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I love the idea of converting the stream dialogues of ashley nichols arts into a funny moment of HunieCast led by Alastor and Angel
Ashley Nichols Art:
xemption from copyright liability Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, "fair use" is allowed for story purposes such as commentary, reports, news reports, teaching, scholarships and research. Nonprofit, education or personal use.
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Alexa Perez
Alexa Perez Hace un mes
Alastor is family-friendly up to the point where he has to murder someone
Alexander Leonardi
Alexander Leonardi Hace 12 días
@*Blank* how do you murder families when there's no kids involved?
*Blank* Hace 12 días
@Alexander Leonardi It's family friendly as long there is no blood and no kids involved
Alexander Leonardi
Alexander Leonardi Hace 25 días
whats not family friendly about murder
Alexa Perez
Alexa Perez Hace un mes
@Dub Squad LOL
Dub Squad
Dub Squad Hace un mes
So like this:
MCwolf122tg 2
MCwolf122tg 2 Hace 20 horas
Roblox RP be like
Marietta Stark
Marietta Stark Hace 21 un hora
The whoopie killt me xD
Nappingsly Hace 2 días
I got so scared when I heard the knocking sound affect because I’m watching this at night while the sound effect was directed at my door and me being scared of the demon in my house that I named Stevie
Shuichi Saihara
Shuichi Saihara Hace 2 días
IT WAS A..Telagram!!! Angel: Yeah!!- Wait what?
Kat LPS 101
Kat LPS 101 Hace 3 días
I fuckin love alastor
Kat LPS 101
Kat LPS 101 Hace 3 días
This is all I have other than the pilot and I love this 😂
Nyx Necrodragon
Nyx Necrodragon Hace 5 días
2:09 my face when I listen to old reruns of The Shadow.
Anonymous Draws
Anonymous Draws Hace 6 días
hey who wants to head out for tacos and set cucumbers on fire with our butts!!!
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes Hace 6 días
Punching a warm what?
Stella Lace
Stella Lace Hace 10 días
Everyone’s cracking up about Winston cigarettes when in reality cigarettes sponsored literally everything back then
SheepBow Hace 11 días
His Mike just sounds like it wants to die
Natural hair Gang 4c
Natural hair Gang 4c Hace 11 días
Don’t lie who is here under 10 I’m 10
Natural hair Gang 4c
Natural hair Gang 4c Hace 11 días
I meant 18
Ann Scherb
Ann Scherb Hace 13 días
Так, очень интересно, но ничего непонятно
Chaotic Wonders
Chaotic Wonders Hace 14 días
It's 3 am and I'm supposed to be asleep but instead I'm wheezing at this, this is beautiful
The Overmind
The Overmind Hace 14 días
And that... technicolor river In between.
XxLily_ BugXX
XxLily_ BugXX Hace 15 días
Stormel Hace 16 días
Fuckin hell
Deniz the Dictionary
Deniz the Dictionary Hace 17 días
When there was a knock, I actually looked right to see who was knocking. Realistic af
Six Hace 15 días
Deniz the Dictionary With headphones on yeah - I’ve never heard anything like that before
Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose Hace 17 días
I am that river in between maybe not the technicolor one, maybe the Styx.
Fluffy Fan
Fluffy Fan Hace 17 días
Ima see the hentai…
Otaku Of the Hyuga Clan
Otaku Of the Hyuga Clan Hace 19 días
Blue balling my man Angel Dust, Alaster you are one evil twisted Radio demon & we love you for it. But come on man throw him a bone or two😂😂😂😂 Also I would love to see this in a series 😭
Chernobyl Gaming
Chernobyl Gaming Hace 20 días
Omfg I just died I thought the knocking was coming from the wall that just scared the shit outta me 😭😭😭😭
trixie rose
trixie rose Hace 21 un día
Theory: Alastor doesn't want to see Angel banging anyone but him
Stuff Poster
Stuff Poster Hace 21 un día
"PG 13 content brought to you by cigarettes" Alastair get with the times. It's all about the vapes these days.
メロンパン112 Hace 22 días
TheBestAqua Hace 22 días
The peak of comedy
yes, I'm just a potato.
yes, I'm just a potato. Hace 22 días
I looked down to my door, when it knocked ;>;
bounty hunter2020
bounty hunter2020 Hace 23 días
Hayden Porter
Hayden Porter Hace 24 días
Also I now want a pack of cigarettes to be cool like Alastor.
Rustymcnut Hace 24 días
Love it how Al doesn’t give a shite.
1papaya 2papaya
1papaya 2papaya Hace 24 días
“Brought to you by Winston Cigarettes” Ahahahaha wow that was a different time
CC GreyScale Soul
CC GreyScale Soul Hace 24 días
Am I the only one that thought that knock was real XD
asirun gaming
asirun gaming Hace 25 días
God damn it why can't I get a alestor wallpaper flow my PC and my phobe
knightx GAMPLAY
knightx GAMPLAY Hace 25 días
1:04 i realy though somone was knocking on my door like wtf
Darren Siegmeister
Darren Siegmeister Hace 25 días
Drayuel Hace 26 días
Yo with my head phones on that knock on the door tripped me out.
G Animations
G Animations Hace 26 días
2:13 OH MY GOD!! 😂😂😂😂
Alisa Zhu
Alisa Zhu Hace 26 días
Angel: WHERE. IS. THE. SEX. Alastor: I don't follow. Me:*gasping for breath cuz these idiots are too fucking funny*
K Cap
K Cap Hace 27 días
1:04 Bruh i thought that was MY DOOR
Kailee Sans's only gf so leave him alone
Kailee Sans's only gf so leave him alone Hace 27 días
Oop I am so utterly confused I'm probably off in the corner somewhere just like "wtf"
TheDangerNoodle Hace 27 días
Alastor is so family friendly hes not family friendly what so ever
socialgirl 378
socialgirl 378 Hace 28 días
Alastor's narration is really damn good. If Hazbin gets a Halloween special with the scary stories, Alastor should be the narrator.
Brandon Kabler
Brandon Kabler Hace 28 días
I love this show hay angle Dust and
Gamer FaZ
Gamer FaZ Hace 29 días
Shit that knock got me
Nicholas Pokorny
Nicholas Pokorny Hace 29 días
Angel: Where's the hot stuff? Alastor: I believe I mentioned a boiler room. Angel: Where's the action? Alastor: What's more action-packed than a kidnapping? Angel: Where? Is? The? Sex?
ReddieForAnything Hace un mes
What's the end song?
Zepher Tensho
Zepher Tensho Hace un mes
Most of those poses were reused lul and why did you change the ending banter between angel and Alastor?
00 _zero
00 _zero Hace un mes
3:05 Alastor says "Oh come now" I think angel will do that.
00 _zero
00 _zero Hace un mes
2:18 (Incoming inappropriate joke) You can see one of angels balls *Intense Wheezing*
SuperSpeed21 Hace un mes
I think at 0:37 he says "and cast aside those fears post haste"
Alexx Hace un mes
Angel: what the- I don't talk like this! Alastor: ¡¡ŘĒÄĐ ĮŤ!!
Morse Code Reviews
Morse Code Reviews Hace un mes
Well that made my day
D Sch
D Sch Hace un mes
LMFAO, punching a warm cantilope.
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Hace un mes
I kinda wanna hear what it sounds like to punch a warm cantaloupe. Us that weird?
Maydon Kyovoy
Maydon Kyovoy Hace un mes
1:18 2:33 Oh don't mind me, these are my fav parts, I use this comment to come back to them everytime..
CatHoodieGirl 411
CatHoodieGirl 411 Hace un mes
Alastor's Type of smut author is that one Fanfiction writer that gets right to the part where both parties are awkwardly just stripping BEFORE any action... And then a cut to black and flash forward after they did the deed with the couple lying in bed Naked smoking cigarettes afterwards. 😂 Pure friggin evil.
Emily's Adventures In Horrorland
Emily's Adventures In Horrorland Hace un mes
Why does Alastor sound so much like Mr Burns in this?
Ли́са Мур
Ли́са Мур Hace un mes
So, are you Russian or not? Так, вы русский или нет?
AnaxErik4ever Hace un mes
Alastor, you tease. Robert Carlyle/Rumpelstiltskin did just the same with his fans, and even his co-stars, on Once Upon a Time about ten years ago: blue-balling 'em with cynicism, infantilizing, an insane amount of innuendo and apparent (ear) sex appeal... and giving no gratification whatsoever. Dusty, you signed up with the WRONG GUY to make a porno with, Dearie.
zebkron 1
zebkron 1 Hace un mes
I feel like if the voice actor for angle tried hard enough, he could be H2O Delirious.
Neb Hace un mes
Yea you don't get fun times like that on public broadcast, and definitely not in the 30s.
Forrest Rosenberg
Forrest Rosenberg Hace un mes
wtf.. The knocking sound sounded so real holy shit
Veronica Wexel
Veronica Wexel Hace un mes
I can't even explain how much I relate to Alastor in this particular situation.
Arnau Nicolau
Arnau Nicolau Hace un mes
came here for hazbin hotel and dad jokes, stayed for this kind of stuff lmao
Bubble Solutition
Bubble Solutition Hace un mes
My sister loves this
jack the non gamer
jack the non gamer Hace un mes
Stop watching this! There's a red spy in the base!
K.World Wonder
K.World Wonder Hace un mes
I just L O V E the way Ed/Alastor say Winston cigarettes..... It's just... Agh!!!! Amazing!!!!
Rowell Christian Resuento
Rowell Christian Resuento Hace un mes
Bad word angel dust! 😠
Eric Pham
Eric Pham Hace un mes
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