[BANGTAN BOMB] 'Winter Bear' cover shooting behind - BTS (방탄소년단)

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TAEKOOK Turkey Hace 13 horas
İrem Akkaş
İrem Akkaş Hace 14 horas
Taekook 🐰🌟🐯
Fay 99
Fay 99 Hace un día
i cant describe into simple words how much i love kim taehyung
Nicole Rongavilla
Nicole Rongavilla Hace un día
I heard jisoo's WOAHHH🤔💜
shivani raman
shivani raman Hace 2 días
Omg aren't those the bears jimin gifted him??? Soulmates indeed😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜
Nataly Hace 2 días
Nazwa Naz
Nazwa Naz Hace 3 días
오, 내 남편은 매우 잘 생겼어요
Dae Lim
Dae Lim Hace 3 días
Have you heard Inner Child by V? open.spotify.com/track/4BKOjYosPhw334moS3wlbO
Princess Elsy
Princess Elsy Hace 4 días
This song makes me cry. Such a cute talented guy
Princess Elsy
Princess Elsy Hace 4 días
I'm so proud of my baby taetae
AWA WAWA Hace 5 días
Why there are always delulus in the comment section?? 🤢🤮
z Hace 6 días
taekook 💜
Razan Raad
Razan Raad Hace 6 días
rsoo oo
rsoo oo Hace 8 días
Omg the teddy bear in the car V was in is exactly the same bear Jisoo got in the airport in London and that „woah“ at the end sound exactly like Jisoo am I dreaming?
rsoo oo
rsoo oo Hace 8 días
It‘s not really that related to this kind of video but if you watch making film of winter bear (by V) you can hear at the end of the video to voices one that said woah and the other one is loughing and I think that these two people are Jisoo and Lisa because they sound exactly like them trust me I know literally everything about them. And the date making of winter bear fit exactly with the date where Jisoo and Lisa went alone to the airport and you can see their are wearing these typs of clothes idols would wear on a date. Another clue is the bag Jisoo was wearing at the airport with Lisa because she was wearing a bag with chains and in the video making film of winter bear you will see a scene where V is in a car and near him is exactly the same bag Jisoo war wearing at the airport so I think that Lisa could really be in a relationship with Junkook
Kelsang Dolker
Kelsang Dolker Hace 8 días
Vkook 💜
Sxn Flxwer
Sxn Flxwer Hace 8 días
The song is so beautiful but kinda sad...
Nur Shabrina
Nur Shabrina Hace 9 días
1 1
1 1 Hace 10 días
Kim Taehyung you are so handsome
Kitchen Dreamer。
Kitchen Dreamer。 Hace 10 días
2020年2月14日Happy Valentine💝💟🐻
심장폭행죄로 신고할꺼야 민윤기
심장폭행죄로 신고할꺼야 민윤기 Hace 11 días
사람이 어떻게 이렇게 생겨...
Prateeti Pattnaik
Prateeti Pattnaik Hace 12 días
Taehyung is very talented
Zinnia Tuli
Zinnia Tuli Hace 14 días
That place is so calm and beautiful I wanna goooo
Kim Taehyung OT7
Kim Taehyung OT7 Hace 14 días
Winter bear all english the question is does he understand the song? Like international armys we love bts songs even tho we cant understand it♡♡♡i purple u bts
Crystal Xox
Crystal Xox Hace 15 días
When your anti kpop friend discovered photos of Kpop stuff on your Gallery. Me: 1:01
Intan Nurmayda Utami
Intan Nurmayda Utami Hace 15 días
Vsoo is real :)
TAEKOOK Turkey Hace 13 horas
Kiana Salehi
Kiana Salehi Hace 16 días
Omg I love him so much 😭💜💜💜
Baby kookie
Baby kookie Hace 17 días
40% comments= Taehyung's appreciations 30% comments=About Vsoo 20% comments=About subtitles 9.9% comments=About Taekook 0.1% comments=Useless like mine
Evelyn Garrido
Evelyn Garrido Hace 18 días
Tae's face looks so sweet.
Gayatri Acharrya
Gayatri Acharrya Hace 18 días
I may not be only one who heard a wahhh and limario style laugh😔✋
Mundo Da Yasmin
Mundo Da Yasmin Hace 18 días
태훈 형 사랑해
Riza Sukur
Riza Sukur Hace 19 días
Really need Taekook collab:"
Happiness Hace 19 días
I love you Tae 😍 I love your everything 😘
지로새Euphoria Hace 21 un día
Katherine Pineda
Katherine Pineda Hace 22 días
todoroki is baby
todoroki is baby Hace 22 días
bro that voice at the end could have been anyones. it's most likely it was someone like a cameraman (not a man ofc but you know what i mean) or something like that. y'all vsoo stans are really delusional-
Esophiejan Ph
Esophiejan Ph Hace 22 días
Vkook is real here😘
milla viona
milla viona Hace 22 días
taehyung is an art sjkskdkdk❤
putri pattikayhatu
putri pattikayhatu Hace 22 días
Ambyar aku masss
RedRobloxGamer XD
RedRobloxGamer XD Hace 24 días
1:38 that really is how he write it at the Original
Kim Vantae
Kim Vantae Hace 24 días
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa taekook is love is real...aaaaaaaa I LOVE TAEKOOK❤
Dashia Rivera
Dashia Rivera Hace 24 días
Lo amo tanto a tae !!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍
Tanya Tugade
Tanya Tugade Hace 25 días
Look at tae case
Alexa Fierro
Alexa Fierro Hace 28 días
Ok but JK fake love vibes
Ramona Hace 29 días
Kim Jisooo at the eeeend!!!! Yooo man!
the prinss zainab
the prinss zainab Hace un mes
nice 😍
Dilara Parvin
Dilara Parvin Hace un mes
I luv the phone case! I think that's kook's
LIZHYUNG armyෆ Hace un mes
Aww 태 tan bello como siempre la canción y el me gustarán hasta que me muera :D
Sabitova Elmira
Sabitova Elmira Hace un mes
Нежная лиричная песня Техена очень понравилась Спасибо за видео !
arab Army
arab Army Hace un mes
أجمل شي الابتسامة نهاية الفيديو 💜🌋ابتسامةv
Lia Mercado
Lia Mercado Hace un mes
Tae i love Winter Bear
z Hace un mes
taekook 💜
Saqib Farooq
Saqib Farooq Hace un mes
3:23 This was Jisoo's "Waaaa" 100%.
Belbecat Hace un mes
Is that JK's phone because it's completely Cooky themed? These guys have more talent in a single pinky than my entirety ugh~
Bisma Atta
Bisma Atta Hace un mes
My babies 💜💜
sawako lucia
sawako lucia Hace un mes
i love the song i bet Jisoo loves it too
meiroo Hace un mes
why is everyone talking abou vSoO here? this is taehyung's video not ya'lls *vSoO rELaTioNsHiP prOoF* 🙄💀
clown 7
clown 7 Hace un mes
[Verse] She looks like a blue parrot Would you come fly to me? I want some good day, good day, good day Good day, good day Looks like a winter bear You sleep so happily I wish you good night, good night, good night Good night, good night [Pre-Chorus] Imagine your face Say hello to me Then all the bad days They’re nothing to me With you [Chorus] Winter bear Ooh, ooh, ooh Sleep like a winter bear Ooh, ooh, ooh Sleep like a winter bear [Instrumental Outro]
Gisela Duran
Gisela Duran Hace un mes
Amo a tae
Army Bts
Army Bts Hace un mes
It's very very very very very very beautiful💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍
Kim Thư
Kim Thư Hace un mes
i love u everyday 💜
Bunny_ Buns
Bunny_ Buns Hace un mes
Can we just talk about how v has a Kookies phone?
Bella Biel
Bella Biel Hace un mes
Pls hit the like button
chiaki too
chiaki too Hace un mes
Tae wrote this beautiful song for his lover?? jisoo??💜⌚
chiaki too
chiaki too Hace un mes
vsoo shipper🖐
mc jn
mc jn Hace un mes
Tae is so so pretty i swear! Jk is so cute in a manly way! Both are handsome in their own way! Borahae tae and kook!
Lalice Hortizuela
Lalice Hortizuela Hace un mes
The bag at the back sit looks familiar and the teddy bear too.. looks like jisoo is there
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon Hace un mes
So cute
Sunshine Hace un mes
Are we not going to talk about JK’s bare chest @ 0:35?!🥵🥵🥵🥵
BTS A.R.M.Y Hace un mes
Taekook l love you💙💙💙💗💗💗💗
lucia vasquez
lucia vasquez Hace un mes
Jungkook qué haces en su cama? Duermen juntos? 7w7 ok no
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