AVENGERS 5 "Galactus" - MCU Tribute Trailer (Phase 5 Marvel Movie)

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"Something is coming."
New MCU Tribute Trailer for a future Avengers 5 movie for Phase 5. Are you excited to see future Avengers films [Leave a Like]? Hope you guys like. Please do share!
Made/Edited by Rob Long (Smasher)
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The Infinity War sent the universe into utter chaos, but the #Avengers prevailed. But, the snap, coupled with the destruction of Asgard, has spelled the untimely release of a much greater threat than anyone had anticipated. Destroyer of Worlds, Galactus.
Galactus was a cosmic entity, born with the universe itself. He preserves the balance of life eating planets. He sends his herald, Silver Surfer, along the galaxies to search for a suitable planet.
Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the Avengers roster as audiences have come to know it, but it isn’t the end of the team in general, and Avengers 5 will happen - the real mystery is when it will release. Over the course of 10 years, the #MCU built its Avengers lineup, with the New Avengers forming at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, ultimately merging into one big team by Avengers: Endgame.
The Infinity Saga had a total of four Avengers films, releasing one every three years with the exception of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, which were only one year apart. With the arcs of most of the original Avengers now over and others preparing to continue theirs in TV series Hawkeye, WandaVision, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier or films Thor Love and Thunder the team roster in Avengers 5 will have a bunch of new faces that are just about to be introduced in the MCU. So when can we expect Avengers 5 to be released?
Unlike the previous phases that covered three to four years, Phase 4 will run from 2020-2021. Taking this as the new format for the MCU, Phase 5 will most likely cover 2022-2023 and Phase 6 from 2024-2025. Phase 4 is already packed with films and series, with Black Widow kicking off this new era, followed by The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder. Marvel announced Blade and Fantastic 4 are in development, so they will most likely be part of Phase 5, meaning Avengers 5 could see the light of day at the end of this phase.
By 2023, the MCU will have enough new characters to add to the new Avengers roster - supposing they have all been introduced by then. There’s also the arrival of the X-Men to the MCU, which could happen in Phase 6 at the earliest. It’s unlikely that Marvel will go with having both the Avengers and the X-Men in the same phase, as they are both highly anticipated titles, so they will probably opt to give each one its own spotlight in different phases. And so the Avengers could make their triumphant return/debut in 2023 at the earliest.
Of course, like everything else in the MCU, things can change any moment. New characters and titles could be introduced in Phase 5, pushing Avengers 5 to Phase 6 and the X-Men beyond that. Even though it hasn’t been given a projected release date, Avengers 5 will happen, but fans will have to wait more than they would like to meet the new roster.
There have been rumours that films based on New Avengers, Young Avengers and the evil version of the team, the Dark Avengers, are in development.
Amazing thumbnail art by Jakub Masłowski, be sure to check out his work!
► www.artstation.com/jakubmaslowski
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**This is a Tribute Trailer. This was not made to fool or scam anyone, it is simply for fans to take a glimpse into what the movie could be like.
**Copyright Disclaimer: This video is protected under fair use, due to the fact that it demonstrates/conceptualizes a specific or non-existing film idea, and compiles clips from previously existing productions to create a creatively unique vision and give new meaning. The video displays visual commentary on how a film idea could look.
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Iver Maia
Iver Maia Hace 3 horas
Tem gente que nāo tem o que fazer mesmo, viu?
Hostal Buenaventura
Hostal Buenaventura Hace 6 horas
sidermn reborn avengers 5
Hostal Buenaventura
Hostal Buenaventura Hace 6 horas
tawseef hasanat
tawseef hasanat Hace 7 horas
is this movie actually gonna come out?
Film Bande annonce vf
Film Bande annonce vf Hace 7 horas
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Alfred Musiega
Alfred Musiega Hace 10 horas
The moive is just 😎
Asael Baleriano
Asael Baleriano Hace 11 horas
No es un trailer lo saco de todas las peliculas creanme
gilanocoolsEvilTwin gfs
gilanocoolsEvilTwin gfs Hace 12 horas
The Avengers is just not the same without Steve tony or black widow
SpiderCasteddu Hace 14 horas
bo!! si.. carino! in pratica una serie di spezzoni di film buttati cosi a cazzo...
hayes smith
hayes smith Hace un día
Ehh without iron man I dont wanna watch
Nazia Jamal
Nazia Jamal Hace un día
Bukankah perisai dah hancur!!!!
bharath .v
bharath .v Hace un día
Galactus lam vantha avara thaduka mcu la ini aal illa
Watermelon Shark
Watermelon Shark Hace un día
Dhon Geraldizo
Dhon Geraldizo Hace un día
This is not the real trailer :b
FinnMorton69 Ты
FinnMorton69 Ты Hace 2 días
I think dormammu is stronger
Mody Hace 2 días
هاي من صدك فلم جديد لو بس اعلان من جذب الي يعرف يجاوبني فدوة
Anoobis lord of noobz Mad Maddox
Anoobis lord of noobz Mad Maddox Hace 3 días
Galactus is dead cuz of the fantastic four u know
Password Is Password
Password Is Password Hace 3 días
From what I heard it’s going to be Avengers vs. XMen
Dee Hace 3 días
Pala hotak hg
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar Hace 3 días
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar Hace 3 días
Pramila Devi
Pramila Devi Hace 3 días
You are cheater
Tristan Comer
Tristan Comer Hace 3 días
Not to hate but this isn’t a real trailer and neither is the movie. There would have been new film but there wasn’t and This is the only trailer
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Hace 4 días
Tae-Kyu Lee
Tae-Kyu Lee Hace 4 días
Good job using a pacific rim speech 👏👏👏👏👏👏 woo yeah!
24-7 Gaming
24-7 Gaming Hace 4 días
Galactus: it will take the whole marvel super heros to stop me. I eat planets go ask silver surfer. Avengers: I think we need DC universe.
Andrew J
Andrew J Hace un día
24-7 Gaming INSANE
lynx yoda
lynx yoda Hace un día
That would be sickkkk
Franta S.
Franta S. Hace 4 días
zuloaga 17
zuloaga 17 Hace 4 días
Mesclaste como 20 peliculas
Jukkah all the way
Jukkah all the way Hace 4 días
It's not same with no Ironman
João Andrade
João Andrade Hace 4 días
triler foda
Sun Salt The Gamer
Sun Salt The Gamer Hace 4 días
Be cuz u told us to like
Hey we are already facing Covid , Galactus has a challenge waiting
Legion Stark
Legion Stark Hace 5 días
*I am Ironman* Snap *I am Legion*
Lindernc 11
Lindernc 11 Hace 5 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ju7ypsGQnx0.html Meilleur Dessin animé Complet en Français 2020
Harm1ny Hace 5 días
Poor cap and iron
Outdoors Life
Outdoors Life Hace 5 días
Now they've got brie larson leading the Avengers. Losing faith.
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo Hace 6 días
2:12 National geographic?
Vanita Bambras
Vanita Bambras Hace 4 días
Yes I also at first thought that.
Insta Hits
Insta Hits Hace 6 días
I suggest they call him captain falcon
Jose francisco Martinez varela
Jose francisco Martinez varela Hace 6 días
My name is galactus hi destroyed the earth
joker bhai
joker bhai Hace 6 días
Who all will miss Tony Stark and Cap and want to bring them back: like
Roland John
Roland John Hace 6 días
lmaooo fuck no move on. It's over. New phase new characters sorry Rewatch the old stuff
Viết Anh Trần
Viết Anh Trần Hace 6 días
unknown player 504
unknown player 504 Hace 6 días
Avengers will return,😔
tanhaz tahsin
tanhaz tahsin Hace 6 días
most strongest aven ger is groot
tanhaz tahsin
tanhaz tahsin Hace 6 días
fool we have to wait 2023
Bharat Sapaniya
Bharat Sapaniya Hace 6 días
चुतिया trailer
Hiran Vlogs
Hiran Vlogs Hace 6 días
Best site to download this movie and other latest movies click here: www.utorrent.com/downloads/win
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Hace 7 días
Thanos: I am the most powerful Marvel Villain Galactus: Hold my planet Gorr, who is above Galactus in power: You too are so cute
Simone De Angeli
Simone De Angeli Hace 7 días
Avengers: Galactus (2023)
Michael Rytkiewitcz
Michael Rytkiewitcz Hace 7 días
John Dogswell Gutters the4
John Dogswell Gutters the4 Hace 7 días
At this point they can stick Avengers up their ass the movie End game was a giant joke that was made from the sympathy for the people that eventually made movies like Charlie's Angels dark fate birds of prey and the list goes on
сергеич захаров
сергеич захаров Hace 7 días
Гавно сраное
Ludani Oye
Ludani Oye Hace 7 días
Candealnet Informatica
Candealnet Informatica Hace 7 días
Lei Angelo Quijada
Lei Angelo Quijada Hace 7 días
Really, a Pacific Rim speech?
Hatcherz - BGS Hatching
Hatcherz - BGS Hatching Hace 7 días
Galactus VS Coronavirus *the ultimate battle*
Roger Sebastián Lizarraga tovilla
Roger Sebastián Lizarraga tovilla Hace 3 días
Bruno Fontes
Bruno Fontes Hace 6 días
Esli Palacios
Esli Palacios Hace 8 días
farrel timotius
farrel timotius Hace 8 días
后炤阳 Hace 9 días
O o
Brand TV
Brand TV Hace 9 días
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I should be asleep 3 hours ago
I should be asleep 3 hours ago Hace 10 días
We have to wait till 2021 for all the great movies. 2020: let give all this mofos a living hell before we go
I should be asleep 3 hours ago
I should be asleep 3 hours ago Hace 10 días
I thought that National Geographic logo appeared at the end of trailer 😅
于于谨铭 Hace 10 días
2:14 what’s that?
bloody shadow
bloody shadow Hace 11 días
ha ha ha
ESTRENOS DE CINE y videos HD momentos epicos
ESTRENOS DE CINE y videos HD momentos epicos Hace 11 días
S S Hace 11 días
he sucks avenger 5 going to sucks..if he is captain
Motivational Lizard
Motivational Lizard Hace 11 días
They got us the fist half not gonna lie
Dakota Chase
Dakota Chase Hace 12 días
Looks amazing!!!
Daiana Barros
Daiana Barros Hace 12 días
Ablen en español jjjj
Taina Santos
Taina Santos Hace 12 días
Bah este filme ai e tudo e bom
Ze Silva andrades
Ze Silva andrades Hace 12 días
Cara eu quero ver este filme no cinema
Benjamin Andres
Benjamin Andres Hace 12 días
Is this real or not?
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