Ariana Grande Discusses New Milestone & Her Past Year

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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James chats with Ariana Grande about her past year and how she feels being the first artist since The Beatles to have songs in the top three spots of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Then, James helps her celebrate by surprising her with a special cake.
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Cam Bam
Cam Bam Hace 21 un hora
What a beautiful soul I will always be a fan of her I love her so much
Chris Fitzgerald
Chris Fitzgerald Hace un día
She literally says sorry every 2 seconds and it’s so cute 🖤
10,000 subscribers challenge till 14 February
10,000 subscribers challenge till 14 February Hace un día
She's shocked
Abigail Dorrat
Abigail Dorrat Hace un día
Whst if that cakes not vegan
only 90 Days
only 90 Days Hace un día
Ariana’s anxiety triggered mine
Alexandrea Ortega
Alexandrea Ortega Hace 2 días
I breaks my heart that you can feel he anxiety and sadness through the screen 💔
Kr Rafael
Kr Rafael Hace 2 días
Ariana is so pretty 😍😗
Carlos Spears
Carlos Spears Hace 3 días
Rafiq Samad
Rafiq Samad Hace 3 días
Bile la kau nak start makan pompuan jelangkung kudut?Dah la selalu pilih jantan Tak guna macam OSWALD COPPERPOT.
Kathleen Dugan
Kathleen Dugan Hace 4 días
She’s so cute. I love her
Its_ Karina
Its_ Karina Hace 4 días
"Sorry if I, say sorry way too much." ~ Song Needy
Kay Laurence
Kay Laurence Hace 5 días
no one: ariana: I'm so sorry loool why is this me?
Ron P
Ron P Hace 6 días
That is a hell of of lot of work to do to your face at just 25. She looks so fake.
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
Why does it in any ways matters to you or anyone if she looks "fake" by having her lips done and fake tan and just that?
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
So? She's far better than many of the 25 yrs olds who looks like they're in their late 40s. *cough* Car-*cough*-di...And 20 yr old ky*cough*lie
ArianaSheesh Hace 4 días
Ron P she has only had her lips done lol
andrea duran
andrea duran Hace 6 días
Aw poor Ariana I feel it, I have anxiety and go through this all the time 😪 we were all out here trying
its_a_trab Hace 7 días
Isn’t she the sweetest and purest person you’ve ever seen.
Mary Keo
Mary Keo Hace 7 días
I’m so proud of Ariana. Because she is a really talented young female artist.😘😍😀😀❤️❤️😀😍😘😘
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Hace 9 días
He is so genuine, I love them both so much 🥺❤️
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Hace 9 días
She can literally have her cake and eat it too 😂
Anggia Angela
Anggia Angela Hace 10 días
I don‘t care what people say about her music, I love Ari! She‘s incredibly talented, such a beautiful voice!
Sean Casaus
Sean Casaus Hace 11 días
People who accomplish goals like she has usually don’t apologize for it. Sounds like she feels guilty. I wonder why.
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
She's feeling less confident cause this appearance was a last min call. People always call her out in many ways to make her feel not proud of her work or her success. It's hard for her to ignore those. She never take anything she's getting nowadays for granted. She's such a sweetheart. I met her likes weeks after this interview was done. Some dude called her "unworthy" for the success and love she gets. She ran to her car along with her friends. I couldn't take a selfie..But atleast she smiled to me and I got to hug her😶😶💙
itsJyourbae jklgs
itsJyourbae jklgs Hace 11 días
Jesschic....Need to find her self..
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
Sky Daniels
Sky Daniels Hace 11 días
if I was sitting in the couch I would stop the fuck8ng show keep the camera rolling say cut the shit and hug her on camera so she feels the world is giving her that hug she needs to HUG AND CRY AND TAKE THAT PLATFORM TO BE A REAL INTENSE TOOL TO MOVE ON AND MAKE HISTORY
TotallyNia Hace 12 días
ariana lowkey knowing she can’t have the cake because she’s a vegan
RêĐ Hace 12 días
Such a famous / beautiful artist is so awkward smh
CloudinLuna 101
CloudinLuna 101 Hace 12 días
She has been through so much stuff these past few years with the manchester bombing her ex boyfriend mac millers death Shes so strong and i love her so much💛 She looked so uncomfortable and i wish i could just make it better for her🙁❤ We love you ariana stay strong xxxx
Ariela Gaiete
Ariela Gaiete Hace 12 días
I'm so fckin proud\(◎o◎)/(・∀・)(θ‿θ)
Serine Jouini
Serine Jouini Hace 13 días
Zoya Hamrick
Zoya Hamrick Hace 13 días
this is why i love her.
LuLu’s Channel
LuLu’s Channel Hace 13 días
This how many times she said “I’m sorry” 👇🏻
Bessarion Kasimis
Bessarion Kasimis Hace 11 días
LuLu’s Channel when u get 9 likes
omar jassem
omar jassem Hace 14 días
only if courageJD enters the chat she will be the happiest woman in the world lmfao
The Mango
The Mango Hace 14 días
The sales could rise but that doesn't mean much when ur health declines
Myah Williams
Myah Williams Hace 12 días
The Mango NF ❤️
Nikita Belomestnykh
Nikita Belomestnykh Hace 14 días
Shows you how low art scene has dropped if this is compared to the Beatles
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
When did someone compare Beatles and Ariana? When Beatles was at their prime, there were disgusting people like you calling them "Bad influence for the new generation" and reveiewing their songs as "Tasteless and tone deaf people listens to these songs".
ariana gb
ariana gb Hace 15 días
she looks so cute
malaha mustafa
malaha mustafa Hace 15 días
James is such a nice host
Ishwar Deo
Ishwar Deo Hace 17 días
I love u ariana u r my honey my dream girl u always come in my dreams
Patricia sandoval
Patricia sandoval Hace 17 días
"Im sorry if i say sorry way too much"
Lauren Daigle
Lauren Daigle Hace 17 días
I’m SoRrY
Lisa Swartz
Lisa Swartz Hace 18 días
I was like cute cake but then I thought is it vegan?😂😅
Monica R
Monica R Hace 18 días
'sorry if I say sorry way too much'😢
stev6963 Hace 18 días
Sweetie you don’t need to be so nervous. PEOPLE LOVE YOU!! ❤️ It makes me sad she goes through that.
Dennis Coja
Dennis Coja Hace 19 días
3:14 the she looked and said "you're scaring me". i want to give her a big hug
My Life As Audrey
My Life As Audrey Hace 21 un día
Awwwwww she’s so cute I love her!!! She seems so nervous and I can relate😭💙💙💙
Tobafun01 Oooo
Tobafun01 Oooo Hace 13 días
Vasilios Agoros
Vasilios Agoros Hace 23 días
*i’m so proud of ariana.this interview shows me why she is my favorite singer* PS:ARIANA IS THE *ONLY* SINGER THAT I REALLY LIKE
Magdis Pære
Magdis Pære Hace 24 días
2:27 - 2:30 it looks like she had so much trouble breathing🥺
Dheia Mazking
Dheia Mazking Hace 24 días
Baby! Please stop apologizing for being *ARIANA*, Y're awsome *ARI*
Little_dreamer Bell
Little_dreamer Bell Hace 24 días
Lol and people think Taylor Swift is insecure....but seriously Ariana has been through a lot of shit. So her insecurity and doubts will be harder to deal with😞
Nada Alawamey
Nada Alawamey Hace 24 días
James is really amazing person ❤
Do Bo
Do Bo Hace 24 días
i want to see her tight little vagina up close where i could see her stubble
Alana Merriman
Alana Merriman Hace 24 días
She always invites ppl out 😂😂
Alana Merriman
Alana Merriman Hace 24 días
I love her my bby I’m so proud
Erin Khan
Erin Khan Hace 24 días
ariana grande is so sweet awww
Cleo Gimar
Cleo Gimar Hace 24 días
She keeps getting plastic surgery :(
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
See her story. Recent one. She posted her no make up pic. She got her temporary lip fillers and fake tan(fake tan is taken off in the pic in Insta). And what's wrong with having plastic surgery?? If it makes you comfortable and more confident, why not go for it?? It's more effective than "trying to love your true self and never LiStEn tO wHatEveR OthErs SaY aBOuT YoU, YoUrE PreEtY"
Shaqiri the PowerCube
Shaqiri the PowerCube Hace 25 días
Does anyone else notice how skinny her legs are, it makes me scared.
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
Lmao what? Her legs looks healthy. If u call that skinny...then what's "normal" for you?
Ashley Rivera
Ashley Rivera Hace 25 días
She seems so nervous :( but she did so good.
Greg Thailand LTD
Greg Thailand LTD Hace 26 días
This women colluded with the Manchester bomber. Ariana is a HAMAS sympathiser.
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
How? And what would you have done if you were her?? I personally am not her fan since Manchester attack. I mean that was a tragic event, but that didn't in any way make me attract to Ariana anymore than I already was attracted to her. But I grew my respect for her when she raised 13 million for the dead fans and many MANY more charity works that she did since the attack and before.
Arichalyd 11
Arichalyd 11 Hace 26 días
I really really love Ariana
Jordan Matthews
Jordan Matthews Hace 26 días
She is the cutest thing on the planet.
Mena Yacob
Mena Yacob Hace 26 días
I honestly cover my mouth when I am laughing or eat food and I am talking
Zeba Akhtar
Zeba Akhtar Hace 27 días
She speaks so speed.....cnt understand properly🙃🙃🙃
kalel 311
kalel 311 Hace 27 días
James was in the Ocean's 8 movie, Ariana is pretty
You see what i did there
You see what i did there Hace 28 días
It seems that she became this way since the manchester concert. Hope she can feel better soon..
Célestine Bocxtaele
Célestine Bocxtaele Hace un mes
sorry if I say sorry way too much
DarrickTV Hace un mes
I crush too hard on her 😭🤧
Ben Drew
Ben Drew Hace un mes
ZE AS Hace un mes
Rigo Jimenez
Rigo Jimenez Hace un mes
I really can’t explain how much I love this small person , she’s so special ❤️
Kadijah Hall
Kadijah Hall Hace un mes
So humble love her
Pati Hernandez
Pati Hernandez Hace un mes
You Know Now It's BTS ❤❤ WE Love A.R.M.Y.
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
What? Did BTS break ari's record of having #1 #2 & #3 at the same time? And her #2 fought and won over her own #1 and became #1?
Arianator4Life 2007
Arianator4Life 2007 Hace un mes
0:55 Lol Ariana is the cutest 🌸😂💘
Macaco Macacão
Macaco Macacão Hace un mes
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
How is she stupid?? If she was she would have got over with her career 7 yrs ago when she made her debut. She's a wise woman. And if you're talking about her studies, she wasn't bad in it. She graduated with flying colours.
Sarah Hace un mes
that little "oh man" she said at the end hurt me when James was saying how proud he was of her, she sounded so close to tears
valjbw Hace un mes
Nobody: Ariana: *I’M SORRY*
jerumai Hace un mes
her voice is so cute in this
maham meher
maham meher Hace un mes
Why does she keep saying sorry
Mila Cruz
Mila Cruz Hace un mes
Baby Ariana, time to slowdown with the fillers.
RZO 5685
RZO 5685 Hace un mes
Her jawline is so sharp. Damn
Laki Va
Laki Va Hace un mes
yeah but the beatles managed to do it because they were giving something totally fresh and great and new to the music world, not by marketing manipulation and all that shit ariana swings with
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
Manipulation? How so, please do explain cause you sound so confident with your statement.
Spirit's Remedies
Spirit's Remedies Hace un mes
I love her so much! She is such a talented sweet soul and she deserves every ounce of success she is experiencing.
Fox-hoaxer Hace un mes
Stop saying sorry you deserve it!
deleted Hace un mes
2:51 i thought i was on fast mode
Lol Hace un mes
I just want to give her a hug :(((
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace un mes
Maybe ari loves Jimmy more than James. But I rather watch ari in James' show than Jimmys
Matt Jr
Matt Jr Hace un mes
Damn she looks nervous
Hafiza Xx
Hafiza Xx Hace un mes
This doesn’t sound like the normal sweet Ariana
Anthony F.G
Anthony F.G Hace un mes
This sounds like a very anxious Ariana.
Eva MAVRIKIS Hace un mes
i think u ( JAMES CORDON) and ariana should be a couple u suit eachother cus ur both really nice
Jennifer Souzane
Jennifer Souzane Hace un mes
But he has a wife and kids
B Ree
B Ree Hace un mes
Her face looks genuinely creepy/bumpy. What happened?
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez Hace un mes
Blue corn
ZuRriX Hace un mes
She actually seems like a VERY nice person. I think I'll listen to some of her songs.
Peter Love
Peter Love Hace un mes
Bigger than ts ijs
Sara Alaoui
Sara Alaoui Hace un mes
I'm sorry if I say sorry way too much
Kingston Sotelo
Kingston Sotelo Hace un mes
she wasn't joking when she said, "sorry if i say sorry way too much" sorry count: 14
Zaynab Hye
Zaynab Hye Hace un mes
she is the cutest. periodtt.
Peter Parameter
Peter Parameter Hace un mes
i like her, but her music is big crap.
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
Oof but many do like it.
Eilidh Lewis
Eilidh Lewis Hace un mes
Love u Ariana I don't like her feelings of pain💗💗💗💗
joseph de casanove
joseph de casanove Hace un mes
you os sweet polite and to get your really love to doI love seeing you do it you doing great sweet and Feminine girly That's my fine favourite type of girlIf we did mixing the same circlesI know would make a good team because I'm a dominant one not over dominant I'm not over bearing in keep getting out of longer I love that woman ever know there I've got my CareerBut when you talk in your personality is a nice warm feeling insideAnd a good judge of character and you seem like a really nice caring beautiful young MorningIf I was only playing the lead role in the next filmWhich Which have a ball Anyway I thought I'd better takeA bit of time to write you something Are youAs you are my Exclusive girlfriend- If you don't mined I've never tried to have a relationshipSocial media platformA nd I hope you haven't taken this is if Someone stalking you are not great, I'm totally Levelheaded, mite find me cupboard one day, Jumping out of giving you a big shockJust to see if you can still got the reactionsOur IAnd Make You jump areI hope the rest of your day was good as you Love and kisses joseph
Trisha McDonald
Trisha McDonald Hace un mes
She is so adorable... And man I can see she's super anxious or something lol
indra Sammaniro
indra Sammaniro Hace un mes
Thank U, James
indra Sammaniro
indra Sammaniro Hace un mes
I loveeee that she thinks die doesn't deserve this, because it makes me feel like she just knows that she's just a person too. It makes me more confertable talking about ariana grande as a amazing human being instead of a mainstream superstar.
Delon King
Delon King Hace un mes
Probably wouldn't have that without mac passing away lol
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 3 días
Why are u trying to find excuses to make her success unworthy. Whatever she does, she's criticized for...I honestly feel so bad for her more than she might does herself..what's your reason to watch this?
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Hace un mes
Let's see her get 18 #1's that would be a real milestone.
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