Aunt Becky Is Likely Going to Need a Judge to Have Mercy

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Hace 3 meses

James Corden looks at the news of the day, including a college admission scandal that included celebrities Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman catching indictments, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi saying it's not worth impeaching President Donald Trump.
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Chelita 7
Chelita 7 Hace 10 días
Foreigners spitting on the President of the country in which they live. Get out!
Kamek the All star
Kamek the All star Hace 18 días
xd my teacher got her original hair color and her hair looks like aunt beckys and my mom said its bad and she told me all about this XD
Moi Moi
Moi Moi Hace un mes
you should really learn how to pronounce Lori's aftername. Such a loser you are
ximena ormeno
ximena ormeno Hace un mes
oh shi
The Senate
The Senate Hace 2 meses
*Ladies and gentlemen, we got em*
CallMeRoc Hace 2 meses
I wonder if in the season 5 storyline of fuller house they might kill her off
wild woods
wild woods Hace 2 meses
why must monologues basically be diss tracks? very sad
Ema Mokotupu
Ema Mokotupu Hace 2 meses
Look, I know she’s done wrong...but really? Why are you bringing her down? Your just going down and down slowly to her level! That’s just not cool
Kareem Moutez
Kareem Moutez Hace 2 meses
If I had that much money I’d get the best tutors for my kids! Minimum five hours of tutoring a day can make a massive difference. No need to bribe anyone. Just work hard and be an example for other and your future children :)
Kareem Moutez
Kareem Moutez Hace 2 meses
Hmm. It’s a good thing that values stand strong. people make mistakes. They were desperate to have their children in a particular university Im guessing. They felt pressure but there were so many uncorrupt ways of getting their daughters into University. It’s nice to see they get to face the consequences of such actions and however it was leaked that this is happening. Honesty and integrity are so crucial to a healthy, functioning society. It’s sad to see such a family commit corruption. It’s so critical that even rich folks face consequences otherwise a society’s in BIG trouble. If this family’s reading the comments I have to say it is embarrassing but it’s the right thing you were caught and are given consequences. Bribery is not only’s an indication that society’s going in a downward spiral. i would go as far as saying you are ruining society!!! Trust me I’ve spent time in countries when I was a kid my mother was asked to pay a bribe to get me and my sister into the school. My mom flat out said no. And was outraged. You have to live by principles. Whats sad and very strange is that you could have the best tutors in the world teach your daughters and make them excel yet you choose to bribe?! C’mon rich folks.. use your brain. Youre teaching your kids iy’s Ok to use bribery? Thats just so wrong. What’s the point of education? Just to show people “you got in”. Consider this a good thing that happens to you. It’s a wake up call. Be humbled and glad you didn’t continue on this path.
0.0M views Hace 2 meses
Ktlris jenner can fix this!!!
bob star
bob star Hace 2 meses
Shut up Corden you absolute numpty.
Milo The Russian Blue
Milo The Russian Blue Hace 2 meses
I guess James won’t be driving around with these people and singing with them anytime soon.
afra afua
afra afua Hace 2 meses
The Donald Trump jokes are getting old. So overused.
isabella_elizabeth Hace 2 meses
I love James but when he makes comments regarding political stuff it makes me want to cry because it keeps reminding me that hes a Democrat...sad
Justme Yram
Justme Yram Hace 2 meses
*WAAYYYKKUPPPP* Danny Tanner: Hello San Francisco. Becky will not join us today. She is a dealing with some issues...
linamarr Hace 2 meses
NEVER trust a girl named Becky!! (lmao)
99miyah Hace 2 meses
Mitt was just being considerate--if you really think about it, eating a cake that somebody has probably spat all over is pretty nasty!
Terry G
Terry G Hace 2 meses
He didn't want to spray the cake/whatever it was so he could share, ya'll selfish people. lol. really though.
dsbmwhacker Hace 2 meses
Nancy Pelosi.....she was complaining about the Reagan forward 30+ years and now she's still there and still complaining....she and her "old entitled cronies" are the problem. They've "made their multi-millions" as politicians…and I'm really sure it was all legal (at $170k a year?) ....time to go away!
Jess Dreier
Jess Dreier Hace 2 meses
i mean unless she bribes the judge🤷🏽‍♀️
Jess Dreier
Jess Dreier Hace 2 meses
arianator x chicken nuggets what’s wrong with exercising my right to free PrEsS
arianator x chicken nuggets
arianator x chicken nuggets Hace 2 meses
Lmao not realy funny but k.
similythebest007 Hace 2 meses
Why is it necessary to automatically bring OUR PRESIDENT down when the situation DOES NOT call for it?! Absurd.
hellu Hace 2 meses
2019. The year of drama, tea and scandals.
setmedic Hace 2 meses
The worst they’ll get is probation and some community service...
ZebahZebra Hace 2 meses
The title itself was already the biggest roast of 2019🤪🤩
Bman Hace 2 meses
Nothing new here. Done all the time. Some just get greedy.
H No
H No Hace 2 meses
Yay! Full House to the Big House.
V HG Hace 2 meses
This is the most press those 2 actresses have gotten in a few years lol
Lu Lu
Lu Lu Hace 2 meses
I think I'm going to blow out my candles one by one next birthday cake ! AND WISH ON EVERY SINGLE ONE *,)
Mary Ehm
Mary Ehm Hace 2 meses
Their kids may be spoiled, but I feel very sorry for them, hopefully this will turn them around and help them create a deeper character than the trajectory they were on, giving their lives and how they impact others a better existence
Cynthia Pineda
Cynthia Pineda Hace 2 meses
Heard some of these jokes before.... hmmm
Helen Howells
Helen Howells Hace 2 meses
I read this in Jesse's voice
Jackie Edwards
Jackie Edwards Hace 2 meses
I think it's great it he doesn't spit on the cake ...
Sam Galea
Sam Galea Hace 2 meses
Melissa Ramírez
Melissa Ramírez Hace 2 meses
Sips tea
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg Hace 2 meses
Omg the title is so funny Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 How clever 😂
C W Hace 2 meses
Silly video
MarielFigueroa Hace 2 meses
Okay, whatever the reason Mitt Romney blew his candles like that, it was hilarious! 😂😂😂
iyfranco151 Hace 3 meses
This is why Trump won and will win the election in 2020
Manika Rai
Manika Rai Hace 3 meses
Not sure why but I just found the whole video to be nothing but exaggeration. James was trying too hard to be funny.
50hellkat2 Hace 3 meses
Becky with the good hair going to the big house for sure.
A A Hace 3 meses
I immediately clicked when I saw the title
Laura James
Laura James Hace 3 meses
OoO James jumping on the tea
Mrs. OlLady
Mrs. OlLady Hace 3 meses
Lori Loughlin is total sitcom trash
Andy Mo
Andy Mo Hace 3 meses
Turns out Aunt Becky was more crooked than Bob Saget in real life... Old reruns are gonna be awkward.
Patricia Tinoco
Patricia Tinoco Hace 3 meses
Why are only these “two woman” being blasted over and over again and NOT the other “50” over and over again? Is it because “ALWAYS” for “ WHITE PRIVILEGED MALES“ there is a “PRIORITY CHAIN” unfortunately NOT for woman... and this “SYSTEM” set up in these Colleges were NOT by them.
Ashley Churchill
Ashley Churchill Hace 3 meses
So saddening. Aunt Becky was my auntie role model.
Carly Hunter
Carly Hunter Hace 3 meses
Aunt Becky is the kind of woman Lori Loughlin wishes she could be.
laur muell
laur muell Hace 3 meses
New Series, Varsity Blues, Collegeville, Dormbribes
Catelyn Hale
Catelyn Hale Hace 3 meses
Yesss James call em out
VC YT Hace 3 meses
Honestly, no one can hold candle to mitt romney.
Flower Child
Flower Child Hace 3 meses
sIsTeR sCaNdAl (sorry I had to say it)
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Hace 3 meses
Stupid is as stupid does.
Jennifer Madrid
Jennifer Madrid Hace 3 meses
You need better writers for your jokes, James you want to keep your ratings up.
Thora Rose
Thora Rose Hace 3 meses
Omggg teaaa 🍵🍵
viviana bernal
viviana bernal Hace 3 meses
Peloci is nuts she doesn't know what she did or say yesterday, and you can't come up with some different jokes besides criticizing our President, absolute boring and unfunny!!you all repeat the same joke!!Trump 2020
jojo krew yall
jojo krew yall Hace 3 meses
look like no more fuller house for becky/Lori
Melissa Hace 3 meses
woahhh the tea james
Stephy S.
Stephy S. Hace 3 meses
What they did is disgusting! Taking opportunities from the students who deserved it! They have to face the law and pay the consequences. Set an example for the oncoming American students.
Mag Senju
Mag Senju Hace 3 meses
this is snl's skit
carmen 5635
carmen 5635 Hace 3 meses
JC... you are incredibly funny and I love your accent
R van bergen
R van bergen Hace 3 meses
It's not often that James and Steven have the exact same joke.
Kate RH
Kate RH Hace 3 meses
Surely the "kids" are adults - they should be charged too.
lisa maddy alivia
lisa maddy alivia Hace 3 meses
This makes me sad.😔
Issa Luisaaa
Issa Luisaaa Hace 3 meses
This is disgraceful.The Kids get a free pass . Parents all snugged for buying their child in.
Mineral Blade
Mineral Blade Hace 3 meses
Julianne Wright
Julianne Wright Hace 3 meses
That is the way to blow out candles you got you get so many more wishes
protochris Hace 3 meses
It's a white collar crime, there are no real victims. The kids that didn't get admitted can go to another college; no one has a right to be accepted.
Karen Vazquez
Karen Vazquez Hace 3 meses
0:27 james is hilarious
Ms Rana
Ms Rana Hace 3 meses
Tired from Trump jokes and I am not a trump supporter. Basically same jokes same ones in every other show. Just came from Trevor, same jokes
Yamil Ortega
Yamil Ortega Hace 3 meses
This is super funny James is great 👍🏽👍🏽
Hildebeast Clinton
Hildebeast Clinton Hace 3 meses
This is just the tip of the Clinton Foundation scandals - all under investigation!
Tom H.
Tom H. Hace 3 meses
The case against Lori Loughlin and her husband appears to be very strong. They will have to plead guilty to a felony; the question is whether there will be any jail time. If so, hopefully it will be a short confinement in a jail, not prison.
Elmira Tchagop
Elmira Tchagop Hace 3 meses
Erica Lauren Horn
Erica Lauren Horn Hace 3 meses
Ukaesia Reid
Ukaesia Reid Hace 3 meses
You gotta love Utah. Our senator is a weirdo.
Marissa Rose
Marissa Rose Hace 3 meses
Omg aunt becky 😭😂
mimi mure
mimi mure Hace 3 meses
She won't be included in the final season of full house. She is done. So this is the best time for Michelle to come back and go thru those doors and yell....Aunt Becky is in the slammer. She's in big trouble mister!!! LMAO
arianator x chicken nuggets
arianator x chicken nuggets Hace 2 meses
*Fuller house
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose Hace 3 meses
I DO NOT agree with what they did, but it's not white privilege. It's called being a rich celebrity
Suzette Aljanabi
Suzette Aljanabi Hace 3 meses
Jessica Rose It’s White privilege at it’s finest dear.
freedom1234573 Hace 3 meses
Can you imagine if the playing field wasn’t rigged? We’d own these morons...
Ryan A Wilson
Ryan A Wilson Hace 3 meses
Of course. He finds a way to bash Trump...
Suzette Aljanabi
Suzette Aljanabi Hace 2 meses
@Ryan A Wilson Hell yeah, you know it's TRUE so stop with the feeble denial and deflection.
Ryan A Wilson
Ryan A Wilson Hace 2 meses
@Suzette Aljanabi yeah,no.
Suzette Aljanabi
Suzette Aljanabi Hace 3 meses
Ryan A Wilson Yep, orange man-child deserved to be bashed 24/7.
Bryson Rose
Bryson Rose Hace 3 meses
What that means is she don't wanna waste her time on the big orange loser. there's better people in the future that she'll be able to impeach
Prof. Weed
Prof. Weed Hace 3 meses
Mitt Romney might have had a cold. It's cold season, you know.
MsJenn1985 Hace 3 meses
He blew out the candles like that so he didn’t ruin the cake, bit of common sense James come on chap!!
Joe Jupiter
Joe Jupiter Hace 3 meses
If Trump would be impeached Pence would be President. Do you think Trump or Pence has got a higher chance of winning against any Democrat in 2020? Impeaching Trump might be the right thing to do but not really the smartest thing.
EatMoreWhole Hace 3 meses
I didn’t make the USC Row team because of Bella 😔.
Miss Mona
Miss Mona Hace 3 meses
Blow candles like that so your spit doesn’t get all over the cake. I appreciate that
Emily Dupere
Emily Dupere Hace 3 meses
probably just did it cause he wanted to share and didn't want to get spit on their dessert as well.
PeachHazel7 Hace 3 meses
👀👀👀👀👀 ☕️
emilyfan505 Hace 3 meses
I don’t care what she supposedly did, I love Lori. There are people raping and murdering people out there but they want to focus on rich people doing what rich people do 🤷🏻‍♀️
L M Hace 2 meses
emilyfan505 regardless of that, it’s still not an excuse. There are people who work their ass off to get into those good schools only to find out that their spot was taken over someone who didn’t even earn it. these people got exposed and are finally receiving the punishment for it that they 100% deserve👏🏼
emilyfan505 Hace 3 meses
L M I’m saying that they aren’t the first and won’t be the last to do this. I honestly don’t give two shits that they “scammed the system” it’s funny that people are getting so butthurt over it.
L M Hace 3 meses
emilyfan505 are you saying that it’s ok for rich people to scam the system like that because they’re rich? That’s being a criminal hunny. They’re no different than other criminals out there doing illegal things.
Melissa Eaton
Melissa Eaton Hace 3 meses
when u think about eating cake that has been blown on and possibly spit on, gross tradition. but that's just cause I'm jealous i haven't had a birthday cake in probably over a decade.. i have alot of wishes stored up and damn it, Im pulling a Romney!
Sweet Emiko
Sweet Emiko Hace 3 meses
David’s vlog should be fun
Makenna Subbert
Makenna Subbert Hace 3 meses
Just uploaded a video about this! So crazy
Rossy Sánchez
Rossy Sánchez Hace 3 meses
OMG how did I miss that joke when I was joking about it on Twitter hahahahaha it's right there!
Katherene Wedic
Katherene Wedic Hace 3 meses
Make the fun last Mitt
Explore Greer
Explore Greer Hace 3 meses
With all that bribe money, tax evasion money just with the 50 caught they can pay most all outstanding student loans. Hell starting with mine
Ana Julia Daza Walter
Ana Julia Daza Walter Hace 3 meses
I’m so glad to see her being roasted all over the internet
Jasmine Hace 3 meses
Throw them in jail and take all these privaled kids out of school.
cobraF117a Hace 3 meses
I love eating beans.
emma 101
emma 101 Hace 3 meses
aunt becky...we trusted you
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