Android 10 is here and I like it.

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Android 10 is the new name for Android Q - we take a look at the best new features of Android 10, and ruminate on what it means to be an Android. Do you dream of electric sheep? Pff. Who knows?
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tech plus-reviews and gaming!
tech plus-reviews and gaming! Hace 8 horas
Many:wow Me:wtf did google do all this time?these are the features that are too basic and should be in android v2.3
VOLT GAMING Hace 11 horas
Wifi sharing already is ancient in miui
thechudoviste Hace un día
somebody payed a good money for this 12'33" commercial. I understand that LTT is a business but this is totally different then every content till now (obvious pure commercial through and through,no tech tips,no quick tips). I'm a bit disappointed,but in hope that this is just an isolated case and LTT will stay what it was instead growing into new commercial channel.
FrownyMascot Hace un día
1:24 someone call the p.c. Police 🚨 hahahaha
Stefan Duellmann
Stefan Duellmann Hace un día
Want it on my Xperia1 😍👍
Viz zie
Viz zie Hace un día
i love that cosmonaut variety hour was in your recommended in your youtube tab.
Luciano Kopacz
Luciano Kopacz Hace 2 días
Will youtube,messenger and Gboard get a automatic darkmode??
JAY LEE Hace 2 días
"Quikbits"? Kid give up the comedy jeezus....oh and yeah android don't fuck with my 3 button setup!
Marulk _23
Marulk _23 Hace 2 días
2:48 Linus, do you watch cosmonaut variety hour?
Nasir Senior
Nasir Senior Hace 3 días
The cursing and being extra sarcastic is REALLY not needed LiNUs
Maksymilian B
Maksymilian B Hace 3 días
Xiaomi had that all 1.5 years ago + free call recorder included! Samsung sucks
Vighnesh Ramesh
Vighnesh Ramesh Hace 3 días
The greatest thing Apple did in this decade was the new gesture system... it’s the most natural fluid way to control the operating system ever created
stunt94u Hace 3 días
Why am i surprised that Linus drives a Prius? I shouldn't
furiousmohamed Hace 3 días
My huawei y9 prime 2019 has gestures already
Presenter Forth
Presenter Forth Hace 3 días
Well good for android 10, Now all we need in android 10 is the ability to hide all notch regardless of all phone
Ethan Melendez
Ethan Melendez Hace 3 días
My crappy Android won't let me upgrade to Android 10 since it stops updating till Android 8
THE muffin man
THE muffin man Hace 4 días
How come I'm still on android 8
Steel Rat
Steel Rat Hace 4 días
Linus! The "" is available to US customers only. HOW you and I can use it??? (I'm not in Americas)
Alan mc keown
Alan mc keown Hace 4 días
Very good video, love the hits at Google, sort your shit Google... use your BILLIONS Better ,it's All OF US giving you the money
Arshabrata Bhaumik
Arshabrata Bhaumik Hace 4 días
Color OS 6.0.1 on realme phones has all those Android 10 gestures for a very long time now
Satwik Singh
Satwik Singh Hace 5 días
Sleek phone you've got there. Can you drop down its link here?
Jayant Bidhuri
Jayant Bidhuri Hace 6 días
Whenever I see your video i think of quick sponsor and then i forget why am here
Tejas dhaliwal
Tejas dhaliwal Hace 6 días
I only liked new gesture
Emanullah Mujanovic
Emanullah Mujanovic Hace 6 días
6:34 i had the future on my old Huawei P8 2017 device and now i have the same future on my Huawei P smart 2019 device that is still running android 9.0 LOL it's not new
Arttu Korhonen
Arttu Korhonen Hace 6 días
Lucky that nokia 6.1 can have it.
epic gamer
epic gamer Hace 6 días
Can't wait to get it on my bold n1
LadderFromMGS3 Hace 6 días
Will I eventually get this update as a Galaxy S9 user?
Aquatix Guy
Aquatix Guy Hace 6 días
Too much like an iPhone 10 - 11 on IOS 13.
Notte Nouun
Notte Nouun Hace 7 días
I love linus'es (linus'?) little rant about G-suite at the end. Reminds me of that time when he flipped off nvidea at a dev conference in front of a ton of people for being shitty driver developers . His rants are also the best.
EyeBoneKnee Room
EyeBoneKnee Room Hace 7 días
Using those gesture with my honor 8x... 😅 Not new
Sameer Kharade
Sameer Kharade Hace 7 días
"Wifi will now have scannable QR code.." Well, Asus's ZenUI5 had it. ZenUI6 has it too
joaquimvictor Hace 4 días
Redmi have it also xD
Ben and Izzy Productions
Ben and Izzy Productions Hace 7 días
Who sees the gold pick in the bsckground
DJBrandywines Music
DJBrandywines Music Hace 7 días
Yeah I'm still using Android Oreo I'm not going to 9 or 10 because I don't care for them
I'm your senpai
I'm your senpai Hace 8 días
Dude I have miui 9.0 and it's not that different (and it looks better)
I'm your senpai
I'm your senpai Hace 8 días
Ah nvmd it's miui 10
John L
John L Hace 8 días
Finally Android is catching up to the innovations that Nokia and Microsoft did years ago? Always on display? That's just Glance Screen. Dark Mode? Yeah... Finally....... Please, copy Live Tiles next. I miss them so much on my Android phone.
Scorpiosunset Hace 8 días
My android 10 on OnePlus 7 Pro still has screen recorder...
golgo 13
golgo 13 Hace 8 días
cool that they just went with 10
Niborino9409 Hace 9 días
I updated today. I didn't know I had an update until I checked. Google Pixel 1.
Jyotishman Gogoi
Jyotishman Gogoi Hace 9 días
Nokiia 8.1 will be first device to get android 10 ...
Aaron Chambers
Aaron Chambers Hace 9 días
its funny that all the features mentioned in this video are already available for me on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 512gb AND im only running Android 9 LOL
Lars 7abc
Lars 7abc Hace 9 días
Is it just me or are a lot of tr these features already on 1ui
talespin23 Hace 10 días
I hope they add this to the samsung s6 galaxy tablet soon.
Ayman AK
Ayman AK Hace 10 días
reports pointed out a buggy staged release of android 10 for OnePlus 7 Pro pushing me to hold my rush to update to 10 when it's officially out as am currently happy with oxygen os 9.5! Other users favors OnePlus 7 pro gestures over those of android 10
VibezVideo Hace 10 días
*So MIUI is like a beta version of Android*
EzL34D Hace 11 horas
I think
ass Hace 5 días
But in more childish style.
Horizon R
Horizon R Hace 10 días
Are there any app lock option?
guy anello
guy anello Hace 11 días
Most of these features have been on the OnePlus 7 pro already (including native screen recorder) so I feel like I'm barely getting an update :(
Ayman AK
Ayman AK Hace 10 días
same here, reports pointed out a buggy staged release of android 10 for oneplus 7 devices pushing me to hold my rush to update to 10 when it's officially out as am currently happy with oxygen os 9.5
Maxime Vhw
Maxime Vhw Hace 11 días
Still rocking the 3 buttons. Not a fan of gestures. The buttons are way quicker imo and easier
That English Chapy
That English Chapy Hace 11 días
We're gonna be stuck on 10 now
zuk Hace 11 días
that qr WiFi thing miui have iz for few years for now
RIJU GHOSH Hace 11 días
Sir pls make a video how to install twrp recovery in Samsung A30
Ziggy Marbley
Ziggy Marbley Hace 11 días
Gestures more like miuiu
Paul Guy
Paul Guy Hace 11 días
What phone should i buy, pixel 3 or iphone xr?
Julian GameZ
Julian GameZ Hace 12 días
My Samaung Galaxy A50 has basically all these features on Android Pie with OneUI
dr FeelGood
dr FeelGood Hace 12 días
ear rings ? hahahaha LOL
Jani Johnny
Jani Johnny Hace 12 días
As long as it doesn't slow down my phone (INTENTIONALLY!!!)
Julian Ogwal
Julian Ogwal Hace 12 días
Not a fan!
Svarcik Chalturcik
Svarcik Chalturcik Hace 12 días
still on 8.1 ;d
Kai Welch
Kai Welch Hace 12 días
How is his brightness controller green?! I want to figure it out!!
Samuel Clemens
Samuel Clemens Hace 12 días
This review made me research SailFish OS
Duy Lê
Duy Lê Hace 12 días
And I have to wait for who-knows-how-long for my Galaxy A50 to get the update
Zojfe Hace 13 días
Android 8 had those gestures.....
Samuel Fedorchuk
Samuel Fedorchuk Hace 13 días
They need to fix Google assistant, I open her and before I can say anything, 5 Google tabs open
Mahoney Hace 13 días
5:24 Boomer Airpods Boomer Airpods
Cutie Pain
Cutie Pain Hace 13 días
2030 anyone?
ShawnTD Hace 14 días
Does android 10 support on note 9?
Galactiiz Hace 14 días
Been waiting for this! Sweet.
Erzengel Michael
Erzengel Michael Hace 14 días
Very nice
Carl Perry
Carl Perry Hace 14 días
Careful with the OK hand sign @7.49 mins, CNN will ruin you
wazaa-man Hace 14 días
Generally I see many functions that are there for a year in 7:17 the sound output has been there since android 9 launched.
inside33 Hace 14 días
the real stuff.. that smart stuff... in the android os an everywhere else... happened a while ago.. now... its all just... working sometimes
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