Argentina is Imploding

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David Pakman Show

David Pakman Show

Hace 9 meses

--David's birth country of Argentina is imploding with the apparent imminent victory of former President Cristina Kirchner as Vice President and a total crash of the Argentinean Peso
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Broadcast on August 13, 2019

argentina presidential raceargentina politicscristina kirchnercristina fernandez

Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 13 días
Please stop to say none sense about Argentina and Latin America. I thik your vision is very distortionated. Read more variated media, you repits the conservative and reactionary false speach. If you don't like read more press because you are busy or whatever, I recommend you a YT chnnanel "Pais de Boludos", it's political humor and news of center-left ideas.
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
Looks, the libertarians far-right of Argentina supporting your speach. I wonder why.
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 15 días
The thing is Macri maintain the Peso artificially putting US dollars in the market, obtained with debt. When He lose the primary, stop to send dollars in the market...then all goes to shit. Please, read local media and not only Clarin or La Nacion (the equivalents of New York Post and Washington Times).
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 15 días
Macri have linkis with sex trafficking. The infrastructure of Macri constructed was a lie, was smoke. Because He made less infrastructure things but made more propaganda about that. > > > > > >Sobre las obras de Macri, la gran mentira.
Deus MeusEtOmnia2020
Deus MeusEtOmnia2020 Hace 2 meses
Keep Argentina, Argentina. Make our parents and grandparents proud and not political correctness and affirmative action! Argentine pride. No Zionism in Argentina either. Yz XxP 8🇦🇷
John Craven
John Craven Hace 3 meses
Argentina is the 148th most economically free country (of 180+). The more capitalism there is the less corruption, the richer everyone is. For example Canada #8, Denmark #14, Norway #20. It’s great to see David fleeing Argentina and creating a prosperous life, but he is embracing all the ideas that make his birth country in the terrible state it is in today. Sad.
John Craven
John Craven Hace 3 meses
To add, I’m curious to here more about his thought process and how he came to his ideology.
Antonio Costa
Antonio Costa Hace 3 meses
Argentina’s biggest problem, other then corrupt leadership as David pointed out , is swelling government payrolls from the municipalities , through Provinces, towards Federal. The end result is inefficiency, high taxes. Other than beef production , soybeans , now oilfields , and the service industry in Buenos Aires , most other activities are anemic. Most Jew financiers and business owners keep on fleeing the country and taking their getaway money by investing in Brazil, USA, Israel, Spain, UK. Country is a lost case, and it has been for ages. Neighboring Uruguay, while with the same ethnic and cultural make up , does not create the penchant for drama and insanity as does Argentina.
jhgjhgj hgjhgdj
jhgjhgj hgjhgdj Hace 4 meses
So many uneducated dumb Retards in these comments, that have no fucking Clue how the Economy works. But every dumbass give his braindead 2 Cents, that would crash Argentina even more into Recession.
Alejandro Albornoz
Alejandro Albornoz Hace 4 meses
Que pvtas dijo😂
Morten Damgaard
Morten Damgaard Hace 4 meses
Try again, and again, and again with all these nice society ideologies, capitalism, socialism call it whatever you want, its all human-made, thats why you will NEVER EVER succeed. What about going back to Gods guide for all human beeing, is it too much of a burden, maybe because we have been told lies after lies and fell in love with the word freedom, there is nothing such like that, its all a dream, and we dream about it everyday. Religion tells you not to be selfish and want everything for yourself like all these mtf leaders who rule the world. They don't care about anyone, only themselves. And why shouldnt they, when there is nothing to be afraid of, (GOD) that one day you will be held responsible for your actions. If you don't fear God who created this world and who created human beeing, that's a big problem. By going back to the truth, and it is the only truth, fearing god, and live by his words, you start becoming another human beeing who cares for other people, love people, help people, share with people, respect others all these KEY values which is NOT from human beeing. this is the only way to success. But you want feel it until it comes too close, when these leaders take ervything from you, no job, no home, no hope, then you will act. Only when its too late. These mtf leaders have to fall, but there must a fearfull men who cares about people who take over. Otherwise nothing will change.
Matteo Prezioso
Matteo Prezioso Hace 4 meses
I am Italian, and I've lived extensively in the US (Los Angeles), London (UK), and now in Bogotá (COL.) Although I am somewhat 'fascinated' by this crazy continent which is Latin American, I must say I have never, ever experienced the level of inequality, corruption, classism you can find here And hey, I am Italian so I shouldn't be that shocked. Many Colombians leave the country in search for a better world, some I knew went to Argentina. Well, they all came back. They all say the same. The economy is a total disaster, what you earned the previous month won't let you buy virtually anything in the current one. It is incredible what is going on there. Incredibly sad.
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
If you visit Argentina, really, specially in City's like Buenos Aires or Rosario gonna feel like home. More than 50% have an Italian background. In fact we use words from Italian origin like "Laburo" for example. We have a lot of Italian drinks, like Fernet and some like that's. And least but not less important, a lot of people, include Italians says we speak Spanish with a napolitan accent and a touch of Genovese. In fact we eat a lot of farinata but we use the ligur word for that dish Faina.
Linda Dustin
Linda Dustin Hace 4 meses
Deepstate Argentina they need a patriot. MAGA.
Cagerage King
Cagerage King Hace 5 meses
Macri's authoritarian tendencies not really mentioned here. Using the judiciary to persecute social movements and escalating police violence e.g the murder of Santiago Maldonado which they tried to cover up. He's also just as corrupt as Kirchner if not more so e.g. the money laundering through HSBC.
Cheshire Kitten
Cheshire Kitten Hace 5 meses
Hi David! Would you do an update about what is going on in Argentina right now? Regarding the President wanting full control right now?
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre Hace 6 meses
Meh Meh
Meh Meh Hace 6 meses
Classic AIPACman lying, you should just be a republican! Macri is incredibly corrupt, and you dare call yourself a progresive. Pathetic.
Are you a Jewish Argentine American ? How is the Jewish community in Argentina? I saw some stuff about persecution during the dirty war.Thanks for sharing my family by marriage is from Argentina but I'm leaning about Argentina at the moment I see the economy now is terrible.yip bad leaders bad management of resources etc.igot similar things in my country but the private sector seems to be keeping things running.
Vhlax Hace 7 meses
Macri is really more center-left, I think Argentina needs a right wing president. Espert
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
@Vhlax 1) Qué el gobierno "haga cosas" no significa que fuera de izquierda. 2) Negar el número de desaparecidos es absurdo. Hay documentos que lo prueban y según documentos desclasificados de los EEUU, de antes que de que termine la dictadura, llevaban más de 20 mil hasta la fecha del informe. Negar el numero de desparecidos es como negar los números de las victimas de la Shoa. Por suerte dentro de poco negar el numero de desaparecidos va a ser ilega. Negar el numero de desaparecidos es propio de los bobos iletrados de la ultra-derecha argentina. 3) Espert no propone nada serio. El propone el modelo de Bangladesh, el modelo de Menem con esteroides. Te propongo que te fijes en Nueva Zelanda. Un país que en los 90 estaba similar a nosotros, con una geografía similar a nuestro sur y una matriz económica similar en ese momento ¿qué pasó? Argentina comenzó a privatizar y Nueva Zelanda a intervenir en la economía. De hecho Nueva Zelanda Hizo en los 90, cosas muy similares al kirchnerismo en el 2003. Espert no es serio, es más bien el lider de una secta que no se guía por los datos sino por una mera noción metafísica reccionaria.
Vhlax Hace 14 días
@Federico Manuel Olveira Che por tu nombre me doy cuenta que hablas español, asi que te contesto en español. El gobierno de macri implemento medidas que no son para nada de derecha, el dijo ser de derecha pero su gobierno fue todo lo contrario. Respecto a lo de las victimas, no fueron 30.000, y respecto a lo de Espert, el propone hacer lo que el pais necesita, porque ahora por culpa de el peronismo y el macrismo estamos en la mierda y ambos son ideologias de izquierda
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
Espert is a fucking idiot and a Joke. Macri is of Right, not center. He denied the numbers of the victims of the last dictatorship. Duran Barba says He admite Hitler. WTF?
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre Hace 7 meses
Pakman suddenly worries about currency devaluation and the issues of the financial sector. But in US politics he is the opposite. That's because you are a white TROJAN HORSE.
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre Hace 7 meses
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre Hace 7 meses
Del Caño is a good alternative as well.
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
I voted for him but was the worst option of the "Frente de Izquierda". Romina Del Plá would be Better.
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre Hace 7 meses
0:59 first lie. No proof. Only fantasy tales.
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre Hace 7 meses
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre Hace 7 meses
Ojberretta Berretta
Ojberretta Berretta Hace 7 meses
christina is basically argentinas more succesfull hillary clinton more succesfull since she was pres unfortunately
Andrés Real
Andrés Real Hace 7 meses
You're just spewing random shit without backing it, dude. I can say Macri is like fucking Hirohito... As long as I just say a thing, that's it...? Deep, man. Real deep political analysis.
Ojberretta Berretta
Ojberretta Berretta Hace 7 meses
macri is politically closest to obama compared to the us he was portrayed as centre right but was centre left or at least hes policies were now we get centre left aka elizabeth warren so wich is christina fernandez kirchner
Dr. Banter
Dr. Banter Hace 7 meses
no one cares. Even Argentinians dont care
Annie D
Annie D Hace 8 meses
Hi David: spot on
Ur Mamas Freak
Ur Mamas Freak Hace 8 meses
Do you speak Spanish?
Enlightment Enlightened
Enlightment Enlightened Hace 8 meses
Talk as a latin american not "just an Argentinians ".!!
Franz Smith
Franz Smith Hace 8 meses
Trump just announced, he is really interested to buy Argentina, after he finished the Greenland purchase. Greenland: 51st State, Argentina 52th State.
Pauli Gaud
Pauli Gaud Hace 8 meses
Fmi plan
Peregrin345 Hace 8 meses
Also, Argentina and basically every country in the hemisphere (especially America) need to cut spending and taxes. We need to stop thinking government can solve our problems. Governemnt has a small and specific role. Sadly we are running an empire now so it’s doomed to collapse
Peregrin345 Hace 8 meses
Latin countries will always be poor as long as they have such pandemic corruption
Mat Spiaggi
Mat Spiaggi Hace 8 meses
WOWOW WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MAN COME ON!. Where do you get your info?? Cristina and Nestor Kirchner where the only goverment that generated a wellbeing for everybody, employment, wealth distribution, debt payment. Dont you have shame affirming that the crash of the peso is because the inmminent victory? Did you even read the new york times, the financial times or any other respected media? The real responsability of the crash of the peso is THE MACRI GOVERMENT, his politycs in 4 years destroyed everithyng. i mean come on!!!! was Cristina Perfect? no? but this kind of crap is really uppseting. get your S**t toghether and do a little research before speaking neoliberal nosense like this
Diego Salvati
Diego Salvati Hace 8 meses
Literally none of the things you said is accurate. - Most of the corruption scandals were vastly inflated, many were false and plenty of the things she't being blamed for are things that other people did, much in the same way that Lula's indictments were fabricated. - Macri himself has proven to be several times more corrupt than previous presidents and most of our economy's problems have to do with the way they changed regulations and spending to allow for an extraordinary amount of financial speculation. Devaluations were programmed between the members of the administration and his business associates to maximize their proffits, dolarizing their monetary assets right before devaluating the argentine currency. Currently outgoing minister Dujovne was found to be directly speculating in the financial market, using his position as Economics and Finance Minister for his own advantage. - Macri's infrastructure projects are mostly publicity stunts in the way that, under Macri, infrastructure spending has dropped and network expansion has slowed down. Many of Macri's biggest projects were things started before he became president. - It's also false that the argentine economy has been a continuous mess. Between 2003 and 2013, during the first 10 years of the Kirchner period, the economy grew at an average annual rate of 6%, among the highest in Latin America at that time, and rapid industrialization was the main process during that time. During the two final years of Cristina Kirchner's term the economy experienced a slowdown and a small downturn but industrial development, particularly in railway infrastructure and the high tech sector, advanced. - During the 12 years of the Kirchners poverty fell from close to 70% to 30% and public debt, particularly foreign debt, fell to historic record lows. Our debt with the IMF was paid in full and our defaulted bonds were restructured with 97% success. - During Macri's years, every sector save multinational agricultural corporations and the finance sector has experienced a massive recession, the GDP has fallen from close to U$D 600 billion to U$D 450 billion, our debt is close to 100% of our GDP, we have the pathetic, disastrous honor of being cursed with the largest stand-by loan in the IMF's history and heading for a default unless we renegotiate and restructure our foreign debt. So even with all their problems and the corruption they did engage in, the Kirchners represent a period of great growth and development. And that's to say nothing of the historic foreign policy achievements in regional integration. What you just said is the same stupid tale the Clarín and La Nación media groups, our two worst far-right media conglomerates, have been repeating ad nauseum for more than a decade, and the colossal failure of this conservative administration should be enough of a wake-up call for anyone that they're pure bullshit.
Louis Torres
Louis Torres Hace 8 meses
el fan de nadie
el fan de nadie Hace 8 meses
A pocos argentinos( por suerte)les gusta ser ciudadano de segunda, en el extranjero,victimizandose y profetizando futuros inciertos como este defensor del racista trump...nosotros lo verdaderos protagonistas(argentinos verdaderos,sin pasaporte al dia),somos los que nos quedamos a arreglar las cosas,para que los cobardes,vuelvan a disfrutar una vez conseguidas...las bondades de los triunfos y logros argentinos,logrados con el cuerpo presente y no solo con la retorica del confort.
CAP AP Hace 8 meses
I'm buying YPF and wait for Dead 🐈 bounce.... Tired of Cat and K Gamble and korruption.. Left, Right, radical, Peronista.. I am ambidex.. Just hoping for a new party to come up.... flipping a endless two side of a coin and always the same crap for decades and dec... I wish some new breed with A. Illia ideals were around the Rosada by now a government of the people and for the people. Fuerza mi Argentina y fe no queda nada más que esperar....
David Rule
David Rule Hace 8 meses
Argentina destory it self in 1947 when it was the richest nation by going down the socialist way. i use Argentina to tell other how socialism does not work.
David Rule
David Rule Hace 8 meses
Leftist will destory all.
seba sanchez
seba sanchez Hace 9 meses
Jajajajaja you know nothing, most corrupts politicals were Menem, macri, militars nota kirchner, she was one of the few presidente that give a good function to our economy.
Simeone Bonucci
Simeone Bonucci Hace 9 meses
It’s time for Latin America to become one country to stop US imperialism!!!
911 Never Forget
911 Never Forget Hace 9 meses
If you’re from Argentina. With all due respect. Why are you pushing the liberal agenda? One more. Are you aware of Javier Milei?
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
Milei it's a joke who some people take seriously but is not.
Luke Di Carlo
Luke Di Carlo Hace 9 meses
I got my Family still in Argentina.. I left the Country 18 years ago... Same Story every 8 or so years..
Matias Pereyra
Matias Pereyra Hace 9 meses
2:40 "fun" fact: this specific PASO was the equivalent of a primary with 1 candidate per party (So... tremendously stupid) and because they are open (wich means anyone can vote for anyone, you don't need to be registered as member of "x" party) they pretty much predict the results of the presidential election "Fun" fact 2: after the paso macri/his administration panicked and basically lashed out saying "the peso went down because you didn't vote me and this is basically your fault" (fear mongering that was soo blatantly obvious that the most apolitical would recognize it) wich is the argument that the Christinists would later use against him, like "yeah you are right, you don't have legitimte aproval, people don't want you as president, fernandez is basically the unofficial president and the market knows this, reason why everything is going to hell and you can't do jack shit to fix this, step aside"
Angel Ambrosio
Angel Ambrosio Hace 9 meses
Argentina = Toxic
Marcio Coelho
Marcio Coelho Hace 9 meses
I'm Brazilian and I remember in the mid-eighties Argentinians would come to Brazil on vacation because their economy was much stronger. Now, still with all socio-economical and political problems in my country, we Brazilians go on vacation in Argentina, with our currency Real worth almost 10x more than the Peso. But in the end we'll all go down the same hole. There is no hope for Latin America.
NVofus Hace 9 meses
Sad, but great article.
Marcelo Miceli
Marcelo Miceli Hace 9 meses
I born in Argentina and I left in 1982, the problem in Argentina is that almost everybody thinks about themselves only, EVERYTHING is done illegally, that is how everything works, there is not law or order everything is done like they say there, por izquierda, todo trucho, and that is the mentality. That Cristina is the worst, but she gives peanuts to the people and they are fine with that, they like corruption and it worked like that since I can remember.Sad but is going on in many different countries, look here, we have a maniac as president and there are still people behind him, there is so much ignorance and selfishness in the world, everything is about money, people are crazy.
Melbnolan Hace 9 meses
I love ARG and think BA is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is sad to see history repeating itself yet again.
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Reyes Hace 9 meses
Bring all the Argentine culos to Miami. We will take care of them. Only the women.
Lucas Ferrario
Lucas Ferrario Hace 9 meses
This is terribly biased. I'm not a pro Cristina person but to say that Macri is not corrupt and not admitting that his economic policies took Argentina to this point is a mistake.
Chul Hogan
Chul Hogan Hace 9 meses
She is "corrupt" because she implement progressive policies, there is no proof or sentences of her personal gains like you said, that's Right-wing talking points. Macri on the other hand enrich himself by vulturing state assets in the 90´s and was condemn and then "pardon" by the most corrupt supreme court in argentine history, the Macri Family is Famous for getting rich with dirty contracts with the Government since early 80´s. Is like taking your info about Cristina from Fox News of Argentina. Very sad
Gerardo Piedras
Gerardo Piedras Hace 9 meses
2:17 Update: In September, 2019 the exchange rate is: $56 argentinean pesos = $1 dollar.
Dani Cab
Dani Cab Hace 5 meses
@Paula Andrade y va en aumento, y ya asumio fernandez
Paula Andrade
Paula Andrade Hace 7 meses
Gerardo Piedras update nov 2019: $64 Argentinian pesos = $ 1 dollar
jaleh ruhe
jaleh ruhe Hace 9 meses
israel wants a second israel in patagonia. check yourself about how you describe venezuela. maybe use less antagonistic rhetoric. just saying.
Luis Carruthers
Luis Carruthers Hace 9 meses
I'm a right-wing monster by today's standards and this was very interesting. I'd like you to do more stuff about Argentina if you can, David.
Nicolas Luis
Nicolas Luis Hace 9 meses
We are used to biting the dust economy-wise, but at least we havent sold our souls to cultural marxism , and if we re going down, we are going down swinging. Viva la patria, hijos de puta!!
du br
du br Hace 9 meses
I want to move to Chubut, Argentina; in like 5 to 10 years from now. I am from the USA, learning many trades, learning how to operate a business, and paying off debts.
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
Wel if you like chubut, learn some word in Welsh (?. It's a joke. But yes a lot of towns in Chubut speak a Welsh dialect.
Jack Black
Jack Black Hace 9 meses
Actually if Argentinans chose Kirchner and Venezuelans chose Maduro, maybe they are not that bad
Alan O Brien
Alan O Brien Hace 9 meses
Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money
Damon Blade
Damon Blade Hace 9 meses
Argentina is in Trouble you say ? Well when is Argentina not in Trouble ?
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Hace 9 meses
Argentina doesn't matter
joe 90
joe 90 Hace 9 meses
Let's be honest all of south America is a fuck up
flownet07 Hace 9 meses
Since the 1950s, Argentina has been an ongoing economic and political disaster...
Federico Manuel Olveira
Federico Manuel Olveira Hace 14 días
No, sice 1929' we never recovered of that's crysis. The roca-runciman pact (1933) was our economic death sentence.
jonathan stoll
jonathan stoll Hace 9 meses
I am from Argentina... an David... I may not like you much... but you got a "Like" from for the first time!!!
GI Joe
GI Joe Hace 9 meses
I lived in Argentina for 6 years argentinians are toxic.
Tn B
Tn B Hace 9 meses
Yes, we are
Andrés Real
Andrés Real Hace 9 meses
Now THIS. THIS is the take of someone in the USA who actually bothered to spend at least FIVE minutes researching what is happening in my country, David. Here. Educate yourself for a change:
Mr Rivera
Mr Rivera Hace 9 meses
It’ll only get worst since these central banks are talking about negative interest rates
felicetanka Hace 9 meses
Capitalist state/state capitalist.
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