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Rewatch Brooke's journey into teenager-hood within the ALDC (as well as her other interests) in this Dance Moms flashback compilation. #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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Unicorn702 Princess
Unicorn702 Princess Hace 3 días
I don't like it its just that I feel bad all of them girls and boys
z0mbiekillrr 69
z0mbiekillrr 69 Hace 7 días
norrismingoo rude norris nuts fan would not do that so your are mean take that NOOB !
Joyful Jade 💖🔒
Joyful Jade 💖🔒 Hace 16 días
Pls make some more Dance mom stuff I have been binging it 🤣😂🤣😂
•Pastel Lexi•
•Pastel Lexi• Hace 21 un día
Richard Ficarrotta
Richard Ficarrotta Hace 23 días
shrimpy the praw
Eryka Knight
Eryka Knight Hace 5 horas
am i like the only one that died from cuteness when mackenzie kissed brooke on the cheek
Kate Weesh
Kate Weesh Hace 6 horas
Brooke is one of my favorites and the edits of her is so funny like Ryxn and laughcable and dancemomsxoxo they’re really good too but they are a smaller channel than Ryxn and laughcable but they are really funny you guys should go watch them dancemomsxoxo funny dance moms edits 😂😂
Aaminah Chhadat
Aaminah Chhadat Hace 7 horas
Abby is so fat
Gracie Jones
Gracie Jones Hace 8 horas
Abby is very mean when Brooke’s back started hurting she didn’t care and was mad
lifeofturkey Hace 11 horas
why we never got to meet the senior squad 😭 ?
Grace Kilcoyne
Grace Kilcoyne Hace 15 horas
Brooke is not really famous or like well known eny more but they still use her in like loads off vids
Nadege-Lys Kirana
Nadege-Lys Kirana Hace 21 un hora
Man: how is dancing with your sister? Brooke: it’s rather annoying Man: really Me: duh
Avion Hay
Avion Hay Hace 23 horas
brooke should've been moved to the teenager permanently. that was the best i seen her dance. When somethings more challenging its more fun
a f z a l
a f z a l Hace un día
-she gets rather annoying- 👁👄👁
Leonie Hickman
Leonie Hickman Hace un día
Abby you are one thing in the back literally you hate hate Page
Lucy Vanbuskirk
Lucy Vanbuskirk Hace un día
I feel like Brooke was always so misunderstood, they always just show her as a grumpy teenager but it seemed like all she wants to do is have fun and be a normal kid
Teagan Mozleyÿ
Teagan Mozleyÿ Hace un día
0:18 Paige sitting there like she’s being hypnotized to quite dance...
Juulle Lucrew08
Juulle Lucrew08 Hace un día
Brooke: No i‘m going to a football game Mackenzie:🧿👄🧿
Keira K
Keira K Hace un día
It’s mad to think that Kenzie is now 16
Sem4ø Hace un día
11:49 13yo on a date with what 17-19yo what a joke what a joke
J F Hace un día
Why didn’t Brooke stay with the seniors ?
yunnoitwas shorty
yunnoitwas shorty Hace 3 horas
Bc she was uncomfortable and kelly wanted her to be with her original team point blank period
Karin Quinones
Karin Quinones Hace 2 días
The end was the best!
Cassy C Brown
Cassy C Brown Hace 2 días
I'm sorry but cholera brook and Paige could be sisters
anabelleb99 Hace 2 días
Sounds like to me Brooke just whated to be a normal teenager cheerleading hanging out with friends the mall and she was older than all the other girls so she had a dance with pretty young kids I feel bad for her
Menna El Zawahry
Menna El Zawahry Hace 2 días
The face melissa did when abby said that she doesn't want brooke and pagie shows that she is real person but somehow they edit so it makes her bad
happy.edits2 Hace 2 días
tbh anyone who gets to go on a date with brooke is lucky af
Mxtch • laxney
Mxtch • laxney Hace 2 días
Brooke is like the oldest out of the group, that’s y she drinks alot
iiCloudyocean Hace 2 días
Literally when Brooke said her sister gets rather annoying in dance... XD I get it my sister sometimes gets annoying but it was funny lol
-leafy_elfgreens- Hace 2 días
I thought this was a tv show about Brooke =^=
Tinny Can
Tinny Can Hace 3 días
If she doesn't want to do dance she doesn't have too.(I know this was a while ago but still it's her choice not her mom's or abby's choice
The UnBoxed Channel
The UnBoxed Channel Hace 3 días
I don’t like brooke
Abbie Bedford
Abbie Bedford Hace 3 días
Langli Hace 3 días
when Brooke said I don't wanna go it sounded like Kelly awww
The dark Gamer girl
The dark Gamer girl Hace 3 días
Brook is a good dancer I think she should just dance like Paige does :3
Sitics Hace 4 días
I love when brook had a i’ll pop in her mouth when she had to go to the competition
astrid frempong
astrid frempong Hace 4 días
u guys look all nice :)
aluxaax Hace 4 días
Paige: “im always there.”
Megan Welsh
Megan Welsh Hace 4 días
NIamh Smith
NIamh Smith Hace 4 días
Paige and chloe hugging: Brooke: *spinny*
Julia Hace 4 días
Did anyone ever think that the whole first clip was staged? Like they just happened to have a full camera crew at her house that day. That just doesn’t add up to me-
Talia Lozar
Talia Lozar Hace 4 días
“Then Brooke starts crying like a six year old.” Abby when Maddie forgets her solo: cries
Saara Khan
Saara Khan Hace 4 días
Junior high business they go through. Its called periods
Ryan Kerns
Ryan Kerns Hace 4 días
Ok I’m sorry but if some man put cake in my face I’m gonna pop off.
Sienna Leibbrandt
Sienna Leibbrandt Hace 5 días
what does age have to do with crying?😂 some ppl are just sensitive like me.
Perry Drake
Perry Drake Hace 5 días
I don’t even know the word Brooke anymore!
Scarlett Hall
Scarlett Hall Hace 5 días
"sO hEs aN OldEr BoyfFriEnDdD~~" "STOPPPPP"
Kiara Jessie
Kiara Jessie Hace 5 días
Mackenzie is so cute
Maddison Isaac
Maddison Isaac Hace 6 días
Brooke is literally on the ground and Abby yelling at her to do the solo
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog Hace 6 días
I love how the girls were so sweet to each other
Alyssa Ramirez
Alyssa Ramirez Hace 6 días
that moment at 15:59 when abby says " It saddens me Kelly. LOL im DYING!
Mog Zebra;3
Mog Zebra;3 Hace 6 días
Maybe it hurts to breathe because you’re lying on your chest
Chloe C Connor C
Chloe C Connor C Hace 6 días
The judge doe- he look so amazed and like touche xD
irxdxscent Hace 6 días
Dr.Holly :Fix your hair , fix you're face, and you're body and everything else. That was the best part LOLL
Victoria Parungo
Victoria Parungo Hace 6 días
9:34 i love how mad Melissa was because Abby did not want brook and Paige to go
Lee Say-ao
Lee Say-ao Hace 6 días
2:16 Brooke and Kelly on the escalator.... mood!😆😆😆😆😆
Izzabella Zieve
Izzabella Zieve Hace 6 días
This is so dramatic
Rodi Konstantinova
Rodi Konstantinova Hace 6 días
brooke always gets set up on dates lmaoooo
Bertha Lauve
Bertha Lauve Hace 7 días
“She’s just Too HaPpY”
Save the earth not just turtles
Save the earth not just turtles Hace 7 días
4:40 it is nice that Brooke can laugh at a fight when all the other girls are concerned
Jenny ONeill
Jenny ONeill Hace 7 días
She made the cheer team but didnt continue with it
Jenny ONeill
Jenny ONeill Hace 7 días
Abby always gave her boring numbers
Klydee Bundy
Klydee Bundy Hace 7 días
Ummm. I’m 6
Holly Jamieson
Holly Jamieson Hace 7 días
I love you
Danny Cam
Danny Cam Hace 8 días
I love Brooke you are the best
green5262 Hace 8 días
1.) Brooke's friends: *do cheerleading.* Brooke: I HATE DANCE, I WANNA CHEER INSTEAD! Kelly: Fine, let me sign you up for cheer. 2.) Brooke's friends: *go to the mall* Brooke: I WANT TO GO TO THE MALL! Kelly: Go to the mall. Here's $100. Brooke's friends:*JUMP OFF A CLIFF AND DIE* Brooke: I WANT TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF! Kelly: okay, Brooke. So Kelly, even if Brooke's friends play with REAL GUNS after school, you're going to let Brooke do that too?
The._. Life
The._. Life Hace 8 días
Nia, nia, NIA! Mood
Princess Lee
Princess Lee Hace 8 días
Abby's answer to a successful boy and girl duet is to set them up on a date.😆
Shyla KENNARD Hace 8 días
Mackenzie: What is that for? Me: Dies of laughter”
yeliahh Hace 9 días
when mackenzie kissed brooke it was the cutest thing ever
Lilly Stephens
Lilly Stephens Hace 9 días
Poppy pop Lily
Poppy pop Lily Hace 9 días
Kelly used Brooke and Paige as a pawn to dance because she quit dancing she wanted them to dance because that is what she wanted to do herself. I think kids should choose what hobbies they want and not be influenced by their parents .
Kate Holcomb
Kate Holcomb Hace 10 días
Brooke was always my fav
Officially Emma
Officially Emma Hace 10 días
Julia's gacha life Stores!
Julia's gacha life Stores! Hace 10 días
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