ANNABELLE COMES HOME (2019) Ending + New Spirits Explained

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Everyone's favorite evil doll Annabelle Comes Home in the latest entry in the Conjuring series. This time she's set her sights on the Warrens artifact room, unleashing all of the spirits within. Learn all about the new spirits, how it connects to the Conjuring timeline, and explaining the ending.
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Vezzoz Hace 11 horas
The crooked man has a movie it’s called the babadook
ElitezDan11 Hace un día
I hate bangs.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Hace 2 días
One thing for sure if u leave tacos unsupervised at my place it will be eaten
Jabesh Dayaon
Jabesh Dayaon Hace 3 días
Annabelle home coming Annabelle far from home
xXJuliana-Playz Xx
xXJuliana-Playz Xx Hace 4 días
I watched Annabelle comes home... I am waiting on Annabelle gets evicted
azunami Hace 4 días
These skits always get me lmaoo!
ElitezDan11 Hace 4 días
CarzelBell Hace 6 días
The Warren’s haunted artifacts room reminds me of the vault in the 1987 horror series Friday the 13th.
Agam Mize
Agam Mize Hace 7 días
I want you to explain a horror movie that you actually like.
Francis Mc Raymond
Francis Mc Raymond Hace 7 días
Zaylas Pelt
Zaylas Pelt Hace 7 días
Haha, I love that reference in the beginning, Found Flix, thank you for this ending explained series awesomeness.
Imma Mess
Imma Mess Hace 8 días
I've been waiting for the crooked man forever
duck duck
duck duck Hace 8 días
that intro was better than the whole of the Annabelle movie
Average Awesome
Average Awesome Hace 9 días
0:33 damn that is fat cat
The Oily Boily Guy
The Oily Boily Guy Hace 10 días
Foundflix did a better film than Anabelle
nikky kaur
nikky kaur Hace 11 días
I love the beginning 😂😂😂
FineBrother Cringe
FineBrother Cringe Hace 11 días
The reason no one died was because no one was supposed to die. You see Annabelle needed their souls so that’s why no one died and you know what the demons say down in hell, “The more souls the merrier!”
branndon g
branndon g Hace 12 días
Do underwater please
Atarah Havoc
Atarah Havoc Hace 13 días
Cant have anyone killed in a horror movie anymore and shit. People will get offended
Atarah Havoc
Atarah Havoc Hace 13 días
Taco platter. Excuse me as I proceed to go gorge now
The Girl with the Bat Tattoo
The Girl with the Bat Tattoo Hace 13 días
RIP to the chicken
Tripp393 Hace 14 días
More FrankAbelle
holly fortier
holly fortier Hace 14 días
oh how i missed that puppet 😂😂😂❤❤❤
Budget Audiophile
Budget Audiophile Hace 14 días
Almost a year late, but I'll say this. We watched this movie in my theater and it was absolutely insane. There were some scenes that literally felt like they were happening upstairs, in fact we thought one of your large dogs got into the kitchen it sounded so perfect. Then there's the LFE . . .that movie will shake your house apart without being obnoxious. So . . .I guess they got ONE thing right. Then again, the Conjuring Universe movies always seem to get their audio right.
Royal Freddy
Royal Freddy Hace 15 días
Good thing daniella spread the news of scarry spirits in the basement
Cosen Games
Cosen Games Hace 15 días
bruh they aren't trying to target a younger audience they straight up trying to sell this to unborn fetuses why did nobody in the movie die death is the staple of these kinds of movies
Devanta Wilburn
Devanta Wilburn Hace 15 días
This is so out of order
carl madsen
carl madsen Hace 16 días
I'm just gunna point out for the millionth time the crooked man wasn't it own spirit it was the nun taking on the kids fears. They say it in the movie why does every one think otherwise
Evan the lazorlith And intro maker
Evan the lazorlith And intro maker Hace 16 días
Evan the lazorlith And intro maker
Evan the lazorlith And intro maker Hace 16 días
Evan the lazorlith And intro maker
Evan the lazorlith And intro maker Hace 16 días
Geomeo Pesetsky
Geomeo Pesetsky Hace 16 días
Dude, a friend’s parent had a glass case of antique dolls in the living room. I never messed with those dolls- I watched Annabell with some friends in that room, I kept glancing at that case the whole time... I think nothing happened
Александър/Alex. Дaлчев/Dalcheff
Александър/Alex. Дaлчев/Dalcheff Hace 17 días
😁😁😁 that intro was awesome !!! I expected to see some scary shit...but been laughed as hell !!!
Caleigh Tilson
Caleigh Tilson Hace 17 días
"Bitchass ghost!"🤣🤣
Edgar Ordonez
Edgar Ordonez Hace 17 días
Found flix and dead meat collab would be great
David Zock Stop
David Zock Stop Hace 17 días
Shout out to taco cobana
it_ sun
it_ sun Hace 17 días
You should rename your videos to "review", cause that's all what you do.
Paradox 36T
Paradox 36T Hace 17 días
“Sodie Pop”
why do i exist?
why do i exist? Hace 17 días
Hell,even scary stories was scarier then this,it was FUCKING PG13!?!
KID Recklezzz
KID Recklezzz Hace 17 días
Watching the cringy beginning made me feel YOUNG 😭😭😭
Clockwork Hace 18 días
I feel like the movie would have been much better if they had made movies about the other objects first.
Sexual Taco
Sexual Taco Hace 18 días
Bring back the skits 🗣🗣
Shiloh Cara
Shiloh Cara Hace 18 días
Yeah. They need to put in that work in order to prove to me that the spirits are an actual threat. I know Annabelle and The Nun are separate but the only ones that seem like a huge threat was Valek (nun), The Crooked man, and La llorona.
davwid Hace 18 días
The scariest thing in this video is the acting
jacktheginger1 Hace 18 días
Fuckin sodipop jesus christ
Selena beauty and vlogs Hernandez
Selena beauty and vlogs Hernandez Hace 19 días
I don’t know what was worse the nun or this Annabelle
Rafael Cervantes
Rafael Cervantes Hace 20 días
Frankabelle actually made me jump
xeodelop stryker
xeodelop stryker Hace 21 un día
Does he have a video for every movie in the conjuring series? I can't seem to find them
ROFL TURKEY Hace 21 un día
Wow...the movie sounds like a mega disappointment :/ good thing I didn't bother with it
fortune nese
fortune nese Hace 21 un día
people get scared of a stupid corny looking doll lmao
Blackwolverine 31
Blackwolverine 31 Hace 21 un día
This movie legit shit
Jonathan Crowl
Jonathan Crowl Hace 22 días
Jesus christ that creature ....... ATE THE MAN'S TACO
Anna Rodriguez
Anna Rodriguez Hace 22 días
I’ve seen Disney shows scarier than this movie
Scratchy Scroll7
Scratchy Scroll7 Hace 23 días
FoundFlix: Annabelle comes home is not scary oh no wonder me and my friend didn't get scared our ass off ...
XxBeezyxX Hace 21 un día
You must be a child
CSL Pyrotechnics
CSL Pyrotechnics Hace 23 días
Freebird Combomad
Freebird Combomad Hace 23 días
Better quarantine the room underground with safe vault. Stupid is way more dangerous than evil.
Miyu Sawai
Miyu Sawai Hace 23 días
Again, the demon using the doll as a conduit is Malthus
Miyu Sawai
Miyu Sawai Hace 23 días
The demon in Annabelle Comes Home is Malthus
Sophia M.Goncalves
Sophia M.Goncalves Hace 24 días
The intro was so funny
Rohan Chaudhary
Rohan Chaudhary Hace 24 días
Hollywood now is giving us movies that feature Latin American/ Spanish, Black American/African, LGBT and many female adult and preteen/ teen / young adult character leads. which is GREAT! Our parents never had that. They had a white man hero. Period. Doctor sleep movie SPOILER ALERT: Imagine if Doctor sleep was released back in the day. It would be the white baseball kid with the Shine that was the hero and the black kid that ended up in a shallow grave. The only reason the male lead was white was because the younger version of him was white too. Hollywood is propoganda. They shape the opinions of the current day and age with what's trending so as to be 'not cancelled'. So who's the propoganda for if something's trending? Well it's for the generation that have followed us millenials. So they grow up with shows and movies about how women and men are equal in strength irrespective of color. I mean, why else would there be 3 female leads in 'anabelle comes home' without the Warren's being around to help? It's to show that women when United can do great wonders. I'm not against that idea. It's great. But it's still that subtle way in which Hollywood shapes the minds of the younger generation.
Rohan Chaudhary
Rohan Chaudhary Hace 24 días
We are living in the age of data science so that means Hollywood knows what we want before we know what we want. This movie and la lorona simply creates pipelines for Hollywood. They can make any universe work except if it's DC and Spiderman movies. But then again they have opened a new pipeline for Spidey with miles Morales. Can Aquaman and wonderwoman or some other stand alone movie save dc? Perhaps Hollywood has something up their sleeve to keep that going without batsy and Superman. But the point is the two movies released last year in 2019 are simply to open pipelines so that they can steer it into whatevers trending in the future without a revamp from the begining. It could be a "last of us" kind of movie where the dad and daughter kick evil nuns and brides ass or a movie where the young female leads from lorona and Anabelle comes home grow up and team up as best buds and tag team lorona and Anabelle. Idk. Hollywood's evolving very very stealthily and one day I wouldn't be surprised to see an a.i loronoa or a.i possessed Anabelle. It's Hollywood man. Our kids will not buy a ticket to watch stuff that doesn't have an a.i themed horror movie in the future. Rephrase- our kids will never buy a ticket - cus streaming giants will have their money. Rephrase- our money.
Rohan Chaudhary
Rohan Chaudhary Hace 24 días
What if that spirit which potentially caused the accident in the beginning of the movie is the same spirit which causes the accident of Daniela' father knowing that she would hopefully try to reconnect through any which way including visiting the "Warren room". It's a long shot but there's no other reason given in the movie for how else the Daniela accident occurred. If it's not a humans fault could we presume it was an evil spirit? A spirit that met Anabelle on its way to the Warren home and perhaps saw its power and hatched a plan to get it out through tempting a human through their feelings of guilt or any other emotion. This theme of temptation runs in La lorona as well with the doll that the girl crosses the seed line to procure from outside the house thus opening a literal doorway to pass through like Anabelle does in the Warren home.
Radlog 21
Radlog 21 Hace 24 días
They should make a movie of frankabella “the taco-ing”
Disj.j Hace 25 días
Foundflix should be the story teller of all stories
michael cox
michael cox Hace 27 días
is anyone else here bcs they’re too scared to actually watch the movie
BatalionHunter Hace 27 días
here is a thing that is hella evil, why do you not make a very serious series of attempts to destroy it the first before sealing it ... in a box may be filled with holy water and sealed in concrete
Intelliiigent Hace 28 días
no wonder I never heard about this movie
B g
B g Hace 28 días
Wait was that Taco Cabana?
Tay Tay
Tay Tay Hace 28 días
There is a crooked man movie
sugaminヅ Hace 28 días
I saw it in theaters and it was so painfully boring. Nothing but cheap jump scares and then just walking around the house the whole time. I usually love the conjuring movies and spinoff but this was just bad. I hope the future movies aren’t like this or else the series is gonna crumble
Ida Wik
Ida Wik Hace 29 días
This makes me a nightmers forever over night can he be carefull with my nightmers plicse
Jacob O'Brien
Jacob O'Brien Hace 29 días
No they were more worried about the fact that judy spera their daughter hasnt followed in her parents footsteps. So before you judge a film you should atleast make sure to know the lore of ghosts and the history of the warrens for this to even have status
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