Avengers Assemble Scene - AVENGERS 4: Endgame (2019)

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Official Avengers 4: Endgame "Avengers Assemble" Movie Clip & Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ abo.yt/ki | Robert Downey Jr. Movie Trailer | Release: 26 Apr 2019 | More KinoCheck.com/film/ly4/avengers-4-2019
After Thanos wiped out half of the universe, the Avengers still standing are doing what they promised to do, avenge.
Avengers 4: Endgame (2019) is the new action movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
Note | #Avengers4 #Clip courtesy of Walt Disney Company. | All Rights Reserved. | #KinoCheck®

Avengers 4 Endgametrailer2019Movie

Jude Gaming
Jude Gaming Hace 20 horas
0:36 I love how Thanos's frown turns into a smile
Bone Man
Bone Man Hace un día
anyone seeing Kevin Bacon?
Hakkuw Hace 5 días
Luiza Mello
Luiza Mello Hace 7 días
Korg e Drax 😂😂
Richie Hace 7 días
This is not just a movie. It's a action porn movie😎
Quang-Long Dinh
Quang-Long Dinh Hace 7 días
It gives me chills seeing how epic these type of battle scenes are.
[Čaÿřa] [Řøđříguež]
[Čaÿřa] [Řøđříguež] Hace 8 días
Pepper what are you shooting at? 😂
Mithilesh S
Mithilesh S Hace 8 días
This scene not only proved that he was worthy of the hammer but also worthy of leading the Avengers.
MaximusNV Hace 9 días
By far I’ve replayed this scene more times than any other scene ever.... and it’s only been on digital for 6 months
Mundoslav A A
Mundoslav A A Hace 9 días
Oscars be like : this movie no good.
P1x3l Hace 11 días
When you finally team up with the squad and try to defeat the boss
Corleone Hace 13 días
one word: Goosebumps
UlisesLG Hace 15 días
Como es que esta escena no gano el oscar?
n n
n n Hace 15 días
Jacob Chacko
Jacob Chacko Hace 16 días
Moon Knight00
Moon Knight00 Hace 17 días
One the darkest of moments can become the finest of hours Everyone there was worthy
Maulik Pankhaniya
Maulik Pankhaniya Hace 18 días
You could have the power of the gods! Yet you wear a flag on your chest and think you fight a battle of nations! I have seen the future Captain! There are no flags!" "Not in my future! Red Skull in Captain America First Avenger
Hysterical Wolf
Hysterical Wolf Hace 19 días
Me at 0:49 - *why aren't Cap and Black Panther like already 100 miles infront of everyone else?* **INFINITY WAR FLASHBACK**
Sahil Mehta
Sahil Mehta Hace 20 días
I litterally get everytime goosebumps when I hear Avenger Assemble...
Literally No One
Literally No One Hace 20 días
literally captain america: *says assemble so quiet* the avengers: AAAAAAAAAA Me: how tf did they hear him?
Kay Hace 21 un día
Where is hawkeye , nebula and gamora ?
Bh6 Kthu
Bh6 Kthu Hace 21 un día
Best 3 minutes of my life
Jakeus 25
Jakeus 25 Hace 22 días
I hope 'Avengers Assemble' is never said by another character again. Let this line forever be entwined with Steve Roger's Captain America
Hakan U.
Hakan U. Hace 22 días
They have already assembled. How do they re assemble?
DreadNawght Hace 23 días
these movies will be icons of this era
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Hace 23 días
Wong would kill thanos easily by infecting him with the Corona Virus
Sam Dutton
Sam Dutton Hace 25 días
Strange: is that everyone? Whang: you Wanted more??!?!?!
Candle YT
Candle YT Hace 26 días
this gives me chills
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK?? Hace 26 días
*AVENGERS!!!* ......... ᵃˢˢᵉᵐᵇˡᵉ!
naja12359 Hace 26 días
I want blizzard to make like this.....
E'man Kennedy
E'man Kennedy Hace 27 días
👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 greatest scene ever😎😎😎
Chetan Raikar
Chetan Raikar Hace 28 días
The best superhero movie ever made
foxhoundbound Hace 28 días
This... was the idea To bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if they could become something more. So that when we needed them, they could fight THE battle, That we never could.
Aayush Mukherjee
Aayush Mukherjee Hace 29 días
2K dislikes from DC fans.....wait there are only 2K DC fans in the world? Jeez.....Stan Lee really did beat the crap out of DC
Ayush V
Ayush V Hace un mes
Captain : Avengerrsss.... Thor : Oh wait a sec bro, my bus was late
Harekrishna Yadav
Harekrishna Yadav Hace un mes
Jonathan Redford
Jonathan Redford Hace un mes
Well worth the wait to hear this
Rikin Thakkar
Rikin Thakkar Hace un mes
Scene still gives me goosebumps
SSStevenWolf Hace un mes
Me watching this: 1:56
610 Hobbies
610 Hobbies Hace un mes
One of the greatest moments in movie history, regardless of how you feel about the MCU (heck I haven't even watched over half of it), it was a huge breathtaking experience to witness this.
GHOSTBOY 64 Hace un mes
No no give me that you get the little one
Marcus X Observer
Marcus X Observer Hace un mes
Someone should yell Avenger Assenble for WWIII *Seriously*
Arnav Karnik
Arnav Karnik Hace un mes
Where are Hawkeye nebula and gamora??
Nabeel K
Nabeel K Hace un mes
Imagine if the scene played out like this.. Dr Strange - "is that everyone.."? Wong - "what....you wanted more"? Dr Strange Smirks... Out walks WOLVERINE and releases his Claws... and says "Lets Go Bub" .... That would have been EPIC!!!
Keola Ogawa
Keola Ogawa Hace un mes
The fact that Thor made the first battle cry.
Kenzie Aponte
Kenzie Aponte Hace un mes
I’m telling my kids that I lived down the street and survived this.
DC Original fan Sanju
DC Original fan Sanju Hace un mes
Captain America is a worthless pic of shit
salman.sonu2010 sallu
salman.sonu2010 sallu Hace un mes
Captain America ha ha ha what a big joke total loser
Jazz Jackrabbit
Jazz Jackrabbit Hace un mes
Never thought I'd see this on the big screen. I lived through eras of bad cartoons and bad movies (80s). Even then, when comic book movies started picking up, I thought it was done after the failures of X-Men 3 and Spideman 3. They came back with the unimaginable. An 11 year arc with good movies and an ending with the most epic crossover ever.
Aura Hacksuate
Aura Hacksuate Hace un mes
0:14 It was at this moment when Thanos knew he f*ked up
Cult Nerd
Cult Nerd Hace un mes
Onde o Spyder-man estava jogando a teia???
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns Hace un mes
Joker: I am getting the oscar Stan lee: Don’t make me come down you little prick 2.7 billion fans: We love this comment 3000
Johnny Fonzor
Johnny Fonzor Hace un mes
0:22 is the exact moment where my theater became deafening. Endgame gave us a movie experience no other movie can match or top.
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez Hace un mes
Fortnite in season 8 (chapter 1) avengers endgame mode spoiled the movie because it shows the army of thanos and the avengers so they spoiled it
Nathaniel Gates
Nathaniel Gates Hace un mes
This is the greatest scene form the greatest movie of 2019 fight me
Anson Pang
Anson Pang Hace un mes
@Nathaniel Gates Ok most epic film of 2019 but not the greatest.
Nathaniel Gates
Nathaniel Gates Hace un mes
Anson Pang disagree but go on
Anson Pang
Anson Pang Hace un mes
This is the greatest scene from a movie that is nowhere near the greatest movie of 2019.
CUBIC CARL Hace un mes
This scene how I miss avengers :(
MrDiamondATW Hace un mes
Came here to see a satisfying ending after crisis on infinite earths
bill jobs
bill jobs Hace un mes
"assemble" comment "for froodo" LIKE !
The little Snuffles
The little Snuffles Hace un mes
Still to this day, geez they did the HULK a disservice. Regardless that it was he who returned everyone - I, along with millions I'd say wanted to see a WorldBreaker go ballistic. Instead, we were offered a comedic performance. Booooo 😡
Ana Léa
Ana Léa Hace un mes
0:14 Thanos realised he was gonna get his ass whooped
Aji Ridwan
Aji Ridwan Hace un mes
1:13 pepper fires at nothing?
Jonathan Farmer
Jonathan Farmer Hace un mes
My goose bumps in this scene started when I heard “on your left” and the rest of the battle was intense after that
Super Marvel Max
Super Marvel Max Hace un mes
Joker can’t beat endgame
Anson Pang
Anson Pang Hace un mes
Yeah if we're only talking about box office.
man rai
man rai Hace un mes
Capis best
Wraith King
Wraith King Hace un mes
Where was hawkeye??? I didnt see him
X Line
X Line Hace un mes
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Hace un mes
"Avengers assemble" is a rightful heir of "for Frodo" to the throne. Aragorn is proud for Captain, Tolkien greets Stan Lee in heavens and I am lucky enough to have witnessed the two most epic moments of medieval and modern fiction. Salut to all of you who took this journey with me, all these years.
RetroYT Hace un mes
Seeing this in theaters was an experience. Everyone was yelling!!
limdul666 Hace un mes
"No no! Give me that. You have the little one" Magic.
Manchurian Candidate
Manchurian Candidate Hace un mes
Girls: omg WW3 is about to begin. We're all gonna die! Boys:
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