Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

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Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Paul Rudd talk about the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, getting matching tattoos, their favorite lines from the films, visiting Disneyland, getting each other gifts for their birthdays (except Chris Hemsworth), a stand-alone Black Widow movie, Ant-Man fan theories, and the Avengers have a surprise for our studio audience.
Jimmy Kimmel & Celine Dion Surprise Couple Getting Married in Las Vegas eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-R6X1V9c_HbA.html

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Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

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Adelyn Yim
Adelyn Yim Hace 3 horas
Scarlett: What's the dumb stuff? Robert: Oh, I don't know, probably like, you know, your character arc. (Crowd boos) Me: (Silently crying because nobody I've met likes Black widow)
M Kid
M Kid Hace un día
3:34 love how scarlet just moved away when rdj hugged her arm
Lisa Muasau
Lisa Muasau Hace un día
the fact that paul & chris still didnt know the ending ! lmao! literally only robert and scarlett knew 👏👏👏👏what a Crazyyyy job!
Brooklyn T
Brooklyn T Hace 3 días
I love how RDJ was wearing jeans
Okay_ish_fish Hace 3 días
They 👏🏻 mentioned 👏🏻 thanas👏🏻
Unstoppable Girl
Unstoppable Girl Hace 4 días
Cap : 9.38 Tony : for gosh sake watch your language!!
Bikas Katwal
Bikas Katwal Hace 4 días
Everyone talking about the black widow's death. I am not so sure she is dead. I could be wrong, but they did give a few hints: 1. No funeral 2. When hulk snapped, he did say he tried to bring her back and as we know all came back to the same place they died. So, maybe scarlet on the same planet? 3. Black widow movie is coming, be it a prequel or sequel. There's isn't much point showing something about a dead character. So, again, what if she isn't dead. 4. The more far fetched theory could be, what if captain found her on the planet while he was returning the stone and Natasha(agent Romanoff/black widow) actually returned with cap and used cap's last shot to come back to future? 5. I am overthinking, it's 2 AM here and I am drunk :D
Setsuna Faller Seiei
Setsuna Faller Seiei Hace 5 días
Bogies converging in the oracle pavilion..lock and loaded..the fight is coming to you -black widow
Divya Manda
Divya Manda Hace 5 días
1:40 see Rudd and Hemsworth their expression they knew she spoiled it 😂😂😂😂😂
David Hace 6 días
Love how humble Robert is, he makes millions but doesn’t dress like it
Robert Ace
Robert Ace Hace 7 días
Scarlett Mmmmm nice legs
Ella Hamilton
Ella Hamilton Hace 8 días
0:32 Paul’s hurt
Bill Wu
Bill Wu Hace 8 días
my computer is so bad, I couldn't tell if the alpaca was real or not
T E L K Hace 8 días
d r
d r Hace 8 días
Those people probly got into the theater 2 months after release
M Kid
M Kid Hace 8 días
3:32 love how scarlet just moved away when rdj hugged her arm
NRomxnoff Hace 8 días
Scarlett is actually so cute
døreen x wu
døreen x wu Hace 9 días
let’s all just dress formally and not tell rdj
Jhannel's World
Jhannel's World Hace 10 días
I bet Tony (Iron Man) And Natasha (Black Widow) will come back because I watched this episode of Avengers Marvel too(Which I forgot the title), And they revived a member. So I think Tony and Natasha will totally be alive again! I bet there's gonna be an "Endgame 2"
Rose 02
Rose 02 Hace 12 días
I never made the connection between ant man and phoebe's husband Mike on friends
Tlhalefo Mocumi
Tlhalefo Mocumi Hace 13 días
The way I am clapping as if they can hear me
C Hace 14 días
The applause by the audience is so over the top, it's ridiculous. No wonder these actors/celebs hate fans. They're so pathetic.
Giavanna Callari
Giavanna Callari Hace 15 días
The birthday gift part omg 😂😂😂
evan merwitzer
evan merwitzer Hace 15 días
Omg Brad Paisley
beka Betsunaidze
beka Betsunaidze Hace 15 días
crowd is so freaking annoying.
Ayks Hace 16 días
Jimmy: Does that mean something bad is going to happen to Tony Stark? Robert: No No not in the slightest Very cool and quick response with a straight face with that question Mr. Downey Jr.
Force Hace 16 días
Cap:Let's get that son of a bit*h All the Avengers:LANGUAGE
GMAN Toe Hace 16 días
Kimmels laugh is annoying
William Farrell
William Farrell Hace 16 días
I heard about Antmans rear entry so much I thought it actually hallened
Jerry Yawning
Jerry Yawning Hace 17 días
only a lie iq audience would consider these movies worth the ticket and/or time.
Charlie Graham
Charlie Graham Hace 17 días
Why is Kimmel trying to bait them in to spoiling it
Missy Lim
Missy Lim Hace 17 días
Paul Rudd is so funny!
Ada Chabeene
Ada Chabeene Hace 18 días
I need that guitar 🎸
Вероника Смирнова
Вероника Смирнова Hace 19 días
Thank you, Jimmy for this video. I love Avengers so much. Scarlett, Robert and Chris are very beautifully and hilarious. Their jokes so funny.
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez Hace 19 días
Was that brad paisley who gav robert downey jr a guitar?
Dan Steinbach
Dan Steinbach Hace 20 días
dwl815380 Hace 20 días
Basically, RDJ is now just Tony Stark playing Robert Downey Jr., right?
TuyuL OnLine
TuyuL OnLine Hace 21 un día
I was wondering if RDJ were Elon Musk that could be real Tony Stark, real iron man maybe could be exist in 2020
Artur V
Artur V Hace 22 días
This movie was horrible
Emil Mathew
Emil Mathew Hace 22 días
Just realized Roberts wearing Jordans
Aeam Mckay The Dragongirl
Aeam Mckay The Dragongirl Hace 22 días
The cheering would have lasted forever if he didn't stop it
The Hiking gamer
The Hiking gamer Hace 22 días
Scarlett if you read this marry me. Just PM !
meleva1994 patricio
meleva1994 patricio Hace 24 días
Robert😍😍😍i mean tony haha
CABOOSE27x Hace 24 días
im so glad she died lol she was the worst character in these movies and even robert knows that hahahaha 3:30
Truong Hoang
Truong Hoang Hace 24 días
The foreshadowing though. The ones who died are sitting on the same couch
Alyssa Haydon
Alyssa Haydon Hace 24 días
They'll be in more movies 😪😪😪
Amrita Chatterji
Amrita Chatterji Hace 25 días
shes so uncomfy in tht dress
Izabella Oeland
Izabella Oeland Hace 25 días
Brad Paisley: *walks in and gives Downey a guitar* Me .____________. WTFH
K G Hace 26 días
Scarlett went to cross her legs and said uh oh this skirt is really short lol.
David Johnson
David Johnson Hace 26 días
I hear that everytime..!! Every interview! Every Con,Every Damn day and Every Damn Night...It's always the Mark Ruffalo😂😂😂
Okeeanos Chanel
Okeeanos Chanel Hace 27 días
11:52 MAybE
cybergrind Hace 27 días
RDJ amazing role for Endgame, pls the oscar.
Okeeanos Chanel
Okeeanos Chanel Hace 27 días
Did everybody ignore the fact that Scarlett’s shoes are the most beautiful thing I ever saw on my life
Okeeanos Chanel
Okeeanos Chanel Hace 27 días
This entrance ... No words . I love them
It me twin2 TWIN
It me twin2 TWIN Hace 28 días
Rani Kumari
Rani Kumari Hace 28 días
First Evans forgot his birthday now Hemsworth.
Rani Kumari
Rani Kumari Hace 28 días
Hemswoth is the most adventurous dad.
Rani Kumari
Rani Kumari Hace 28 días
Paul describing holding Cap's shield is the cutest thing ever.
James Dean
James Dean Hace 28 días
is it me or is paul rudd look a little high , im thinking he and jimmy had a session before oming out
I am Thanos
I am Thanos Hace 28 días
I love how Robert laughs and smiles at 10:16-10:21 and then immediately switch his facial expression to a serious look at 10:22
Shubham Ahirwar
Shubham Ahirwar Hace 28 días
Jimmy should have asked robert about his favourite line. I was expecting only one answer"I AM IRONMAN"
Claire Wagoner
Claire Wagoner Hace 28 días
Rdj is such a mood for wearing designer glasses and suits and stuff but ends up wearing tennis shoes😂😂💀
Elad Haimi
Elad Haimi Hace 6 días
do you know the name of the model? they look p good
Kailey Romolor
Kailey Romolor Hace 29 días
They make sure their co stars are equally recognized, I love that. ❤️ Scarlett’s hair is for sure bigger than someone’s future. 😂
CNazario Vizcaino
CNazario Vizcaino Hace 29 días
Scarlett is a very gorgeous woman
pablo Solo 369
pablo Solo 369 Hace 29 días
Chris hemsworth best dad ever
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay Hace 29 días
1:40 When Marvel were too busy watching Mark and Tom, the real spoilers are out here....
Sojib wajed
Sojib wajed Hace 29 días
I must confess Game of thrones and D&D literally failed to Avengers Endgame in the case of a good Ending
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis Hace 29 días
...'The Hulk is afraid of needles '
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis Hace 29 días
They are BELOVED and should be....
Joel Riley
Joel Riley Hace un mes
3:35 I screamed
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