Bahu Ki Sleeveless & Indians On Internet | Stand up Comedy by Vipul Goyal

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Vipul Goyal

Vipul Goyal

Hace 5 meses

My light hearted take on Bahu ki sleeveless and how angrily we Indians behave on internet.
Edited By: Tarun Singhal
Shot By: Shreedutt Namjoshi, Jerin Paul, Kunal Hassanandani
Sound: Sohaill Gandhi
Line Producer: Puneet Lamba
Post Production Manager: Gaurav Rungta
Special Thanks: NANCY GOYAL, Piyush Sharma
Location Courtesy: Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai


Saab_Chick Hace un día
Kyonki unko partition pasand hai!... ROFL
Kishan kumawat - Mr.Perfect
Kishan kumawat - Mr.Perfect Hace 2 días
kingfisher calendar ka cutoff clear nhi ho paa rha h🤣🤣🤣
Pul Kit
Pul Kit Hace 3 días
*He picked up some controversial topics, like* _Bahu ki sleeveless, Ghazbd mai power cuts, Kohinoor diamond, India border disputes_ 🤔🙄 *And yet made us all laugh* 😄 TALENT 💯%
mitali mankikar
mitali mankikar Hace 3 días
For the mahesh tutorial wala joke😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
katyani singh
katyani singh Hace 3 días
I can totally relate to this one ☝☝ 😂😂 specially Ghaziabad
7.42 hindustani bhau 😂😂
Wonder Wolf
Wonder Wolf Hace 3 días
hahhaahhahaa full on laughter.......
Kapil Patel
Kapil Patel Hace 4 días
bhai partion wala to maha epic tha
Manjusha Pratapwar
Manjusha Pratapwar Hace 4 días
Levelhi alag hai yaar tera to!!!
Jaydeep Bodwade
Jaydeep Bodwade Hace 5 días
Last ball 122 Runs😀😀😀
Rahul Balyan
Rahul Balyan Hace 5 días
hitesh mahato
hitesh mahato Hace 6 días
Give this guy a special.
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh Hace 6 días
Superb mind blowing
Aman Singh
Aman Singh Hace 6 días
Best line- " Kuch b mat likho Jio user"
praveen sahu
praveen sahu Hace 6 días
Shabeer Khan
Shabeer Khan Hace 6 días
Next level bro
Effy Hace 6 días
He is so damn funny!
Birendra Chauhan
Birendra Chauhan Hace 6 días
this gye looks like sunny leon
Silly Pie
Silly Pie Hace 6 días
Malvika Chakravarty
Malvika Chakravarty Hace 6 días
Vipul you are tooo good in comedy
vaibhav pabby
vaibhav pabby Hace 6 días
Fckn hilarious
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma Hace 6 días
Jyotiraditya 😂
Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah Hace 7 días
I had to search vipul goyal sleeveless in order to get here. I hope the algorithm doesn't define my type on this basis.
Ketan Shah
Ketan Shah Hace 7 días
Little out of context but important यह सच हो सकता है, एक lac का कीमिया = 25 lac crore fresh liquidity= 1322 rs EMI only मोदीजी कर सकते है, video ध्यान से देखें
Tsering Hans
Tsering Hans Hace 7 días
Very nice.👍🏻
Ishrat Shaikh
Ishrat Shaikh Hace 7 días
I love clean comedies like this jaha kisi ki feeling ko koi hurt na kare aur itne relatable joke ho k haste reh jaye🤣🤣🤣
Sumit Sharma
Sumit Sharma Hace 7 días
Manokamna puri ho jaygi ab China se ladai ki
Bisweswar Swain
Bisweswar Swain Hace 7 días
Murli Paraki
Murli Paraki Hace 7 días
Vipul Goyal you having political sense and great humour, it's rare combination. Keep it up guy.
Zainab Haideri
Zainab Haideri Hace 8 días
Game of thrones 😂😂😂😂
Ganesh Vishwakarma
Ganesh Vishwakarma Hace 8 días
best joke creation bhai
poonam jharia
poonam jharia Hace 8 días
bhai jaan
bhai jaan Hace 8 días
killed it bro. 👌👌
Sanjay Trivedi
Sanjay Trivedi Hace 9 días
The joke on China is soo very relevant today
Notforyou Hace 10 días
Who said underrated hai. This guy is stupid, fool and .....,.....,...... whatever. Above that he doesn't make you laugh but ask you to laugh at his show or on his performance. You should laugh but only at him. It's like, Oye, ye kar kya raha tha. Aur hum wahan kya kar rahe thay.
Suvra Nandi
Suvra Nandi Hace 10 días
Lovely man!! All the best !
realform7art Hace 11 días
Vineet Mishra
Vineet Mishra Hace 11 días
China pe jawaab mil gaya na ab...😏😏😏
Bijal Amin
Bijal Amin Hace 11 días
Bhayankar 😂😂😂
sarvesh kambli
sarvesh kambli Hace 11 días
Priya Moudgal
Priya Moudgal Hace 11 días
Syed Tanzeel
Syed Tanzeel Hace 12 días
1. Vipul Goyel 2. Abhishek Upmanyu Our All Time Favourite 💕❤️
Adith Soreng
Adith Soreng Hace 13 días
Amazing 💕
Palak Shah
Palak Shah Hace 13 días
Absolutely fantastic.. keep rocking sir!!
Arnab Bakshi
Arnab Bakshi Hace 13 días
Vipul Goyal needs to be viral, it's high time now. It's awesome 😊.
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar Hace 13 días
120crore nahi only 60 crore aim laga kar mut sakte hai..
preeti Singh
preeti Singh Hace 13 días
Rajat Maheshwari
Rajat Maheshwari Hace 13 días
He sounds like drunk Sanjay Dutt....
Inaya Kaur
Inaya Kaur Hace 14 días
Operation Vijay 🤣🤣🤣
dipti padhi
dipti padhi Hace 14 días
I am seeing this on the time when India china dispute actually happened but saddest thing is that our 20 soldiers are martyred 😣😭.
Prasant Naidu
Prasant Naidu Hace 14 días
Writing of this man is spectacular and the audience appreciation is just one proof 👌👍
Ranjeet Sinsinwar
Ranjeet Sinsinwar Hace 14 días
भयंकर दिल दरिया और गांड समन्दर
Bharat Darjipati
Bharat Darjipati Hace 14 días
This isnt just comedy, it is an intellectual one. Kudos man!
Shahbaz Quraishy
Shahbaz Quraishy Hace 14 días
Vipul knew ki China mootega...lolz
Dipti Pannase
Dipti Pannase Hace 14 días
Wow..yar u r awesome
रक्तपल्लव Hace 14 días
बेहतरीन performance
Kulsoom Asif
Kulsoom Asif Hace 14 días
He is really underrated 😕 but I love his jokes really clean and funny jokes. Laughs on every line 🤣🤣🤣
Sangeeta Yadav Lady of Luck
Sangeeta Yadav Lady of Luck Hace 14 días
Awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Burning Ice
Burning Ice Hace 15 días
Baaju hato bhai.... Genius at work
Burning Ice
Burning Ice Hace 15 días
Omg is this guy for real
Rachit Kumar Nandi
Rachit Kumar Nandi Hace 15 días
Bro, mai fan ban gaya. Ye maine aapka first video dekha and immediately subscribe kiya.
Saad khan
Saad khan Hace 15 días
Aur China nae muut diya. Vipul jokes on China become reality
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar Hace 15 días
Game of thrones 🔥🔥
Anonymous Creature
Anonymous Creature Hace 15 días
5:20 Inverters 😂😂😂
SwapnilMondalOfficial Hace 15 días
This guy's a natural
Ashish Somkuor
Ashish Somkuor Hace 15 días
This is fire🔥🔥🔥......😂😂😂
supriya joshi
supriya joshi Hace 16 días
You are saving us in lockdown Vipul...Beat wishes for your future projects
prashant shinde
prashant shinde Hace 16 días
amit mehta
amit mehta Hace 16 días
Sameer Hace 16 días
Ye hai Operation Vijay... 😂😂
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