ANNABELLE COMES HOME (2019) Ending + New Spirits Explained

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Everyone's favorite evil doll Annabelle Comes Home in the latest entry in the Conjuring series. This time she's set her sights on the Warrens artifact room, unleashing all of the spirits within. Learn all about the new spirits, how it connects to the Conjuring timeline, and explaining the ending.
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error corrupt
error corrupt Hace 22 horas
Lol 😂I laughed at the beginning
Olivia Champagne
Olivia Champagne Hace un día
Frankabelle actually scares me 😂
Amy Louwho
Amy Louwho Hace un día
I've always felt they should've stuck with the Raggedy Ann doll. It's creepier when the doll is a more mundane object that a lot of us owned as children than an old doll our grandmother may have owned that everyone agrees is probably possessed.
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Hace un día
They should just make a Netflix show called “The Warren’s Files” where each episode they feature one of the spirits.
When you’re taking a shit
When you’re taking a shit Hace un día
Why would she even think that her dads spirit is in a room full of demons. Fucking dumbass, stupid protagonists piss me off.
MK21Y Hace un día
1:53 finally somone said it!
LittleClarinetPlayer Hace 2 días
The conjuring itself was such a good cinematic movie. The other movies have not met up to it
Amani Bob
Amani Bob Hace 2 días
*Cringe* He's turned into Nostalgia Critic? Relatively good review, cringy as fu*k skits... *Siiiiiigh*
Zoomin Hace 2 días
when the demon started sucking on judies soul, i instantly thought about dementors from harry potter
dpii Hace 2 días
0:33 kitty widepeepohappy
Thereal GlowDice
Thereal GlowDice Hace 3 días
I loved the Ferry man thank u very much, and I want to see that spirit as a movie
Yo Yo
Yo Yo Hace 3 días
Because la Llorona destroyed the amazing franchise If the conjuring 3 it’s the best and scariest it will make the franchise the best ever
chad mahan
chad mahan Hace 3 días
i cared for four chickens once. fantastic and cool experience. new respect for ducks and chickens, still eat chicken and duck, didn't change that part
Lathan Church
Lathan Church Hace 3 días
Could it be all the spirits are in a weakened state after being in the room guarded by religious iconography for protection
Foster E
Foster E Hace 3 días
I don't do horror movies well at all but my date wanted to see it, so we went and the scariest part in the first 25 minutes was some guy coming in late stumbling and making a loud noise. Also the best part was when the guy was trying to convince the chicken to not go outside
King Peezy
King Peezy Hace 3 días
When Daniella was in the room, why the fuck would she just keep doing what the TV shows her doing. Maybe the first time I would have spun around and been ready to fight or run or do something, expecting a demon to be behind me, but after seeing myself turn around with nothing there, I would have purposely tried not doing whatever the TV wanted me to do. It didnt get her killed because 2 teenagers, a little girl, and a lover boy are the most powerful group in the Conjuring universe and no spirits can even hurt them, but it was a pretty stupid move by Daniella
King Peezy
King Peezy Hace 3 días
I thought that Daniella was driving the car that Annabelle made crash in the beginning of the movie, which would have made the story tie back in and would have been pretty interesting, but no, they just have multiple unrelated car crashes in the movie because why not
King Peezy
King Peezy Hace 3 días
The "Bob's got balls" jokes were the best parts of the movie
Shining Galaxy
Shining Galaxy Hace 4 días
Frankabell is back nuuuuu
stephen deng
stephen deng Hace 4 días
I’m waiting for what I know at this point is inevitable one of the warrens is gonna be given the power of Jesus to throw hands with the demons
burns0100 Hace 4 días
What was the purpose of this movie because it literally added nothing. You can skip it and still be up to date on the story. Sucks because this was a good chance for them to do something like the Nun and add in a little bit at the end.
Rick the Brick
Rick the Brick Hace 4 días
*Literally get jump scared of Frankybelle idk why*
Braedyn The gaming young teen
Braedyn The gaming young teen Hace 4 días
Is anneble wearing a black dress or a white dress because in 1 and 2 she wears a white dress
I Belong In The Kitchen
I Belong In The Kitchen Hace 4 días
Why in God's name would you even have a case that was able to be opened?
Groove Plays
Groove Plays Hace 5 días
Annabelle: I sleep. Frankabelle: G I V E M E B A C K M Y T A C O S D A M N I T ! ! !
TesseractGaming Hace 5 días
Why didn’t they called this Conjuring 3 if the Warren’s were in it?
UnknownFlickZ Hace 5 días
one thing is how absolutely BORING and PREDICTABLE this movie was. scene after scene of jumpscares that I always predicted and almost always got right. it got very boring after like 5-8 minutes and I was struggling to watch.
Everlost Hace 5 días
Why didn’t they just smash the box open. Fucking stupid
Hwtreasurer07 n
Hwtreasurer07 n Hace 5 días
This movie was pretty good, people in the theatres kept screaming at the scary scenes
Joi Hace 5 días
When your trying to get a sponsor from Taco Bell
L J Hace 5 días
I actually was rooting for the ghost in this movie. Just kill all these dumb people🙄 but ofcourse nobody died or even gets hurt. So it’s kind of no point to 90% of the scares
Clare Hace 5 días
Rest In Peace chicken, the only character I cared about.
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Hace 5 días
That movie was so fucking bad🤣 where the fuck did the werewolf even come from? Why was it even in this type of movie?
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw Hace 5 días
I cant let go the fact that he said "sodeepop"...
renor rainn
renor rainn Hace 5 días
the next movie is about amityville. smh there are too many movies about that case its annoying
Max Wick
Max Wick Hace 5 días
The Samurai armor was not a bad spirit. It hinted that he tried to protect others. That's why he didn't do anything. He died protecting others.
Tyler Meehan
Tyler Meehan Hace 5 días
The Warrens should've filled the glass case with holy water. That probably would've stopped Annabelle.
RawMeat987 ROBLOX KAPE UMALI Hace 6 días
I wish my ghosts threw money at me...
Mikedaddy Hace 6 días
“Black skin demon” the SJWs are going to freak out
Homoerectos !
Homoerectos ! Hace 6 días
Frank you crossed the line You never ever ever ever ever eat another man's tacos
The Flash
The Flash Hace 6 días
All I gotta say is 😂
sasukayl Hace 6 días
Anyone else notice how in Annabelle creation the mullins couldn’t kill the Annabelle demon with a cross but Judy was able to ig the creators either forgot or was just being lazy ash 😂😂💀😭
Shubanator 9000
Shubanator 9000 Hace 7 días
I’m sorry that a furry took your tacos
Leon Goken
Leon Goken Hace 7 días
Regardless of what everyone says, I loved this movie!
Memorra Sylver
Memorra Sylver Hace 6 días
Nice to know there is at least one other person who does. Sure no one died in it but it was a very good movie.
Cadre Entertainment RSA
Cadre Entertainment RSA Hace 7 días
That brunette broad better learn. Her dad was right, its all her FAULT! The movie had potential tho, some of those spirits r going to cause HAVOC in the future.
Shining Galaxy
Shining Galaxy Hace 7 días
Gimme back my tacos
Yung Min
Yung Min Hace 7 días
Love your reviews, but a scary movie does not need a body count to be successful. Just off the top of my head, The Babadook, the Others, Poltergeist, Ammityville, 1408, Blair Witch all had zero body count.
Derpfail _
Derpfail _ Hace 8 días
*wHeRe ShE gO?*
Leah Kirvin
Leah Kirvin Hace 8 días
The crooked man actually has a movie called the crooked man
Sukhraj Dhaliwal
Sukhraj Dhaliwal Hace 8 días
I deadass thought that when the blond chick (forgot her name) went into the closet and saw her every twin, I thought they would swap places but I guess not. That would’ve been a amazing twist
Ryan Starlite
Ryan Starlite Hace 3 horas
you're thinking of "US"
Revxnge Plays
Revxnge Plays Hace un día
Just like get out
DaZe Titan
DaZe Titan Hace 8 días
There is a crooked man movie I've seen some of it
The CrazyKingFox
The CrazyKingFox Hace 8 días
Rip cockatoo
Neil Morgan
Neil Morgan Hace 8 días
I watched it today. Enjoyed it. The exploration of the daughter's powers was new. It could have had more deaths but the plot really moved along
Xiv Uchiha
Xiv Uchiha Hace 9 días
The stoned pizza delivery guy quite a character right
dhananjay raul
dhananjay raul Hace 9 días
Movie was boring af !
iiDrippin Finesse
iiDrippin Finesse Hace 9 días
So we just gonna ignore that amazing acting in the skit
alden mcpherren
alden mcpherren Hace 9 días
I don't get it just punt the ting down the road like a football what is it going to do WALK back to your house like a plebian?
DanceOmega Hace 9 días
Stupid movie. Stupid characters.
SADLIFE Hace 9 días
haha im twelwe and watched the movie level 100 savage
Hermione Young
Hermione Young Hace 9 días
You should do more intros like this
Furia Hace 9 días
Is conjuring 3 is going to be the Amityville story? Murderer, Demon, Demon made him do it. Hmm i hope so
TheAllSeeingEye Hace 9 días
im kinda interested about the cymbal monkey the samurai armor and the haunted tv and board game, hope they make movies about those
pissed potato
pissed potato Hace 9 días
I really want know about samurai armor
John Grider
John Grider Hace 9 días
There's a Crooked Man movie. It's God-awful
Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton Hace 9 días
Thank you for making this ending explained I wouldn't shell out even a dollar to see this movie. It sucks,
Sir. Riley
Sir. Riley Hace 9 días
Hahahaha I love the intro!
J Wild
J Wild Hace 9 días
I love your channel. It’s always so good to have clarification with a hint of a theory in the mix
Spooky Babygirl
Spooky Babygirl Hace 10 días
Lol can we just have a whole commentary think and frankenbell also do commentary and short skits
khan sakib
khan sakib Hace 10 días
tur babab moga chilo
dark Hace 10 días
This movie is a joke
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