And Now, A Very Special COVID-19 Message From Walter | JEFF DUNHAM

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Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham

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How To Train Your Pitbull
How To Train Your Pitbull Hace un mes
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Ryan鈥檚 crazy puppets YT
Ryan鈥檚 crazy puppets YT Hace un mes
Chantil Remines what?馃槴
Chantil Remines
Chantil Remines Hace un mes
@Doc Farmer see
Chantil Remines
Chantil Remines Hace un mes
Hi mmmgc
Chantil Remines
Chantil Remines Hace un mes
@Ryan鈥檚 crazy puppets YT jujsjjsjsksk
Chantil Remines
Chantil Remines Hace un mes
Alright ....
Master Mewtwo
Master Mewtwo Hace 9 d铆as
Walter probably have it the worst... As someone (at least) in his 60's, he's at the greatest risk of COVID if he were to go out, but staying inside only makes him stuck with his horrible wife. He can't really do anything.
Michael H
Michael H Hace 11 d铆as
Walter looks like Me Strickland from Back to the Future.
Louis Lin
Louis Lin Hace 24 d铆as
Wow...nice audio setup!
PKIcequeen Hace 25 d铆as
馃挍馃挍鉂わ笍馃挍馃挍 Walter
Jordzyi1 Hace un mes
Lol Walter is a savage.
Jimmy Dawkins Jr
Jimmy Dawkins Jr Hace un mes
Thanks Joe Biden for that message
Adro The Elbow
Adro The Elbow Hace un mes
this isn鈥檛 walter wtf
YamiPoyo Hace un mes
middle class middle aged man playing a boomer with good wealth and savings retirement pension and telling us to stay home when we cant tyvm.
MandaGrace Hace un mes
I really want to see Walter and his wife on stage fight that would be beautiful
Karen Costanzo
Karen Costanzo Hace un mes
Walter for President!
Red Panda Channel
Red Panda Channel Hace un mes
steve larimore
steve larimore Hace un mes
walter lookes a lot like biden
ICUP2 Hace un mes
Is it ok to kill stupid ventriloquist?
Gacha Glitch
Gacha Glitch Hace un mes
Walter we all know you already have killed your wife
Carol Price
Carol Price Hace un mes
The covid-19 is so small that you need a electron microscope to see it.becaus of how small it is no masks can give you our anyone protection from covid-19.
Dave Scheer
Dave Scheer Hace un mes
Ever notice how Walter looks like Joe Biden , except Walter has more brains ! ( sorry Walter )
Mark Perry
Mark Perry Hace un mes
I had to laugh the other day. Joe Biden was on the TV looking tired. In fact the same tired eyes as Walter. Wait a minute, are they brothers/cousins? LOL.
Paul Schneider208663531
Paul Schneider208663531 Hace un mes
Ok. Walter, if you say so....I will refrain from killing him!
Rinceoir Hace un mes
trim your nose hair Walter!
Steve Bikes
Steve Bikes Hace un mes
Oh, man, I worked at a stereo shop while I was in college (many years ago) that sold Klipsche. I haven't seen a pair of La Scalas in years.
Teri Schiech
Teri Schiech Hace un mes
I've said for years, Walter looks an awful lot like Joe Biden.. Walter run for president.
Kev Macc
Kev Macc Hace un mes
My spouse showed me this video....but i don't think she wanted me to heed the message....i think she was reminding me that she's showing great restraint....i'm having trouble going to sleep now...
Jaxon Ingle
Jaxon Ingle Hace un mes
I wish this covid-19 stuff was gone
Scott Tilden
Scott Tilden Hace un mes
Walter needs a COVID-19 message about hoarding TP... Hope you go back to Las Vegas.
Matt Hoagland
Matt Hoagland Hace un mes
J. U.
J. U. Hace un mes
Joe Biden looks like Walter!! Are they related??
Feleuk Feline Family
Feleuk Feline Family Hace un mes
Dang, I was planning on doing that today... crap! :)
Speaking My Mind
Speaking My Mind Hace un mes
LMFAO 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace un mes
Me: "Walter is being rather ungrumpy" Walter: "It's no ok to kill your spouse" Me: laughing like peanut
Elias Babich
Elias Babich Hace un mes
They also tell you not to touch yourself while they play with themselves
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace un mes
Love the record players!!!
GO1900 GO
GO1900 GO Hace un mes
you always make me laugh... THANK YOU!!!
Ya Boy
Ya Boy Hace un mes
That got dark very quick. Ekin should sponsor channel.
W. Rusty Lane
W. Rusty Lane Hace un mes
China brought the world to its knees with its biological warfare.
Jackie Willis
Jackie Willis Hace un mes
Walter or Biden whose the real dummie.
Benjamin KovaL
Benjamin KovaL Hace un mes
Keep up the funny shorts with the covid-19 stuff those are good. I like all the ones you've done so far.
Kitty Richardson
Kitty Richardson Hace un mes
Going to look for you on Facebook.
Sam Pitts
Sam Pitts Hace un mes
鉂 you Walter be 馃槑 cool.
Daniel Salling
Daniel Salling Hace un mes
Jeff, how about a segment for all us audio geeks out here? I noticed two separate systems (at least) in your office and its really cool... Love the old quad setup with 8 track!... Mach One speakers! really cool stuff. Thanks!
codebreaker activate
codebreaker activate Hace un mes
Guys s party at my house
Tari Blevins
Tari Blevins Hace un mes
Mary E
Mary E Hace un mes
LOL, Walter is a HOOT! We Love this guy, but the message of safety is real, and appreciated. Thanks!
William Rodgers
William Rodgers Hace un mes
Hmmm Walter you've got a point there 馃馃敧馃敧馃懕鈥嶁檧锔 now where to hide her 馃
Leslie Powell
Leslie Powell Hace un mes
I Hate People Walter 馃憤
Joe White
Joe White Hace un mes
I was like... this isn't Walter..but then the spouse commit came in..
Charlie B
Charlie B Hace un mes
If you did kill your spouse, you could box him/her up send them off somewhere and no one would dare open the box for at least 48 hours. Then that t.v. show wouldn鈥檛 be able to find you. I know this because Bubba J told me so.
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
Not so much a fan anymore since you publicly endorsed trump. Not a fan of trumpers at all
Ottis Hace un mes
Love the record players!!!
Christian Parrish
Christian Parrish Hace un mes
Be safe.
Dgamer youtube
Dgamer youtube Hace un mes
When you said dont kill your spouse I laughed like there was no tomarow really badly I couldn't breath lol
Alex Everling
Alex Everling Hace un mes
How much did you pay him to be this sincere?
hermitcraft fan
hermitcraft fan Hace un mes
Just Don't... Unless they close the grocery stores. Then maybe.
ElectricOutcast Hace un mes
I don't wanna dampen the humor that you guys are finding with this video. But believe it or not, there are people right now that are in abusive relationships and many of them are not able to find a way out because of the quarantines. Some of those people (women, children, and yes even some men) might already be dead. But for some that aren't, I hope they find a way out.
Raven Bearden
Raven Bearden Hace un mes
Question...whats a spouse?
screw your feelings
screw your feelings Hace un mes
the amazon guy drops it off on the porch and then i get the package
Mark Conway
Mark Conway Hace un mes
Is that Walter or Joe Biden
Froste Hace un mes
Wise words as always
Hoomi Giboori
Hoomi Giboori Hace un mes
i bet Akhnad is hanging out of house don't give a shit about quarantine..he is allredy dead馃拃
tenebrarius the philosophic
tenebrarius the philosophic Hace un mes
So where is the funny part?
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
Harry. B. Renner. jr. Hace un mes
What? this is a perfect opportunity to kill your spouse.
Art Martinez
Art Martinez Hace un mes
Not so much a fan anymore since you publicly endorsed trump. Not a fan of trumpers at all
Lg springs
Lg springs Hace un mes
Walter looks like Joe Biden.
Nathan Mooney
Nathan Mooney Hace un mes
Random Things
Random Things Hace un mes
Cant believe Walter's saying this...!!!
Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan
Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan Hace un mes
Virus walter pula gayezzz,layanzzzz掳...Muhammad mandul dan bahagi-bahagikan perempuan ek?..mari kita tengok berok mana pula yang,dua nama watak wanita sudah hilang...ayana moon and Emma maembong,kita putar halim
Wolfgang Pointner
Wolfgang Pointner Hace un mes
Nice Hi-Fi in the background, are you a vinyl fan Walter?
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
My state isn鈥檛 over the curve yet it hasn鈥檛 even hit the curve it鈥檚 going to though, thanks for trying to keep people happy I appreciate it 鉂わ笍
Phantom Claw
Phantom Claw Hace un mes
Walter: *Being ungrumpy while given great advice* Me: Okay, Walter is being weird. Walter: It's nor okay, to kill your spouse. Me: Yep, now he's being himself.
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
had me at, you suck!
Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson Hace un mes
Now, find a good joke to tell people, who aren't quite quarantined yet, to clean up after themselves.
Baspreena Barton
Baspreena Barton Hace un mes
Love all your characters! But you really should have been reading Jon Rappaports article on COVID-19. There is a huge scandal with COVID-19 and the money they are offering to pay hospitals for any patient diagnosed with the virus. Kinda like Hollywood and pedophilia...
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