Anthony Davis Wont Commit to Lakers Long Term! 2019-20 NBA Season

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Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove

Hace 5 meses

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The Original SOSick
The Original SOSick Hace 4 meses
james jones
james jones Hace 4 meses
Black players can do what they want to...what the white players doing??? Dont nobody want em #trump 😂😂
Jezza Hace 4 meses
Every kid dreams of rob pelinka not calling you
woahh Hace 4 meses
petition for smoove to bring back the hippo for at least one video man
Lander Hendrickx
Lander Hendrickx Hace 4 meses
Those Davis highlights...🔥 Can’t wait to see him beasting and feasting.
Sk8ter B8der
Sk8ter B8der Hace 4 meses
Rob tryna smash
JZ Nets
JZ Nets Hace 4 meses
That's to early to talk about
Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey Hace 4 meses
From now on I’m trusting woj
Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey Hace 4 meses
He just did a taco Tuesday with Lebron he is Re signing he is commuting Lakers long term
MyCareer23 Hace 4 meses
Rob be that annoying ass friend you have to be nice to because if you don’t he gonna tell his mom on you
UniversalChat Chat
UniversalChat Chat Hace 5 meses
He's not a smart guy his agent is. Is just another guy who plays basketball and has no knowledge about anything else
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera Hace 5 meses
Pain TV
Pain TV Hace 5 meses
Hey.. Just a theory.. what if Kawhi let Danny Green sign to Lakers so if they face off in playoffs, Danny Green can sabotage the game??
Pain TV
Pain TV Hace 4 meses
lol mah neeguh
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Hace 4 meses
😳🤯 I had a similar theory with Varejão to the warriors 🤷‍♂️
imbrawler dubz
imbrawler dubz Hace 5 meses
Gotta love that Rob Palinka.
kidavid Hace 5 meses
You can't stop players tampering
KRES 1 Hace 5 meses
He just lettin' those five arrows fly
Steve Kalmar
Steve Kalmar Hace 5 meses
Fake news!
CFB Jared
CFB Jared Hace 5 meses
It’s every unibrows dream, for the Rob Pelinka to stop calling them.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 5 meses
Davis needs to remember that Lebron is the real GM
Pyroman /
Pyroman / Hace 5 meses
Going be funny if he leaves
Magic Happens
Magic Happens Hace 5 meses
I think it is tampering if ur signed to a team for 5 years with a max contract yo ass is stuck there. Period u no how many ppl would literally kill to be in the guys place and I bet they can ball just as hard NBA players are arrogant and spoiled and a contract used to mean no exceptions or am i wrong? Once u sign ur name it's a done deal
Kev Hace 5 meses
Every kid’s dream is for rob to stop calling them
Kev Hace 5 meses
That’s some cheese!
Keith Littlejohn
Keith Littlejohn Hace 5 meses
Kawhi new Kings of NBA 👑👑👑 the best player ever 👑👑👑✌
Demir Demiryol
Demir Demiryol Hace 5 meses
Wooooow chris smooves first clickbated video
El.Jambo Hace 5 meses
His decision will purely depend on next season and how the Lakers do. As a fan I'm hoping for big things haha
SHmoney THG
SHmoney THG Hace 5 meses
Damn Rob Pelinka is kissing ass fr fr
Julien Berndt
Julien Berndt Hace 5 meses
If he leaves... he can go right across the hall to the clippers, they could still clear cap for one more max deal
C S Hace 5 meses
After the Lakers gave away alllll those players and picks......if that man leaves....😭😂😭🤣😭😂😭😭
Fred Williams
Fred Williams Hace 4 meses
If he stay he gonna leave when lebron contract up
Kvinci Hace 5 meses
Kawhi is from LA.
Slasherr Gaming
Slasherr Gaming Hace 5 meses
He gonna join the LA Clampers next season
JL Hace 5 meses
Davis always saying the opposite of what he wants. He told the media that Lakers wasn't his preferred destination then got traded and he's too excited for the season along with Lebron 😂 "All day in Staples Center"
Et Cetera
Et Cetera Hace 5 meses
Its pretty much impossible to stop tampering cuz they give have "dinners" with each other at applebees
Aviv Ben-David
Aviv Ben-David Hace 5 meses
Imagine being A knicks fan🤔
Alan Corp
Alan Corp Hace 5 meses
He only came for Taco Tuesday’s with LeBron.
chicken noodle soup
chicken noodle soup Hace 4 meses
asd djs
asd djs Hace 5 meses
Sengokuz Hace 5 meses
Lmao he doesn’t have faith in y’all already ☠️☠️☠️☠️ Clippers in fo
Skullcrusher88 Hace 5 meses
These teams have gotta stop crying about their superstars demanding a trade. Why not learn how to stop over-paying players that aren’t worth their contracts? These teams are sissies
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee Hace 5 meses
Rob needy
Alexkamaal Hace 5 meses
That was kinda crazy, they might trade his ass last second 😐😐
Sharon Tampos
Sharon Tampos Hace 5 meses
Fake news.....who told you?
Darius Miles
Darius Miles Hace 5 meses
2k news my brotha ?
lolo fyb
lolo fyb Hace 5 meses
Jacob Harms
Jacob Harms Hace 5 meses
James Unciano
James Unciano Hace 5 meses
I you really think anyone right now would commit to one team? I don't think so
SwaggyFaija Hace 5 meses
Lakers is just a bridge to Oakland haha
zan martincic
zan martincic Hace 5 meses
Pelinka is a cancer for LA
Zane Kappa
Zane Kappa Hace 5 meses
Confirm davis to warriors
Raging Noah
Raging Noah Hace 5 meses
He should leave so he can go 2 the Celts
Darren BE
Darren BE Hace 5 meses
whats your source smoove? :-(
itaysevenfoldhamri Hace 5 meses
How to solve tampering Next video: NBA Bans Instagram!
Lord Seabear
Lord Seabear Hace 5 meses
I think Anthony Davis will stay with the Lakers.
Loudha Hace 5 meses
He should be playing for the wizards
HBK Chesco
HBK Chesco Hace 5 meses
Akhdan Rizki
Akhdan Rizki Hace 5 meses
Anthony bennett sign with rockets
Barney and Barney
Barney and Barney Hace 5 meses
Insert generic annoying Area 51 comment
Dalton Kaz
Dalton Kaz Hace 5 meses
Smoove if he doesn’t sign the extension and goes back to the Pelicans!!!! FINESSEEEEEEE
Sanjay Balakrishnan
Sanjay Balakrishnan Hace 5 meses
In myleague, davis did left la for pelicans lol
Raife Foster
Raife Foster Hace 5 meses
Bro you took that way out of context
I am Brad
I am Brad Hace 5 meses
Lebron had him over for dinner tonight so he’s gonna stay u can tell
Joshua Thornton
Joshua Thornton Hace 5 meses
He about to kawhi Leonard 2.0
Ice T
Ice T Hace 5 meses
Rob leave my boy alone! You're doing too much!
Bryce Kempf
Bryce Kempf Hace 5 meses
The tampering rule is obsolete.
Parker Schaefer
Parker Schaefer Hace 5 meses
My mans, where’s the 2k19 my career finals episodes.
Trini Jacky
Trini Jacky Hace 5 meses
Out of context bait
Nino Matias
Nino Matias Hace 5 meses
Shoutout to rob "pelicans"lol
Jacob .__.
Jacob .__. Hace 5 meses
He better resign they got rid of the whole team just for him
Homeless to Greatness
Homeless to Greatness Hace 5 meses
Rob Pelinka ghey
Fido Hace 5 meses
Rob is in desperation mode even though the season did not began yet
James Worthy
James Worthy Hace 5 meses
One of the funniest comments in the last video, somebody said when am i gonna change my outro
Barsa Ahmadian
Barsa Ahmadian Hace 5 meses
Of course he will sign the long term deal💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛
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