American segregation, mapped at day and night

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We work in diverse places. We live in segregated ones.
Check out this interactive map that Alvin built, to see these effects for yourself:
Correction: At 3:37, we mislabeled a map "Charlotte," but it is actually the Charleston metropolitan area.
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America policies engineered our segregated homes. But the workplace? That had the chance of being a place where we interact with people of other races - and form meaningful relationships. These maps show that this hasn't exactly happened. In fact, the most personal parts of our lives is still very segregated. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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Vox Hace 7 meses
Correction: at 3:37 the video mistakenly labels a map "Charlotte." The map shown is actually of the Charleston metropolitan area.
Sha R
Sha R Hace 2 meses
@The Lego World News Show Yo! He made a mistake and put the corrections the to comment! You are tripping. You want him to take the whole video down!?! And I live in Charlotte too. A lot of that is true here also.
Bobby Ward
Bobby Ward Hace 2 meses
@Sai vox is a very liberal media company..and considering it's very easy to manipulate statistics to fit any one agenda..its no wonder it's how they portrayed it..its also a very short video so you cant give too much context or everything..even though they wouldnt have even if it was longer
Jacob Holland
Jacob Holland Hace 2 meses
yeah i was like nah sis charlotte isn't on the water
yacetube Hace 12 horas
"75% of white people have only white friends" ... like, hispanic friends. Cause they're white. Also, there is 12% black in the US. Even without segregation, or economic segregation, ... it is statistically normal to be harder to meet that 1 person out of 10. It is not a discovery. You go in China and ask them how many scandinavian friends they have ... Get it ?
yacetube Hace 12 horas
More blacks working at NY's JFK than downtown...
Patricia Handa
Patricia Handa Hace 2 días
White people have the money to avoid being uncomfortable, so if people of other races make them uncomfortable, they will use their money to avoid them, and especially to keep their kids away from them, perpetuating the discomfort.
Kiryk Drewinski
Kiryk Drewinski Hace 5 días
Please use different colors for the graphics. It’s very confusing having everything in pink only. And no, I have nothing against pink ; )
Mikaïlov Camille
Mikaïlov Camille Hace 6 días
Very good documentery i am from Canada so it's less segration than the Usa and France for coloured people.
Hayden Baldwin
Hayden Baldwin Hace 7 días
Our town is so white, when a family of black people moved in last year it doubled the population of black people in our town. Edit: to be fair there is only like 4000 people in our town
Hayden Baldwin
Hayden Baldwin Hace 7 días
Our town is so white, when a family of black people moved in last year it doubled the population of black people in our town.
kunited9 Hace 10 días
Oh and of course people of color start at the bottom. Last time I checked whites started at the bottom too before getting to the top. That does not prove there is discrimination
Gabriel Slark
Gabriel Slark Hace 14 días
"It was a Hwite community" 😂
Mike Hace 15 días
Make America Great Again!!
Mike Hace 13 días
Ramiz Ali ..mmkay
Ramiz Ali
Ramiz Ali Hace 14 días
Democracy is bad.
jonah vines
jonah vines Hace 16 días
idk the point of this video no one is forcing anyone to live anywhere that they dont wanna live
muenzfernsprecher Hace 16 días
I always wonder how ethnic/cultural diversity is so much adored, but segregation so much detested. They vitally depend on each other. Put simply: Ethnic diversity is based on persistent ethnic differences. They persist only if they are transmitted to and adopted by most of the next generation. However, to achieve this, you need homogeneous social spaces where these identities are formed and fostered. Which then again implies less social contact with ethnic outsiders, at least in your free time. If you don't have that, multicultural society is not stable, but just a transitory state, much like the various European immigrant communities in the US have been mostly absorbed into an Anglophone White mainstream. If you look at pre-modern Old World examples of long-lasting multicultural societies (e.g. Muslim Andalusia, pre-1790 Transylvania), which are sometimes hailed as models of tolerance etc, they often relied on an interplay between limited contact (in the public sphere, esp. business) and strong segregation (in the private sphere, esp. marriage/family). Segregation is as much a mother of cultural diversity as contact/mixing is.
COACH V Hace 17 días
Before I make my comment let me start by saying I live in the US but i was born in the Caribbean, i'm Hispanic and i was raised in black neighborhood okay..No racist at all. That being said. i am gonna ask one do you explain to this people that they were wrong when black neighborhoods are full of crime, drugs, school dropouts, absented fathers, incarceration rates, fights, trash...? I am not saying segregation is right by any means, but when African Americans leaders and regular people are going to call out what's wrong in their communities? what about some self criticism?
Pearl Easley-Johnson
Pearl Easley-Johnson Hace 18 días
I wouldn't exist is biracial marriage was still illegal
benblexbenblex Hace 19 días
add to the equation asian/americans who on average are all too happy to uphold whiteness and white supremacist suburban segregation with their "honorary" white status (e.g., highest rates of outmarriage with whites, highest rates of higher education with whites)--despite or perhaps because of their "model minority" racial status
KP바비 KJ Hace 19 días
Explains why all these white people left when me and three other Asian house holds moved in
genericmace Hace 21 un día
Where I live, there's about a 60/40 split between white people and hispanic people. I've only seen about 10 people of other races within the last year, probably. Then again, I don't really g o o u t s i d e at all so that's probably why.
Dashiell Kostka
Dashiell Kostka Hace 22 días
I’d like the video except the high pitched noise
Roan the Delphox
Roan the Delphox Hace 23 días
People segregate themselves based on similarities and differences. We may not think it, but people usually prefer to be with people like them in a community. It is due to the ancient pack mentality instilled deep within our brains.
Charity Ava
Charity Ava Hace 24 días
I'll tell you what though, the visual distinction between pink and light pink was super impactful, thanks! 😒
Canine University 101
Canine University 101 Hace 25 días
Woohoo, great city of Atlanta georgia is absent from this. We diverse and we love it.
Epic Username
Epic Username Hace 26 días
Other people have mentioned this, but I would love to see data from places like the UK. I live in Cornwall, and over here there is a very large white population. I know very few black people at all and I only have white friends. Compared to somewhere like London, which is possibly the most diverse city in the world, and I can imagine that would look very different.
Mark Landrebe
Mark Landrebe Hace 28 días
Currently,far more blacks prefer segregation; something that Whites prefer, also.
Mark Landrebe
Mark Landrebe Hace 26 días
@Jose That is a fact.
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez Hace 27 días
That's one of the dumbest things I've seen in a while
Trey Noe
Trey Noe Hace 29 días
@4:29 this becomes fiction... ya know why segregation is about the same? Because the number of colored people increased and... wait for it... you’ll never believe it... THE TOTAL population went up too.
Houssam Salmi
Houssam Salmi Hace 29 días
I need to understand the meaning of the word " segregation " first Lol.
Jarvis Jackson
Jarvis Jackson Hace un mes
Wooow white people were mean😔😔😔
Doosy Doos
Doosy Doos Hace un mes
As long as different races exist, racism will always exist, change my mind.
-ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE
-ドミノ・ウカエDOMiNO UKAE Hace un mes
Levittown, L.I. is still racist. Especially the police there.
tea time commenter
tea time commenter Hace un mes
so basically just because a place has a lot of white people working there means they are racist and completely segregated
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez Hace 27 días
Racism doesn't have to be overt racism the simple fact that having a black name decreases your chance of getting a job interview is racism but the people hiring may not even realize that they are doing this
Flamenco Hace 29 días
possibly, but not definitely
MLG Carroll
MLG Carroll Hace un mes
lol to anyone who thinks the world will hold hands and live happily ever after. Of coarse races would rather stay together in a community. Its been like that since the beginning of times. We are either kings or pawns, emperors or fools - Napoleon Bonaparte
Mj S
Mj S Hace un mes
Perpogana video
Alexandria Parson
Alexandria Parson Hace un mes
"It was a HhWITE community".
Twitty Fatcat
Twitty Fatcat Hace un mes
It looks like whites spend more time on the road to get to their job than the other races.
Amit Chakraborty
Amit Chakraborty Hace un mes
So if I am company owner, I need to hire a 60% scoring non white kid over a 80% scoring white kid because of "diversity". I don't think private companies are going to hire less efficient people irrespective of race so that they can look hip and diverse.
Harun rashid
Harun rashid Hace un mes
America seems like a nasty place.Anyway the whites will be a minority so, they will eventually lose power
Τζακυνθος Φριτοπουλος
Τζακυνθος Φριτοπουλος Hace un mes
Whites move it? White flight. Whites move in? Gentrification. The only way to win this game is not to play.
bitch ass
bitch ass Hace 22 días
Whites move out for deliberately racist reasons, then when they move back in, they kick out the blacks and latinos
Shay45 Hace 28 días
The problem with gentrifications is not about whites moving in it is about the culture of the neighborhood changing and prices for homes going up and business owners being pushed out because of higher prices and people who are being made to feel like strangers & like they don’t belong in the place their families have lived for generations by the white newcomers that maybe feel uncomfortable in a unfamiliar area with unfamiliar people who are not like them
Libertarian_Secessionist1861 Hace un mes
African Americans still complain about being in poverty but they have all the rights as us now in the US. Not my fault for their actions and financial crisis.
Jacob Monnin
Jacob Monnin Hace un mes
What's wrong with ppl wanting to carry on their heritage.
jan simonides
jan simonides Hace un mes
Aren't blacks more likely to have daggers?
Danny Evans
Danny Evans Hace un mes
Where did you get the map data from?
Lazarus Hace un mes
My neighborhood is nolonger white. The first white owners bought their homes for $60k to $70k. Ten years later, some middle class Latinos and blacks bought a few houses that were worth around $200k. The rest of the whites fled their 'ghetto', selling their homes off for $200k-$400k to the 'poor and lazy' minorities.
Schwinn Stingray Guy
Schwinn Stingray Guy Hace un mes
6:05 honestly that makes a lot of sense because we like to live with our own people and we exposed ourselves to more people of our race. idk where you are with this
eeervin3 Hace un mes
Since there are more whites than others there is a higher chance that whites will only have white friends. That's just basic statistics..
alex carter
alex carter Hace un mes
In the US it's easy to figure out what race a manager is - just look at the workers in his dept. If they're all race X, the manager will turn out to be race X. Managers hire their own race as a rule. The only exception is, if the manager is white, they are forced to hire non-whites and they will hire a mix of workers. So: If the workers are X it's because their manager is X. If they're Y, their manager is Y. And if they're a mix of X, Y, Z, etc then the manager is white.
mochondrius Hace un mes
Honestly these videos are more disappointing than helpful, just because it fails to link its findings up to studies of systemic racism, which needs to be more widespread.
Wafi 31
Wafi 31 Hace un mes
It’s like when you put too much toothpaste on your toothbrush
Hector Lalalala
Hector Lalalala Hace un mes
This video makes me want to hate white people, even though i am part white
jan simonides
jan simonides Hace un mes
How come?
benito mussolini
benito mussolini Hace un mes
Anybody white that lived in the early years when there was segregation remembers how safe the neighborhoods were , Also What care the people took of their property and houses ,kids werent into drugs , look at Detroit .You cant deny that the colored race has completely destroyed America. Guys like Martin luther King ,are to blame He had a dream alright ,and thats all it was was a dream that the colored race could behave normally if not kept under some kind of control.
Kane Oconnor
Kane Oconnor Hace un mes
I don't quite understand what this video was trying to achieve tbh. Idk what Americas obsession is with race. I think this is more of a social issue than a racist one. I feel Vox and other content creators don't quite understand the meaning of racism. Subconsciously I feel that people naturally gravitate towards other people of similar heritage or culture because you have something in common. For example the all white company and all black company you used in your video. Could it be that black people are more inclined to apply for a job in a company that is majority black because they know they'll fit in more because they would be able to relate to them more based on their culture? Idk I could be wrong, but I strongly feel there will always be a division for that reason. Not saying it's good or bad but maybe we should stop picking at a scab for the sake of it.
Spydude 99999999
Spydude 99999999 Hace un mes
Ok, but in a country as diverse as America, culture doesn't always map onto race or ethnicity. E.g. gangster white kids or black children who were raised in majority white neighbourhoods. While people of the same ethnicities might share some connection, they don't necessarily have to.
Zachariah Smith
Zachariah Smith Hace un mes
I don't think it's always about whites and blacks not wanting to mix, sometimes you want to be around similar people
Spydude 99999999
Spydude 99999999 Hace un mes
@Zachariah Smith Oh, I see you meant not standing out.
Zachariah Smith
Zachariah Smith Hace un mes
@Spydude 99999999 no, you're missing the point. It's just they'd rather be around others they're familiar with, not that whites dont want to be around blacks or vice versa. Just have other whites/ blacks around makes then not feel as out if place
Spydude 99999999
Spydude 99999999 Hace un mes
That would be them not wanting to mix.
godtre Hace un mes
Now Levittown has a huge Heroin Problem
Birdie McChicken
Birdie McChicken Hace un mes
Things start looking a lot more diverse when you look at where people are from rather than the color of their skin. I have friends from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, England, Greece... They're all "White Fellas" but they're also a culturally diverse group regardless of skin colour.
lygophile Hace un mes
2:37 so why do all black people work in the city centers?
Mouse Utopian
Mouse Utopian Hace un mes
So sad for the african americans.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 Hace un mes
I would trade being white for black any day of the week, to have had a caring parent. External factors mean little or nothing compared to the internal family dynamics. Family wealth meant nothing to any kid in my neighborhood.
John Edward Gallagher
John Edward Gallagher Hace un mes
what are you tring to say. I think it sounds like an attack on white people. Do you think you will gain your goals with guilt and insultes or you will only reinforce your own small groups ideas and predudices.
first last
first last Hace un mes
Well, in the US a larger majority of people are of light skin. So it would make sense if a larger precentage of blacks have white friends than whites have black friends because numbers.
John Edward Gallagher
John Edward Gallagher Hace un mes
I think that you lie. I have worked at places were a manager was of color and a year later every worker was of color.
Admin Kel 5 x-6
Admin Kel 5 x-6 Hace un mes
what will happen to be chigga like me? im asian bit have black colour i still dont know where i am belong to
CameronIsaiahh Hace un mes
um..i dont think thats how that works, i mean as long as u have black in you,then you can call yourself that but if your just darker in color i dont think its right to refer to yourself as that
Pepins Spot
Pepins Spot Hace un mes
There's a Levittown in Puerto Rico, I wonder?!
Edward Dube
Edward Dube Hace un mes
The Government was such apart of the racism you see and hear today
SALTY Peasents Always Need Salt
SALTY Peasents Always Need Salt Hace un mes
So? What's the problem? For eons people have always chosen to be around their own kind. That's whom they're most comfortable with. It always has been, and always will be, and no amount of pandering will change that! Statistics clearly show it. No matter what country, religious dominion, or political color, rural or urban. People choose to stick with their own kind. (Yes, even most liberals!) Blacks choose to be around Blacks. Whites around Whites. Hispanics around Hispanics. Asians around Asians, if given the choice, everytime. And there's nothing wrong with that!
Noel Blanco
Noel Blanco Hace un mes
Vox, are you guys Geography major? I find your presentation great and looks like you apply geographic data in every videos you present.
max2082 Hace un mes
It's like that in Denver. There neighborhood area that have historically been Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Our city is just in the past few years has started slowly developing housing to change that. But it's a struggle cause now you have wealth surrounded by poverty. If we truly want to diversify our communities we need to work on improving life for everyone.
k2d10tode11 Hace un mes
so why is this down voted? because the Truth hurt?! hahahhahahahahaha ah ah ah ah
Lup Domnitor
Lup Domnitor Hace un mes
Maybe it will get better once the white population goes down. THat's the only way for them to have less power so we can get some diversity in this racist country.
cheruzaleming Hace un mes
Diversity in America is black and/or white.
KimJun Poh
KimJun Poh Hace un mes
Because blacks dont want us calling 911 on their BBQ. Done
Sachin Kumar S
Sachin Kumar S Hace un mes
Can please mention the library you used to make this plot and also if possible please please please provide the link to the dataset
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