ASSISTANT PASTOR (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 217)

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This very FUNNY VIDEO is hilarious. Kbrown, the assistant pastor is now the presiding pastor, and he's taking the ministry to the permanent site.
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Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin Hace 14 horas
That is the word of the colonizers, not god. Stick to comedy.
Rytah Kalumu
Rytah Kalumu Hace un día
Jude nelmida
Jude nelmida Hace 9 días
Bless those who are persecuted in spreading the word of God for in heaven they surely have a crown in heaven. Bless this channel.
TheLady Hace 12 días
Why’d you fast forward it? I would’ve loved listening to it.
Kausar Shaikh
Kausar Shaikh Hace 15 días
there was a lizard behind mark
Cooking With Mommy MB
Cooking With Mommy MB Hace 17 días
Zeycan ibrahim
Zeycan ibrahim Hace 18 días
Who saw the lizard on the wall under 1 minute
my name is FB
my name is FB Hace 20 días
Pastor litter cigarette
LiL_XanToT Hace 21 un día
Actually this video made me upset at the end. The video really explained what people are now. They should appreciate and listen to the word of god instead changing their lives from a normal human to ignorant and destroyer. This shows the reality of the world. Without god there's no people around the world. Lets put down the destructive things and worship our lord instead😌😌😌
zipporah wiah
zipporah wiah Hace 21 un día
use your brain ooooo
khonglah doloi
khonglah doloi Hace 23 días
What is the name of the song that was played when K Brown preach to a man with cigarette
Jayson Sulteras
Jayson Sulteras Hace 25 días
Hello mark angel! 😍 Im from philippines and Im a big fan of yours 😊 all you guys. You're always make me laugh so hard. Keep it up guys. We're so proud of you. Godbless guys 🙏🙏
MODGEY GAMING Hace 26 días
uncle nooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shxiloh Hace 26 días
Roses are Red Violets are blue I am the first To click MarkAngel ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️click the like if u are the first too
Dhayal Hace 29 días
Praise the lord by all ur deeds
Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K
Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K Hace 29 días
"I'm gone oh" Oh Emanuella kills me 😂
Croon Of Flightschool
Croon Of Flightschool Hace un mes
This actually a great channel. Idk how I'm here but I'm here.
Nilotpal Hazarika
Nilotpal Hazarika Hace un mes
i am from india na.....and i liked o
Caroline Gween
Caroline Gween Hace un mes
No whahala 😑
My Blessing
My Blessing Hace un mes
Emmanuella ! !!!! Uncle no no noooooo
Thang Khai
Thang Khai Hace un mes
Good thing that your a Christrian
Dami Lare
Dami Lare Hace un mes
wow im at Trinidad and Tobago and speak English they will not here what youn are saying meet you there
Bro. Aman
Bro. Aman Hace un mes
I am bro Aman from Punjab India before I was Punjabi Jatt sikh with lots of sinfull luxurious hobbies quarrelling inhuman non-religious satanic lifestyle but on Christmas 2011 with Jesus Grace I am gonna be born again Christian with salvation peace happiness successful respect ful humanitarian fruits of holy spirit lifestyle and now with Jesus Grace I am gonna be servant of biblical God and evangelist nd social worker. Today i was watching your videos,i am happy to watch your many videos nd i liked them because ur videos are social, don't have abusive or valgur or double meaning,or dirty language nd i was thinking that i have write a comment to you that you have to make one biblical video to glorify Jesus almighty name nd when i see this video on gospel good news, i am so happy to watch this. In India Punjab i have couple of African Christian brothers and sisters,who are studying here I pray that God bless to all African bro's nd sisters and god's kingdom to be multiply .
kevin otieno
kevin otieno Hace un mes
I love succes and emanulla I l love so much
Rupesh Meher
Rupesh Meher Hace un mes
thaks for entertaining us ,I m from India.
Victoria the queen Ojo
Victoria the queen Ojo Hace un mes
Go away distraction
D-juan Davis
D-juan Davis Hace un mes
D-juan Davis
D-juan Davis Hace un mes
There are lizard in the back grow
kalkidan Alemayehu
kalkidan Alemayehu Hace un mes
I absolutely Loveee my girl Emmanuella! You are the BEST ❤ love from USA
Parkour Kid
Parkour Kid Hace un mes
0:32 that lizard though...........
Ibrahim Nazeera
Ibrahim Nazeera Hace un mes
Can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂
Prophetess Mary Light
Prophetess Mary Light Hace un mes
Icy Gxrl
Icy Gxrl Hace un mes
She’s so funny am crying of laughter
BCM Playz
BCM Playz Hace un mes
alfred kik
alfred kik Hace un mes
The ending could have been him getting swollen face and broken bones!
Chantel Mashatise
Chantel Mashatise Hace un mes
K-brown: I need to borrow Emmanuela. Mark: Is it a money? I died😂😂😂
Abilla Seidu
Abilla Seidu Hace un mes
Cops Zigy
Cops Zigy Hace un mes
Who else saw that lizard thing at 0:32
Naveen Venkatesh
Naveen Venkatesh Hace un mes
Christianity is Word of God
super smash bros ultimate the kiefer
super smash bros ultimate the kiefer Hace un mes
Fantasia Benskin Biahop
Fantasia Benskin Biahop Hace un mes
King Samoa Ahkau
King Samoa Ahkau Hace un mes
You guys are so much funny but I think the funniest is the father HaHaHaHaHahHaHaHa From:Lorsnia but I am actually using my dads account HAaHaHaHaHaHaHaH have a lovely day pls and enjoy having fun making ur funny channels
Tehilla Omoregie
Tehilla Omoregie Hace un mes
Mark is stupid!
liberty gabre'el
liberty gabre'el Hace un mes
Emmanuelal is good
Obioma Arungwa
Obioma Arungwa Hace un mes
I live close to them oga if I see them I will tell you guys
ÇHÁÑÁĹ ĢÁMÉS Hace un mes
Hlo mark
Lima sangla
Lima sangla Hace un mes
very nic
Learning is Power
Learning is Power Hace un mes
Watching from Greece 🇬🇷, I love Mark Angel comedy! ♥️♥️♥️
Belfor Evelien
Belfor Evelien Hace un mes
kuzivakwashe98 mavenga
kuzivakwashe98 mavenga Hace un mes
for the love of soccer
soapie sins
soapie sins Hace un mes
When u see a joke coming from a mile away its not funny
Noor Deeq
Noor Deeq Hace 2 meses
The moral lesson of this video is learn to differentiate people. There are good and bad people
Mirelle Theophile
Mirelle Theophile Hace 2 meses
I love emmuael movie she is funny
Ismene Abi
Ismene Abi Hace 2 meses
hey i love the video my moms from nigiria
Hankz Tesine
Hankz Tesine Hace 2 meses
MADE MY NIGHT!! love the way k-brown laughs from the start
Kalenda Sylivia
Kalenda Sylivia Hace 28 días
I really appreciate it
Tony's life journey
Tony's life journey Hace 2 meses
iam from india I am realy enjoy this episode super God bless you friends
Jifunze Nami
Jifunze Nami Hace 2 meses
Uncle noooooooo
Atsü Solo
Atsü Solo Hace 2 meses
Do you know my brother did the same and got bashing
BlueJude Hace 2 meses
God blessed you Kbrown 🙏
Immaculate Ndlovu
Immaculate Ndlovu Hace 2 meses
Keep on making other videos and I will keep on subscribing
STR Official KPC
STR Official KPC Hace 2 meses
hello everyone, how are you all friends , I am from cambodia
Asher Lau
Asher Lau Hace 2 meses
preaching requires both wisdom and courage.
Nezuki Chan playz
Nezuki Chan playz Hace 2 meses
:o i saw an lizard 🦎 XD
DANIE LEE Hace 2 meses
Linda Sosibo
Linda Sosibo Hace 2 meses
I heard thi joke in South Africa
Lerato Lempe
Lerato Lempe Hace 2 meses
Bless you two
Calista Okeke
Calista Okeke Hace 2 meses
بنى لنلب
بنى لنلب Hace 2 meses
Be😂😂😂a man🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬much love from uganda💯Emmanuella kipup
TOKO BIJU Hace 2 meses
Best comiden
Miss Blue
Miss Blue Hace 2 meses
Puppy Picks My Makeup!
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