AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD

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Hace 29 días

AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD
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nobody. Hace 22 horas
This is so terrible.
SonOfSparda36 Hace un día
I expected the game to make you feel powerful, like with the hulk and thor it should feel so destructive and like you are insanely strong, iron mans blasts just sound like peashooters.....pretty disappointing
Noan Manji
Noan Manji Hace un día
should´ve use the skins from marvel vs capcom
RAW asshitshow
RAW asshitshow Hace un día
Why is tony a white boy. He's supposed to be vaguely Hispanic, or at least italian, I mean shit.
Kin Hamid
Kin Hamid Hace un día
This video was amazing! It put me straight to sleep like a baby, best rest I got in years! Thanks Stan Lee!!
Husn Ara
Husn Ara Hace un día
Man they are avengers (mighty heroes) there should be a mighty villian
Giorno Giovana
Giorno Giovana Hace un día
I hate this portrayal of task master he wouldn't be just tanking hits from black widow he would be able to beat her easily since he knows all of their fighting styles he would so easily see through that invisible thing she did.
KJ bro
KJ bro Hace un día
Tbh this doesn't look that bad
Siddessh viknes
Siddessh viknes Hace un día
It is not logic at all
Siddessh viknes
Siddessh viknes Hace un día
Why taskmaster in this
Christian Tjipto
Christian Tjipto Hace un día
Come to switch please
Gabe Stein
Gabe Stein Hace un día
The people creating this game seriously need to completely rework hulk's gameplay (This dude is like olympic-level athletic and has good running formation) home does not move like a big green hairless ape with Down Syndrome like the first Avengers movie had him.
tuan anh doan
tuan anh doan Hace un día
why dont they build character base on Robert, Chris Evan, Scalet johanson,..?? i dont understand, if they do that, a lots of fan and nonfan of MCU will buy it, so sad , so sad . due to succes of End Game, its a very smart choice but they ignore it, too bad
Matus  Bohunicky
Matus Bohunicky Hace 2 días
where did you get this demo?
Pablo C
Pablo C Hace 2 días
This looks awful!!
pa4eto Hace 2 días
Not even 1 drop of blood thats SUCKS
Avarice Yusi
Avarice Yusi Hace 2 días
Can we have Insomiac work on every superhero game from now on?
Lucas Godoi
Lucas Godoi Hace 2 días
Looks like Xbox 360
DabroH R
DabroH R Hace 2 días
Make it open world n itll be worth something
Dnja Hace 2 días
Looks generic lol. Insomniac's Spiderman is better.
Adam Baker
Adam Baker Hace 3 días
The release date is way too far off😰 I’ve watched the 3 times now.
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez Hace 3 días
finally we get the hulk we deserve
Carmine Dome
Carmine Dome Hace 3 días
Best cellphone game ever
KJ bro
KJ bro Hace un día
Infinity Zombi
Infinity Zombi Hace 3 días
Why does the bridge always blow up? They can't blow up a train or something? Maybe an underwater secret lab? It's always a bridge lol.
Infinity Zombi
Infinity Zombi Hace 3 días
Looking good. Yeap.
Hunter Chambers
Hunter Chambers Hace 3 días
What consoles is it coming out to
G-War Hace 3 días
Thor entry 1:18
Bingo Berra
Bingo Berra Hace 3 días
If the UMPF in Thors attacks are to be takes seriously, the baddies need to splatter on the pavement. Oh well, I think I will leave this one for the kids. Hope Crystal Dynamics have succeded
Christopher Herrera Venegas
Christopher Herrera Venegas Hace 3 días
Dominick Dabdub
Dominick Dabdub Hace 3 días
This game looks amazing
joeltt1 Hace 4 días
Iron Man and Thor's hits (in the game), maybe stunned enemies...*activate Hulk* Thousands and thousands of dead LOL Also, how did whoever made this miss out on having the MCU cast do the voice overs??
the mad titan
the mad titan Hace 4 días
I love the fact that almost everyone is complaning abaout thor needs 3 hit to kill a human while in other games they can take 20 headshots from a shoutgun
Tomasz Lukasik
Tomasz Lukasik Hace 5 días
iPhone or android?
Anime Freak
Anime Freak Hace 6 días
I hope we can get skin suits for each character
Nightrun007 Hace 6 días
Sadlly looks like just another button-masher. Makes me miss Marvel Heroes where you could put thought and decision into your gear and power configurations. sigh...
Marco Sharko
Marco Sharko Hace 4 días
Nightrun007 yeah I really wish Insomniac made this game since they made the only great looking and great feeling Marvel game. This not only looks like shit, but seems to play like shit.
Valthor Hace 6 días
Hits feels so weak, shame...
ANDERIA B00bs Hace 6 días
I love this game
Julian Hall
Julian Hall Hace 6 días
I think it would be cool if the Ant-Man is in it and he can turn 15ft tall or change really small and just change sized and still beat em up. They can also put Black Panther in and Spider-Man/Doctor Strange & Captain Marvel
Alchemistic Academician
Alchemistic Academician Hace 6 días
If Thor has a life bar that's BS. Unless you have the power of a star or you are Worldbreaker Hulk, even alien weaponry shouldn't do much of anything
Kingdom Minded
Kingdom Minded Hace 6 días
This looks like a iPad game or a app
Matteo Dough
Matteo Dough Hace 6 días
This game should have a better animation and combat scene
daddy hitler69 dad
daddy hitler69 dad Hace 6 días
Yes ill pay the fucking game
Simon Ervin
Simon Ervin Hace 6 días
Thor can’t actually fly it’s him holding onto to hammer so that’s disappointing
Sweaty Hace 3 días
If I remember correctly he can control the air around him so technically he can float. The reason why he throws the hammer and holds onto it is because it's much faster
Eman Bass
Eman Bass Hace 7 días
I doesn't look that good. What a disappointment. They should have had the developers from Spiderman work on this title.
Capri Hace 3 días
Tahsin Ahmed
Tahsin Ahmed Hace 7 días
Man there are so many butthurt Marvel fanboys in the comments section. Its alright to admit this game looks terrible and nowhere near the creativity of Spiderman and Arkham games.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Hace 7 días
Imagine a hero vs villains like battlefront, would be ducking amazing
NAWF WEST WOLF Hace 7 días
Black widow looks like a druggy escort 😭
No Pride
No Pride Hace 7 días
Aaron Townsend
Aaron Townsend Hace 7 días
looks so bad lmao
Joël-Fabrice Achi
Joël-Fabrice Achi Hace 7 días
ANTHEM javelin gameplay is better / IRON MAN
corey forte
corey forte Hace 7 días
I’m not gonna lie. For those who watch almost all marvel movies. I think I speak for all when I say using the actors to play the voices in this game would’ve been a big deal breaker
Steven Heymann
Steven Heymann Hace 7 días
Wait a minute, they mentioned something called "terrigen". Is this game gonna factor in the Inhumans?!
Toni Memetaj
Toni Memetaj Hace 8 días
Since Spiderman release now all marvel games will be as awesome
Marco Sharko
Marco Sharko Hace 4 días
Nah this looks like shit.
AidaoPotato Hace 8 días
The part where you play as iron man on the bridge, it was named I am iron man....... 😭😢😭
Kin Hamid
Kin Hamid Hace un día
Parsa Aboodzadeh
Parsa Aboodzadeh Hace 8 días
Why the black window fight with black panther
Parsa Aboodzadeh
Parsa Aboodzadeh Hace 8 días
I think it in marvel spider man world
SaturN II
SaturN II Hace 8 días
Spartan9000 Hace 8 días
This game really isn’t all that impressive
CzG Lad
CzG Lad Hace 8 días
13:46 ... they got the curves right .. Nat seems baddass!!
CzG Lad
CzG Lad Hace 2 días
@Supahstar Warrior She sacrificed herself dude .. and with zero super powers she did not hesitate even for a second when fighting with bad-ass villians!!
Supahstar Warrior
Supahstar Warrior Hace 5 días
Who tf cares about Black Widow? She even chickened out of life in Endgame
JT Suave
JT Suave Hace 8 días
Sad they didn't include Hawkeye
isinyan23 Hace 8 días
JT Suave hold up he-he’s right there
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan Hace 8 días
Just okay not much greater than I expected.. :(
SupremesZ Hace 8 días
This is fake the game is not out yet thats just ciematic
Edward Kelstrup
Edward Kelstrup Hace 8 días
It looks and sounds terrible...
Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta Hace 8 días
how to download this game...
KitanoV PrO
KitanoV PrO Hace 9 días
TheErdiErdal Hace 9 días
admit it , when the times came for hulk gameplay, you will excited . dont you ?
That Ren Nigga
That Ren Nigga Hace 4 días
TheErdiErdal that grammar was horrible 😭.
Remixuser Gaming YT
Remixuser Gaming YT Hace 9 días
Why does captain America look like the only fun character to play as
Ewon Jung
Ewon Jung Hace 9 días
THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda wish they could make them look more like their movies counterparts but I still like it, my only question is: is it just gonna be those five Avengers or they're gonna throw us a few more, like Spiderman, Black Panther, , F4, some X-men maybe? I would love to to free roam in the city flying as Falcon or maybe as Captain Marvel and "accidentally" smash a building (Stark Labs) like 'Oops, my bad!'
kanerl Hace 9 días
WOw this looks like complete shit. Who could've guessed it... Yeah no reason to buy this at all.
dan hauer
dan hauer Hace 9 días
all of ya'll bitching clearly need to go get laid and leave your moms or boyfriends basement. this game looks pretty sweet.
Nathan Lovatt
Nathan Lovatt Hace 7 días
dan hauer for sure I can’t wait for it
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