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★AriaCreations - twitter.com/AriaCreationsBT
====. * ・ 。゚☆ [Voice Actors] ☆。゚・* .====
★ Noi - Michael Zekas: twitter.com/michaelazekas
★ Leif - Austin Lee Matthews: twitter.com/amtraxva?lang=en
★ Rhys - Anonymous
★ Pierce - Shado_Temple: twitter.com/Shado_Temple
★ Lady Grandma - Tiana Camacho: twitter.com/tianacamachovo
★ Asch - Jordan Reynolds: jordanreynolds.com
★ Lorelai - eswomen.com/women/UCGHQRDcc73cahKJCXMWsSqA
★ Ava - Jess: Potato
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TofuDaTurtle Hace 7 horas
Aph | Choncla Ava | Frying pan
Adeline Rios
Adeline Rios Hace 14 horas
ive been watching u since u had 900,000
honeyLemon juice
honeyLemon juice Hace 18 horas
I know this ain't a romance series but I ship ash and Ava
Noodle Doodle
Noodle Doodle Hace un día
What is everyone’s ship names? I’ve come up with: -Noif (Leif x Noi) -Ascva(Asch x Ava) -Avhys (Ava x Rhys) -Nova (Noi x Ava) -Leiva (Leif x Ava) -Pierva (Pierce x Ava.) I’m personally a Pierva shipper tbh.
Moosical Cegay
Moosical Cegay Hace un día
Maryann Elliott
Maryann Elliott Hace 2 días
"I can't believe this is really happing" -Faints-
Ari_ Ash
Ari_ Ash Hace 2 días
Toilet? Flushed. Water bill? High. Hotel? Trivago.
Midnight Hace 2 días
7:54 me after i watch a fight scene 😂😂
httporeo🍦❤ Hace 2 días
7:53 YEE-
MaskedOnes Hace 2 días
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia Hace 2 días
Awwww pierce was just trying to be nicee
Angel play list Fileto
Angel play list Fileto Hace 2 días
317 unlikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!peaple are haters of aphmau by the way love your videos aphmau
Katrina_ Moon
Katrina_ Moon Hace 3 días
I don't know why but so many people ship Ava and peirce, am I the only one that ships Ava × ash?
Biamey Salazar
Biamey Salazar Hace 3 días
Patato • Chan
Patato • Chan Hace 3 días
i kinda ship Ava x Pierce but i also ship Ava x Rise AAAAAAAAA *GIRL SCREAM INTENSIFIES*
Alyssa Auvil
Alyssa Auvil Hace 4 días
Boi should’ve had a twin he reminds me of the twins in ohshc lmao
Anasia kasumu
Anasia kasumu Hace 4 días
Cray ola cause u Demond's be cray cray🤔😂😂 Gay love story coming in 54321
The Dragon Gamer
The Dragon Gamer Hace 4 días
I ship Pierce x Ava and Leif x Ava Help
Chinez Cristian
Chinez Cristian Hace 4 días
The YEET though,hahahahahahahahaha
Pandaplayz's w/ SnowWolfplayz
Pandaplayz's w/ SnowWolfplayz Hace 4 días
I want more my inner demon
wolfquest is a god in my opion
wolfquest is a god in my opion Hace 5 días
Thee powerfull CRAY-O-LA
Mitsu Chan
Mitsu Chan Hace 5 días
Don't mine me just silently piecing together if a ship is coming on
Ìtš Kristáľ płáyź
Ìtš Kristáľ płáyź Hace 5 días
*flush the toilet WHY IS IT MAKING A MONSTER NOISE?! me: seriously?
Matthew Ore
Matthew Ore Hace 6 días
Everyone is talking about the same thing, but are we not going to talk about how Ava SAID A** AND HAS A SWEAR JAR!!!
Ashfur Carden
Ashfur Carden Hace 6 días
Pat pat pat
Kit Kat678
Kit Kat678 Hace 6 días
Becky St. John
Becky St. John Hace 6 días
Did anyone else pause at 27:39 to solve the maze on the box
gaming met rosalie ;3
gaming met rosalie ;3 Hace 6 días
14:31 my dads maing MY pizza right now
Aniika Hace 6 días
The toiLAT has been found
Lu ChanNYA
Lu ChanNYA Hace 6 días
Lmao a true mystery... WHY THE F DOES A TOILET MAKE SM NOISE LIKE CMON 🤣 SIde note: RIP her water bill
JustAPlayer JAP
JustAPlayer JAP Hace 7 días
Can you make the cute and hot meme with Peirce
PunkRock Princess
PunkRock Princess Hace 7 días
*_"Thanks, can you kill me now so I don't have to deal with this horrible yet sexy dream that has become my life?"_*
Itz _Ally -
Itz _Ally - Hace 7 días
10:35 I didn't know Ava watched Black Butler
Carissa Stahl
Carissa Stahl Hace 7 días
her face 😂
Shadow_killer215 Hace 7 días
Asg:she's gonna wa--😨 Pierce:*pats head*
MelodyoceaN I m a s h i p p e r
MelodyoceaN I m a s h i p p e r Hace 7 días
.... Why do I ship ash x noy? o////o
BluePheonix245 Hace 7 días
Lowkey, I would let Leif stab me 🥵😍
jade wasley
jade wasley Hace 7 días
I’m getting Ouran host club vibes from their personality’s. 😂
xx_peepsxx Hace 6 días
jade wasley same!
Ash Jade
Ash Jade Hace 7 días
Leaf is hAwT. @.@
Jolie Tran
Jolie Tran Hace 7 días
HEY YOU! Yeah you! They’re SPOILERS DOWN BELOW Don’t go down there until you have watched all the video
Midnight Alpha
Midnight Alpha Hace 7 días
Asch talks about a human's weakness. I think they're going to find out about people others care about and try to threaten Ava, then Ava's gonna say she cares about them. Then: 1. Asch threatens to hurt one of them and they freak 2. Asch and the other damos care about her too. CALLING IT NOW!!!!
Midnight Alpha
Midnight Alpha Hace 7 días
7:53 I swear she said Yeet.
Foxren The Angel
Foxren The Angel Hace 7 días
Ava x Noi is my ship UWU😍🥰😍
Dowee The Best Loli
Dowee The Best Loli Hace 7 días
*Does everyone realized that Pierce can't fit through doors? He just had to crouch down and walk through xD*
Mimi_The_Gacha_Gamer Wolf
Mimi_The_Gacha_Gamer Wolf Hace 8 días
Shipppppp pierce and avvvvvaaaaaaaaaaa they so cute and pierce knows what she needs and is the only one that doesn’t try to kill her in her sleep! 😂😂
animating person ya boi
animating person ya boi Hace 8 días
I needs a man that pats my head to go to sleep wowie
animating person ya boi
animating person ya boi Hace 8 días
7:47 when i guessed on a test in school
Night Shade
Night Shade Hace 8 días
Ava: “I really am a powerful sorceress.... I can do anything!” *YE-* ~tries to flip but falls and hurts herself~ Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Purple-ish pink Apples.
Purple-ish pink Apples. Hace 8 días
Pierce stole the cereal for her..... Thats kinda sweet in a way....
lavender Sikes
lavender Sikes Hace 8 días
Why you cursed
kintani arts
kintani arts Hace 8 días
Godi love this series
Sun& Moon.
Sun& Moon. Hace 8 días
This is why we can’t have good things in life called, TOILETS
Lilac Lady
Lilac Lady Hace 8 días
Why should I? Knives kill humans. And..? Inhale- BOI
Lilac Lady
Lilac Lady Hace 8 días
I can do anything! yEE-
Poonam Dubey
Poonam Dubey Hace 8 días
Little do they know, WE DONT HAVE MAGIC!
Eliana Adams
Eliana Adams Hace 8 días
Ohhh~ ava got a crush
Midnightplayz 4687
Midnightplayz 4687 Hace 8 días
Why are *ALL* the comments about *toilets* ?!
ii_Crystalinne Hace 9 días
Ava calms down with food like me 😌
L3mony Hace 9 días
Who ships pierce and Ava??
Rhick Martines
Rhick Martines Hace 9 días
*lets talk about her water bill.....*
4k Ex
4k Ex Hace 9 días
when she moans ALL: (gasp) biggest GASP off their life
4k Ex
4k Ex Hace 9 días
hahahhahahhhaahhahahhahhhahahahahh AVA YOU MY GALL
Devie Irawan
Devie Irawan Hace 9 días
I like demon😄😈
Yo Call me liz
Yo Call me liz Hace 9 días
I honestly ship Ava and ash
Sophie Woods
Sophie Woods Hace 9 días
I honestly think pierce should fall in love with Ava and then two should change there Society as a whole 😍
Dezer-rae Sutton
Dezer-rae Sutton Hace 9 días
I love Pierce voice and he is hot
Littlefox Hace 9 días
I cracked up 😂 when she tried to kick the toilet paper
Littlefox Hace 9 días
Like I did to
Mayra Villalba
Mayra Villalba Hace 9 días
Kevin Lassig
Kevin Lassig Hace 10 días
If Jason does a Cinema Sins on this series, he's gonna have a grand old time
Foxy Nerds
Foxy Nerds Hace 11 días
Hahahah!! I GUESS!
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