American segregation, mapped at day and night

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We work in diverse places. We live in segregated ones.
Check out this interactive map that Alvin built, to see these effects for yourself:
Correction: At 3:37, we mislabeled a map "Charlotte," but it is actually the Charleston metropolitan area.
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America policies engineered our segregated homes. But the workplace? That had the chance of being a place where we interact with people of other races - and form meaningful relationships. These maps show that this hasn't exactly happened. In fact, the most personal parts of our lives is still very segregated. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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Vox Hace 5 meses
Correction: at 3:37 the video mistakenly labels a map "Charlotte." The map shown is actually of the Charleston metropolitan area.
Kildare Aleksander
Kildare Aleksander Hace 15 días
Segregation racial is better for everyone.
‹depression autopilot›
‹depression autopilot› Hace 2 meses
Dark Horizon Literally no one cares when a group of people threaten to leave. I'm not trying to be demeaning, just honest. Large groups in the US sometimes threaten to move to Canada when a certain president is elected. What happens? 99.9% don't end up leaving, and no one would care if they did. It is like when one angry customer threatens to "never shop at this store again!" The employees don't give a damn, and neither does the company because they know it will have zero financial impact. And what would happen in our country? Outsiders will continue to want to come in, and heaps of jobs will open up for the unemployed and under-employed. Plus a few months in a foreign place you did not grow up in, on a continent that mostly ranks as 3rd world may be a bad shock for you... Also, "Sororities and fraternaties serve as an enclave of power used to exclude and repress" EVERYONE that does not check every box of their disgusting selection qualifications. They would most likely accept a wealthy, well-connected black man or woman before they accepted a poor, unconnected, but highly educated white man or woman. I agree they should be done away with, atleast we can meet at that point, but not for the reason you stated.
fun and vlogs with rayan
fun and vlogs with rayan Hace 3 meses
Now you make Charleston people sad instead of Charlotte
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts Hace 4 meses
@samy said That's the problem. Opportunities aren't equal. They're dramatically tilted toward suburban whites.
Thornback Hace 4 meses
I'm the epitome of health, work out 3x a week and am within the normal range of BMI. I'm hoping my MA degree and cod-liver-oil drank also counts.
Joy Hasan
Joy Hasan Hace un día
We need it back
R K Hace 2 días
I changed jobs and neighbourhoods because I'd rather work/live around people who are the same as me, and im not white
Email Hace 2 días
don't feel bad, that is completely natural
caatabatic Hace 3 días
I was told by white people that racism ended when we elected Obama. riiight?
iceberg lettuce
iceberg lettuce Hace 4 días
There's nothing wrong with wanting to live around people of the same race as yourself, this video leads me to believe that that's wrong, but if that was the case then China towns all across the us should have forced integration
Mei Hace 4 días
well you don't need research to find out those findings in the video.
Hadouken Hadouken
Hadouken Hadouken Hace 8 días
sam zag
sam zag Hace 13 días
Yes it’s true the gouvernement try to maintain the segregation but it will not affect all people in general only some of us . And it’s not always accurate
rico Tomas
rico Tomas Hace 13 días
i already knew all of that
Mxnsourbeats Hace 14 días
Who know the song at 1:30?
Jonathan Izaac
Jonathan Izaac Hace 14 días
Segregation is the ONLY way- it can't be helped
James Johnson
James Johnson Hace 15 días
To hear how ignorant whire women were back in the day is eery. No wonder why racial attitudes have changed little- the hand that rocks the cradle!
James Johnson
James Johnson Hace 15 días
Isn't it strange that Levitt was Jewish?
Yaz Hace 15 días
Lmao @ the whites that are mad because people want diversity everywhere....
Andyyy Wu
Andyyy Wu Hace 16 días
Why do I want to chuck an oyster shell at the women in the intro.
Moses Sean
Moses Sean Hace 16 días
Looks about white
ratty potter
ratty potter Hace 17 días
Zapped Banana
Zapped Banana Hace 17 días
Omg vox just stop
sumanjit arora
sumanjit arora Hace 19 días
Yay they allowed light brown people like me YAY!
Loading Loading
Loading Loading Hace 20 días
im white, so i support segregation
Zheng Jin
Zheng Jin Hace 20 días
Oh yeah you never heard of the phrase glass ceiling? All minorities know it.
Kayden Sanchez
Kayden Sanchez Hace 20 días
Ok racist people your taking it to far
- -
- - Hace 21 un día
America seems to be a different planet from over here in Europe
The Duke
The Duke Hace 18 días
Looks are deceiving, I wont lie, it is different in a lot of ways, but take it at the personal level, and it's not really that different.
Guanco Cuñavi
Guanco Cuñavi Hace 21 un día
Benevolent Hace 21 un día
So is gentrification making this better or worse?
bob smith
bob smith Hace 21 un día
Does Vox have any straight white men working for them?
NOT_Memeda Hace 22 días
Black people = diverse, huh? So... Croats, Poles, Greeks, Italians, Swedes, Finns, Germans, Russians etc. etc. .... Aren't?
bill ray wannabe
bill ray wannabe Hace 23 días
I'm glad I was born in Fiji with my own people and my own culture and race and live together with other races in peace then shitwhole America
Colette Adams
Colette Adams Hace 24 días
the thing about white people having mostly white friends, that can be linked back to the communities they get up in. If you live in a predominately white neighbourhood, chances are you'll go to a predominately white school. That means that you'll make predominately white friends. It's all linked. I don't think necessarily it's because people want to only make friends with their own race, it's just where you grow up. Especially since many suburbs are predominately white (and as they are more isolated from the city, they are not diverse in terms of tourists, office buildings, shops etc), whereas many black neighbourhoods are more central to the city, which is a far more diverse place.
Pablo Cejas
Pablo Cejas Hace 24 días
For starters, races don't exist. Ethnic groups exist.
tyrion lnisster
tyrion lnisster Hace 24 días
2:13 i instantly looked at my battery percent
TaeTaeisBae Hace 25 días
It’s simple. Since whites generally have more income they can afford wealthier neighborhoods. Until blacks can afford it, white are not trying to segregate at all, that’s just how it is for now until the blacks catch up.
Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes Hace 29 días
Identity politics is salvation.
Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes Hace 29 días
6:11 At what point between 65% and 75% do you become racist? And why is it a bad thing to seek out the communities and workplaces in which you would feel most comfortable? Birds of the feather flock together. You shove clean energy down our throats when in actuality, you're the ones that have been ignoring nature.
Sammy Watkins
Sammy Watkins Hace 29 días
So basically blacks just commute less to work. Smart.
hondo ohnaka productions
hondo ohnaka productions Hace un mes
That's why I like living out in the country You can have a Asian down the street blacks across the road and Hispanics next door
Willow Kinkle
Willow Kinkle Hace un mes
alexandre piret
alexandre piret Hace un mes
I hate black people they are disgusting
checkbord spy
checkbord spy Hace un mes
America hasn't been segregated in decades and it's horrible that your calling this utopia your so lucky to live in as segregated.
Shawn Treelife
Shawn Treelife Hace un mes
There is only one race, though, the human race. We need to learn that.
Shawn Treelife
Shawn Treelife Hace 29 días
@Stop Stop - My reply was a joke, too...
Stop Stop
Stop Stop Hace 29 días
S Brian Chong chill out dude it’s a vine reference
Shawn Treelife
Shawn Treelife Hace un mes
@Stop Stop - Nascar is not a race! If you peel back the layers of the fibreglass shell and look inside, you'll see that we're all the same. :D
Stop Stop
Stop Stop Hace un mes
S Brian Chong What about nascar
NordicNostalgia Hace un mes
Why didn't the blacks make black only communities?
Ramen Doodles
Ramen Doodles Hace 17 días
Because for some reason, when black people try to make communities for themselves, white people get all offended and accuse THEM of segregation and racism for God forbid not including the whites!
It'sTaite Hace un mes
I’ll show you a white only neighborhood put all us whites into poor townships and give all other races the wealth
Zeus Gates
Zeus Gates Hace un mes
Dude, cite these studies please! That's a major step toward being credible as a ESwomen channel
Ryan McLaughlin
Ryan McLaughlin Hace un mes
I think the whole “who we’re friends with” statistic just comes down to the fact that white people make up a large majority of the population
Brix Trix
Brix Trix Hace un mes
Is it such a crime to want to live and work with people who look like you?
rouge1ful Hace un mes
uh yeah it is because when you don't have enough interaction with people of other races and cultures you tend to grow biases normally stereotypical biases.
Jay Ocq
Jay Ocq Hace un mes
Self segregation is a choice!
DA BOSS Hace un mes
What if we added that stats of how many people from all races into this. If the company was truly diverse, like in an interview, out of 100 applicants for a manager position, 14 would be african american because America consists of 14% of african america
subscribe for nothing
subscribe for nothing Hace un mes
americans are so obsessed with race, somethings never change
muttr Hace un mes
they are a living stereotype uneducated even when they go to school. take person out of ghetto but cant take ghetto out of person. loud talking rude mfs that are prone to criminal behavior
Voloko Umphetico
Voloko Umphetico Hace un mes
I occasionally have to travel to the U.S. for work and it's always a shock for me to see the segregation and racism that is rampant everywhere. The religious zealots are also a little unnerving (yes I am visiting the south.)
alek Hace 23 días
Voloko Umphetico it’s not even segregated now. Also, the religious people are quite crazy
puskasis Hace un mes
this is sad ...
ben dover
ben dover Hace un mes
please leave us alone
hammer head
hammer head Hace un mes
White invaders
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace un mes
Do white people have the right to live in their own communities
AnotherTargaryen Hace un mes
People like to live next to people who are similar to themselves... who would’ve guessed?!?
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar Hace un mes
But joke is on him
Alexis Daniel
Alexis Daniel Hace un mes
Swear to god I just wrote about segregation with neighborhoods for my English class last semester
Jeffrey Hawkes
Jeffrey Hawkes Hace un mes
May I see the scholarly research and is it peer reviewed?
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper Hace un mes
Who cares?
TendedTadpole2 Hace un mes
Ok but why is this so important? This isn’t the same as segregation by an unjust law, it’s just how people are. Are you saying that in everything we do we need equal representation from all people based on skin tone? I feel like we’re just making a mountain out of a molehill to ignore real racial issues in our nation
Miriam Kernaghan
Miriam Kernaghan Hace un mes
Anyone else think it's weird they used white to represent less white places?
EqualsThreeable Hace un mes
Diversity is a nice idea on paper. In the real world we have this weird hypocrisy about it. Diversity good, but segregation bad. However, they are two sides of the same coin. People most prefer commonalities. What's that, exactly what it sounds like. Take a convention like comic-con. You have a segregated community of people who prefer some kind of TV show, comic, movie, book, something that brings all the "nerds/weebs" together. Once you're there they even further divide the interest into panels and dealer rooms where certain shops that pertain to certain people's interest. It's like a mini version of the real world. Many people like to be a part of the group they have the same interest with, even if they don't know the people or end up making friends with them. This extends to cultural festivals too, a Polish Festival or Pride Parade. People are celebrating what makes them different while simultaneously congregating with people who are most like them. They enjoy the company of those who are like themselves. They may have friends who are not Polish but those attending or who are really involved love showing off to others why it's great being them. A small hint of safety comes with that community of people who are like you. Now I agree that there will always be people who are sick of their own and want some new experience unlike their own, but the majority always seems to cling and segregate themselves, more like a Venn-Diagram really. At school is another example. Art kids may stick together, certain language groups, girls, boys, types of people, eventually you find a group of blacks or Asians. Nobody physically separated these people, there are other groups in the same school that look like the epitome of diversity but somehow segregated groups appear. In the real world, people celebrate the idea of people with common backgrounds to stay together, but at the same time criticize the world for segregating people on purpose. So the issue looks compounded because you can't separate the ones who are stuck together and the ones who prefer to be together. Thus racism, sexism and any ism will never be truly solved because men enjoy having male friends more often than having female friends. When middle eastern people band together to run convenience stores and network because they share a common bond. The people of Dearborn Michigan have shown that very concept in action. It's not always forced, some people just seek to surround themselves with those they share commonalities with.
Hadouken Hadouken
Hadouken Hadouken Hace 8 días
Subtle, quiet, nice, faith, education, safe, purpose with conviction and legally marriage. Those are some suggestions that make up a strong community. The only true segregation here is individuals that do not strive to be the best version of themselves be a productive citizen to society. - Truth
Filip Hamze
Filip Hamze Hace un mes
the whole point of this video is lost to me. the least rascist thing we can do is not talk about it. sure neighborhoods are segregated. so what? does it matter if the dude is asian,white or black? in companies it’s a different situation. the reason why some people are janitors is maybe because they had a worse economic situation which is not problem linked to race unless you are talking about the aftershocks of the realease of slaves. but this i think should have allready been resolved by the augmention of the minimum wage and the reduction of racism in society. around 95 percent of people in this comment section are probably not racist. that’s an assumption i know but not a wild one.
Charlotte Forst
Charlotte Forst Hace un mes
All my real life friends are white, but to be fair, there’s like... six poc at my school and none of them are really my style
domitry jobby
domitry jobby Hace un mes
i don't think this has anything to do with segregation or racism, people who are alike enjoy being together do in a way they segregate themselvs whites stay with whites, blacks with blacks and so on and thet's fine if the races respect one another. the workplace is a different envoierment because people rarely get to choose the work companions but when they can they choose poeple with similar culture and langage. We need to stop forcing multiculturalism like its inherently good.
Cry Celestial
Cry Celestial Hace un mes
It was a Hwite community
James Johnson
James Johnson Hace 15 días
Like Stewie Griffin. lol...
Kim Thing
Kim Thing Hace 24 días
H wite
Ananya Gaddam
Ananya Gaddam Hace 24 días
press f to pay respects to Bob Ross
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Hace un mes
Food Reviewer 9001
Food Reviewer 9001 Hace un mes
I dont see why not having friends of different races is bad. It's just the people you choose to be around.
Mark Gable
Mark Gable Hace un mes
Poor white people . They always get a bad rap. I find it strange when white people call other white people racist. I think its done to get the black vote. Black people only vote one way.
KendrixTermina Hace un mes
I never understood how Americans could stand to live in these cookie-cutter houses, it always struck me as deeply creepy - shouldn't your house be as individual as you? When I saw them in cartoons I thought that was a joke, I was shocked to find out they're real. So I'm not entirely surprised to learn that they have some evil racist backstory.
Dana Spielman
Dana Spielman Hace un mes
What's the name of that really nice has very low crime rate, no homicides, hardly any robberies, plenty of businesses and jobs to be had, and it's predominantly black? Oh wait...
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