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Young Chop - Topic

Young Chop - Topic

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Ammo & Juice · Young Chop · Future
Ammo & Juice (feat. Future)
℗ 2019 / EMPIRE
Released on: 2019-07-26
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Young ChopFutureAmmo & Juice (feat. Future)Ammo & Juice

Kenneth,joe Harris
Kenneth,joe Harris Hace 4 días
Roddy buckets
Roddy buckets Hace 12 días
I’m really appalled that niggas just now finding out about this. Like is Future isn’t the wave still 🥇
Hoodbaby Beats
Hoodbaby Beats Hace 14 días
Khari Conception
Khari Conception Hace 24 días
This a hit imo
Brittney Anderson
Brittney Anderson Hace 25 días
Nice flow
Jack The Executive
Jack The Executive Hace 28 días
Peter Bronge
Peter Bronge Hace un mes
whole lotta splash!
bill belly
bill belly Hace un mes
dis my beat brah add me plz
TRIPPY TRAPP Hace un mes
Went 12o on the eway in the Cat while this was playing🔥🔥
Linus Hace un mes
Jee Kay
Jee Kay Hace un mes
They want me to scream n laugh at me
AIM Shark
AIM Shark Hace un mes
Who’s here before all the nine year olds use this for their fortnite montage
Blank Nation 2007
Blank Nation 2007 Hace un mes
Didn't even know they used this for their montages X0
David Holmes
David Holmes Hace un mes
Daniella Oh
Daniella Oh Hace un mes
I didn't believe in God but He came to me and changed me. He is the One who created us. I was clubbing, partying, drunk, loving the world, living in flesh then I wondered what is life but I gave my life to Jesus and everything changed. I saw that He suffered and died for my sin. Now I'm no longer in the kingdom of darkness no longer a slave to sin but a child of God. God is real guys and waiting for us. He waits for sinners to go back to Him. He never wants us to perish. God loves us. Not just philosophically love is love but real love. He is real. Real being. Very close. Has personality. That's why you have personality because He made you. But God is so good he is without any kind of evil. That is why it's hard to know him. God is going to judge evil. But when he does that he is also going to judge us. Evil inside us will lead us to hell. But God again, loves us, so Jesus came to us 2000 years ago and died for us because we had to die. There are orders that God made for us. But we are going far away from them since we are getting into the last days. Cultures are getting more corrupted. It's all prophesied in the Bible. Jesus told me he is coming soon. If you don't repent you are going to regret so hard when you see God because you are going to be judged. Have heart. Today is the days of grace - yet. Jesus died for our sins. He lived again. If you believe that He has rosed again and He is Son of God you are going to become born again. Repent and go to Jesus until it's too late! He loves you more than his life. Nothing can satisfy you or comfort you unless you are finally in the right place with God. He is the one who can heal you and restore us to his image. He sent His Son for you. This is prophecy of 1973 by David Wilkerson, vision given by God. It is low quality but many things became true and will become true. Sexual sin, porn, homosexual, hating parents, economic disaster, glorifying witchcraft nature disaster. Things are coming. There are devils out there. But good news is the devil was defeated when Jesus died on the cross taking all the curses and sins of humanity which Satan was controlling humanity through it. If you come to Jesus, not religion, you will be free! I'm saying this with experience. Even if you are slave to unrighteousness but if you come to Jesus, He will cleanse you from all things and you will be a child of God and be born again and live a new life. Taste what Heaven is like! Doing a church and religious activity is different from knowing Jesus. It's all to Jesus or nothing. It's all for God or nothing. Come back to God. There is hell and heaven. We have chance to live. This is another testimony of ex devil worshiper John Ramirez. He saw hell and gave his life to Jesus. God loves you so much. It's unimaginable. He is nurturing, comforter, best friend. As he reveals there are evil spirits and celebrities which signed contract with them to deceive us. We must pray
Tsunauticus III
Tsunauticus III Hace un mes
Cameron Stephan
Cameron Stephan Hace un mes
Good music
Ryugo7 7
Ryugo7 7 Hace un mes
Debra Jones
Debra Jones Hace un mes
Well, I got my comment in.
Sinceregotclout SPG
Sinceregotclout SPG Hace un mes
This the old future feeling future never left he the goat 🐐
Jester Hace un mes
literally what snoop dog foretold. the epidemy of bad rappers
Shelby Renée
Shelby Renée Hace un mes
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 They been stealin’ my style, I been knew for a while. #FutureHive 🐝
Ruben Wardlaw
Ruben Wardlaw Hace un mes
The best release of 2019
iAMYungJalixco Hace un mes
🥶 Dope music overall 🥶
nbandi HD
nbandi HD Hace un mes
chop still got it from 👍🔥
Ademo Services
Ademo Services Hace un mes
This is trending because #Future jumped on a jet
Matt B
Matt B Hace un mes
Futures part of the problem I cant stay in weekends and save money. 🔥🔥🤦‍♂️
Tsedek Ogun
Tsedek Ogun Hace un mes
This song is lit! What album is this on? It came on my ESwomen automatically.
Tsedek Ogun
Tsedek Ogun Hace un mes
Nvm it's new.
Almighty Sauxx
Almighty Sauxx Hace un mes
Remind me of the old future real ATL shii no cap💯🤘🏾🎸🎤🎧
THE ONE Hace un mes
This song screams minimum wage
Samuel Palacíos
Samuel Palacíos Hace un mes
This is trending so everyone can hear the longest "skrrr" ever recorded in a song at 0:45
WEARDoZ 1.1 Hace un mes
young chop you washed up playa
Austin Jimenez
Austin Jimenez Hace un mes
Chimba la canción Saludos desde Medellín Colombia
Steven Winn
Steven Winn Hace un mes
anybody notice in 2019 the beats and flows are way more mellow and easier to listen to than it used to be !?!
Steven Winn
Steven Winn Hace un mes
@maya mikkelsen recently as of 2019!
maya mikkelsen
maya mikkelsen Hace un mes
Depends on what time you're reffering to
S Butler
S Butler Hace un mes
lol he said he got the juice
RDRAFF1 Hace un mes
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Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez Hace un mes
My son inlaw has hard heart hope he keeps it. Straight i will always have a 360 on the. Please be love has two things rates roll or curve Valley its some that im having one half be the therapy is on two classes give or reserved action so close
Prod H2o
Prod H2o Hace un mes
BBM GLIZZY Hace un mes
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Hace un mes
I got a Becky and I got a Cuban and they gone recruit and if you go visit where I come from it look like a zoo🔥 🔥
J Smith
J Smith Hace un mes
They make up a crew* dont want you to get roasted bro
Sg Is
Sg Is Hace un mes
richard A
richard A Hace un mes
The Black Alex Jones
The Black Alex Jones Hace un mes
He had to come correct on the chop beat lol
Alpa_david Papii
Alpa_david Papii Hace un mes
Yo can someone slow this down
Javier Roman
Javier Roman Hace un mes
I thought we lost you with that Save Me album, please don't EVER do that again!!😨
Chad Weaver
Chad Weaver Hace un mes
Subscribers ÷ video views= trending?
Nathan Weaver
Nathan Weaver Hace un mes
this has got to be the greatest song ive heard from my boy hidy hoe
BelowZeroO Hace un mes
tesla represent in hip hop now 100 no cap
Jay B
Jay B Hace un mes
Future still got that same fiya 🔥🔥🔥
Tammy Powell
Tammy Powell Hace un mes
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Hace un mes
Amen. Heaven on way to heaven.
Phaven Hace un mes
jesus is my dick
thabo mapitiza
thabo mapitiza Hace un mes
Tell him to call first. I got shit to do.
AR - 9
AR - 9 Hace un mes
Stop buying views you fat slug looking fuck
Frylock Jacques
Frylock Jacques Hace un mes
Future need to hot that amnesia part 2 ft
TFG MUSIC Hace un mes
I fuck with it fuck what y’all talking bout 💯💯
Rusty Lux Beats
Rusty Lux Beats Hace un mes
Ill make you a popn music coverart vid youngchop 👄😜👍
arkona1337 Hace un mes
Why is the beat louder in the beginning but then it gets progressively lower?
Austin Rubin
Austin Rubin Hace un mes
hOW iS tHiS Tr3nDiNg?? stfu if a million mfs comment the same thing of course the song gone go up.... just let it be 🔥
Juan Bretado
Juan Bretado Hace un mes
Im high asf and when it started that scared the shit out of me
Muffledbox Hace un mes
I heard the beginning I thought it was chief keef
Lhiz Celis
Lhiz Celis Hace un mes
Sean Mariani
Sean Mariani Hace un mes
Got that classic Future flow 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Mysteriousthesinger Hace un mes
This shit actually bang like a futuristic trap song I like it 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 young chop sound like future tho or unless I been hearing future the whole song
Official F.l.i
Official F.l.i Hace un mes
This go crazy nfs 🔥🔥🔥
Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira Hace un mes
Bro im in love wit this shit
Timothy Knisley
Timothy Knisley Hace un mes
Woo like I did it. Klip up tight right now it's in it drippin socy glock is for pussy. What it do. I'm outta of the loot. Gone in the parkin lot. That was 3 miles on the move 12 minutes we ain't a game. Get back
jesse selinger
jesse selinger Hace un mes
This actually shows youtube has gone to shit. We don't know if the video is actually trending by the real viewers or if they paid youtube to put it on the trending page.
Trojan mane
Trojan mane Hace un mes
Old School
Old School Hace un mes
Didn’t understand a single word of the lyrics. They must have been very meaningful.
visionware pot
visionware pot Hace un mes
With a name like old school, you wouldn't understand
Mc Red Feather 00110101
Mc Red Feather 00110101 Hace un mes
The 2ueer Birds
Mc Red Feather 00110101
Mc Red Feather 00110101 Hace un mes
6.14 inches or bigga my n*gga lol too dope boys in a cadillac buy a mansion and invite all my boyfriends over to play dice 7 11 on the come out shake em up shake em up shake em up shakem lol looking out loud red feather mc read mc ere ere equals a time before hvk vrds
someone random
someone random Hace un mes
went to the trending for music and clicked on the first one that did not say vevo I got this
Blesso Hace un mes
If just one person reads this it will make my day. I'm a music artist from Brooklyn. So I'm fully aware that ppl usually post these comments all the time, but I honestly do believe that I'll be the one person who you'll be so happy that you did hear out. I'm currently trying to get 1,000 subscribers.. If ONE PERSON could just give this a thumbs up, you will be a great step closer to helping a person's dreams come true. I swear that Im not wack and you won't be disappointed. I Just need one chance and 2 minutes. Thank you.
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