Avengers 2022 Marvel Announcement Breakdown - Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

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Avengers 2022 Marvel Announcement. Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs, Ant-Man 3 Teaser, Young Avengers, Spiderman, Avengers 5 and Marvel Phase 4 Trailer ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
Marvel Phase 4 Movies 2021 Announcement ► eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-DbNA2vDWlFo.html
Avengers Wolverine Weapon X Easter Eggs ► eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-i5tEVejaDaI.html
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Covering new Marvel Avengers 2022 Announcement. Ant-Man 3 Story Breakdown. Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs, Young Avengers Teaser. Disney Plus Marvel Phase 4 Trailer Young Avengers characters. Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantum Realm, Quantum Energy. Marvel X-Men Mutants and Fantastic Four Teaser. And New Avengers Characters Explained.
Marvel Phase 4 is currently introducing a number of new Young Avengers characters in addition to the ones already introduced by Avengers Endgame. There will also be a lot of Marvel Phase 5 Movies Crossover too. All included in the video.
More Black Panther 2, Marvel X-Men and Fantastic Four MCU videos soon. There's a lot of Spider Man 3 Tom Holland and Venom 2 stuff coming up. So Spiderman will be at the center of a lot of the future Avengers Teams through Avengers 5.
I'll post my Venom 2 Trailer video as soon as it's released online. There will be a new Wandavision Trailer, Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer and Marvel Eternals Trailer in the next few months too!
Avengers 5 Teaser Footage via Marvel Studios
Art by instagram.com/spdrmnkyxxiii/
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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome Hace un mes
Here's my new Marvel Avengers Easter Eggs video and good news! Post all your theories in the comments. Heres's my new Marvel Phase 4 Movie Changes video too! eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-DbNA2vDWlFo.html
Suhail Khan
Suhail Khan Hace un mes
Hi Charlie! I love your videos. Just 1 question: at 3:27, what show/ESwomen video is that action figure MODOK clip with Deadpool from? Just wondering so I can watch the whole clip. Thanks!
Andrew J. Plummer
Andrew J. Plummer Hace un mes
@steven roberts Not the samething, Modok is essentially a Cyborg, Red Skulls Scientist had his consciousness merged with a Computer so that turned him into a straight up computer program
marcus green
marcus green Hace un mes
Justin hammer in antman 3
steven roberts
steven roberts Hace un mes
Can someone correct me if i'm wrong, I thought they've already done Modak, In the winter solider movie, when the doctor that was working for the red skull put his brain in a computer.
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez Hace un mes
You could be right about the next saga being called The Multiverse Saga.
Fives The Gamer Dude
Fives The Gamer Dude Hace 5 días
Multiverse, Mutants and Magic The M-Saga
Lee Myers
Lee Myers Hace un mes
Ant-Man 3 should be fun. I liked in Ant-Man 2 when he passed out when he was a giant-man.
Wilfri Castillo
Wilfri Castillo Hace un mes
When are they going to introduce the sentry moon knight blade ect
Cloned Dylan
Cloned Dylan Hace un mes
What about miles
Loutzenheiser Hace un mes
It'd be nice to set them up but over a short period of time at the start or at the end
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise Hace un mes
IM SORRY BUT I THINK HOWEVER THE HELL THEY TRY TO DO MODOK HE WILL LOOK STUPID AND CHEESY AS HELL!!! There is probably a way to do it but I think if not handled ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY it will be awful.
shreyans kedia
shreyans kedia Hace un mes
Hey Charlie, Can you recommend some great old animated series that we can now see on Disney +?
Howard Collins
Howard Collins Hace un mes
My favorite ant man moment was when in endgame when him professor hulk almost failed by making ant man time travel
George BiggPoppa Fisher
George BiggPoppa Fisher Hace un mes
Aahhhh.....is baba-yaga!
Mister Zane
Mister Zane Hace un mes
My favorite antman moment is when he shrunk and carried scarlett Johansson 😍 #jealous
Anakin Skywalker 2015
Anakin Skywalker 2015 Hace un mes
Tony Stark returns yess. Vamos Deadpool jejej
Robin H
Robin H Hace un mes
I hope they don't make mutants some general term for powered people. The X-Men are misfits fighting for their rights, and almost always finding themselves doing the morally right thing even if no one wants them around. Removing their distinctiveness just would be a bad move. ALSO...It would be fun if Luis was a mutant with some kind of memory power lol xD
FlamingSaiyan Hace un mes
My fav ant man moment is when he became a baby
Kal Majestik
Kal Majestik Hace un mes
No one wants or cares about having the "young Avengers" as the front runners of phase 4..... sure have them in movies but not as leads. People want to see the REAL Avengers and Xmen on screen together !!!!!!!!
CJ Dark
CJ Dark Hace un mes
favorite Ant Man scene: is when he and Bill Foster are comparing "sizes."
Stefi Georgiou
Stefi Georgiou Hace un mes
I think that my favourite Ant Man moment is when he comes back from the quantic world to the real one
Frank Sindoni
Frank Sindoni Hace un mes
I have complete confidence that Disney will totally F this up.
denis Rees
denis Rees Hace un mes
More BS!!!
Michael Rhett
Michael Rhett Hace un mes
Don't care about young avengers especially as a stand alone. Unless they fight new mutants and men fight avengers. Good way to intro mutants is through 1 on1 battles with avengers
shabanas cooking show
shabanas cooking show Hace un mes
Who in the world is excited about yound avengers? I am not.....
Ramla Aden
Ramla Aden Hace un mes
My fav ant man is when the fbi walked into Scott’s house and then Scott said “hey has it been Two years yet
Ian Morgenstein
Ian Morgenstein Hace un mes
I can see a cameo post credit scene similar to Nick Fury at the end of iron Man talking about the "young avenger initiative"or something like that. I hope they introduce Hulkling soon. Maybe he can be from the quantum universe
OŽBEJ NAGLIČ Hace un mes
My favorite ant man moment is when he was shrinking thrue the door lock and he failed and dumped in the door
Lil Latino
Lil Latino Hace un mes
I’m gonna get so mad if spider man is in the young avengers
Guardian Killer
Guardian Killer Hace un mes
Best ant man moment is when he saves rhoadey rocket and hulk
19manjeets Hace un mes
They should use egghead. Classic villain.
Snow167 Hace un mes
Post credit
Scott Jordan
Scott Jordan Hace un mes
Dammit. They have Nova as Sam Alexander. They're going to fuck up the Nova movie character already. #RichardRiderIsNova
Stephen Hodge
Stephen Hodge Hace un mes
Agree with sunstar comment. Marvel should introduce the young avengers within ant man 3 - that would be cool.
Beast Mode 14W
Beast Mode 14W Hace un mes
Short cameo
Lego Brick Planet
Lego Brick Planet Hace un mes
If phase 4 is about the Multiverse, I’m expecting to see people from the spider verse to help spider-man in 2021 Spider-man 3. Possible new Avengers team: -Spider-man -Falcon - The Winter Soldier -Rescue -Ant-Man -The Wasp -War Machine Post other possible MCU heros in the reply section
cherry blossom YT
cherry blossom YT Hace un mes
i cant imagine modok srry if i spelled it wrong and his head i would laugh if i saw that sh
Darthvonas Hace un mes
Another great video thanks to Emergency Awesome
UnwaveringBackBone Hace un mes
Janet in the quantum realm for 30yrs and not showering the whole time...if I was Hank I'd double check for a yeast infection
Nickype Hace un mes
Favourite Ant man bit has to be at the end of end game in the big battle scene, when he he is huge and punch that alian space craft down
Adeeb Haque
Adeeb Haque Hace un mes
has to be luis telling the story
MajoiLat Hace un mes
peter parker is gonna lead the squad
beerus Hace un mes
Tom Paterson-Jones
Tom Paterson-Jones Hace un mes
Damn that pickle rick scene? Funniest shit I’ve ever seen
Andrew Mdub
Andrew Mdub Hace un mes
Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala AntMan 3.
Theresa Lasiter
Theresa Lasiter Hace un mes
Maybe you need a partner. I don't think she wants me. Who were thinking of. Me. Don't laugh. 🙁
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine Hace un mes
I think it’s kind of smart to have hired a rick and morty writer for multiverse storylines. I imagine those writers would have a pretty good understanding of multiverse concepts.
leopard awesome
leopard awesome Hace un mes
My favorite antman moment is when Luis explain the story of Where scott lang is
Lacie Moran
Lacie Moran Hace un mes
My favorite moment is definitely when he set up that maze for his daughter. It was just so wholesome I loved it so much it still makes me feel warm inside my cynical heart
K-Nine Hace un mes
Young Avengers, huh? Hmm. Let's see what I can come up with for a team: 1. Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Leader) 2. Cooper, Lila and Mate Barton (Wielding Bows and Arrows like their dad) 3. Morgan Stark (Has her own Iron Suit but more advanced) 4. Cassie Lang/Stinger 5. Alya Barnes (Taught everything her dad knows in how to fight) 6. Jubilee (from X-Men) 7. Teddy Altman/Hulkling 8. Kid Loki (Loki reincarnated) 9. America Chavez/Miss America 10. Noh-Varr/Marvel Boy 11. Tommy Shepherd/Speed 12. Billy Kaplan/Wiccan My own made up team plus some I found on the actual Young Avengers team.
Gregory Burke
Gregory Burke Hace un mes
Thank you and continue posting videos.
allencthulhu Hace un mes
I’m just glad they’re going to make an Ant Man III.
Daniel Dixon
Daniel Dixon Hace un mes
Think it soon for young avengers
Tyler Berry
Tyler Berry Hace un mes
When he’s in his house
Eric Robin
Eric Robin Hace un mes
I actually don't watch the marvel cinematic universe I just have only regular tv show. But I do have spiderman for from home. I even have spiderman home coming but it's still the best show ever. I have not seen every marvel or Avengers endgame movie honestly I really do have only regular tv show it not on my TV. But I guess it might be good I just don't seen anymore I actually think this endgame is really awesome ever and completely amazing ever on marvel spiderman movies and spiderman far from home movies. Average characters. I actually think the writer and producer artist storyline director and crew executive producer cast did a terrific job making the marvel studios on the movie.
DBZ X-Men Hace un mes
Alls we need is a wolverine and spiderman in a Venom Verse. That would be epic. Connected to the new X-Men verse.
Scott Kortright
Scott Kortright Hace un mes
Favorite Ant-man scene is when his daughter gives him the World's Best Grandma trophy.
david cruz
david cruz Hace un mes
Cassie's gonna be the leader if the young avengers watch it
dach829 Hace un mes
The time he hit his wife
Isaac Vrh
Isaac Vrh Hace un mes
the Scot Lang quarantine scene in Ant Man 2 must be the most funny and relatable joke for now😂
Dan C
Dan C Hace un mes
Favourite ant man moment is the scene when he got big in civil war.
GlaciusTS Hace un mes
I’d like them to bring back The Leader. I could even see him as a You g Avengers villain, or a She-Hulk villain. I don’t like ignoring the events of The Incredible Hulk. It’s that one thorn in the side of the MCU that I think needs some maintenance. We have to come back to it at some point.
Noah Haynes
Noah Haynes Hace un mes
Love the car chase in Ant-Man in the Wasp when they keep shrinking and growing. The choreography is on point.
GlaciusTS Hace un mes
My favorite Ant-Man scene was when Thomas the Tank Engine was about to hit Yellow Jacket and the camera cut to a far more anti-climactic outcome where the toy train just falls over.
DarthPercy67 Hace un mes
Best Antman moment is his magic tricks and Randall Parks fascination with them
indig0ice Hace un mes
Patton Oswald voices MODOK ?? Hahahah I love it
Steven Staats
Steven Staats Hace un mes
I’d rather see the Young Avengers teased in AM3, but they deserve to have their own movie that covers putting the team together.
Brian Aurelio
Brian Aurelio Hace un mes
The seeds are there for enough characters to form a young avengers. It could make for a fun movie, especially since they plan to wait awhile before doing another full avengers movie.
Rayn Music
Rayn Music Hace un mes
It was already leaked that the secret benefactor was Thunderbolt Ross and the serum was for the red hulk
Pedro Luis Lozada Estrada
Pedro Luis Lozada Estrada Hace un mes
We absolutely need that Luis Pena Recap scene! I loved the Ghost character, I hope they at least mention her in Ant-Man 3. There might still be a chance they do Modok. It totally still fits story-wise. PS: God Bless Michael Douglass!
Joel Carsley
Joel Carsley Hace un mes
Pooped ‘me!
Andrew Feltus
Andrew Feltus Hace un mes
Anything in quantum realm
David McNeeley
David McNeeley Hace un mes
I need M.O.D.O.K. IN THE MCU! And that scene where the kid knocks him down w/slingshot. Also Cassie should be able to just change size w/o a suit due to overexposure to quantum radiation/energies.
III B14Z3 III Hace un mes
With all the delays, they have the time now to really think about the characters nd not force or rush anything
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