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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

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Which restaurant will win in today's Applebee's vs. Chili's Taste Test? GMM #1592
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Kathryn Gordon
Kathryn Gordon Hace un día
I've always said Chili's is Applbess with pain.
Hammy Technoid
Hammy Technoid Hace un día
The Honey Mustard Crisis of 2015.... lives lost, nations fell... it was horrendous.
SlinkyThePanda Hace 2 días
The best salad at Chilis is the quesadilla one, but its also probably one of the more unhealthy options on the menu
Kaitlyn Elise
Kaitlyn Elise Hace 2 días
I’ve never been to chili’s, now I want to try it
Sandy R.
Sandy R. Hace 3 días
Applebees > Chilis
Patton Kesselring
Patton Kesselring Hace 3 días
Is that Adam driver?
westabsupply ebay
westabsupply ebay Hace 4 días
Carl's junior just blushed when Rhett called they're tender better then apple bee's.
Mr_Pauls Hace 4 días
You have a $30k test kitchen and can't fry wonton wrappers?
Nick Halbert
Nick Halbert Hace 5 días
pizza hut vs dominoes. Wings, garlic bread, pasta, pizza, dessert
Random Lama
Random Lama Hace un día
Nick Halbert I would like to see but idk if they have Pizza Hut in America lol
Emmanuel Garcia
Emmanuel Garcia Hace 5 días
The guy waiter won both times
E Schwarz
E Schwarz Hace 7 días
"That looks like something you would warm up from the freezer" That describes 75% of the menu at both these places since it's what they actually do.
Nigel Thornberry
Nigel Thornberry Hace 7 días
Applebee’s is the shittiest restaurant in America
Kr43he Hace 7 días
Mom and son dates.... that explains a lot
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington Hace 8 días
Never been to a chilis but... maybe ill go now
Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray Hace 5 días
Darrian Weathington hooooooww?! Get the original chicken crispers. You’re welcome
Asian Animation
Asian Animation Hace 8 días
Why don’t you do Kroger vs Great Value
John H
John H Hace 9 días
You should’ve not been told which dish was which to make it as unbiased as possible
george the zombie
george the zombie Hace 9 días
i think there both awefull
Little Luna
Little Luna Hace 9 días
Riblet basket?
roland curtis
roland curtis Hace 9 días
I've had some awesome ribs from wallmart
MjrLeegInfidel Hace 9 días
Still blood
Patricia Dutcher
Patricia Dutcher Hace 10 días
These are 2 separate places? cant hardly tell apart, throw in Chili's and TGI Fridays.
ReinVa Hace 10 días
Cracker barrel vs Bob evans. The ultimate smackdown.
TheUniqueMine Hace 11 días
little did you know they are already sponsered by chililis
Cami Mayer
Cami Mayer Hace 12 días
This seemed really one sided from the start...
John Dobbs
John Dobbs Hace 12 días
How much did Chii's pay them for this episode?
Andrew Bonafilia
Andrew Bonafilia Hace 13 días
Did Link just say he didnt know Honey Mustard was used as a salad dressing..... Ive worked in restaurants for 11 years now and Honey Mustard is always the first dressing we offer or reccomend.... I dont personaly like it but oh god we use gallons of it a day at every restaurant Ive worked at
Captain Gucci Kajita
Captain Gucci Kajita Hace 14 días
Unfortunately where I live we only have Applebee’s and I’ve never had chilles before
Nathan Roberts
Nathan Roberts Hace 14 días
How are you going to taste test Applebee's and not try the Butter Pecan Blondie?
Dru Nature
Dru Nature Hace 14 días
"doing a lot of damage to the rib score" LOL oH boy I wish they could taste the ribs I make mmmm yummy
Shockingly Neil
Shockingly Neil Hace 14 días
Applebees BLOWS
Metallica Land
Metallica Land Hace 15 días
If you’re going to chili’s you’re not getting that dessert you’re getting the cookie skillet with ice cream
LazyGamingPanda 28
LazyGamingPanda 28 Hace 15 días
Only reason I go to Applebee’s is for their Oriental Chicken salad it’s soooooo good
Jaden Dodd
Jaden Dodd Hace 16 días
The fajitas from both places are 10s (I’m my opinion)
GGT721 Hace 16 días
Best thing at Chili’s is the Honey Chipotle Crispers and Waffles
Andrew Bonafilia
Andrew Bonafilia Hace 13 días
I just like the endless chips and salsa and Brisk Raspberry Ice tea
Elana N
Elana N Hace 16 días
Why did they say that cake tastes like blood RIGHT AFTER I took a huge bite of pancakes?? I laughed SO HARD and things got rly messy.
Chip O’Hara
Chip O’Hara Hace 16 días
The crew is so cringeworthy
90lxFox Hace 16 días
rhett is looking more and more like ryan dunn
Crow ____caw
Crow ____caw Hace 16 días
I wish they had said what they cost. I'd like to the difference in the bill...
Adam Lay
Adam Lay Hace 16 días
I've never had a good experience at an applebees
Ali Cat
Ali Cat Hace 16 días
Chili’s is my absolute favorite restaurant ever, but the closest one is like an hour away. So I go for my birthday every year
tb. g
tb. g Hace 16 días
Matthew Slusser
Matthew Slusser Hace 17 días
I think the main take away here is that neither is actually that good.
Jobin Robin
Jobin Robin Hace 17 días
When has apple bees ever been a Titan?
Angelina Brady
Angelina Brady Hace 17 días
unpopular opinion but both are actually disgusting 🤧
DudeUDontKnow Hace 17 días
Capriottis VS Subway
Taco Cat
Taco Cat Hace 17 días
how much do you think chillies chipped in?
jackass149023 Hace 17 días
Chilis is at least still edible, while Applebees has stopped trying altogether.
Roger Johnson
Roger Johnson Hace 17 días
The molten chocolate cake literally tastes like blood. 5/10
ZionForman Hace 17 días
love Merle Haggard , wonder if your covers are better than mine ?
shorne1987 Hace 18 días
wonton tacos will always be the winner for me, and feista lime chicken. Chilis can win the rest.
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 Hace 18 días
Yeah, you bet Chillies is better
// M10567 //
// M10567 // Hace 18 días
Not the same damn it but...still support
YazMine Hace 18 días
If you were obsessed with GMM growing up, you’re obsessed with the try guys now
Adrian Cantu
Adrian Cantu Hace 18 días
We need more food faceoffs
david serna
david serna Hace 18 días
Annie is awesome lol
William Winder
William Winder Hace 19 días
Annie are you okay, are you okay, are you okay Annie.
Linda Doucett
Linda Doucett Hace 19 días
never have Annie on the show again
i Granot
i Granot Hace 19 días
Applebee's ribs are an abomination to every person who has tasted actual BBQ. Apple ribs come refrigerated is plastic bags. The plastic bag contents are stored in a refrigeration system on the cook's line. Then the ribs are simply reheated on a broiler, transferred to a saucing pan, sauced with bulk BBQ sauce that comes in plastic bags, and the plated to be served to customers. Applebee's ribs have nothing in common with any BBQ restaurant, even chain BBQ like Famous Dave's.
brad simms
brad simms Hace 19 días
Care uh muhll
FlameFlamedramon VA
FlameFlamedramon VA Hace 19 días
Tbh I do not like Chilis
II SP1D3Y II Hace 19 días
okay but the clubhouse grille from applebees slaps every time and nobody can change my mind about it
CMichelle Hace 19 días
“It’s pretty sick, you’re gonna love it.” 🤣🤣🤣 I want a waiter to actually describe my food that way
Sarah Roach
Sarah Roach Hace 19 días
There has to be an episode dedicated to making things with tomatoes, like tomatoe ice cream/ a sundae, weird things. I’ve been binge watching videos and tomatoes have been avoided so much!
Brianna Lewis
Brianna Lewis Hace 16 días
Sarah Roach link doesn’t like tomatoes lol
21RepressedEmo's Hace 20 días
Applebee's is better in my mind because Chili's doesn't have enough options. And I love their honey mustard. Chili's is good but Applebee's is awesome. Btw where's Ruby Tuesday's in this mix and 99.
Neil Hace 20 días
Annie are you ok? are you ok Annie
noah Hace 20 días
Chaz is a total Chad
KnightCrawler777 Hace 20 días
Yeah they already had their minds made up before they ever started. Not a fair test.
AmazingChickky Hace 20 días
Merle haggard is from where I live. Lol.
David Altergott Jr
David Altergott Jr Hace 20 días
One of my favorite restaurant desserts has to be the apple crisp stuff from cracker barrel. Man haha
Kito Brown
Kito Brown Hace 21 un día
Over here on the East Coast those scores are definitely reversed Chili’s is sooo just bleah
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