Argentina economy looking to US dollar during crisis

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Argentina is in the middle of an economic crisis, and it is the US dollar that is in the spotlight once again. Argentines are looking at the dollar to save themselves instead of the country in general.

Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports.
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Fernando Kaiser
Fernando Kaiser Hace 3 días
Argentina's economy was always unstable, and this time is not different.
Alejandro VáSquez
Alejandro VáSquez Hace 13 días
Lo único que se puede decir es que Mauricio Macri Decepciono a todos los que votaron por el.
Denis Cortes
Denis Cortes Hace 20 días
They (the word) blames America for every evil. When disaster strikes they all bless America. I WONDER WHY?
Dark PePe
Dark PePe Hace 21 un día
We need to build the wall fast and keep these dirty Latinos out
Ascanius Hace 21 un día
And as long as they continue with central banks they will be as rats on a wheel just as we all are Peace
Divergent Evolution
Divergent Evolution Hace 21 un día
You cant fix stupid.
Michael De santa
Michael De santa Hace 22 días
IMF has join the chat
Benjamin Elkanem
Benjamin Elkanem Hace 22 días
sanitman1 Hace 22 días
Get rid of the Rothschild installed central bank , problem solved !!!
RBS RBS Hace 23 días
becoming next venezuela😓😓😓
John Phil
John Phil Hace 24 días
Fuerza iinteligencia Pueblo Argentino Hasta la victoria Siempre Argentinos unidos jamas seran vencidos Divididos seremos esclavos Unidos estoy seguro que los batiremos hagamos un esfuerzo de patriotismo depongamos resentimientos particulares y concluyamos con honor..........
1queijocas Hace 22 días
A solução és simples, privatize toda a economia e acabe com todos os subsídios. Retire o salário mínimo e deixe os impostos bem baixos
joseaca Hace 22 días
Dejen de votar por zurdos entonces
j k
j k Hace 25 días
Banana Republic
Andrew Theodore
Andrew Theodore Hace 25 días
no the dollar is being printed like there's no tomorrow here in us. go to monero or something else
hfredydl Hace 25 días
When isn’t Argentina in an economic crisis smh
bbeu rakess
bbeu rakess Hace 25 días
I think Argentina needs to stable it's economy and that's is the role of the government to control the economy and come up new policies to reduce the risk of high inflation
Khalid AlAli
Khalid AlAli Hace 25 días
I have no sympathy for Nazis. Your country is corrupt and racist. I hope you get invaded by Brazil.
2000guineas Hace 25 días
Messi help your people they are struggling
Lamu Hace 26 días
The real question here is why is her shirt unbuttoned. I was trying to find her cleavage but all I saw was a long chest.
Garlic Hace 22 días
BritishOverseasTerritoryTV 2
BritishOverseasTerritoryTV 2 Hace 28 días
Soon they'll invade the Falklands as a scapegoat lol
Matt Biden
Matt Biden Hace 28 días
The American dollar is to good for these socialist scumbags.
Matt Biden
Matt Biden Hace 11 días
@Ojberretta Berretta So why did the US remove him if he wasn't a communist?
Ojberretta Berretta
Ojberretta Berretta Hace 11 días
@Matt Biden i didnt say anything about imperialism so i have no idea why you mention imperialism..... they didnt remove him because of communism he hated the comminist...the syndicates wich had huge following were too powerful and the ultra right wing military had removed him ....
Matt Biden
Matt Biden Hace 11 días
@Ojberretta Berretta You left out that part where we removed him because he was a socialist/communist. NOT because of muh imperialism.
Ojberretta Berretta
Ojberretta Berretta Hace 11 días
@Matt Biden argentina did well till the 50s almost as good as usa back then until we voted peron wich implemented peronism wich is a mix between fascism and socialism it has nothing to do with latinos
Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!
Work With Nature - How to Grow Food! Hace 28 días
Buy silver. This will happen on a global scale soon!
Maurazio Hace 29 días
if they want to solve the problem they have to fire half of gov't employees, but if you do that you get massive riots. they need to explain people how money works before trying to change anything.
ilaine tan
ilaine tan Hace 29 días
They shouldn't rely on US dollar so much. Their govt should reserve gold bars not dollar
Kelly Wills
Kelly Wills Hace 29 días
China's selling American debt but the best bet is gold. The U.S. can't print their way out of debt and their dollar is going to tank.
potatoes gonna potate
potatoes gonna potate Hace 22 días
The world won't let US dollar fail. It's a catch 22 situation now. US dollar is what that keeps global economy running, having the acceptability of the majority. Once that's gone, chaos descends.
Matt Kennedy
Matt Kennedy Hace 24 días
Kelly Wills People have been saying that for years and the dollar has only gained value since then so......
El At
El At Hace un mes
This is what the Americans like to see.
tawonga munyanduri
tawonga munyanduri Hace un mes
Lol this is nothing ,in Zimbabwe we wish it was as good as Argentina
SreyKmao La aw
SreyKmao La aw Hace 19 días
Thirsty Serpent
Thirsty Serpent Hace 27 días
@James Parker Argentina has had Chronic Depressions/Recessions going back to the 1940's due to attempts at pushing through hard left policies, they've never recovered since.
Thirsty Serpent
Thirsty Serpent Hace 27 días
What are your thoughts on South Africa copying Zimbabwe and announcing plans to print infinite money?
B.C Drisk
B.C Drisk Hace 28 días
Well you racists kicked out the white farmers
Block Chain
Block Chain Hace un mes
Correction; Looking to Bitcoin...
Conscious Crypto
Conscious Crypto Hace un mes
USD? Well I guess relative to other fiat currency it's doing all right, but it devalued by 5% just last year. And now the Fed has restarted QE, so expect a loss of more than 5% of value this next year. Better to hold your wealth in gold and Bitcoin, Argentinians.
Alberto Fuijimori
Alberto Fuijimori Hace 25 días
You must be really retarded if you think 5% is a lot. And no, it devalued 2 percent. All currencies devalue over time. That's what what fiat currencies do. Unless you want us to back our wealth to a limited commodity around the world. No thanks. I rather diversify. Even in Peru we do this. We have money in dollars, soles, gold and silver. Bitcoin is just stupid as well. But since you don't know economics, this may come to a shock to you
Touhidul Islam Abir
Touhidul Islam Abir Hace 29 días
@Maurazio I doubt about stability of those. Gold is the better solution. But look at what happened to Gaddafi for trying to bring gold backk as common currency.
Maurazio Hace 29 días
@Touhidul Islam Abir next year maybe they can buy libra, a so called stable coin
Conscious Crypto
Conscious Crypto Hace 29 días
@Touhidul Islam Abir Then I really hope you believe that and act in a manner consistent with your beliefs, now and forever, pauper.
Touhidul Islam Abir
Touhidul Islam Abir Hace 29 días
Lol bitcoin is a joke with no stability
toady Hace un mes
Argentina's fundamental flaw is geographical: it doesn't share a border with the US.
N Esq
N Esq Hace un mes
Make Argentina the 52nd state of America
Kexin Hace un mes
I'm not sure which one is lower, Argentina's economy or the reporter's neckline.
Masterr Laster
Masterr Laster Hace 28 días
And the Economy is as flat as her chest..
joe 90
joe 90 Hace un mes
Latinos couldn't run a hot dog we go again
Ojberretta Berretta
Ojberretta Berretta Hace 11 días
argentina did well till the 50s then we voted peronist wich is a mix between fascism and socialism
1queijocas Hace 22 días
Chile is doing pretty well; it will be a first world country in the coming decades
IMxYOURxDADDY Hace 25 días
@Crim Sin he never said it was you idiot
Tyler Solvestri
Tyler Solvestri Hace 25 días
@Crim Sin He didn't said that it was...
Crim Sin
Crim Sin Hace 26 días
joe 90 Latinos ain't a race stupid
Dennis Nelson
Dennis Nelson Hace un mes
Leftists fail again. Look to China and Russia for your new friends. We're done with leftists fascist. Sorry...
fernarias Hace un mes
Just get rid of the socialism that came in with the italian migrants and argentina would be fine. It did well in the 19th and early part of the 20th century because it was a small government constitutional government formed from the ideas of the enlightenment era (highest per capita gdp in 1901 and first country to abolish slavery).
Ted Bishop
Ted Bishop Hace un mes
I was in Argentina in 1986. A lot of it was based on the Dollar back then.
Franco R
Franco R Hace un mes
It's time to elect Messi for president.
Denis Cortes
Denis Cortes Hace 20 días
You meant messy?
444 MEDIA Hace un mes
Same situation in india, because of foolishness
Manny Morales
Manny Morales Hace un mes
Don't worry futbol will save them.
Youtuve Youtuve
Youtuve Youtuve Hace un mes
Boycott dollar? The heck this people in comment saying this stuff, your just showing you guys are dumb its argentinian fault and its politician bad governance, why font you just let the americans take over your country, but that wont happen coz of your political mafias
Travis Warren
Travis Warren Hace un mes
Does this mean I can fly to Argentina and buy a mansion with very little? I'm American btw
fernarias Hace 26 días
@king José Rodríguez Sosa Asset forfeiture happens more often in the US. The Obama administration loved to steal land from it's citizens and since those employees are still part of the system it's still happening. No trial needed in most cases.
Crim Sin
Crim Sin Hace 26 días
N Esq depend what part u staying at or passing by
king José Rodríguez Sosa
king José Rodríguez Sosa Hace 27 días
Yes you can, but the government could expropriate your mansion.
N Esq
N Esq Hace 29 días
@fernarias nyc will be a disaster in the next 10 years. Homelessness Is through the roof many working people sleeping on trains now you can't even get a seat. Winters are the worst as it's too cold outside so the all live on the trains.
fernarias Hace 29 días
@Travis Warren Me too, since 72, LA's south bay area. It's been horrifying to see the changes.
Youtuve Youtuve
Youtuve Youtuve Hace un mes
Just pledge already to the US flag so you become stable
Rhoda Khalaf
Rhoda Khalaf Hace un mes
They better run to China
On Guard
On Guard Hace un mes
Just ask Emperor Xi for a few billion dollars! It will only cost you control of your country!
jordan Hace un mes
Like all Latin countries Argentina is extremely corrupt.
Marquo Reign
Marquo Reign Hace 18 días
Kyle Saldana you clearly offer no useful insight into this conversation.
Peter Hace 25 días
Dennis Flo what?
Peter Hace 25 días
Masterr Laster the dictator the CIA installed tortured his own citizens, a school of the Americas grad
y2k6summi Hace 25 días
@Peter Don't forget Libya.
Suzann Puppies are precious
Suzann Puppies are precious Hace un mes
Why Should Others Boy- Cott the Dollar, When Argentina has made their own problems by overspending and going beyond their means. It's not the dollars fault it's the argentinians fault for not disciplining themselves not to overspend. When Argentina learns not to overspend then they will value the dollar but until then Argentina will be going to the same situation over and over no matter what currency it may have.
Divergent Evolution
Divergent Evolution Hace 21 un día
Argentina's problems are directly related to how close they are with NATO.
Suzann Puppies are precious
Suzann Puppies are precious Hace un mes
@Thadius Sean , Argentina can't spend all their money and expect not to be broke. People hate the Rich Man but he brings jobs. Argentina can't expect Countries to Bail them out and not pay them back. In America we almost went bankrupt and all of us American Citizens had to Bail the Banks out. We couldn't ask for any other Countries to Bail Us Out In America. We lost our 401 Retirement Plan to Bail Out Our Country America . Payed Higher Taxes, and Our Children and Grandchildren even have to pay for a System to Bail Out Our Country America . Until We Got A Great Business Man For Our President Donald Trump and Brought Back Our Own Companies Back In America Now We are doing much better. we had to give incentives to our own companies to come back to America and bring jobs to our American citizens. This is why China is fighting us is because we brought back our own companies to America. Our Own Companies are no longer getting tax write-offs for taking our business to other countries. We stay away from China because they don't believe in fair trade. China caused America to lose employment and We suffered over it. We are no longer buying to many exports except with countries that believe in fair trade like South Korea that we buy Kia cars from. Most of our cars now are being manufactured and built in America that's why our country is doing great now. We Americans had to come together and work together to save our own country America from going bankrupt. We had to stopped big spending and most of us live moderately. People can't expect to have Countries bail out Argentina , Then They keep sending like it's no tomorrow. This is why Argentina is in trouble now. Anytime you have a socialist government, that government takes control over everything including your freedoms.
Thadius Sean
Thadius Sean Hace un mes
Argentina is like a crack addict. Each time the government starts to enact policies that help the economy, they vote back in a socialist who promise to spend to the moon.
Bradley Gaju
Bradley Gaju Hace un mes
America played a massive part destabilizing Argentina in the latter half of the 20th century
A VR Hace 25 días
America is the continent
________ Hace 27 días
America also distabilized Chile, yet you don't see anywhere this level of problem. The current Argentina economic issues come from it's own policies.
sidharth dey
sidharth dey Hace un mes
better than India I see
phadi Uttrakhand
phadi Uttrakhand Hace un mes
Lol 🤣🤣🤣
RonnieNolanRaharjo Hace un mes
The basic problem is that Argentina is consuming much more than it is producing, thus necessitating borrowings which it cannot pay back. The solution is for the country to live within its means, whether that be to increase its means to match its living or reduce its consumption to match what its productive capacity affords remains the question. But until this is achieved, Argentina will continue this cycle of borrowing, spending and defaulting, lurching from one crisis to the next.
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace 29 días
@Maurazio isn't something like 30% of Argentina working for the government or a state owned company?
Maurazio Hace 29 días
they would have to fire half of gov't employees, then you have riots and you lose the next elections. they really need to educate people.
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace un mes
Its seems obvious to everyone. But its hard to sell to an electorate... the economist candidate for president who proposed that got 2% in the primaries.
maano jameel
maano jameel Hace un mes
We reject dollars please boycott dollar
Ahmed rony
Ahmed rony Hace un mes
How far you know about currency?
Suzann Puppies are precious
Suzann Puppies are precious Hace un mes
This is a Problem your own Country has made for it's self by over spending and going through the same thing over again. Why Should Other Countries have to suffer for your unwilling to stay in your own means. Other Countries are doing fine with the Value of the dollar System, Why can't your's
maano jameel
maano jameel Hace un mes
# boycott dollars
maano jameel
maano jameel Hace un mes
# boycott dollars
maano jameel
maano jameel Hace un mes
Boycott dollars
Gaza kingpin
Gaza kingpin Hace un mes
If Argentina was run by one leader they would blame that person but its the dependent on USD that's messing up countries around the world
Hans Erich Pediapco
Hans Erich Pediapco Hace un mes
argentina is doomed. when pigs have grown fat, they are ripe for the slaughter
Mohd Shariq
Mohd Shariq Hace un mes
Karl Marx we miss u
Alberto Fuijimori
Alberto Fuijimori Hace 25 días
@Da Da "It'll work this time, I promise"
Da Da
Da Da Hace un mes
Marx 2.0 is coming. This time, with a realistic plan.
Random Person
Random Person Hace un mes
Mohd Shariq he’s not going to solve your issues
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace un mes
No one who lived under his policies misses him.
Old School
Old School Hace un mes
China is all in Argentina. Let China save them oh wait that will never happen
Sumone Chan
Sumone Chan Hace 26 días
@Anime watch Good luck electing a leader that cuts social security and raises taxes...
Si Filey
Si Filey Hace 26 días
The West Excersising It's Oppressive Colonial Powers. Evil Western Colonialism Oppression Still Exists And We All Still Suffer. They've been destroying countries forever. Malcolm X - *How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself and Your People and your Culture*
Si Filey
Si Filey Hace 26 días
@Old School like how the British own the Argentina Islands of the Falklands? Yeah Ok.
Anime watch
Anime watch Hace 28 días
Only Argentinans can save themselves by electing real leaders.
Fenris Wolf
Fenris Wolf Hace un mes
If America is dirty, Chinas is far dirtier. Lmao
ioan pena
ioan pena Hace un mes
Argentina is just too corrupt to sustain itaelf !!! Argentina is now one of the cheapest place to visit for foreigners in south America ...but for Argentinians life becomes more and more expensive !!!
alcalde de tu culo
alcalde de tu culo Hace 25 días
@Legolas king wat
Legolas king
Legolas king Hace 27 días
@T M hahaha you wish . i am destined to become the next president of argentina and i will bring prosperity and estability back to that country. it's God's will for me and that country . have you watch joseph's king of dreams???
Pop_ Eye
Pop_ Eye Hace un mes
How much does one need to earn to live middle class life in argentina ?
T M Hace un mes
Argentina must just give in like how zimbabwe did.
TierraSurNow Hace un mes
@Balla JallowJust wait there.. that is what most people think. The local Peso may have devaluated very fast but most of the prices are anchored to the US Dollar so they go up everyday specially high value items like cars and houses, that is the reason they watch the price of the dollar very close... of course the only thing doesn't go up fast are salaries and wages.
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus Hace un mes
Argentina=sicilians and andaluz = disastre disaster
flavio archanjo
flavio archanjo Hace un mes
C. Lincoln
C. Lincoln Hace un mes
I thought you loved the mayo man?
masood khan
masood khan Hace un mes
God save Argentina and it's peole
Kaze Hace 21 un día
Perhaps God is punishing them.
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