Apparently We're Almost In a National State of Emergency

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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James Corden looks at the news of the day, notably President Donald Trump saying he's going to declare a national state of emergency as part of his plan to build the border wall he long-said Mexico would pay for, and Amazon's decision to pull out of building a plant in New York.
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Javier Nunez
Javier Nunez Hace 3 meses
Walt F.
Walt F. Hace 3 meses
The emergency is that we have a Russian operative in the White House, the result of a coup by a foreign adversary. And the Republican party seems, by and large, to be traitors right along with the traitor-in-chief. Trump doesn't give a damn about the stupid wall, his agenda is to cause as much disruption and chaos as possible while he can. We'll be really lucky if Russia doesn't invade while we're at our weakest.
Engineering & More
Engineering & More Hace 3 meses
Its extremely rude to call trump a pig... Youre not supposed to insult pigs.
Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera Hace 3 meses
emergencyDictionary result for emergency /ɪˈməːdʒ(ə)nsi/Submit noun 1. a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.
Bob Stokley
Bob Stokley Hace 3 meses
fuck you fat boy whoever the fuck you are
Jeannie Hace 3 meses
Stumps has a bi-pass from his ass to his mouth.
Brain Hace 3 meses
Impeach the orange.
Johnnys Adventures
Johnnys Adventures Hace 3 meses
How is building a wall to protect our nation against the constitution? I dont understand that at all. Yet poelosy wants to use executive power to ban that is against the constitution
Matty Patty
Matty Patty Hace 3 meses
That is bull the rumor of the congress bypass wasnt even spread bytrump and it is not confirmed
salas7146 Hace 3 meses
I hope congress won't approved Donald Trump national emergency
salas7146 Hace 3 meses
Mexico never said that we're going to pay for the wall it was Donald Trump said that to his supporters
salas7146 Hace 3 meses
Donald Trump want's money for himself and his family
Black widow
Black widow Hace 3 meses
Okay so I’m throw out there that Mexico is one of the most violent place, especially El Salvador. Why would want u all those ppl to just be free to come over and do what they want?? U know how many ppl have been kidnapped and sold in Mexico?? The drugs that ruin lives. At least with the wall up it helps that. All u ppl against it just look at it as a race issue. When no it’s a people issue. Not just 1 country. It’s ALL countries! Why can’t we have our own protection? Protecting all u sorry asses and ur kids.
William H. Baird
William H. Baird Hace 3 meses
Is anyone Scared in this so-called National Emergency except Cheeto? Time to Impeach this Wimp!
Lifesabitch214 Hace 3 meses
Could Americans build that motherfucking wall already and stfu. Phew, goes the rest of the world.
Cisco Jr
Cisco Jr Hace 3 meses
@ 1 minute and 24 seconds.... BURN!!!!!!!
modern studies
modern studies Hace 3 meses
Please keep this twat over there So glad he's not over here these days
Dave Bell
Dave Bell Hace 3 meses
Building a wall at this point with no Imigration form hum let's see migration reform or a wall.or dang maybe wars a cheeper .chain migration seems to be the norm for Democrats.what country is flipping the bill ? Change America's migration politics.
Sophie Teresa
Sophie Teresa Hace 3 meses
Umm... just a fact and realisation... Hitler declared a state of emergency too. For a not-so-emergency-emergency. I'm not saying Trump is as bad as Hitler! There's just similarities between the two.
Waheedah's Recipes
Waheedah's Recipes Hace 3 meses
R Gaming
R Gaming Hace 3 meses
B S Hace 3 meses
Corden 😁
Cid B.
Cid B. Hace 3 meses
James' cute British accent makes it sound like he's saying "raunch".
ManuGamezer Hace 3 meses
I hate when television shows involve politics
Joel Edelstein
Joel Edelstein Hace 3 meses
Why watch?
Jessica Gore
Jessica Gore Hace 3 meses
Hey, I like the waistcoat, James! It's a good look.
Troy Allen
Troy Allen Hace 3 meses
Ronald Regan said to Mikhail Gorbachev Tear down this wall. Which had divided West and East Berlin so how long will it take to tell Trump to tear down this wall as Trump said fence? Trump think's the wall will be impenetrable. The wall is destined to be a hilarious and historic failure because anyone with access to a Home Depot can apparently saw right through it. Trump should look in a mirror and say you're fired. Trump, he's stepping on you like a bug if he would serve a second term the US would be laughed at like now because of Trump.
Howard Kerr
Howard Kerr Hace 3 meses
That Valentine from Kanye West: looked more like it was TO Kanye.....from himself. This monologue was pretty good right up until the Hidden Valley Ranch part. But then, when I am eating a pizza my thought isn't "this would taste so much better dipped in ranch dressing".
rezan bilal
rezan bilal Hace 3 meses
Trump is trying to fix your country. But you don't deserve him. I hope he was my president
TheKoyn Hace 3 meses
Why does Kanye looks like that "okay" guy from vine
stud man
stud man Hace 3 meses
This fat brit needs to be deported like all you losers who hate our country. Go home scumbags before you end up in a pine box.
pop5678eye Hace 3 meses
Health care, gun violence, climate change are all greater emergencies than illegal immigration... I guess the next time we have a democrat in the White House he/she can declare it as well and just change laws without consulting Congress from now on?
THE G AND G SHOW Hace 3 meses
Yo james
DeMox Hace 3 meses
Okay this is really interesting. Not because of that dudes lazy attempt at comedy, but because this is apparently where people get most of their political education from and still somehow manage not to be alarmed. Here's what I think happens in this clip: He starts of by saying that trump has declared a national emergency because he wants ( that's it btw trump just "wants" this wall. He doesn't actually "need" the funding.) more funds for the wall. He then manages to makes "liberal late night talk show joke #1045" by using an old trump tweet about Obama "against" him. He doesn't even mention the fact that a person like trump, who I remind has the highest office in America and pretty much power over the entire world, is starting to act like some Arab-spring dictator 2 months before the revolution. But for a talk show host like him, who basically wields the power over the opinions of quite a lot of people, shrugs it off with an Obama joke. At this point in the video, this guy could have made real change. But instead of using it to bring attention to an alarming situation which political analysts had warned about he just kinda doesn't do anything. He then informs us about trumps actual plans for the wall, which apart from it being REALLY hard to climb don't seem to consist of anything. Which apperently isn't needed because why it's just a mountain of taxpayer money right (but you don't care because you make ungodly amounts of money which thanks to trump you pay even less taxes for now which is probably a think you actually now an probably made an ironic statement in private but obviously not in public right because we can't let those poor people know we're millionaires we want them to like us rightttt????). You then make a joke about trumps idiotic comparison of the wall to mount everest. First of all, I want you, the reader, to think about the first comparison that comes to mind when describing something comicly large. Mount everest, right? Yeah. That's because it's the easiest comparison you could make. Cuz it's the highest mountain in the world. 8848m if I remember correctly. By now you should realize the wall/fence/whatever isn't going to be that tall. But why compare it then? Because it's the highest thing Trump could think of. Trump probably I provided that speech, but the fact that he is using this kind of language to describe the wall is interesting. I think trump has no idea how high the wall is going to be. But somehow he still feels the need to bypass the parts of our elected gouverment that are set in place to protect us from the president acting against the interest of the people. I find that concerning. (also quick addition to latenightshowhost: that poor excuse for a joke you made about "trump not knowing what he's talking about because he's not in shape to do extreme sports so he doesn't know what he's talking about right audience hahaha clapclapclap? First of all, it's a super basic expression and transforming that into a fat joke just means that you really hired some lazy writers. Second of all, climbing the everest has almost nothing to do with extrem sports and almost everything to do with how fat your wallet is. Trump is exactly the kind of egocentric capitalist that would pay some sherpa to haul his fat ass up the mountain. (but here's an attempt at a joke for your show : do the exact same bit but then let the conversation smoothly shift to the statistics of people dying on everest whilest staring directly into the camera as you shake an old-timey gaslamp. Bet that would have gotten an interesting reaction from your audience.) And now we are heading straight to the great finale: because according to the late night comedy law of 1812 you always have to do two jokes intercut with information before heading into the great laugh that shakes the audience at the end. And what do we get? A "smooth" transition into the next bit of "funny right now" which happens to be SALAD DRESSING. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That's either the worst choice you could have possibly made in that situation or an subtle attempt at nihilistc humor. I actually laughed at that. I thought you had fully embraced the "lol nothing matters" humor of everybody under 25. But I don't think your audience got that one. Poor guy. If that's supposed to be comedy, it failed (at least on me) completely. If that's supposed to be political information it also failed completely. Your show, writing and attitude somehow manges to feel both incredible cheap and Wierdly detached from the real world. I think I'll continue my thoughts on this later, but for now I'm actually mad at you.
Damon Roark
Damon Roark Hace 4 meses
Carla Flores
Carla Flores Hace 4 meses
Be Blessed
Proffessor Piggy
Proffessor Piggy Hace 4 meses
Damn these liberals are just really getting pissed off. He’s your president get over man Jesus. You people know how to hold a grudge.
Joel Edelstein
Joel Edelstein Hace 3 meses
Your president (not mine) still can’t stop talking about Obama and Hillary and you talk about grudges!!
mightysun89 Hace 4 meses
Wall? Does it dawn in his mind howv long it will take? The problem is not only from the border. Problem is in side. What's he going to do about all the shooting in sch, and malls, lately in Aurora. I think build wall around america, as no one wants to go there.
Tinthia Clemant
Tinthia Clemant Hace 4 meses
It's done; Trump declared a SofE.
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton Hace 4 meses
Did I just hear this American President say, to paraphrase, I didn’t need to call 911 to declare an national emergency for immediate help or rescue, it’s just a faster way to get help…? And should this be taught in public schools to children that might be experiencing a tough homework assignment? Raise your right hand if your answer is yes…
rebeccamaria63 Hace 4 meses
I thought that how Democracy works is by the people electing a President who then has a mandate for his policies.
Celena Newell
Celena Newell Hace 3 meses
Drumpf 😈 🔥 is FACIST Dictator!! 😈🔥 Who was elected by a FACIST Dictator, Putin!! 😈🔥
Timothy Campbell
Timothy Campbell Hace 4 meses
Obama 13 States of emergency. Trump 3. Our borders matter Packistan dose not. Go Trump Trump 2020 Tucker 2024 2028 At Least it is not a national emergency declared over the word ending in 12 years because of cow farts cars and plains like Cortez and Polizi. I see Americans loosing life due to the the lack of barer on the south borders if we don't take our laws seriously and allow them to break the first law of our country of course they won't take any other laws serious. Watch Cortez speak it's way really truly funny.
Top Dawg
Top Dawg Hace 4 meses
Wait so was the thing everyone laughed at the fact that Kanye wasn’t recording it and had someone else do it or was it something else?
Jimmy F.
Jimmy F. Hace 4 meses
2:05 captions 😂
Rafael N.
Rafael N. Hace 4 meses
He promised a wall, and got elected , now he wants to built it. But Democrats would not let him But Democrats also threw amazon from NY, something I think is a little extreme anti corp.
S Miller
S Miller Hace 4 meses
Love that Kanye's in sweats while Kenny G is playing in a forest of roses🌹for Kim
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck Hace 4 meses
I wonder if you make jokes and laugh in the faces of the parents, family and friends that lost their loved ones to illegal aliens or lost their lives to drug overdoses that came from the SOUTHERN BORDER. Very disappointing that you would make this into a joke.
S Miller
S Miller Hace 4 meses
@Lucky Duck thanks for noticing 😏
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck Hace 4 meses
@S Miller Ha! Ya... you're not brainwashed at all....
S Miller
S Miller Hace 4 meses
1:20 Joke on Constitutional crisis but turn it into the latest Right Wing talking point. You're not brainwashed at all.
james evarts
james evarts Hace 4 meses
Man of Steel
Man of Steel Hace 4 meses
What’s the difference between this dumpster fire of a monologue and liberal propaganda Absolutely nothing... BUILD THE WALL
Daniel Johnsen
Daniel Johnsen Hace 4 meses
I wonder if Trump got the border wall idea watching Game of Thrones. It's gonna be the greatest wall, made of solid ice, and it will keep the white walkers from crossing from Mexico.
lord dreaux
lord dreaux Hace 3 meses
Daniel Johnsen he got the idea from Obama and other you didn’t know that did you
dimitri Hace 4 meses
James what are you talking about if i was in a super-max prison i would still find a way to tunnel out of that bitch in time for your monologue. If i was in a coma i would still have someone come in everyday to play the monologue by my bedside i am serious i got a guy on retainer just for that purpose. If i was about to be hanged and they gave me one last wish it would be to watch your monologue. I may have a problem i know but i think the fix is to just hang out in person. How about it James? Car pool karaoke?
trever davis
trever davis Hace 4 meses
We should have used all that money barrack hussein gave to Iran for hostages to build this wall. If walls are not needed let's take them down at prisons. Or better yet let's put the illegal aliens in the subdivisions of people who say they are great members of our society.
Wayne Black
Wayne Black Hace 4 meses
Just be aware, El Chapo didn't bring any of his drugs over the border. It was airplanes, trains, submarines, tunnels and semi trucks at border points. So what's a wall going to stop? The 20 or 30 illegal aliens each year? Nothing. A lot of money to waste for nothing. If trump is so concerned about the wall, let him pay for it and get Mexico to pay him back later. Or better yet, El Chapo has a ton of money, let him pay for it.
Wayne Black
Wayne Black Hace 3 meses
Read my above comment again, carefully. Hardly ANY drugs come across the U.S. Mexican border. This is a fact. The number of illegal aliens crossing it is the lowest in 40 years. This is a fact. There is no emergency. This is a fact. There is another way to stop any movement across the border. There are sensors and cameras that could be placed along the border immediately notifying Border Patrol of any attempted ingress. Just as good if not better than his stupid wall. The sensors would also detect tunneling under the border. It would cost far less and be more effective. Also allowing the normal passage and migration of the animals that cross. Area 51 has the same sensors around the entire base and no one has ever breached the perimeter. Security can tell if it's a human, coyote, snake or desert tortoise walking in. It could be done and it would work. The main problem with this solution is trump's huge ego. To him it would be disappointingly INVISIBLE and he would never approve it. It would be something that he couldn't point at and say "see, I did this!". (pump fist in the air) Egotistical trump likes to stamp his name in big letters on his property and this solution wouldn't do.
Magnolia Marths
Magnolia Marths Hace 3 meses
Why exactly we MUST pay for the border we dont want it, US want it you pay for it, we're not the ones craving for drugs!!! You're right thought a wall will not make a difference there must be another way for stopping drug traffics hence Mexico violence a win win situation
Erin Piccolo
Erin Piccolo Hace 3 meses
Wayne Black Yep. And this information is out there for anyone to verify.
Nurazianie Abdullah
Nurazianie Abdullah Hace 4 meses
I will pray to God and ask for peace.. Security.. And strength.. And a lot more.. Haha.
T. Paul Penske
T. Paul Penske Hace 4 meses
Is James Corden even American?
Nick Lang
Nick Lang Hace 4 meses
That trump tweet from 2014. It is really idiotic that he can forget that kind of hypocrisy and still think he holds any type of moral high ground.
Nick Lang
Nick Lang Hace 3 meses
Trump is not known for his honesty. I’m not the one proving whether the tweet was made, but he is still unethical and that weakness is tainting American authority, politics, and international power.
Matty Patty
Matty Patty Hace 3 meses
Nick Lang trump never said that that is a rumor by another politician and it probably isnt even true
Lynne Shapley
Lynne Shapley Hace 4 meses
Grow up !!!!
Anna Paik
Anna Paik Hace 4 meses
James...please...don't shut out women's voice. Don't...please. You have children. Don't you want equal opportunity for everyone.
raising kane
raising kane Hace 4 meses
So in other words "american citizens whatever money no matter how much or how little you have in your pockets, purses or wallets; or whatever you have in your checking & savings bank accounts or hidden under your mattresses hand it all over to your nearest local state capital building branch Now! Thank you, your hard working government really appreciates it 😘!" "P.s..Now go back to your jobs you go to make more of that hard earned money we love so much✌!" rotfl!! Ctfu!! Lmao!! lol!!
New Age
New Age Hace 4 meses
The left making jokes as their country falls apart around them, you either want working borders or you want anyone including criminals
True Colors
True Colors Hace 4 meses
Fake laugh, fake people, fake news!
Joel Edelstein
Joel Edelstein Hace 3 meses
Fake comment
lovemoviesful2 Hace 3 meses
@True Colors Fake editing! Get it right the first time!
True Colors
True Colors Hace 3 meses
@lovemoviesful2 Fake Love!
lovemoviesful2 Hace 4 meses
Fake colors!
Andrea Arellano
Andrea Arellano Hace 4 meses
Juwoki Hace 4 meses
Trump only made the Mount Everest remark because he heard Hillary climbed that mountain ....... Of course he didn't know, that it was Sir Edmund Hillary!
S Miller
S Miller Hace 4 meses
Melody Moon
Melody Moon Hace 4 meses
John Ulicky
John Ulicky Hace 4 meses
Drugs are brought in through tunnels, on trucks, and on makeshift submarines. BUILD THAT WALL!!
Johnnys Adventures
Johnnys Adventures Hace 3 meses
How is building a wall to protect our nation against the constitution? I dont understand that at all. Yet poelosy wants to use executive power to ban that is against the constitution
John Ulicky
John Ulicky Hace 3 meses
Subtle sarcasm was lost on you lot. I was pointing out the obvious fact that the wall will be useless.
Julia C
Julia C Hace 4 meses
Tunnels run underground therefore would STILL be made under the wall...... Submarines run through water this wall is being built on land......
Kaylen Davis
Kaylen Davis Hace 4 meses
John Ulicky drugs are gonna be here regardless.........
محمود النعيمي 511
محمود النعيمي 511 Hace 4 meses
Rise 8
Rise 8 Hace 4 meses
America’s so fucked even the British, are getting a whiff and laugh from Trumps, farts.
Veluws Hace 4 meses
Who like this video?
Honest Opinion
Honest Opinion Hace 4 meses
Weak Nancy Pelosi once again has shown no backbone and Sex Predator Racist Trump got 1 Billion Dollars for a useless wall. Exactly what soulless Sens. Mitch McConnell wanted. I TOLD YOU SO! Weak Nancy Pelosi is afraid to bring Green New Deal to a vote. While Soulless Republicans without hesitating stroke down laws and regulations that were protecting the environment. But Weak Nancy Pelosi is afraid to move a finger. If Weak Nancy Pelosi is not ready to lead, please move out the way! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right to bring climate change as a priority, not only for us, the generation of today, but mainly for future generations. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a strong woman with great ideas, It is a shame that Weak Nancy Pelosi is on her way.
57シマダ・ゲンジ Hace 4 meses
Building this wall will take a very long time, will be very expensive, and will not only not keep eveyone out, but its a massive waste of time and resources that could be used for other things.
57シマダ・ゲンジ Hace 3 meses
@Jeannie exactly
Jeannie Hace 3 meses
@Ellis Jones Immigrants coming over the southern border have been decreasing for over 20 years.
Jeannie Hace 3 meses
@mikemc Jimmy It won’t keep anyone out. Unless they are as brain dead as he is.
David Pieper
David Pieper Hace 3 meses
@Ellis Jones well... You're such a horrible person we could just make you the poster boy for America and no one will ever move here.
Mohammad Kurniawan
Mohammad Kurniawan Hace 3 meses
@Ellis Jones Didnt they just stop a caravan few months back?if you want to block illegal immigrant its cool but wall in the entire frickin border seems like a huge waste of money
DonMorte2 Hace 4 meses
Thank you America for taking the title for 'Most Laughed at Political Establishment' back from us... for now! Thank you again, the United Kingdom.
PandaBoy Hace 3 meses
Boo uk
jay H
jay H Hace 4 meses
Biggly! The most beautiful deal.., the wettest water, the tallest sky, the roundest ball, the brightest light, the More hottest fire, the bestest brain, with the mostest words, the orangest skin tan ... orange, Natural Bronze skin, The tallest wall, bigger than the Trump Tower.. Well almost...The ...... Well You get the hint.. WTF AMERICA!! WHAT DID WE PUT IN THE WHITE HOUSE!?
jay H
jay H Hace 3 meses
@MsRedsphere facts!
MsRedsphere Hace 3 meses
Pootie's puppet. The orange one is under orders to distract us from the Russian investigation.
Celena Newell
Celena Newell Hace 3 meses
We have the biggest POS in the WH!!😈
Lifesabitch214 Hace 3 meses
Tremendously big, huge.
Eric Umeed
Eric Umeed Hace 4 meses
I am from the country of MOUNT EVEREST,NEPAL
1982 Hace 4 meses
what is the Sun City Cell for $911 Alex?
Quiet Storm Entertainment
Quiet Storm Entertainment Hace 4 meses
Get AK on your show to sing Deja Vu!!!!
RETR0 edits
RETR0 edits Hace 4 meses
hello can i get a fat sub?
Dxegon Plays
Dxegon Plays Hace 4 meses
Diana A
Diana A Hace 4 meses
cyrus dohnt no
TajMa Hal
TajMa Hal Hace 4 meses
Shawn&Inna Barrett
Shawn&Inna Barrett Hace 4 meses
honestly what is the solution instead of making fun??
Shawn&Inna Barrett
Shawn&Inna Barrett Hace 4 meses like a joke guess which
Shawn&Inna Barrett
Shawn&Inna Barrett Hace 4 meses
james ge to give you your propaganda anti president how do u add positive value??
Shawn&Inna Barrett
Shawn&Inna Barrett Hace 4 meses
funny bunny impeach me hahaha @Daarko Music
Daarko Music
Daarko Music Hace 4 meses
Honestly James is a comedian his job is to make fun
o r a n g e
o r a n g e Hace 4 meses
as long as we have James 😍❤
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! Hace 4 meses
I thought the only person Kanye liked was... Kanye (himself)
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! Hace 4 meses
*Thanks for being a market spoiler Kanye...*
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! Hace 4 meses
2:43 *She's never coming back is she ?*
S Miller
S Miller Hace 4 meses
@MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! whoa...really havin' a rough day. Here's to hoping you find you way through it.
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! Hace 4 meses
Sums up my Valentine's Day
Sara Wilcker
Sara Wilcker Hace 4 meses
No clue what this is about, but I just wanted to share that I had my first kiss today and it was so awesome...
Mason Bunch
Mason Bunch Hace 3 meses
Good for you!!👍
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez Hace 3 meses
Congrats. First boyfriend? 😇💖
Chery Neel
Chery Neel Hace 3 meses
I am so happy for you :)
gozzilla177 Hace 3 meses
Great... Now we have to have "the talk" sit down... It's gonna get weird.
Anne Blevins
Anne Blevins Hace 4 meses
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! Hace 4 meses
*Trump's Valentine's Day Threesome with Putin and Kim Jong Un must've been lit*
Moon Child
Moon Child Hace un mes
@stud man trump sucks anyway
Howard Kerr
Howard Kerr Hace 3 meses
Chump's Valentine's Day threesome would be to give Kim head while Putin f@#ks him (Chump) in the a$$.
stud man
stud man Hace 3 meses
Your threesome would be Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel blowing this fat brit while you jerk off.
holly Hace 4 meses
Reem Al Janahi it’s no that funny pal
Reem Al Janahi
Reem Al Janahi Hace 4 meses
YOU GOIN TO JAIL 💀💀 if this comment doesn't reach the top then idk what should
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MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! Hace 4 meses
*Who else didn't had a good Valentine's Day?*
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez Hace 3 meses
@Emma Heffernan dang sorry to hear that. Guy is at a lost
Hanni Al
Hanni Al Hace 4 meses
Emma Heffernan probably better without them if they dump you on Valentine’s Day
Emma Heffernan
Emma Heffernan Hace 4 meses
I got dumped after 6 years
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*Hamberders and **-Covfefe-** Coffee anyone?*
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*How was Valentine's Day ?*
Cammy Hammitt
Cammy Hammitt Hace 4 meses
Oh goodness 🤦🏽‍♀️
Musical Doctor
Musical Doctor Hace 4 meses
Trump for 2020 🙌🏼 😂
Laine Hace 4 meses
Trump is the perfect example for the lesson, "Think before you speak."
Ciara ooh
Ciara ooh Hace 3 meses
tRumpf spews out the mouth an is such an idiot he can't stick to script
Lifesabitch214 Hace 3 meses
Or tweet. Or just stfu.
Serienjunkie 007
Serienjunkie 007 Hace 4 meses
It's hard to think when you're braindead.
Mohammad Kurniawan
Mohammad Kurniawan Hace 4 meses
Assuming Donald Trump can think 😂😂😂
[YT] NovaBound
[YT] NovaBound Hace 4 meses
Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson Hace 4 meses
We are...
mountain boy
mountain boy Hace 4 meses
Gage Helms
Gage Helms Hace 4 meses
Orange man bad!
MJC919 Hace 4 meses
Your waist is a national state of emergency James. England kicked you out because you were sinking that pathetic little country. We fraught a war to not listen to the British. But fat ass James cordon doesn’t shut up. Fuck the queen I hope she slips in the tub and dies. Long live America and president trump. Maga country faggots.
Brasil 👍™
Mustafa Poyraz
Mustafa Poyraz Hace 4 meses
I don't understand why you don't want to subscribe while I'm free to subscribe to my channel
Ice21 Hace 4 meses
Quick to get here
Perryace Hace 4 meses
Hey... Your life is cursed and your kid will be Donald Trump if you don't like
Howard Kerr
Howard Kerr Hace 3 meses
@Daniel Appleton I think you have things backwards, having done all or at least some of those things you mentioned while pregnant...resulted in this mixed up child man.
Whittle Moore
Whittle Moore Hace 4 meses
So if I don't click like my kids becomes president....... . No problem
Bubbles Spots
Bubbles Spots Hace 4 meses
If my kid was gonna be a billionaire and succeed in life then so be it.
Azure Skyes
Azure Skyes Hace 4 meses
you'll be trapped with the cadavers of all your loved ones with no food so you can feel your sanity degrade little by little until you break to the pangs of hunger and submit to the beast within... unless you like this reply to your comment.
Daniel Appleton
Daniel Appleton Hace 4 meses
@mountain boy Be thankful that you don't. & if you do come into a wicked huge amount of money via a rich uncle or winning a lottery, keep it secret from your kid.
travel er
travel er Hace 4 meses
Perryace Hace 4 meses
2019? xd
Perryace Hace 4 meses
No views and 8 likes... and 7 comments
scain-killer-2019 strayed it
scain-killer-2019 strayed it Hace 4 meses
Yo yo yo it's yo boi scain
Marcus Gilbert
Marcus Gilbert Hace 4 meses
1st like
raising kane
raising kane Hace 4 meses
And here's your prize... Lmao!
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