ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 2: “David and Goliath”

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It's another busy day at Attaway General. Georgia decides to follow her heart while Kit finds herself in a truly heart-breaking situation.
When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 2: “David and Goliath”
0:00 Kit checks in on Holden
1:46 Nina instructs the TVs
2:33 Georgia sees Will again
3:15 The TVs tend to patients
5:09 The bully strikes again
7:38 Jack and Georgia end the day

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Brat TV
Brat TV Hace un mes
what did you guys think??
Anne Louis Todd
Anne Louis Todd Hace 12 días
Alba Rivera
Alba Rivera Hace 12 días
No no asf
Retag Alnader
Retag Alnader Hace 12 días
It sucks and everyone’s acting is just awkward
Leena Hace 13 días
It’s good just need different actors.
Gabrielle Neault
Gabrielle Neault Hace un mes
I love it but they’re acting is a little obvious. But love it so much!
The First Yoshi
The First Yoshi Hace 13 minutos
Did I go onto every episode to dislike..........maybe
Rikki Critchley
Rikki Critchley Hace 50 minutos
Charli D’Amelio should be in this
SeaOhAreAyEl Hace un hora
this is embarrassing
Plthcallme Nanners
Plthcallme Nanners Hace un hora
Tommy Wiseau can do better than this
Hernxn Perez
Hernxn Perez Hace 3 horas
When the kid passed out, he should’ve at least acted more slump and maybe fell out of his chair for it to even look a little realistic 💀
Gewoon Khadija
Gewoon Khadija Hace 5 horas
6:06 why is she crying she mett him 3 minutes ago Lmao
Gewoon Khadija
Gewoon Khadija Hace 5 horas
MorgzMum Hace 5 horas
This is the Walmart version of Greys Anatomy
Thatboychase YT
Thatboychase YT Hace 7 horas
Teenagers taking care of hospital patients. Why
Marshal Guo
Marshal Guo Hace 8 horas
yall r telling me that the punishment for a high school delinquent was to become a doctor? bro that sounds so unfair and cruel how could they possibly do that
arixiliia Hace 11 horas
j u s t b e c a u s e y o u c a n t i k t o k d o e s n t m e a n y o u c a n a c t
nazia akhtar
nazia akhtar Hace 12 horas
First off the acting and what the heck is all this moving so quick I mean like not even 2 episodes and Dixie already got Griffin to kiss her and like dude . . .
Lucka Stefancic
Lucka Stefancic Hace 12 horas
Dixie is sooo cool
CaitlynChan Hace 13 horas
This show is so bad. It's fun to laugh at tho that's it
Xkxk Boh
Xkxk Boh Hace 14 horas
Riverdale Is Gold compared to this💀💀💀💀💀💀
ƭɦε ɱเlҡ lρร!! lρร
ƭɦε ɱเlҡ lρร!! lρร Hace 16 horas
Thiisss acting iss so baaddd
bontle R
bontle R Hace 19 horas
5:02 they haven’t talked to each other for 10 min in their life and they kiss already💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Olivia Scalfaro
Olivia Scalfaro Hace 21 un hora
Y’all make pornhub look like great acting
siham mohamed
siham mohamed Hace 21 un hora
Off-brand dixie- Meredith gabby: Christina yang Lauren: izzie stevens Diego: Alex karev Griffin: Derek shepherd maddie: Bailey
Alex Collins
Alex Collins Hace 23 horas
Andrewmonster 99
Andrewmonster 99 Hace un día
They can hardly make good tiktoks how are they going to make a full series
Kayley Stoehr
Kayley Stoehr Hace un día
It’s good but..... it seems kinda emotionless 😂
Just colors
Just colors Hace un día
Plot twist: There's no writers this is just a bunch of greys anatomy fanfiction put together
N e t f l I x For free
N e t f l I x For free Hace un día
I don’t understand how people don’t like this I am in love with those episodes 😻
SilverMeadow Hace un día
Why do I make myself suffer?
Lovin life with Sam
Lovin life with Sam Hace un día
I feel like greys anatomy is better
Sierra Broder
Sierra Broder Hace un día
“nerd? or a StUd” 🤢🤢🔫🤣 bruh what IS this show 🤣🤣🤣
Allyson Bennett
Allyson Bennett Hace un día
This audio quality is so unnatural, not how a good audio engineer would work
shelby allen
shelby allen Hace un día
yall, i think the acting is pretty decent
Ultra limit
Ultra limit Hace un día
This makes Big Bang theory look good
Leah Smith
Leah Smith Hace un día
Joshua Bao
Joshua Bao Hace un día
My walls can act better then this
Tierney B
Tierney B Hace un día
this is how I imagine a live-action Episode story
Katherine Helwig
Katherine Helwig Hace un día
Cassadee Hauger
Cassadee Hauger Hace un día
- 💀
Sara hajdjc
Sara hajdjc Hace un día
I don't say this is amazing or they are perfect actor but could you please stop being mean because if you were in their shows you will be so sad to read all this mean stuff
COOKIE UWU Hace un día
Who watched this for dixie d amelio??🤓 Like if not 👇 👇
R A W R Hace un día
3:55. “ JuSt JuIcE pLeAsE “
Sephora Sone And Army Forever
Sephora Sone And Army Forever Hace un día
I don't understand whydo people keep looking at it if they don't like it...
BeigeLamp Hace un día
Bro I'm scared if I saw Jack in real life he would beat TF outta me if I even glanced at him
Sreehari MN
Sreehari MN Hace un día
i came here because of charlie😂😂
Lil Pump
Lil Pump Hace un día
"Make sure you wash your hands, hospitals can be a petri dish" *PROCEEDS TO TOUCH HIS WHOLE FACE*
Bleach Man
Bleach Man Hace un día
sadly the only possible way to like this show is to meme is at every second
DIGI Hace un día
The acting. Excellent. The cast. Outstanding. The writing. Superve. The plot. Intriguing. The show. Perfect.
nobody here
nobody here Hace un día
Tell me your capping
Hope Stapley
Hope Stapley Hace un día
Griffin: We meet again Dixie: Must be fate, or a small hospital Me: What is going on with this script!
Maria Burke
Maria Burke Hace un día
oH yOu rEaD tOo😐......iM iMpResSeD 😐
Marooned Hace un día
1:11 if he had better acting skills then he would full on fall on the chair, floor, or table. So this is why it's uploaded in *Brat* TV.
Guinevere Null
Guinevere Null Hace un día
Guinevere Null
Guinevere Null Hace un día
Emma Lopez
Emma Lopez Hace un día
When Holden passed out was the best acting I've seen so far
Jordynn_19 Hace 2 días
Dixies mom and dad watching T-T SHES SO GROWN Up
I Love Pugs
I Love Pugs Hace 2 días
Avery Demo
Avery Demo Hace 2 días
Charli D’Amelio
Alex Bendtsen
Alex Bendtsen Hace 2 días
I’m not saying this is bad, but two year old trying to impress their parents with talent shows is better than this. And it’s bad
life with mollie
life with mollie Hace 2 días
So I’m at the “Georgia sees will again” part and just 😬😬🤢
Rosabella Ventura
Rosabella Ventura Hace 2 días
Akira gopi
Akira gopi Hace 2 días
its so bad but i cant stop watching -_- also she cried but she literally met that guy last ep and freaking Dixie is kissing a guy she met last ep there is no chemistry
karlin abdool
karlin abdool Hace 2 días
4:44 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
pastoslavich Hace 2 días
i'm very lost i'm sorry
Dexter Moore
Dexter Moore Hace 2 días
When will the boys kiss 😍
Jbad11_42 Hace 2 días
I'm going back to watching Doc Mc. Stuffins
Aylin Estrada
Aylin Estrada Hace 2 días
Viktória Kánya
Viktória Kánya Hace 2 días
Who wrote this? Lmaooo Already kissing in the second episode?
Buttered Toastx
Buttered Toastx Hace 2 días
The acting is so awkward and weird
Tik Tok Gal 12
Tik Tok Gal 12 Hace 2 días
Griffin got friend zoned
Rocioo Snyderr
Rocioo Snyderr Hace 2 días
Madi acting better than any ones lmao but I can't take this seriously
Guy Sensei
Guy Sensei Hace 2 días
Cant wait for Pyrocynical to get on this
Monky Hace 2 días
6:40 he could not hurt a fly if he had to
Keke Mana
Keke Mana Hace 2 días
Yes they are not great actors but can we get one comment just one comment that is positive
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