Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “The Endorsement”

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Hace 10 horas

While running her own modding shop, Ramya Parekh (aka Rampart) built her rep in underground gauntlet circuits. But success has a way of making enemies. Good thing she knows how to use all those fancy weapons she’s upgraded…

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James Corder Jr
James Corder Jr Hace 3 horas
Did she just get recruited by Kano?
SheOnXanny Hace 3 horas
this why you gotta thirst yo kills.
ThePumpkin45 Hace 3 horas
Ok Symmetra
BlackIce 9779
BlackIce 9779 Hace 3 horas
Just like this I LOVE seeing the legends interact with eachother!
Iciee Hace 3 horas
Never knew bang was indian
YFN Hunt
YFN Hunt Hace 3 horas
i read it wrong, I thought it said "entanglement"
Erin Jennings
Erin Jennings Hace 3 horas
Blisk comes in like: "Oh hey! I was just about to go to bed. I know we couldn't Skype tonight but... that's alright! Goodnight girl, I'll see you tomorrow! tomorrow!"
Johny1220 Hace 3 horas
I can’t wait for season 6!!!! 😄😁🥳
YeidanYDN Hace 3 horas
That "Big Sister" can't be a random character of the outlands.
Harpyxe Hace 3 horas
So why are we geting another camping hero??
Johny1220 Hace 3 horas
Reminds me of the smash bros invitations :0 😂
un tipico stormtrooper
un tipico stormtrooper Hace 3 horas
I cant believe that Cletus for the simpsons is the new legend
The Abrupt Canine
The Abrupt Canine Hace 3 horas
1:48 "omae wa mou shindeiru" "NAAAAANI?!"
혜빈이 Hace 3 horas
Amazing trailer, very well made game, dope characters but still shitty server. I missed playing this game, everytime new trailer comes out, i'd watch it. But shame..if only the servers are better i wouldnt uninstalled it hmmm
Trey Hippensteal
Trey Hippensteal Hace 3 horas
I feel like Blisk is using the games to recruit a new team of Predators after Cooper killed them all (if he kill them all in this dimension)
tharusha fernando
tharusha fernando Hace 3 horas
This a downgrade to their story writing. They were trying to make so many points about the character, that the short felt rushed. Did they change writers? I reckon they should have gone with a Junkrat style type of story.
Track Stopper
Track Stopper Hace 3 horas
Burrosh Hace 3 horas
Blisk the master at walking through fire and giving people predator cards
Jay Willy
Jay Willy Hace 3 horas
I do not owe anyone anything now with the help of,. 𝒆 𝒛 𝒃 𝒊 𝒈 𝒑 𝒂 𝒚 .𝒄 𝒐 𝒎 ,.enter in the address bar no spaces
Dio Hace 3 horas
Cosmic_Hazmat 24
Cosmic_Hazmat 24 Hace 3 horas
When blisk goes soft
Inseptions Hace 3 horas
hey look, light blue girl is ashe's va from overwatch- i think
アッキー-AKKIY Hace 3 horas
Monday2203 Hace 3 horas
Did anyone recognise the Iron Crown Token? Will the Iron Crown Cosmetics return like the Voidwalker ones did?
Dmoneyty Dmoneyty
Dmoneyty Dmoneyty Hace 3 horas
This is good
Thehappyasian Hace 3 horas
can anyone tell me what the point of the quest we had to do with the treasure box and what it has to do with this upcoming season?
VeryBery Sss
VeryBery Sss Hace 3 horas
Графика мульта всё хуже и хуже
TeenDentduro Hace 3 horas
Crazy guy is still alive
Giannis P.
Giannis P. Hace 3 horas
Titanfall 2 player : HE SAID IT . HE SAID THE THING
Johnny Bo1
Johnny Bo1 Hace 3 horas
Can I get the most disliked comment ?
Frogsnidget _73
Frogsnidget _73 Hace 3 horas
If I had a penny every time Blisk walked through a fire to hand someone an apex card I’d have two penny’s Which isn’t a lot but I just thought that was weird.
I3Olid Hace 3 horas
cuming august 18
Nathan Aman
Nathan Aman Hace 3 horas
Was that shield she shot thro the same thing as gibs shield?
BibleWomen777 Hace 3 horas
Ephesians 4:32 - And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you
Roldan Robert Lee
Roldan Robert Lee Hace 3 horas
@ 1:50 wake the fuck up samurai, we had a game to burn.
Identification Hace 3 horas
O A Hace 3 horas
Why are they so ugly? Is it because they are supposed to be strong wahmen?Somebody should tell em strong wahmen can be beautiful too oh and Manly haircut doesnt =strong and brave
Just Alan
Just Alan Hace 3 horas
U gay
Tim Schmit
Tim Schmit Hace 3 horas
This animation is great! Thanks for sharing :)
Cheesy Puffs United
Cheesy Puffs United Hace 3 horas
1:48 Is this an anime now?
Marco Wessolowski
Marco Wessolowski Hace 3 horas
Show mermo
Marco Wessolowski
Marco Wessolowski Hace 3 horas
Uau um pro player
G Velazquez
G Velazquez Hace 3 horas
Yall need to make a Apex Netflix series asap
Matthew Hace 3 horas
Wait who tf was the old guy at the end looks excellent
Ethan The Fine
Ethan The Fine Hace 3 horas
She has like a shield that shoots one way ?! That's so broken wtf
Wildcat14 Hace 3 horas
Titanfall 3
豆腐 Hace 4 horas
NoLimitGod Hace 4 horas
Make those five guys the next legends
Channel Hace 4 horas
Bloodhound Hace 4 horas
Thomas Bago
Thomas Bago Hace 4 horas
Apex Players that don't know about titanfall: Who's That guy with the white hair? Titanfall Players that know the whole campaign and story: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
brandon holland
brandon holland Hace 4 horas
Bruh that was dope asf
DarkDarulo Hace 4 horas
Wait didnt blisk give Cooper an apex card as well
Eryk Bukowski
Eryk Bukowski Hace 4 horas
Bojan Ristic
Bojan Ristic Hace 4 horas
So we got Nairobi in the team now
Neon Noivern
Neon Noivern Hace 4 horas
So no one is gonna talk about that strange trophy/object sitting on the table with gibby and Bangalore
TheLemionSlice 722
TheLemionSlice 722 Hace 4 horas
As a Titanfall 2 veteran seeing Blisk again gave me flashbacks
Gaming Z
Gaming Z Hace 4 horas
Wait loba stole a mask that just like that one that big sista has on her face
Joe Swanson Polnaeff
Joe Swanson Polnaeff Hace 4 horas
Bugsnax is still better
ONTOE0 Hace 4 horas
1:21 well that’s not a weapon I’m familiar with and I doesn’t quite look like the volt. Maybe a hint for a future release.
Darcy Scollo
Darcy Scollo Hace 4 horas
Ghostlygaming Hace 4 horas
Rampart: *Gets KOed* Me:”Oh no it’s another Forge” Blisk:”Ima do what’s called a pro gamer move”
Small Spookie
Small Spookie Hace 4 horas
Anyone else have a birthmark where Rampart does or is it just me? 😂
You will never Know my name
You will never Know my name Hace 4 horas
Lone_Reviver Hace 4 horas
Still disappointed it’s not ash
RayhezBroham Hace 4 horas
Yawn, don’t care. I want titan fall 3. Apex is done
HighNoon Hace 4 horas
Does Pacha join the Apex Games?
Pigeon_man Hace 4 horas
Ramparts shop: is literally burning down. Blisk: hey you, you’re finally awake...
JRP_ PHANTOM Hace 4 horas
Part 2:01 looks like a titanfall 2 referense........its just my opinion.
SenPlays Hace 4 horas
Blisk my boy. how have you been
:3 twisted gacha :3
:3 twisted gacha :3 Hace 4 horas
Mila can be the big sister ??
тєѕтfαιє∂ Hace 4 horas
1:10 what did Rampart say?
hesham Zkfe
hesham Zkfe Hace 4 horas
ليش مافيه ترجمه عربيه شي مخيب والله
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