Avengers Infinity War & Endgame {SPOILERS} California: Audience Reactions | April 25, 2019

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(Please Do Not Record The Movie Screen At The Theater. That's NOT Ok To Do. )
I only use Voice Memos Audio for Reactions ONLY.
Original Video: Both Audio from Deandre (DDeath)
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AudienceReactions Hace 27 días
You guys can see a full battle version on my instagram without the copyrighted fonts. Link is here : instagram.com/tv/B7b4wDSFCdP/?igshid=1tajgsqplo783
Wick Dog
Wick Dog Hace 20 horas
@R.O Gaming Agreed
Wick Dog
Wick Dog Hace 20 horas
Also, as I'm watching this now I noticed that the reaction from 25:56, someone stole this reaction and made a video named 'I am your father 1980 reaction rare vhs'. I knew that vid was fake but now everybody will.
Wick Dog
Wick Dog Hace 20 horas
What a great reaction vid! I don't understand why you don't get much more appreciation than you deserve
R.O Gaming
R.O Gaming Hace 4 días
That was the best audience
Mes Romdus
Mes Romdus Hace 6 días
Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!
Teague Hace un hora
"All rights to Disney" Puts 15 ads throughout the whole video
Dey.David Ortega
Dey.David Ortega Hace 2 horas
La morra no deja de decir lo que va a pesar xdd ya las mire en estreno pero como caga eso uno quiere ver la reacción y ella cagandola
ObscurityIsBest Hace 2 horas
This is almost as enjoyable as actually watching the films!
Nathan 3571._.1
Nathan 3571._.1 Hace 4 horas
Nothing in cinema has made me cry harder than Tony dieing. Then I cried some more knowing Chris Evans not coming back:(((((
AxelMortyGamer 2008
AxelMortyGamer 2008 Hace 5 horas
Imagine in 2020 watching Avengers infinity war then 2 hours later watch Avengers Endgame....
Nolan Love
Nolan Love Hace 6 horas
29:18 that was a painful year
Cap lifts thor's hammer. Nasa: We are seeing sonic waves all over the planet.
Michael Milburn
Michael Milburn Hace 7 horas
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lawa shet
lawa shet Hace 8 horas
That's the whole movie right there
Roy Coria
Roy Coria Hace 9 horas
que tiene de extraordinario? en mi pais sai se escuchan las películas que se compran en el mercado…
Malcom Craig
Malcom Craig Hace 12 horas
The ending made me cry. Best movie ever
RAMZ Hace 12 horas
I really just sat here for an hour and watched the whole thing .
Anton Seitz
Anton Seitz Hace 13 horas
THANOS Hace 14 horas
I still cry 😭
Miguel Rocha
Miguel Rocha Hace 17 horas
1:06:40 See they still like you Jeremy
saekops Hace 17 horas
what id give to go back to when infinity war came out... the hype was unreal
saekops Hace 17 horas
I didnt expect to cry rewatching that infinity war scene but here we are
saekops Hace 17 horas
i completely forgot how shocking that ending was the first time
KARI T Hace 17 horas
The absolute rollercoaster of fucking emotions these movies were jesus
Wick Dog
Wick Dog Hace 20 horas
25:56 Someone stoled this reaction, put it in a star wars "I am your father" clip with a low graphic video, and said it was a rare VHS FILM from 1980. What a bullshit
Wick Dog
Wick Dog Hace 19 horas
@Martin Park Just search 'I am your father 1980 reaction rare vhs.' It has over Million views so you'll know it.
Martin Park
Martin Park Hace 19 horas
Got a link?
Wildcat 8
Wildcat 8 Hace 20 horas
Am I the only one that noticed that DR Hulk just figured out a way to make people younger?? He could just use the quantum tunnel Van to make Captain America younger like her did Ant Man.
k k
k k Hace 23 horas
Woooow that hit me again hard! Thanks man
x_Aliciaッ Hace un día
Do these movies ever not make you cry?
Md.Ashish Ur Rahman
Md.Ashish Ur Rahman Hace un día
Starlord the Bullshit!!
InsaneBoi Hace un día
My theater didn’t even cheer or clap like that :(
LukaMcGowan007 Hace un día
“Shut up, you gotta stop yelling.” LMAOOO that shit had me dead
erick israel
erick israel Hace un día
(All hahahahahahaha) shut up pls
AmDHyper 7
AmDHyper 7 Hace un día
Every 10 seconds I hear clapping or chearing
Eli Grande
Eli Grande Hace un día
Rocket: Are you crying Thor: No. Yes. Rocket:Why? Thor: Because the series finale to Friendship is Magic was beautiful.
William Warren
William Warren Hace un día
Marvel nailed this. It was 100% perfect.
William Warren
William Warren Hace un día
I loved the Mr Bean bits
Oroboruity Hace un día
This is so clearly fake. I hate you.
Daniel kephart
Daniel kephart Hace un día
You should have added ant men and wasp ending leading to endgame even tho i didn't take part avenger infinity war
Stewart Damien
Stewart Damien Hace un día
31:15 Oh f*ck off you bunch of cucks & c*nts. When me & my gf went to see it, this scene came on everyone jeered & the boos were louder than the film. Captain Marvel nearly ruined the film & she was in it for 5 frigging minutes lol
ASD ADD Hace un día
ngl when thor decapitated thanos in endgame i felt really bad for thanos
DobberZilla Hace un día
We infinity makes thor from one of your least favorite to your favorite
Aquepoivre Axel
Aquepoivre Axel Hace un día
Just shut up and watch the movie wtf
Kamuzu Brickman
Kamuzu Brickman Hace un día
25:44 😔
Mood ‘
Mood ‘ Hace un día
In the Netherlands it’s not like this at all. Everyone is quiet as sometimes they laugh.. I was screaming and everyone got mad.
mjonne Hace un día
If u scream like that in Finnish cinema u are going to get kicked out
Zac Quitzau
Zac Quitzau Hace un día
fuck im glad i didnt watch the movies at those movie theaters
STEEL BALLS Hace un día
LUL Dat man's reaction whenhe saw red skull
Gabriel Euseff Bongato
Gabriel Euseff Bongato Hace un día
Yhere are oxygen in titan?
romanoff Hace un día
titan is like earth, every creature can breathe in it, if thanos could breathe on earth why couldn't humans breathe on Titan?
Payal Dadhe
Payal Dadhe Hace un día
I want to again have that feeling which I had while watching this movie for the first time on its release :(
ItzKai Hace 2 días
Wow in the theater in my country your not allowed to even speak with a normal toned voice...
puguh sevenfold
puguh sevenfold Hace 2 días
Why they don't just bring the infinity gauntlet to the ancient one in the past and use the time stone to restore it? Simple and doesn't need die and war
shadowscreamer1 Hace 2 días
Just wish I could see this for the first time again
_Clueusite _
_Clueusite _ Hace 2 días
Tony and Pepps: *shooting big ass lasers around causing massive explosions and damage* audience: „YEEAAH WOOOAHHHOHOHOHO WOOOOOH DAMN“ Bucky: * standing still shooting 3 series of rounds with possibly no big damage at all* audience: „ OMG OMG WHOOOAAAAHHJ HOLY SHIT YEAAHAHAHAHAHA JOHOHOGOHOHOGGO“
Underøath628 Hace 2 días
Moon Bvndit
Moon Bvndit Hace 2 días
The best hour of this friday 😂
Tuge Hace 2 días
They played the spider man ffh trailer after my end game credits.
Taserface Hace 2 días
20:38 Your reaction tho after realizing Thanos and the avengers in Wakanda were not in the same place🤣
ghost245353 Hace 2 días
27:15 *Stark* I saw everyone die, Nick. I felt it. *Fury* That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that you didn't. Tony Stark talking to Nick Fury inside Hawkeye's barn in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
EGndz Hace 2 días
They should’ve made the ‘1 year later..’ like how endgame did the ‘five years later’
AIDIL Gamer Hace 2 días
Don't have black widow in last fight 😭😭😭😭
AMAN RAJ Hace 2 días
And i cried again.
jeremy sella
jeremy sella Hace 2 días
I would have found that loud fucker screaming after the movie and confront him for being an asshole.not caring how loud he was.
Dvlpmnt Hace 2 días
Best part they kept out was everyone kneeing for Tony's sacrifice.
RAHMI FATAYA 2014 Hace 2 días
? [[[[ stream-flixmov.blogspot.com/04 ]]]]]]]]]]] I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo vicini l'uno all'altro.?
azza A
azza A Hace 2 días
I watch this every once in a while 🥺🥺 God i love marvel
Eevee 199
Eevee 199 Hace 2 días
this is beautiful
Latiel Bobadilla
Latiel Bobadilla Hace 2 días
I hate watching movies while people are screaming. But, this movie is different without the reactions.
Pixelated Sugar
Pixelated Sugar Hace 3 días
Random guy: "SHUT UP!!!" Audience: "No, I don't think I will."
Sio Peato
Sio Peato Hace 3 días
I understand people are excited but this just ruins the movie. The best parts of the movie come from the dialogue.
Sergio Bobadilla
Sergio Bobadilla Hace 3 días
21:52 “OHH SHITT”... “Deandre shut up” 😂😂😂😂
Mad Titan
Mad Titan Hace 3 días
The final battle of endgame is basically the most intense football game I’ve ever seen
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Hace 3 días
Wade Jones
Wade Jones Hace 3 días
I'm with the guy that yelled Shut Up to the crowd
Rodrigo JDV
Rodrigo JDV Hace un día
Wade Jones Minute?
Mohamed Aboubakar
Mohamed Aboubakar Hace 3 días
54:08 omg
Shubh Bajpai
Shubh Bajpai Hace 3 días
I was trying to find the movie on youtube but, this will do...
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