Apple's WWDC19 keynote in 12 minutes

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Apple's WWDC19 keynote presentation brought a new Mac Pro, as well as all the latest developments for iOS, MacOS Catalina, WatchOS, TVOS and the announcement of iPadOS. These are the biggest announcements from the show, including a new Mac Pro and Pro Display, dark mode on iOS, Siri enhancements and voice control.
Apple WWDC 2019: iOS 13 dark mode, Mac Pro, MacOS 10.15 and everything Apple just announced:
All the WWDC19 announcements
Apple Watch getting its own App Store:
Apple TV gets multi-user feature on TV and Apple Music apps:
Apple privacy push takes on all the creepy ways you're tracked online:
Apple TV to support PS4, Xbox One controllers:
Apple Memoji get accessories, makeup and stickers:
Siri learns to read incoming iMessages (and she'll sound more humanlike, too):
HomePod gets multiuser support, live radio and audio transfer:
Apple HomeKit security features come to routers and cameras:
Dark mode color scheme is coming to iPhones with iOS 13:
Apple WWDC 2019 gives CarPlay its biggest update yet:
iPadOS gives Apple's iPads their own operating system:
Apple Find My unveiled as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends merge:
WWDC 2019: WatchOS 6 gets a noise app, activity and cycle trackers:
WWDC 2019: Apple updates WatchOS 6, includes voice memo and calculator:
Apple's iOS 13 brings new photo and camera tools:
Apple Voice Control widens voice accessibility to iOS, MacOS:
Apple's ARKit gives AR apps motion capture, lets you step inside a digital creation:
Apple update lets you use iPad as a second screen:
New Apple Mac Pro or cheese grater? WWDC reveal inspires muenster debate:
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Ben Hace 3 días
Anybody here just to compare how boring the google event was
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez Hace 5 días
Apple is synonymous with Congress- bullshits the masses and they eat it up.
XFX Trader
XFX Trader Hace 9 días
The best company in the world
Tal Has
Tal Has Hace 18 días
Ammm hello don't anyone noticed that those features been in android since 2013 even some in 2012..!!?? And it is 2019 yet apple finally made them... I feel bad for apple users 😂😂😂.
Hassaneepoo Hace 27 días
mac pro does look like a cheese grater but i do think it’s hawt
LaArs hos LajoD
LaArs hos LajoD Hace un mes
wounder when they will use their own hardware in presentations.. like the iphone or applewatch or the tv remote for instance...
Prentis PHL
Prentis PHL Hace un mes
although Apple bring out very old features to their products there is one thing i cant deny and that is whatever feature they add they make sure its running as smooth as possible. besides the butterfly keys they added to the MacBooks because they were horrible but everything else is good
NewBgeminem Hace un mes
Other Computers with these components will cost 8k.... Lol wut
Andrew Rydvansky
Andrew Rydvansky Hace un mes
James Waugh
James Waugh Hace un mes
Key words here... For the first time ever in an APPLE device. Knowing every other company has had this technology for ages now. Smh
MrBlackenstein Hace un mes
What? Dark mode, swipe.... It's unreal! What more to expect? The freedom to move apps around? Or probably in the next FANTASTIC ios 😂
肉片 Hace un mes
How do people even clap when they see the price?
Joe Maldonado
Joe Maldonado Hace un mes
"This is our new cheese grater... and it grates cheese faster than ever before!" :)
Hanxi Guo
Hanxi Guo Hace un mes
I like how you cut the $999 stand in the video
Luca_Plays321 Hace un mes
If Apple sold a potato people would still buy it.
Luca_Plays321 Hace un mes
DavyDave1313 Hace un mes
Gotta hand it to Apple. They steal everyone else’s ideas, improve them immensely and have a rabid fan base that buys and enjoys the improved technologies. They got it figured out
Repair Man
Repair Man Hace un mes
Tim Crook says Apple is failing because Trump is a Racist but we want something better for the higher prices that Apple charges. I just watched Macworld 2001 in NY. Steve Jobs was able to give you State-of-the-art technology at last years prices. Tim Crook should have been fired when the iPhone7 failed. I can’t buy a MacBook Pro because they took the metal springs out of the keyboards which now fail at 6 months of daily usage. Now Tim Crook lost to Samsung and is trying to get Trump to block Samsung from selling in the USA.
Vladyslav Didenko
Vladyslav Didenko Hace un mes
I would love to cut designer’s hands !! WTF, the same Apple in my Kitchen for 10$
Pipper Hace 2 meses
Why do they all speak like they're telling a story to a bunch of 1st graders? Is that the most effective way to sell overpriced garbage to people?
Ray Sidhu
Ray Sidhu Hace 2 meses
256 SSD really? come on
Meedo World
Meedo World Hace 2 meses
this Ceo make fun of himself he should stop that swipe darkmode! and using offshelf xeon cpu to sell us somehing we can get way cheaper i can get same power with much less price Arm Cpus is rising and soon this potato box will be a joke
cakone micke
cakone micke Hace 2 meses
People need to buy Apple only, and only too eat and nothing more. Apple products sucks hard
AsifIcarebear3 Hace 2 meses
Maybe next gen we'll see something more than "same as last year, only a bit better". Commodification is real.
Keith James
Keith James Hace 2 meses
I just want the AR glasses!
Patrick W
Patrick W Hace 2 meses
Apple, just die already
Andrei Hace 2 meses
iOS 13 is better but it’s not compatible on my device iPhone 6. I wish ip 6 COuld have the iOS 13 as much they can.
TTGAPlays Hace 2 meses
Apple: Sells stand for Pro Display XDR for $1000 Steve Jobs: Shame
Ash H
Ash H Hace 2 meses
Why didn't they demonstrate its cheese-grating ability?
JuStIn MoOdY
JuStIn MoOdY Hace 2 meses
Never have been an apple person and NEVER will be
Ali Hace 3 meses
Apple is going downhill now even though they will not admit it. RIP
Evelardo Gastelum Jr
Evelardo Gastelum Jr Hace 3 meses
Changes theme: adds $700 to phone price. Includes cheese grader on computer: adds $10,000 to computer price tag.
hotmandead1 Hace 3 meses
MacBooks keyboard Fixed? .....
John Chapman
John Chapman Hace 3 meses
Wait...people are losing their shit at a $5999 computer, and a $4999 display??
kangjhha Hace 3 meses
For all those young kids out there... stick with your passions.
Atom M
Atom M Hace 3 meses
This is so, so bad. Are they serious with this junk. Where is Steve Jobs cause his company turned into a pile of garbage and it was made that way by an illiterate team that overuse words like "awesome", "wow", "fantastic" and cant even pronounce the word "nuance". Buy a computer because the price tag is ridiculous. Build it or have someone build it. You can build it better for cheaper. I love how they said "similar models start out at $82xx.xx"...but somehow their product is revolutionary and different. But they use the language in a way that tells that the way they mean its revolutionary is that they are comparing their products to their own line. They are such bs talkers. Dark mode and swipe thing. How stupid are those people clapping. That's not new. That is so old...really old. I thought that was a joke leading up to something. Sign in with Apple? That's just another way for Apple to have control over something. That is what Apple does. They have control over your phone, you cant do anything with it. Locks over everything. Memoji stickers? Omg just terrible. Just like animoji or whatever that dumb thing was. Just a dumb aesthetic for a crappier phone than what's on the market for less. Generated emails? I can generate emails and phone numbers with text message and phone capabilities from my phone for free. I can do the same with apple. It would take waaaaay longer if I had to do it with an iPhone than with *any* Android. Their "ideas" are too long to criticize because there are too many.
Swiffy Hace 3 meses
My name is Jeff *Crowd claps* Sometimes i dream about cheese *WOW that's insane CLAPS AGAIN*
Mallusai Games
Mallusai Games Hace 3 meses
Truth: They used power point instead of keynote
Weon Chong
Weon Chong Hace 3 meses
lol swipe
Hermanis Hace 3 meses
I'm sorry not the euro but the dollars but still
Roy Grisham
Roy Grisham Hace 3 meses
Dump Cook, bring Ive’s and Woz back!
Zack Smith
Zack Smith Hace 3 meses
No ppint . Fire em all
Specialto Hace 3 meses
Sry Apple, even my Windows Phone (!) had a dark mode 5 years ago. It would have been ok if you would have added it to your new iOS and just mentionned it in the update notes (better late than never), but celebrating it as revolutionary is RIDICULOUS
Hype World
Hype World Hace 3 meses
Can someone give me the timestamp for the stand?
Raj Nibhani
Raj Nibhani Hace 3 meses
No 8k monitor ? 😢
Erick Hernández
Erick Hernández Hace 3 meses
will the new ios let you pick up or hang up calls with Voice control?
Dan Sutton
Dan Sutton Hace 3 meses
Why won't the board of directors simply terminate cook? Thats the problem when you place sodomites in charge, they sodomise you in every way they can.
Ava Thibault
Ava Thibault Hace 3 meses
When the WiFi goes out, even I panic. “I have more Fandom to read!” I think, not even thinking about the cold hard facts. Facts that would disrupt society to its core. What if the WiFi goes out forever? We are so dependent on these companies that we don’t even have a plan. What if the suddenly electronics suddenly no longer function? What if someone makes them turn against us? We don’t have a plan for this sorta stuff, the Government depends on electronics, with their big, fancy, devices that calculate our every move. And electronic companies, they would mean nothing. Even though they may have money, down to its true core, money is worthless. When the apocalypse and we are thrown into a dystopian setting, money won’t get you anywhere. Currency is just a system to show how important you are to people in society. Money buys you meaningless junk. Meaningless junk buys you meaningless junk. You can’t eat money and you definitely can’t trade money. Back in the old days we would trade objects for objects. Say a pig for a mattress. But who was to say that a pig is worth a mattress? That’s why when someone stood up and gave us a chance to have a better system, we all agreed. But then the currency wasn’t evenly distributed throughout society. Some people are rich like trump, owning a business and everything. Some people aren’t exactly struggling but they aren’t swimming in cash either. And then we have people that don’t have a house, or a job, or a stable life. They probably think that death is a better option for themselves. This may be one of the reasons suicide rates are kinda high. There is this unsaid rule that someone that has lots of money is powerful, someone is doing okay is a citizen, and someone who is living in the streets is a motherfucking scumbag. Someone that shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy life. We only have one of those people, let people enjoy it. Well unless this is a simulation, but that’s for a different paragraph or speech or whatever the hell this is. Although the unspoken rule may apply, I myself think that people who don’t have much money should be considered a good or bad person by their personality and who they are as a being. And that applies to everyone that has ever lived one this earth. Although Hitler may have been powerful, had followers that did his every decision (the nazis), and had a whole ton of cash, that does not make him a good person! Although he may of been powerful, he still killed Jews and sent them to concentration camps for he thought they deserved it! This is what is corrupted with society! How can someone like.....say, I dunno, someone good be the same species and have the same living conditions as the Fürur to the Nazis but lead different lives?! It’s one of life’s many mysteries. Although there may be good rich people, there is still a fair share of bad ones. And although there may be people that are Serial Killers, Cannibles, and terrorists there are still good people, out there that can stop the unstoppable. People thought that Adolf Hitler was unstoppable, yet they were wrong. There were things in history that couldn’t of been stopped. Unsuspecting Murders, terrorist attacks, and many more. You may be thinking “Like 9.11, why doesn’t this person just mention 9.11??” Well, I don’t believe it actually happened, bombs from the government is what I think happened. The plane was cgi and a plane can’t go through that far into a building. Now look what we are talking about now. Shane Dawson Conspiracies. I was talking about Adolf Hitler, the most evil person of all time, and then went to some ESwomenr’s conspiracy Theories. This is just another reason why we don’t stand a chance unless we get more ready, we get distracted from real life problems so easily. Remember when that one HUGE fire started in California? I am so sorry that I can’t remember the name. And it killed so, so many people? Then a couple other ones started and all the news channel shifted to that fires. It didn’t kill nearly as many people. But they still shifted to that fire. The only reason they shifted is because there were celebrities living near that other fire! We were being turned away from the actual state of what’s going on. And we fell for it. We won’t stand a chance unless we ready ourselves for when we fall into an apocalypse type world. We won’t live to tell the tale otherwise. (Also, I’m writing this here because the original video by apple had comments disabled because of comments like this and hate comments.)
Flashmanos Hace 3 meses
2:27 you make a pc designed to be the best performing in work and cg, and you put in 256gb ssd
unknownfancy Hace 3 meses
When’s the apple watch round seerieess?
BryansGamingWorld Hace 3 meses
piiinkDeluxe Hace 3 meses
Dark mode. such innovation look at dark emoji such beauty much wow
LarryBarry Hace 4 meses
$999 , and this kids is why I stick to trusty Samsung or Haweii , which don’t BLOW UP , or the chargers break if u so much as slightly bend them and the prices are extremely reasonable ....
Arze Hace 4 meses
can it run minecraft
Newbie Hace 4 meses
Apple sure has promoted ..from a trash can to a cheese grater
Newbie Hace 4 meses
Apple: presents the most expensive cheese grinder
Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright Hace 4 meses
3:55 when someone screams of excitement
Christina Glenn
Christina Glenn Hace 4 meses
Seriously? We're supposed to get excited about a $6,000 computer?????! That's insane!
Why people buy these products?
WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss
WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss Hace 4 meses
Hahahahhahaha CNET is being paid off to hide the 1000 dollar stand.
Câhil Hace 4 meses
Apple is gonna be the Nokia of 20's.
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia Hace 4 meses
loll apple copy paste company and people still buy it 🤷🏾‍♂️😓😓
svn mock
svn mock Hace 4 meses
The audience are paid actors
Rida C
Rida C Hace 4 meses
Am I the only person on earth that is STILL pissed off about FCP 10.... I want the ORIGINAL editing program BACK. FCP 7 FOREVER!
Maxwell Smart_086
Maxwell Smart_086 Hace 4 meses
GREAT - that the promoters are wearing "dark mode" clothes all together. With Tim Crook "The Dark Ages" have begun. ;-)
yahya iflal
yahya iflal Hace 4 meses
Omg wow keyboard swipe so impressive. Bullshit
mistouko Hace 4 meses
The audience is on drugs? 😱😱 Woo! 👏👏👏👏
Love You
Love You Hace 4 meses
I have been swiping my keyboard for more than two years
John Wayne
John Wayne Hace 4 meses
you have to be a faithful sheep to buy this overpriced garbage.
WORLD MUSIC A-F-C Hace 4 meses
Dios de lo imposible en mi canal
BRUH Hace 4 meses
Hipsters will buy anything
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