Avengers Assemble Scene - AVENGERS 4: Endgame (2019)

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Official Avengers 4: Endgame "Avengers Assemble" Movie Clip & Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ abo.yt/ki | Robert Downey Jr. Movie Trailer | Release: 26 Apr 2019 | More KinoCheck.com/film/ly4/avengers-4-2019
After Thanos wiped out half of the universe, the Avengers still standing are doing what they promised to do, avenge.
Avengers 4: Endgame (2019) is the new action movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
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Avengers 4 Endgametrailer2019Movie

Rockafire Hace 5 horas
Cap: “avengers” “assemble” *millions of fans lives have been completed*
GameTechツ Hace 9 horas
50 years from now.... the line "Avengers... Assemble" will so popular just like "Luke I am... your father"
ruglemoon Hace 14 horas
this is the most beautiful scene EVER , in ever MOVIE
MLGChef Hace 17 horas
0:21 Me and everyone else on Sep 20th in Area 51
MrMonsterHunter 808
MrMonsterHunter 808 Hace 22 horas
Three days.
Tarush Singh
Tarush Singh Hace un día
Cap : Assemble Mark Ruffalo : Hahahhahah you're soo screwed now!!!!!
Caitlin Jackson
Caitlin Jackson Hace un día
You see what happened Thanos? You pissed off the entire universe and this is what happens. You’re screwed now.
Drake0306 Hace un día
PE Coach: Ok we are gonna play boys vs girls dodgeball Girls: OMG PLEASE GO EASY ON US!!! Boys: 0:21
canadavatar Hace un día
This scene alone makes this movie worthy of beating Avatar at the box office!!!!
Sandy Panchpal
Sandy Panchpal Hace un día
The saddest thing is that i was the only guy screaming in the theatre when he said “avengers assemble” been waiting for this. The entire crowd in the theatre was dead or had no clue what the movie was about.
주민재 Hace un día
It's the best movie scene I've ever seen
Elle Shiz
Elle Shiz Hace 2 días
I straight up squealed when Cap said "Anvengers, assemble". Like a child, I bounced up and down saying, "he said it! He said it!" 😂😂😂
Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang Hace 2 días
Cap: AVENGERSS!! ......... Thor: Ahhhhrrggfrreksdbhsj! Everyone: AHHHRRRGGJNKSISHHEHE
cvjulle Hace 2 días
If Cap's shield just broke, how it is now fixed? 0:05
K Den
K Den Hace 2 días
Just watching my daily dose ....
Connor Dalrymple
Connor Dalrymple Hace 3 días
When I saw this scene I said in my head oh my god YES this scene maid me feel like was going to have a heart attack cause so much is happening this cool as hell when see the portals when black panther comes out it’s wakanda when spider man came out it’s was Titian those were them died in and came back I said oh my god oh my god when captain marvel went and blew up the ship I said WOW and when captain America said avengers assemble I said GOD DAMN YES
big Noob
big Noob Hace 3 días
0:17 when popeyes releases a new Chicken sandwich
MrColz Hace 3 días
0:23 me and the boys going to Dunkin Donuts after a hard day's work at school.
메타브롤즈 Hace 3 días
Dear avengers...... forever
Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh Hace 3 días
And to think peter still has the homecoming suit on under the iron spider suit 🥵 🥵
Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine Hace 3 días
My little cousin thought this actually happened 😂. I told him that thors hammer is still out there
Jarl Rin
Jarl Rin Hace 3 días
0:14 Thanos: "I maaaaay have made an error in judegement."
Rhodan Hace 3 días
Avengers: Final Don't Feel So Good
Syed Noore Rasul
Syed Noore Rasul Hace 3 días
What Cap said: AVENGERS.... assemble What everyone heard: AVENGERS.... *BLEUUURGH!!!*
lord touch me
lord touch me Hace 3 días
imagine if theres frost Giant and xandarian ship joining the battle along with maybe few military forces ill be much more epic
James Jemo
James Jemo Hace 3 días
I see Spiderman web slinging,where are the buildings
John Kesos
John Kesos Hace 3 días
Even the God cried after tha scene 😭
Shoal Nervo
Shoal Nervo Hace 4 días
You’d think that Thanos’s ship hovering above would take out ant man pretty quick.
Master MoJo
Master MoJo Hace 4 días
When you realize no one heard Capt say Avengers Assemble except Thor but they charged because Thor screamed
Nasir The Senate Johnson
Nasir The Senate Johnson Hace 4 días
1:13 anyone noticed Mantis just going around putting people to sleep 😂 they need to give her some weapons
rei da depressão gameplays tambem
rei da depressão gameplays tambem Hace 4 días
Dc morrendo de inveja por nao ter uma cena como essa kkkk
GentlemanGaGa29 Hace 4 días
The single greatest scene in the history of all movies!
Tyreek Sanchez
Tyreek Sanchez Hace 4 días
How is Peter flying with only leg rockets
Какой то Тюлень
Какой то Тюлень Hace 4 días
Avengers: *already gathered* Cap: AVENGEERS, assem-wait.
the brick guy
the brick guy Hace 4 días
This epic moment when spidey came throug this portal, the whole cinema was quiet...
Christian Vennemann
Christian Vennemann Hace 4 días
When I saw this on opening day, and the entire audience went nuts when Captain America said, "Avengers, assemble," it was truly the greatest cinematic experience of my life (and still is, so far).
Some Dude Jim
Some Dude Jim Hace 4 días
The only time I've gotten teary eyed because of something truly amazing
HAD UKENZ Hace 4 días
shadows Hace 4 días
0:05 Spider-man fan join the game Sony:im so dead ;-;
Phước Phạm
Phước Phạm Hace 4 días
0:14 Thanos thinking: "I just saw 6 people on that video"
Jermiah Estacado
Jermiah Estacado Hace 5 días
0:48 when the ice cream truck shows up
Elvin Cruz
Elvin Cruz Hace 5 días
Weren't they already assembled though ?
Slorpy Hace 5 días
This is how it will look like when they raid the area 51
Angry Nerd Bird
Angry Nerd Bird Hace 5 días
The title is misleading. The actual assembling of the Avengers is what I came for, but they already assembled and this isn't what I was looking for. :(
Obayda Ataya
Obayda Ataya Hace 5 días
Falcon Open portal to his left Strange why Falcon becsuse.. 9 years ago in wintet soldier... just OPEN IT ON HIS LEFT
shadow of fire
shadow of fire Hace 5 días
Why was mantis running of the frontlines
אופק אהרון
אופק אהרון Hace 5 días
Like who is hear cuz of EndGame
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 6 días
0:45 Thor’s battle cry is the cherry on top
SolarM4gic 69
SolarM4gic 69 Hace 6 días
44 did anyone get major goosebumps
anime to the max 77
anime to the max 77 Hace 6 días
0:48 people going to GameStop on black Friday
George Hace 6 días
Grand Theft Auto vs Call of Duty.
Celestine Hace 6 días
0:13 when thanos knew he is going to get f'd up
Saiyan Slasher
Saiyan Slasher Hace 6 días
Wait, we gonna ignore the fact that Drax just saved Korg's life?
Land Fin
Land Fin Hace 6 días
Avengers.... Assemble...epic moment never before and never again in the entire world cinema. Cap..rocks.
Average Titan16
Average Titan16 Hace 7 días
After 4 years since Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cap finally says those 2 magical words! 🤙
Robert Berg
Robert Berg Hace 7 días
1:32 Well he’s dead
deshaun dozier
deshaun dozier Hace 7 días
I cry, you cry, we all cry
Xergyo Salgado
Xergyo Salgado Hace 7 días
1:49 Sakurai when asked about DLC fighters
Earl Brooks
Earl Brooks Hace 7 días
When you’re friends with almost everyone in the school and the bully tries to fight you
TheJEDIBRANDON Hace 7 días
Someone better scream Avengers Assemble when we raid Area 51
Snoopy Mochi
Snoopy Mochi Hace 8 días
What if Ant-Man stepped on them as he ran?
Niael Negash
Niael Negash Hace 8 días
Bro thanos almost lost to the avengers and garudians and docter strange so why the fuck did thanos not bring this. army in infinty war
Dad Hace 7 días
Maybe most of them have been destroyed or killed by the time of IW
HΞLLBΞNT Hace 8 días
Who needs porn when we have this?
erdoed zoner
erdoed zoner Hace 8 días
0:25: Raiding area 51 0:32: Leaving area 51 *This comment is not mine and I admit it so its useless to wright stolen*
stan lee
stan lee Hace 8 días
Spiderman fans are rading Sony so spiderman will be back in the mcu
Darth Zothena
Darth Zothena Hace 8 días
Avengers/Starwars/Halo Vs Thanos Is that everyone??? Your wanted more?? Brings more people..
giri munan
giri munan Hace 8 días
2:48 NARUTO!
Skar Hace 9 días
0:45 My man Korg is there as well
Alex Hutzkal
Alex Hutzkal Hace 9 días
DUNDUN DUNDUN DUNDUN DUNDUN DUNDUN DUNDUN You know this was the best moment of this whole thing
Mr Wolfpack14
Mr Wolfpack14 Hace 9 días
Thor and cap look like real Vikings lol
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