone who associates it with Undetale is a dumbass.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Hace 9 días
I gone on ESwomen to watch the direct live stream, only for this video thumbnail to fucking spoil it.
Bill Talker
Bill Talker Hace 9 días
The kids won't understand this one. This ones for the old heads ✌🏽
Snowhue Hace 2 días
Bill Talker :)
Bill Talker
Bill Talker Hace 2 días
Snowhue 😒
Snowhue Hace 7 días
But iiiiim a kid and I fully understand it.
King of Robocopyright
King of Robocopyright Hace 9 días
*Waluigi:* Geno? I don't feel so good... (looking at his hands) *Geno:* You're all right. *Waluigi:* I don't... I don't know what's happening. I don't... Save me, save me! (falls toward Geno and holds onto him, begins to cry) I don't want to go. I don't want to go, Geno. Please. Please, I don't want to go. I don't want to go... (falls onto ground with Geno beside him) I'm sorry... (turns into dust and blows away)
Madnard Hace 9 días
Shut the fuck yup with waluigi, he never deserved to be in smash, people like you make the smash community toxic
Forbelicious Hace 9 días
Banjos chest changes when he strikes the pose at the end
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