Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

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Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Paul Rudd talk about the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, getting matching tattoos, their favorite lines from the films, visiting Disneyland, getting each other gifts for their birthdays (except Chris Hemsworth), a stand-alone Black Widow movie, Ant-Man fan theories, and the Avengers have a surprise for our studio audience.
Jimmy Kimmel & Celine Dion Surprise Couple Getting Married in Las Vegas eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-R6X1V9c_HbA.html

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Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

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Legend Ishal
Legend Ishal Hace un hora
0:57 What are those?
MYdodgeCharger Hace 2 días
That’s so cool that that little boy left his mark on Thor: Ragnarok.
Eva Marsh
Eva Marsh Hace 2 días
11:46 Robert's face
Luna Rose
Luna Rose Hace 2 días
When is Black Widow going to start filming? Scarlett plays it off like she has no idea what he is talking about. Filming began May 2019. She does a good job of keeping secrets.
Lol • 17 years ago
Lol • 17 years ago Hace 3 días
MIA MIA Hace 3 días
It so cute how Robert includes Paul by asking him a question
Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom Hace 4 días
Waseem Yousofzai
Waseem Yousofzai Hace 4 días
Pause at 6:53. Can we appreciate the fact he’s 50 years olds and looks like this🤯🤯
//SNAKETKT13 // Hace 4 días
RDJ what an arrogant prick So disrespectful to scarlet
Tess E.
Tess E. Hace 5 días
10:10 well.......... here's the thing. if you just skip to the end of the movie........... never mind
RedneckTravisMusic & More
RedneckTravisMusic & More Hace 6 días
the one guy looks like tim mcgraw
RedneckTravisMusic & More
RedneckTravisMusic & More Hace 6 días
I just watched this for Brad Paisley to be honest
Pallishree Swain
Pallishree Swain Hace 6 días
I just love Robert's reaction "May be!!!!!"
Kathy Bustamante
Kathy Bustamante Hace 8 días
I know it's very late but I understood the alpaca reference HAHAHAHA
क्षितिज खाडे
क्षितिज खाडे Hace 9 días
Indian can watch 5 to 6 hours films
Ella._.168 Hace 10 días
4:11 you gotta love Downey, he realised that Paul wasn’t being included as much so he hands the conversation over to him! 🤩😍🥰👍
Maddi Jane I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll
Maddi Jane I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll Hace 11 días
Who’s watching this in 2020?!
Bing Bangxo
Bing Bangxo Hace 12 días
7:53 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 MELT MY FREAKING HEART !!!!
Zora Catone
Zora Catone Hace 15 días
Who else is only here for 11:53?
Irvinx Cabrera
Irvinx Cabrera Hace 16 días
Mr. Noballs
Rei Jaaziel Aliwanon
Rei Jaaziel Aliwanon Hace 16 días
maybe??? always gets ne hahahha
Nisha S
Nisha S Hace 18 días
I love the fact that Robert Downey asks Paul's opinion at 4:10.
Karev Rufus bautista
Karev Rufus bautista Hace 19 días
Chris:lets get this son of a btch Also Chris: language
José Carlos Santos
José Carlos Santos Hace 19 días
6:16 Scarlett and Chris woww
RJ Studios
RJ Studios Hace 19 días
At 1:20 it reminded me of Bobby Newport
Shuayb Osman
Shuayb Osman Hace 20 días
16 million views 16 million subscribers Balanced as all things should be
Chibi Babe
Chibi Babe Hace 21 un día
11:51 Robert: “MaYbE?!”
{*Mrs. Woofles*}
{*Mrs. Woofles*} Hace 21 un día
imagine the people who had already bought their tickets
Crystal Atteberry
Crystal Atteberry Hace 22 días
Drax never got snapped, we just watched the process of him becoming invisible
Breakdancer/ Nerd
Breakdancer/ Nerd Hace 22 días
A normal dad: Sorry honey, you can’t go on Chris Hemsworth: Hey sweetie, you still got those snickers bars?
Nafiul Islam
Nafiul Islam Hace 23 días
5:21 Scarlett Johanson: Yes RDJ: No 😂
lexrocks1 Hace 23 días
Vinayak Rawate
Vinayak Rawate Hace 23 días
Scarlett's hairs are well structured than my entire life 🤣
big blue
big blue Hace 23 días
did any one feels the stress between them. may it seemed like regular chat, but it was not
Trav Phoenix
Trav Phoenix Hace 24 días
Chris hemsworth almost saying the sick kid is dead had me dying inside 😂😂
Kylie Matthis
Kylie Matthis Hace 24 días
Who else watching in 2020 knows Scarlet Johansson was lying about the black widow movie! 😂
raunak agrawal
raunak agrawal Hace 24 días
Scarlett looks so elegant here
PlaylistYea Hace 25 días
robert's eyes were like gonna tearing........
「 Distority 」
「 Distority 」 Hace 25 días
Thor is no longer allowed to be near Morgan Stark
Guy Schellinck
Guy Schellinck Hace 22 días
Something tells me Morgan will have a much more dangerous life as Iron Girl than this size issue in a park. Chris is the guy every kid wants as a dad.
Neta Almog
Neta Almog Hace 25 días
what movie is this clip from i dont recognize it 8:36
Anna XxSchubbi
Anna XxSchubbi Hace 26 días
Excuse me but Scarlett's outfit? Stunning?
Gabrielle Eberly
Gabrielle Eberly Hace 26 días
No one: Rdj: 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Matt Wiesenthal
Matt Wiesenthal Hace 26 días
When did Disney rename the Tower of Terror??
Hope Roiter
Hope Roiter Hace 29 días
Vivaan Arya
Vivaan Arya Hace un mes
Mâÿ 5
Renee Jett
Renee Jett Hace un mes
Chris: maybe there's a reason there's a height limti... RDJ:*voice crack* MAYBE?!
Renee Jett
Renee Jett Hace un mes
Chris Hemsworth being a bad father and Scarlet getting mad😂
Kιαrα ΑΙΙαη
Kιαrα ΑΙΙαη Hace un mes
Paul Rudd getting rected by Chris from a double high-five
G Chua
G Chua Hace un mes
1:37 after watching Endgame then saw this, it really hit me when Scarlett said "don't lie to him, we're not ever coming back." 😭😭😭 At least Black Widow's film is gonna be released this year! I'm really gonna miss Tony Stark!!
Unicorn Potato
Unicorn Potato Hace un mes
The way Chris narrated the whole story like WOW maa teacher should take lessons from him lol
Passive Agressive
Passive Agressive Hace un mes
Was that Robert Rodriguez giving RDJ a guitar?
Passive Agressive
Passive Agressive Hace un mes
RDJ is Marvel!
Hannane Ashrafi
Hannane Ashrafi Hace un mes
NiKhil GarakaPati
NiKhil GarakaPati Hace un mes
For a second, it looked like Jerry Springer show.!
Preacher 777
Preacher 777 Hace un mes
They are all so cool ... Really cool atmosphere they are creating
Adam Hace un mes
ironmans meds got him all chicken headed
Lucy Gill
Lucy Gill Hace un mes
I just love the way robert claps
Jordyn Roots
Jordyn Roots Hace un mes
Can scarlet and chris be a couple😭 the way he looks at her when she talks is adorable
I Am Here
I Am Here Hace un mes
Jordyn Roots Chris has a wife dude
ADAM-KASIM Hace un mes
Ant man was telling the truth the whole time, he was there just soo small because hes in the quantum realm
ne ne
ne ne Hace un mes
All of this actor is born to be Marvel Superhero
Mahin Adnan
Mahin Adnan Hace un mes
"Don't lie to him. We're never coming back" 1:40
nasandnat00 Hace un mes
I can feel the tension/ how nervous they may be to reveal secrets
Pique On Mobile
Pique On Mobile Hace un mes
10:00 Jimmy: does that mean something bad happens to tony stark?? Robert D.J: Nahh its gud i dnt dieeeee fammmm
Madeline Call
Madeline Call Hace un mes
I’m from buffalo and the fact that rdj even MENTIONED the bills has me dying
SaiKiran rvs
SaiKiran rvs Hace un mes
10:20 that cute laugh of rdj😂😂
David Magana
David Magana Hace un mes
Jackie Salas
Jackie Salas Hace un mes
Jimmy Kimmel called Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans. So awkward.
No Edit
No Edit Hace un mes
He didn"t So Wtf
rdj doesn't play tony stark, tony stark plays rdj
Ved Save
Ved Save Hace un mes
Did anyone notice that the guys who died sat on the couch?
weirdo 101
weirdo 101 Hace un mes
Scarlett looks like that college girl that hangs out with the nerds
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