Antonio's Lipoma Is Worryingly Close To His Spinal Cord | Dr. Pimple Popper

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Antonio visits Dr Lee to get a lump on his back looked at. He's worried that it will be too close to his spine to remove safely, so Dr Lee takes a look to see if she will be able to remove it.
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THE REAL johnnyswaggedout
THE REAL johnnyswaggedout Hace 4 horas
His back got titis
Mark Baz
Mark Baz Hace un día
Homie legitimately had a 1/4 chicken under there 🐣!
Jose Orozco
Jose Orozco Hace un día
It loves it home
이히히히 Hace un día
Wijnaldum + Chamberlain =
Mine BloxPlayer
Mine BloxPlayer Hace un día
What was the white part of the skin?
_xXBAD_SANSXx _ Hace 2 días
Also why his skin be lookin like a coconut when you cut it
_xXBAD_SANSXx _ Hace 2 días
Where’s the location Incase I need to head over when I’m near it
Reynato Alpuerto
Reynato Alpuerto Hace 5 días
Just asking, how much do you often charge for your procedure doc?
ya boi n00bkill3r019
ya boi n00bkill3r019 Hace 8 días
“It doesn’t let go” Sounds like 3 yr old me to my mom
Abigail Robertson
Abigail Robertson Hace 9 días
Don't you love how in every video she just goes "it's just a baby pinch , baby pinch" 😂😂so cute
455 H41R
455 H41R Hace 10 días
Ushers big brother
Briana Jackson
Briana Jackson Hace 10 días
Maybe I’m tripping but where’s the blood??? I mean she cut into his back and there’s no blood.
Martinelli Minimo
Martinelli Minimo Hace 10 días
Helne Fana
Helne Fana Hace 10 días
Plz help me I'm the same problem I'm living in Dubai
Qumaluk Ittukallak
Qumaluk Ittukallak Hace 10 días
I have pimple on my butt and I don’t want to go hospital
Princess Jariyah
Princess Jariyah Hace 11 días
I’m glad I don’t have that but it’s OK mean she will get it off
zhiying lim
zhiying lim Hace 11 días
This is why I don’t eat shrimp or prawn
Daisy Gutierrez
Daisy Gutierrez Hace 12 días
I wanna be a dr pimple popper now 😂😂
Ki Otsutsuki
Ki Otsutsuki Hace 12 días
“Oh this looks good”
Canal Super Divertido!
Canal Super Divertido! Hace 13 días
Eu amo esse canal!
Anime Nightcore
Anime Nightcore Hace 14 días
“Worse case is, somebody sneezes and the scalpel goes in my spine.” AAAAAACHOOOOOOOOOO oh sorry heh
Sara Sensabaugh
Sara Sensabaugh Hace 14 días
Dr.Lee: "It may be a danger to remove because it may be too close to his spinal cord..." Also Dr.Lee: *digs for that lipoma like it's a pirate digging for gold* 😂😂😂 In no way am I a professional, and Dr.Lee is amazing at what she does. I don't know shit; it just surprised me how determined she was 😂
some person who watches videos
some person who watches videos Hace 15 días
*females cysts removal* : ahhh..! That hurts a bit! *males cysts removal* : oo.. that tickles/ hahaha im just so glad!/ I can feel goosebumps
Colby Cheyanne Harrison
Colby Cheyanne Harrison Hace 16 días
Damn she’s sucking her fingers in his back
Safarii Cooper
Safarii Cooper Hace 18 días
Hi 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
trial virira
trial virira Hace 19 días
Me too I have it so I have to be operated 😕😕
Gamer Girl54155
Gamer Girl54155 Hace 19 días
4:39 ufd DC cdfbxdthgsdyhgdrugf oof
Cecilie Noble
Cecilie Noble Hace 19 días
Dr. Lee, did a Spectucular procedure; just like the professional that she is! She pulled that Lipoma out; gently! 👍🏆👍
Peace Hace 19 días
U-U-😐😵😷 **PASSES OUT**
Kathy Lane
Kathy Lane Hace 20 días
I am cringing cause I have one that big same spot but I am so scared to get it removed! I don't do general anesthesia very well and my other problems!
Walter T Kipakapu
Walter T Kipakapu Hace 20 días
Dont watch if your 11 but iam not 11 iam 22dab
Alfred Morency
Alfred Morency Hace 21 un día
I had a cyst right over my spine for years I was afraid to have it removed for that reason, I finally had it removed after mentioning it to the surgeon who was removing a skin cancer.
SockFull O' Nickles
SockFull O' Nickles Hace 21 un día
3:35 dont worry she's got your back
Everything is fine
Everything is fine Hace 22 días
That's one thought lipoma
Everything is fine
Everything is fine Hace 22 días
Do you live in texas
Emelie Porreca
Emelie Porreca Hace 24 días
It was so disgusting 😂😂
Epsilon Hace 25 días
This reminds me of that scene in alien covenant
Christine Duval
Christine Duval Hace 25 días
It seemed like she didn't stitch his wound close up enough. It had gaps. I didn't like that.
Kayla Jackson
Kayla Jackson Hace 25 días
I sensed some flirting happening
Leticia Andrade
Leticia Andrade Hace 26 días
Sudima Hace 26 días
Lipomas should be made into soap tbh
Kawaii Kupcakes
Kawaii Kupcakes Hace 26 días
Raw KFC much?
Cindy Cindy
Cindy Cindy Hace 26 días
I got an exact same Lipoma right in the middle of my spine, am actually in tears while watching this.
Neave Roxie
Neave Roxie Hace 29 días
Jesus Christ 😂😂😂
lala and mimi
lala and mimi Hace un mes
Lyric Bunyon
Lyric Bunyon Hace un mes
Um my bff needs you were can I do to find you
ellamc good day
ellamc good day Hace un mes
why is Lee so calm like heres a chat about it dr lee:ok just stay calm Man:BUT IM ALMOST PARALYSED WHY YOU CALM?!?!
Xania Gayer
Xania Gayer Hace un mes
Oh my god that sound helpppppp. She is literally sticking Her fingers in his back oh my god I need to stop watching This.
tiquitita2001 Hace un mes
The squishy sounds are ruining it!!!! Stoooop with that in the next season! Love Dr. Lee!!!
Denise Heath
Denise Heath Hace un mes
I am yo biggest fan
2k PluG
2k PluG Hace un mes
Does it hurt?
Poops wipe Wiper
Poops wipe Wiper Hace un mes
It looks like the chest bursted from alien
Sandra  Giron
Sandra Giron Hace un mes
I guess after this one I became a vegetarian.. no more chicken for me
dame knight Marley the powerful
dame knight Marley the powerful Hace un mes
That Fat bloody bloody cloud
Trey Dean
Trey Dean Hace un mes
At first I thought “hmmmm maybe he has a twin growing out of his back”
Noodle Guts
Noodle Guts Hace un mes
this is what i imagine my birth looking like
ElectroSalvo Hace un mes
She wants that BBC and its growing out from the back of that man's chest. 5:00 the great struggle with the peenus okay im sick
AndroidGamer Hace un mes
Dr Pimple: we gotta be carefull also Dr Pimple: puts her whole fingers inside
Regina Mushi
Regina Mushi Hace un mes
She is not asking if she is hurting him as she normally does...just wondered
Chup Chup
Chup Chup Hace un mes
Why do I watch this?
tea timee ***
tea timee *** Hace un mes
He looks like that one guy in super girl
Bam The band
Bam The band Hace un mes
I’m moving because I’m like don’t watch
Barbara Meier
Barbara Meier Hace un mes
Amazing job!
Disaster Master
Disaster Master Hace un mes
Oh my God this is the doctor I needed to see I have the same situation going to doctor to doctor to have them determine exactly what sometimes they would say if it is is cease some doctors would say it's so muscle bulge muscle I know it's more than a muscle like these gentlemen say it's a rock on his back that's exactly what I have the difference is I am in so much pain everyday I take medication just to calm you down ice hit pod a lot of injection I do not know when my drama will be over I do not know as well if Dr Lee will accept insurance I have to wait as otherwise but for sure I want to come visit you Doctor Lee .you are my only hope and this planet. from Washington DC....
i'm deoulkka
i'm deoulkka Hace un mes
my dad's cyst is literally in the middle of his back.
Insert_Status Effect
Insert_Status Effect Hace un mes
Lei _ Factory
Lei _ Factory Hace un mes
Antonio: "I felt that pinch." Me: Yeah, me too. No seriously, I felt it on my arm.
Ann Mcdonald
Ann Mcdonald Hace un mes
That is so ew
Le doggo Is ded
Le doggo Is ded Hace un mes
The extra sounds they add literally make me even more sick🤢🤢🤢
xXdeathgamerXx Hace un mes
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