AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD

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AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD
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Jason Lindig
Jason Lindig Hace 5 horas
Yikes, I'm not sure which is more cringeworthy, the game, or the canned applause at the end of the trailer when they are introducing the cast. I came here hoping for greatness but this looks to be a hard pass. Ultimate Alliance series seems way better.
jade griffis
jade griffis Hace 14 horas
Is this game real
Cheshired Grin
Cheshired Grin Hace 16 horas
Open World Or Nothing...........
ツツ Aid1D
ツツ Aid1D Hace 17 horas
Where is Hawkeye???
William Ovington
William Ovington Hace un día
Hulk is basically the shreck but with muscles
Alexander23005 Hace un día
So stupid AI, my goodness....
Tony cheeser
Tony cheeser Hace un día
Why does the player models look like something you would see in a mobile game
Vasiliy Reys
Vasiliy Reys Hace un día
Press X to win
Joker Hace un día
Spiderman PS4: kick and punch while webslinging enemies. Alive but unconscious Batman Arkham games: multiple bones broken. Enemies left deeply traumatized. But most importantly very much alive. Avengers game: Thor's hammer literally killed all enemies and Hulk's gameplay? Mass murder It's attention to details like this that makes me not wanna buy this game
Tttt Jdjdjdjdj
Tttt Jdjdjdjdj Hace un día
Wtf is this shit i want a flash game
Darik Ball
Darik Ball Hace 2 días
I wish we had the actual actors doing these voices
David Jackson Jr.
David Jackson Jr. Hace 2 días
It's Time To Reassemble With The Avengers And Save The World AVENGERS Assemble
Kaptain Sn
Kaptain Sn Hace 2 días
As much as I really have been wanting a MC modern Beat em up style adventure game, this looks awful. It looks like the modern tomb raider games where it is small sections of play area where you beat up a squad of bad guys, then it goes into movie mode then you get tunneled into the next small play area then watch another cut scene,.... then you take out the next squad of bad guys, and then it goes back into cut scene before following another rail into another small play area. Repeat process again and again and again. At the same time it is littered with QTEs. Like that iron man segment is baffling. I don't understand how game developers find that sort of set up acceptable. The bad guys are literally just flying directly in front of him just to be shot down.
Aye Tee
Aye Tee Hace 2 días
I want a marvel ultimate alliance 2 reboot
NamesCris Hace 3 días
Im sorry but this looks stupid.
Scott Elout
Scott Elout Hace 3 días
This is shit. Hopefully it's not open world.
Hector Aldozar
Hector Aldozar Hace 3 días
story ends with everyone dying we all saw the movie
Bronson Bradley
Bronson Bradley Hace 3 días
I hate when they try to balance the characters too much. Their power levels are not comparable
Spyder Hace 3 días
thor just hovering there with his hammer not moving disturbs me
Logan72 Hace 3 días
BIG BOSS Hace 3 días
To bad Brie Larson ruined everything about marvel. It's over
Boy Xanthe
Boy Xanthe Hace 3 días
Looks kind of lame
Leon Flames
Leon Flames Hace 3 días
No Spider Man no buy
JTGall wT
JTGall wT Hace 3 días
Taskmaster sure grunts like a bitch for someone that's supposed to be intimidating.
Taw McCoy
Taw McCoy Hace 3 días
Looks trash
Yehuda Goldman
Yehuda Goldman Hace 3 días
They created random powers for cap and hulk
Chute No Bigode Games
Chute No Bigode Games Hace 3 días
Muito top o seu canal Mkiceandfire se inscreva no meu canal TB o/
Ralph Hace 4 días
Looks like DS kind of game, hopefully the loading scenes are not as many as Jedi Fallen Order and doesn't take forever.
Palpatine Hace 4 días
I can see this already beaten by people in 2 hours
Palpatine Hace 4 días
This went from game to mobile mmorpg
Palpatine Hace 4 días
And why the fuck is hulk short this ain’t 2008
Rogelio Vallejo
Rogelio Vallejo Hace 4 días
The gameplay is great and story but I honestly think that the fighting is a little slow
Jaytdm Hace 4 días
I i had mjolner and was worthy i would prank my friends all the time by just asking if the can give me it
Gaming WtStreamz
Gaming WtStreamz Hace 4 días
Please put the x men into this game like not every single one but like main ones like wolverine would be dope!!
jadams2113 Hace 4 días
Hulk sequence makes me wanna replay that old Hulk ramapage game (this just looks so linear)
Rin Kuro
Rin Kuro Hace 4 días
Boring they have a chance to make this game the biggest hit but they ruined it.
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson Hace 4 días
damn...hulk killed just about everyone he smashed LOL
olsen fernandes
olsen fernandes Hace 4 días
How did Thor stop mid flight and hover like Superman?
Marcus Reality
Marcus Reality Hace 4 días
I just hope you can walk around.
zegud Hace 4 días
Lego avengers but without lego
Richard Smart
Richard Smart Hace 5 días
good graphics
Richard Smart
Richard Smart Hace 5 días
why not the actual voices from the movie 😂
Je Moeder
Je Moeder Hace 5 días
The only good thing to come from this game is black widow
Gamergtg 8
Gamergtg 8 Hace 5 días
They should seperate games Like for Thor or Iron man. That would be epic
Classer Gaming
Classer Gaming Hace 5 días
When I first saw this I thought it was real😂😂🤷🏽
Gamergtg 8
Gamergtg 8 Hace 5 días
Thor could kill everyone in one hit
TheDiamond_Boi Hace 5 días
I just want an free roam avengers game
CoopNoop20 Hace 5 días
For some reason it seems like the abilities are all situational? Like you can only use certain attacks when the game wants you to. I just want an open world game where I can switch through the avengers at will. A mediocre story would be fine as long as I could do what I want in a Spiderman (ps4) esque world map.
Batman Pat
Batman Pat Hace 5 días
Batman is the Best
Ariel Silva
Ariel Silva Hace 5 días
This is actually pretty cool, every characters gameplay is different, Black widows is like Tomb Raider mixed with very toned down Spider-Man, Thor is like, LIKE 2018 God of war,
Zekairos Hace 5 días
There best be free roam or this game will be dead one week after launch
William Favre
William Favre Hace 5 días
Just pre ordered the deluxe edition. I cannot wait!!
William Garner
William Garner Hace 5 días
It looks slow besides that I love it!!!
Vulpes Inculta
Vulpes Inculta Hace 6 días
Детализация даже для трейлера слабая.
Charles Dunn
Charles Dunn Hace 6 días
This Hulk already beats MCU Hulk
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani Hace 6 días
I'll pre-order only if it's fun and good
Bayu Wijanarko
Bayu Wijanarko Hace 6 días
meh, a game for kids
Misil Farias
Misil Farias Hace 6 días
@ Arte_en_fibra Instagram ARgentina!!! Hulk/ Iron- Man / Cap
ZoddGuts Hace 6 días
Remember how fun that Wolverine game was? This is kinda like that game but without the fun and gore.
Aj So cool
Aj So cool Hace 6 días
I’m tryna be a villain
Donovan Underwood
Donovan Underwood Hace 6 días
Black panther needs to be in this game, they’re obviously not finished putting some more characters in.
Thandolwakhe Zungu
Thandolwakhe Zungu Hace 6 días
Yeah the enemies are super weak
Ruben Gomez
Ruben Gomez Hace 6 días
it would of been cool if it was open world
Scott Elout
Scott Elout Hace 3 días
Ruben Gomez
Ruben Gomez Hace 6 días
after seeing this i'm……….. going to keep my money.
Bob Ewels
Bob Ewels Hace 7 días
Why are people excited for this again? On rails tacky hack and slash is all it looks like. In fact it looks so lazily done I’m pretty sure this game was made really quickly to cash in on the avengers movie hype
OriginalGamerOnline Hace 7 días
The "voice acting" is TERRIBLE! Really takes away from the immersion of the game. The game is not bad, looks like a solid base. If done right, could be nice. But for the love of all that's good, fix the voice acting......lackluster effort.
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman Hace 7 días
They need to put a bit more upgrades but it looks good overall especially the story.
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman Hace 7 días
God there is a lot of negativity around this. I find it to look pretty good; I get the repetitive angle but I guess it’s level 1.
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman Hace 7 días
Tbh this looks rlly fun. Idk why ppl r annoyed an avengers game is such a hard task and this seems like a great stab at it. This is the first level of the game with Jsut the basics of all the characters combat and to me out already looks great, it’ll only get better.
Nathaniel Ferreira
Nathaniel Ferreira Hace 7 días
Don’t get how Thor’s hammer doesn’t rip them into shreds. That’s why I don’t like marvel. Its not realistic in the fighting moves.
Pablo Vitale
Pablo Vitale Hace 7 días
The way they speak is totally for kids... For me is a real Lego game just more realistic... Even for my soon looks funny 😂 Let me in peace with Batman arkham games and Marvel spider Man 🤘🤘🤘
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