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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Hace 8 meses

Which restaurant will win in today's Applebee's vs. Chili's Taste Test? GMM #1592
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WHYSR21 Hace 7 días
do for pizza hut and papa john pleaseee, i really want to see it
Aaron Stark
Aaron Stark Hace 8 días
Applebee's is way better
Rachelle Aguswidjaya
Rachelle Aguswidjaya Hace 11 días
This made me realize that the song actually goes “Annie are you okay” instead of “Annie are you wonky”
EqualLandRichPeople Hace 12 días
Applebee's is much better food.
Harawanagangsta Hace 13 días
Does apple bees salad come with Boudin?
ashley steinhaus
ashley steinhaus Hace 17 días
Hey link. Will it BLT?
Big Tasty
Big Tasty Hace 18 días
Hotheads vs chipotle
Ruby Mills
Ruby Mills Hace 18 días
You should do tacobell vs Chipotle
Big Tasty
Big Tasty Hace 18 días
Nah fam more like chipotle vs. hotheads
Jake Nathan
Jake Nathan Hace 20 días
Chipotle vs Qdoba?
Tajiil Hace 23 días
All I ever take away from this is if you’re picky you’ll side with Link...
Matthew Buttery
Matthew Buttery Hace 24 días
Was anyone really surprised by these results? I live in Toronto and we don't have Chili's here. I get Chili's every time I'm in the US and I look forward to it. Chili's, please come to Toronto!
sara Hace 26 días
i love applebee’s mozzarella sticks
Ryan's Channel
Ryan's Channel Hace un mes
Does Annie have ESwomen or anything?
Sir Underbridge
Sir Underbridge Hace un mes
You should put a rabbit between the two salads and see which one it ate.
semore butts
semore butts Hace un mes
Applebees has onion rings, better fries extraordinary mozzarella.
zip zip
zip zip Hace un mes
i wanna taste test the red heads ass
official phub
official phub Hace un mes
kids in 2001 on sep 11: good explosive morning
Jonathan Vaughn
Jonathan Vaughn Hace un mes
I know she's just a character for the bit, but I hope A. Annie is okay
Salman Binjumah
Salman Binjumah Hace un mes
Lack of sauce is better
Pearly White Fangs
Pearly White Fangs Hace un mes
You missed the opportunity to say "Annie, are you okay?"
David Akin
David Akin Hace un mes
Yummy redhead
Brooke Werner
Brooke Werner Hace un mes
Applebee’s holds so much nostalgia for me that this episodes hurts... But I gotta love a good Chili’s too. The molten lava cake from Applebee’s was a childhood favorite. And Haps are a college favorite ;)
Sara Wright
Sara Wright Hace un mes
You o my go to applebees for the 1$ drink specials 😂
Marzuq Chowdhury
Marzuq Chowdhury Hace un mes
Link and Rhett: who ever wins gets to sponsor a gmm episode who doesn't want that! Chilis and applebees: us
Leanne L
Leanne L Hace un mes
2:49 chicken wonton tacos are really bad to go in house they are better
Jordan Wassil
Jordan Wassil Hace un mes
Emily/"Annie" is the best...She does such great work and provides her personal positive impact between GMM and Mythical Kitchen
Megan Faith
Megan Faith Hace 2 meses
I love how the Mythical Crew go full ham for their parts. They’re clearly trying their best with what they’ve got.
William Slone
William Slone Hace 2 meses
Everything at Chili’s is better than Applebee’s
PhatChannel Reviews
PhatChannel Reviews Hace 2 meses
When you guy's going to do Popeyes vs Chick-fil-a?
Ean Bright
Ean Bright Hace 2 meses
Idk what kinda Applebee’s you guys are eating at but the one where I live is amazing and I think it is better than Chili’s
Emily Gheart
Emily Gheart Hace 2 meses
I used to love Applebee’s but they changed their menu and items like 10 years back and it’s not as good anymore. Especially the chicken tenders, fries and honey mustard.
Jamie Longworth
Jamie Longworth Hace 2 meses
The Applebee’s chicken wonton tacos are my favorite appetizer, the oriental chicken salad is the best salad, and I love their honey pepper chicken tender macaroni.
Love The Birds
Love The Birds Hace 2 meses
Anyone here in March of 2020??🙃
Love The Birds
Love The Birds Hace 2 meses
I’ve never been to either of them but now I want to go to Chili’s
Jacob F.
Jacob F. Hace 2 meses
Isn't that guy IHOP IDANNY
Kyle Sloat
Kyle Sloat Hace 2 meses
They messed up they should have done the crispy crispers like amateur
Kyle Sloat
Kyle Sloat Hace 2 meses
I have worked at a chili’s for 3 years and I can confirm that like 90% of the people who work at chili’s are Chaz
Gentleflipper3 Hace 2 meses
Longhorn is better than chilis
justin time
justin time Hace 2 meses
Never had Chili's but the Applebees Wonton taco's are the real deal.
DAISHORYUJIN 95 Hace 2 meses
Applebees, ironically, serves neither apples nor bees, and Chili's actually serves foods with Chili peppers. enough said.
XPSYCHOGMRX Hace 2 meses
Ps4 players smh I heard his console steaming
Bridges K2
Bridges K2 Hace 2 meses
Personally I go to Applebee’s for the bad food and service, the whole restaurant is a joke to me. I go there as about as often as I go to the zoo.
Bri7498 Hace 2 meses
Expecting bloody taste in your food. YIKES Applebee's
Bella’s Corner
Bella’s Corner Hace 2 meses
Annie are you ok, Annie are you ok are you ok Annie
Tyler Hankel
Tyler Hankel Hace 2 meses
Ive only been to Applebee’s 3 times because it always takes over an hour to get your food
oza Hace 2 meses
how tf can a restaurant chain that get such low scores from rhett and link even survive
Victor Vandorn
Victor Vandorn Hace 2 meses
Apple bees tenders r amazing whaaat
Chardonnay Lilly
Chardonnay Lilly Hace 2 meses
as a former applebees server i can definitely confirm that we went through that much stress and we really were constantly on the verge of tears all the time
Temari Paku
Temari Paku Hace 2 meses
Y'all I've never even had Chili's or Applebee's. I don't even know what they are known for-
sjrkkcj Hace 2 meses
Think they do better with blindfold
PLW Hace 2 meses
I'm so sad that I don't see any "Hi Welcome to Chilli's" comments 😂😭
TeamOttimo Hace 2 meses
6:11 don’t know if it was Rhett, link or one of the crew members but someone farted
IcySpicy TM
IcySpicy TM Hace 2 meses
Molten cake is sooooo good
tokyoneko23 Hace 2 meses
Sorry chilis but applebees has the four cheese mac & cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders, which is the best dish ever made!
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing Hace 2 meses
Without a doubt chillies chocolate lava cake is one of the best things they serve in the restaurant!
Merriden Hace 2 meses
This reflects my applebees experience the last few years. They're like fast food.
eric nicole tapp
eric nicole tapp Hace 2 meses
bantom360 Hace 3 meses
My entire life has been a lie....
Dwooswa Hace 3 meses
Wing stop vs buffalo wild wings
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Hace 3 meses
it hurts to think of the day gmm ceases to exist
IkeMainSSB Hace 3 meses
Applebee's more like applethrees
DrewTube Hace 3 meses
For the appetizers you should have used Applebee’s wings
Destiny Wilkins
Destiny Wilkins Hace 3 meses
Y’all should do hooters vs twin peaks
Dakotox Insta
Dakotox Insta Hace 3 meses
When I went to Applebee's it was legit the best food I've ever had.
Nate Hace 3 meses
so what you're saying is to not go to either of these places
coffeeman Hace 3 meses
F you guys texas roadhouse is way better
MALo Tv Hace 3 meses
Try some Texas Roadhouse ribs
ZERC Hace 3 meses
Aidan Dered
Aidan Dered Hace 3 meses
Last time I went to Apple Bee’s I waited 2 hours for my food 🤦‍♂️
Stephaynator Hace 3 meses
when annie said “i have some deee-bilitating student loans” i felt that.
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