Banana Bread - You Suck at Cooking (episode 110)

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You Suck At Cooking

You Suck At Cooking

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Banana bread isn’t actually banana bread even though it’s bread shaped and has bananas in it. It’s a cake that’s shaped like a loaf prove me wrong
YSAC Book + Merch:
If you want to go on hard mode, replace the vegetable oil with a half cup of softened butter, and cream it together with with the sugar using a mixer until it's light and fluffy
3/8 cup vegetable oil
¾ cup packed brown sugar
2 eggs
2 bananas
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
1.5 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
Preheat the undoh to 350
3/8 cup of vegetable oil with
¾ cup packed brown sugar
Beat 2 eggs until smooth then add them in and wangjangle thoroughly
Crush two bananas until they become vegan pablum then combine them with the other stuff and add ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
In another bowl, sift together 1.5 cups of all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.
Mix the stuff in the two bowls together
Coat your loaf pan with cooking spray or grease it up then pour the mixture in
Bake for 55 minutes and make a weird sound every ten minutes or so until it’s done
15 minutes after it’s done you can try popping it out of the loaf pan but you don’t have to. You can also just leave it in there forever

awakened_link Hace 7 horas
Wow, this is incredibly stupid.
Skyro Hace 2 horas
Fu N
Fu N Hace 3 horas
cheryl fuller
cheryl fuller Hace 5 horas
awakened_link lmao you even got pinned
Edith Juarez
Edith Juarez Hace 5 horas
Rnt we al
Jack Newark
Jack Newark Hace 6 horas
I beg to differ.
Gabrielle Jackson
Gabrielle Jackson Hace un día
You suspicious bastard
Gabrielle Jackson
Gabrielle Jackson Hace un día
Lol looks delicious
multiple cuber
multiple cuber Hace un día
When are u going to show face
Azuma Hace un día
The cat is so adorable
YnnatheguardianChannel Hace 2 días
Thankie :3
yellingOstrich Hace 2 días
Before reading the title you thought it was a sausage
Sentient Tapioca
Sentient Tapioca Hace 3 días
Getting some serious Depeche Mode vibes from that outro (It's currently 1:52am and my eyelids are so puffy that I can barely see what I'm typing, but this felt particularly importabt(
MC Ho Hace 3 días
Did he just said “combinate”? Lol
Christina M
Christina M Hace 3 días
TheMACHOTE777 Hace 3 días
The 350 are in C or F?
FiveString Salmon
FiveString Salmon Hace 3 días
"Bananjangler", Hilarious!!!
yo mama
yo mama Hace 3 días
3:21 that looks like a gaint turd(shit)
Infernos X
Infernos X Hace 3 días
The banana at the end made out of banana bread looks like a piece of shit
Fusion Cold
Fusion Cold Hace 3 días
Why is my crushed bananas the color brown
Ivan Amparano
Ivan Amparano Hace 4 días
This is like binging with babish plus how to basic
Daniya !! is mildly confused
Daniya !! is mildly confused Hace 4 días
The song took me out 😭✋
catdeevil Hace 4 días
It's clearly a cake not a bread. A G R E E
Andrew Gehrett
Andrew Gehrett Hace 4 días
*10 minute timer goes off* Time to film to oven and yell OWUP!!
emcee munchapussy
emcee munchapussy Hace 5 días
I swear to God this guy is probably the most entertaining creator in the game. His editing and his dry humor is on point, plus I just love food. Keep this up bro, I love ya!!
Natalie Geer
Natalie Geer Hace 5 días
I used this to make bannana bread and it worked. T h e y d o n t s u c k A t _C o o k i n g_
ste rivera
ste rivera Hace 5 días
Am I crazy or was that the mhw ready sound at 2:38?
Bryton Duropan
Bryton Duropan Hace 5 días
notes for anyone else planning on making this: -if your brown sugar is hard, microwave it for about 45 seconds. will soften it a lot. -chunks don't make too much of a difference -adding chocolate is good for the flavor. nothing special you'll need to know about that. -MAKE SURE YOU COMBINE YOUR BAKING SODA AND FLOUR. IF YOU DO NOT YOU WILL NOT YIELD AS MUCH RISE. THE RISE WILL BE UNEVEN. -oiling your pan can be done with any neutral oil. the vegetable oil can be replaced with any neutral oils. -sometimes, there may not be a tomorrow. -empty your godamn undoh before you start preheating. -if you use parchment paper, remember you should have 5-6 inches of parchment sticking out of the pan. having extra parchment paper is much better then having not enough.
Bryton Duropan
Bryton Duropan Hace 3 días
@Arviii ^
Arviii Hace 3 días
your contributions have not gone unseen, thank you
epic gamer123
epic gamer123 Hace 6 días
3:19 were all thinking it, that looks like a literal shit. It’s perfect. Can you mail one to me?
lefxvings Hace 6 días
and now i question my self whether this is real or not
jin's Handsome faceu
jin's Handsome faceu Hace 6 días
I put chocolate chips in my banana bread . Does anyone else do that or is just me???
Arviii Hace 3 días
FandomWitch16 Hace 6 días
He has a cat!? 🙀😻😻😻
Wickedgood Dnd
Wickedgood Dnd Hace 6 días
“Checkmate science” *Davie504 has entered the chat*
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell Hace 7 días
Mine is in the oven now! I have a timer for ten minutes so I can make weird noises at it on time
Gary Jr.
Gary Jr. Hace 7 días
No I dont
Sadie Hafen
Sadie Hafen Hace 7 días
You should try sprinkling raw cane sugar on top before baking it. But good either way!
передоз от гердоса
передоз от гердоса Hace 7 días
man I enjoyed your nice song
Jimmy Callen
Jimmy Callen Hace 7 días
I love how you say the different ingredients
Milk Chan
Milk Chan Hace 8 días
"You fearless bastard"
539Graham Hace 8 días
May I ask, what is/are your cat(s) name(s)
Avacado Toast
Avacado Toast Hace 8 días
normi doesn't even grow his own bananas. pathetic
before i reply to you, i wanna say i am dumb
before i reply to you, i wanna say i am dumb Hace 9 días
came for banana bread. stayed for cat
Slevanamlicko Hace 9 días
can i put peanutbutter on it
trash panda lady
trash panda lady Hace 9 días
to this day i still cant tell if he is saying he sucks at cooking or i do the second one is probably true
B CG Hace 9 días
Tysm for mentioning that it's a cake and not bread
Ephemeral Hace 10 días
that is a lovely cat
Kat L
Kat L Hace 10 días
What a pretty kitty!
Tshirt 987
Tshirt 987 Hace 10 días
Just a moment of silence for that one wild banana teen who got too crazy and is now forever lost in the woods
Diamond Noodles
Diamond Noodles Hace 10 días
I literally love you omfg
Ben Sanders
Ben Sanders Hace 10 días
a'ight, dude you had me at the 'bake it in the shape of a banana'
Not_Brendan Hace 10 días
Half way through video I forgot what he was making
Oleh Brony
Oleh Brony Hace 10 días
please, someone, add subtitles for song, English is not my first language and I don't understand about half of the words.
Arwa Al Jundi
Arwa Al Jundi Hace 10 días
Ok, a real cooking question, do I need to adjust the rest of the recipe and double it according to how many bananas I have?
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham Hace 9 días
Not necessarily
Kaiser Hace 10 días
Just know someone bought banana on string for 5000
Ash Kit
Ash Kit Hace 10 días
I tried this recipe and it's *chef kiss*
Peace Bringer
Peace Bringer Hace 10 días
I never saw a video of him before 🤦🏾‍♂️ dawg i missed so much good stuff😫 that dude a star.
Tarrabyte Hace 10 días
Aeno Hace 11 días
I require an in-depth analysis of all the songs from YSAC bc I’m too smooth-brained to think correctly
ka lai chan
ka lai chan Hace 11 días
this is too many joke
Supathief !
Supathief ! Hace 11 días
Banana bread at work? Hell yeah.
Simeon Liu
Simeon Liu Hace 11 días
*wangjangle like theres no tomorrow*
Morgan Hackett
Morgan Hackett Hace 11 días
"Sugar omelet" thanks I hate it!
Dzaz Guy
Dzaz Guy Hace 11 días
This is the first recipe of yours I've decided to try and make myself, its currently in the oven
Fixable halo
Fixable halo Hace 11 días
Thanks,i hate banana bread
Caramel Fish
Caramel Fish Hace 11 días
The kitty is a cutie
ZombRexGame Hace 11 días
1:04 thank you. I haven't ate in months, you just reminded me while I was doing the tutorial. Thanks
Phoenix Kosito
Phoenix Kosito Hace 11 días
3:22 that’s not the shape of a banana
Ryan Ciran
Ryan Ciran Hace 12 días
This is legit the best cooking channel on ESwomen. Fight me.
Okei Ruth
Okei Ruth Hace 12 días
I clicked for the thumbnail D:
binary jockey
binary jockey Hace 12 días
Why do you have to do a joke every 5 s
binary jockey
binary jockey Hace 12 días
They're not even funny
Jordan Jamison
Jordan Jamison Hace 12 días
I don't think banana shaped banana bread was the right move
big chunguss
big chunguss Hace 12 días
I too touch my cat with my banana 😉
Something Suspicious
Something Suspicious Hace 12 días
3:31 the lyrics: This is banana, banana bread! it’s a type of bread that’s made with bananas! This is banana, banana bread! it’s more of a cake than a bread, so it makes, nooo sense! It makes no sense to me! it’s clearly a cake, not a bread! Don’t call it a bread when it’s clearly a cake, don’t go make that mistake!
SammyBlueberry Hace 2 días
Jaimie He was right, I have subtitles.
Something Suspicious
Something Suspicious Hace 5 días
Jaimie turns out the last part was actually “don’t call it a bread when it’s clearly a cake, don’t go make that mistake!” But thank you anyway for helping!
Jaimie Hace 5 días
@Something Suspicious yw
Something Suspicious
Something Suspicious Hace 5 días
Jaimie thanks for the correction
Jaimie Hace 5 días
*don't call it a bread when it's clearly a cake, oh to make that mistake
Yellow Child
Yellow Child Hace 12 días
i thought cats were scared of bananas
Keirut Hace 12 días
This is the best song Ysac has written, I wish there was an mp3 of that
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