Amber Riley, Heather Morris Talk Lea Michele Allegations

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After Lea Michele apologized to Samantha Ware and other co-stars for her on-set behaviour, Roz Weston and Graeme O'Neil take a look at her "Glee" co-stars Amber Riley and Heather Morris' reactions during "ET Canada Live".
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Tiffany Gray's Life
Tiffany Gray's Life Hace 2 horas
I love Amber Riley. She handled this so maturely. She's awesome!
Sarah Masia
Sarah Masia Hace 12 horas
So Ryan got everyone to method act
Micky Drew
Micky Drew Hace 14 horas
I would much rather be labelled an A-hole than a racist
h Hace 17 horas
Okay but not this time and focus on movements
Danielle Hace un día
When someone hates themselves it will look like they hate others. BTW I NEVER LIKED THIS WOMAN. I would have bet she was a horrible person the 1st time I ever saw her. When you can give off the "I'm a POS vibe through the know it's real"
Nevin Shanab
Nevin Shanab Hace un día
She is ugly in the inside but also from the outside. I can't stand her face... I hope she will never get any job in the film industry and she has to do a normal job.
taliyah jenise
taliyah jenise Hace un día
i dont feel like the lady is racist. yes weve all called people names. but that doesnt mean were racist. i do think that she thinks quite highly of herself. but my biggest problem is, yes i know that naya has brought this up in the past but, why is this just now getting attention ? yall could have talked about this awhile ago, but to bring it up now.. is just irrelavant. im not about to argue with anyone either, thats just my 2 cents.
Marycruz Tobar
Marycruz Tobar Hace 2 días
Just a Bully... She is good but now I would not like to watch anything she comes in...
M Hace 3 días
Lol, these nobodies are just bitter. I doubt Lea was the worst. They all look mean and competitive.
Alpha Bah
Alpha Bah Hace 3 días
Um your the nobody here and half of these people everyone knows of and why the hell are you defending someone who was a bully people like you and lea are problematic
Suzi Smart
Suzi Smart Hace 3 días
Who gives a shit...
Léon Waldo
Léon Waldo Hace 3 días
Don't you just LOVE when two white men discuss if something is racist or not?
Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer Hace 4 días
Can someone explain to me what "Shit in your wig means" and why it's racist? is there some meaning behind it
Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer Hace 4 días
Honestly when this all first started, (I know this is just me. i didn't like the way Sammie commented on Lea's tame post and made it all about her, it was almost saying "You bullied me, you don't have the right to feel for a man that got murdered", that's how it felt to me. I didn't care that she called her out, but it was just how she did it, because the two situations don't compare, then it caused a chain-reaction and some peoples tweets were so petty they were pathetic, like she didn't let an extra sit next to her, but most stars actually don't because extras arent certified and a lot of the times they are leaks. And some seemed like they were trying to make her seem like a bad person, like in the comment about her being transphobic, Lea just could've been confused, since they werent "100% passable" Anyway that was then, Now obviously i see she wasn't always nice to be around, for anyone, and it's a shame, it's a shame it went on for so long and she didn't learn sooner. Now when other casts members previously spoke highly of her, we now know, it's a lie and all the Glee BTS was an illusion. However I don't wish bad things on her, i just wish she's changed and this is a wake up call
Ox Stars xO
Ox Stars xO Hace 5 días
Not @ me waiting for naya to say something 👁👄👁
Alice Ayres
Alice Ayres Hace 5 días
Not surprising, she seems like a huge entitled snob.
Naomi Moss
Naomi Moss Hace 5 días
*loudly whispering* being a dickhead to all races doesn’t prevent her from being racist
magilouu mayvin
magilouu mayvin Hace 5 días
Having 2 white guys comment on race wasn’t a great idea. That’s how you get high school level arguments of “I’m not racist. I hate everyone equally”.
Mark Armage
Mark Armage Hace 5 días
Oh, please, Hollywood hypocrites eating each other out. This couldn't be more pathetic. Lea will have to apologize, for no reason, because somehow the despicable people didn't dare to talk to her in person and use mob ruling on social media to do their dirty work. And that's how it goes. Hollywood, the place of absolute hypocrisy. A few years ago they were hanging with Weinstein and Epstein. Despicable human beings who live a normal life, with normal flaws but like to pretend that they're pure and superior. Total scumbag.
Karina Musicali
Karina Musicali Hace 5 días
Lea behaived like this because the produsors allowed her. So star a biff with them first. They had her back so she can do whatever she wants🤬
Taylor Jordan
Taylor Jordan Hace 5 días
Just because you’re a hateful person in general doesn’t mean you can’t also be a racist... multiple things can be true all at once..
Jennifer Hace 6 días
????????????? is that roz from roz and mocha???????????
Emily Hace 6 días
Best off screen glee stars: Dianna, Heather and CORY worst: NAYA & Lea
Vida Saucedo
Vida Saucedo Hace 6 días
Samantha Ware never said she was racist towards her. She said she was mean to her. Amber Riley even confirmed that she is not racist. Just mean and rude. Quit trying to make this a racial issue. You amateur bloggers are part of the problem.
Ani Harutyunyan
Ani Harutyunyan Hace 6 días
But did anyone though about this? How Cory dated her and love her if she is a bad person...and we all know that Cory was such a sweet person
Mandawood Hace 7 días
So because someone who was a nobody in entertainment before glee and is still a nobody decided to try and get 5 minutes of fame by bringing something up from over 5 years ago, everyone jumps on the hate train? If this person hates lea so much then why is she reading Lea’s page? There are many people in the entertainment industry that are not pleasant to work with. If you don’t like them don’t work with them.
Helen K
Helen K Hace 7 días
Hot take: you can be a racist and an asshole
God is the ultimate
God is the ultimate Hace 7 días
I use to like her in glee but after hearing the news I just can't stand watching her in glee
Jennifer Tummins No Vaxx
Jennifer Tummins No Vaxx Hace 7 días
She is just a diva
Carmela Morada
Carmela Morada Hace 7 días
Even the way she went along in interviews it was very obvious she was a refined uptight person who wants everything her way or the highway.
kingikiller Hace 7 días
Nothing like two white men deciding what is and isn’t racisim
René Peraza
René Peraza Hace 7 días
At about 4:33, 'bullyishess?' Not a word. Try 'bullying.'
Emily Boccignone
Emily Boccignone Hace 8 días
I like lea I Look up to her when I saw her on glee and also I love act a lot my first character. I did was lea character.
T Aus
T Aus Hace 8 días
He summed it up correctly, Shes not a racists, she was just an a-hole.
The - ABC - Celestial Surgery Centre
The - ABC - Celestial Surgery Centre Hace 8 días
Honestly Naya didn't really have to add anything to it, she's already said it back then. "Rachel...I mean Lea"
Cecille Dianne
Cecille Dianne Hace 8 días
charice pempengco was in one episode. I never liked Lea Michele after that and never watched Glee ever again because I had a gut feeling she was a bully.
Ashleyimaginee !
Ashleyimaginee ! Hace 8 días
So the only people she liked were Darren, Jonathan and Corey ?!?
Kyra West
Kyra West Hace 8 días
I really hope lea doesn’t pass on this hatred towards people to her child
Suzy Hace 8 días
Where’s Heather tho?
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey Hace 9 días
Not sure if Lea Michelle is racist. BUT... She is a selfish, cruel and entitled drama queen who is finally getting her just desserts for being such a horrible person to everyone.
yuck y
yuck y Hace 9 días
i dont want to believe this 💔 Chris was always one of my favourites but lea was a close second. Very wanky
JesseTyrone_77 Hace 9 días
I’m confused about how saying she would take a shit in the other girls wig turned into her being racist...? Maybe I missed a part of the story somewhere. But no argument here about the fact that she seems to just be a bad person in general
jfrsnjhnsn Hace 9 días
Referring to a black woman's "wig" as an insult is racist as fck.
DRIA. [Fierra2000]
DRIA. [Fierra2000] Hace 9 días
Even if she’s not racist, she’s still disrespectful and needed to be called out on it.
TheYouTubeBoy Hace 9 días
Very boyfriend also died of a drug overdose while they were together and she released new music and moved on like nothing ever happened? Fully suspicious..
Judy T.
Judy T. Hace 9 días
We brown people ar?e extremely forgiving.At least that's what I sm seeing. As far as Black Hollywood is concerned.I am still wrestling with forgiveness.I am not ready . Offensive people should be working on clearly what they have created. Their hatred-racism is theirs to fix. No help here. I or anyone of color need not attempt to fix something they were not responsible for. Their fragility is not my problem.
TheLife OfLove
TheLife OfLove Hace 10 días
Ok so does Amber like Lea or nah?
Richard Hogenson
Richard Hogenson Hace 10 días
Here comes more of this cancel culture garbage.
Nicky C
Nicky C Hace 11 días
I never really liked her and I think it was because she acted WAY TOO GOOD as Rachel Berry in the show
I speak for myself but anyone who weaponizes racist micro-aggressions to hurt others IS a racist.
Hamza Ouamar
Hamza Ouamar Hace 11 días
I don't really care about Lea Michelle. but I find that this breaking wave that she is undergoing is really unfair. all these people are taking advantage of a political situation and an entire community's fight against racism to settle scores after years since the end of Glee. this person is really smelly, I don't even remember the role he played. but she just wants to exist and get some notoriety with this story. Lea Michelle simply wearing the program, she was the undisputed star of the program, and without this actress this show would not have had this iconic image. I personally support her.
Music & Me
Music & Me Hace 11 días
although I hate what she had done, I still feel bad for her. She's pregnant and I bet she's so stress right now, it is bad for the baby.
Christopher Jared
Christopher Jared Hace 11 días
I would be so bitter if I was Naya. She said all of this years ago and everyone called her jealous and crazy.
Sky Blaze13
Sky Blaze13 Hace 11 días
Her apology was very scripted and cliche when celebrities and authority figures get caught with their pants down and go on a long-ass scripted apology tyrate.
Mel Hace 11 días
She’s racist
Rachel Temple
Rachel Temple Hace 11 días
Idk y no one believed Naya from the start!!!
Alex Kautz
Alex Kautz Hace 12 días
DougVale Hace 12 días
Diana Agron is nicer and she played the mean girl on Glee, while Lea is the opposite
Slushie Hace 12 días
3:50 LMFAOO 🤣
Eduardo Viajero
Eduardo Viajero Hace 12 días
this made me like Leah even more. Sick of hateful snowflakes. I dont care if she is thought of a bitch. These other cast members are just going crazy Because they have career after Glee.
Mya Holmes
Mya Holmes Hace 13 días
Samantha seems just a problematic
S J Hace 13 días
Just waiting now for people to come out and say that Emma Roberts is also a huge bitch and horrible to work with. I really do love Emma In her shows and movies.... But I’m willing to bet she’s not so far off from Chanel Oberlin / Madison Montgomery. Time will tell....
roii castillo
roii castillo Hace 13 días
I always thought she wasn’t acting back then…the vibe I got form her, I mean from what I watched in the series wasn’t positive. I never liked her and I don’t think she was the best as a character neither as a person.
Thommy2n Hace 13 días
So your saying she most of the time she's just a bully, and once in a blue moon a racist bully? Nope, still don't like her. I don't care how good she sings.
Thommy2n Hace 13 días
Can we just get out of this fallacy that people are either 100% racist or not. Because all that does is give the people who are only occasionally racist (intentionally or not) a free pass to not have to reflect on their behavior and actually think on how to better avoid that toxic behavior in the future.
Dasha Hace 14 días
These discussions need to be had as thisbis common on set. You don't handle these things inside the industry or on set especially as a POC or you get fired and blackballed. The biz is not like 9to5s people. Whole other beast.
Lil Missynna
Lil Missynna Hace 14 días
Naya is probably done talking about Lea's cause none of y'all believed here when she first said it. She probably got that "I told you so" look now.
Ash Marie13
Ash Marie13 Hace 14 días
She was just difficult to work with. She acted bitchy towards everyone that anoyed her or started to out shine her. If you go back there were all kinds of rumors about it years ago.
Chay & Krissy
Chay & Krissy Hace 14 días
She's just an all around awful person
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