AJS News - COD $20 K/D Watch, Fallout Bugs, Fortnite Star Wars, IGN GOTY Deleted, Switch in China!

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The AJS News Crew discusses Call of Duty charging for K/D Ratio's, New Fallout 76 Bugs, the state of Battlefield V, IGN's GOTY Controversy, NIntendo Releasing in China, Outer Worlds DLC and more Stadia disappointment!
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gamer thoughts commentary and ideas
gamer thoughts commentary and ideas Hace 21 un día
People be talking shit about Jose patreon but to me the fact that he's worth 2 million dollars and at the eight-minute mark of this video the guys are making jokes about him not being good at video games and he's laughing with them about it that's a humble man so many people would $2000000 could be arrogant an get upset if people made jokes like that
contractkilla HD
contractkilla HD Hace 23 días
The game still shows u kd ration in barracks..
hanggoogle fromthestreetlights
hanggoogle fromthestreetlights Hace 2 meses
oh, if only Reylo could have used a jedi mind trick to make morons out of the audiences. "you like this movie, dumbfuck." "we like this ....wait, fuck you!"
Cpt. MacMellon
Cpt. MacMellon Hace 2 meses
Ok the watch thing is just stupid to rant about... sure it's a thing but you can still see your K/D on the career menu and watches are actually more useless than you'd think, who's gonna stop in the middle of a game to check his watch while shit's going down all over the place... And there is the scoreboard anyway... Also the Fortnite thing is only an event that is up for about 30 minutes and only the ones that actually tune in to the event will be able to see the trailer or whatever it is
Hulkieus Hace 2 meses
Just so everyone knows that watch is only to see totals in game. You can still check them out of game when in lobby. Just a fancy watch for fun.
MrFatbard Hace 2 meses
first thing i think of when i see the headline "oh hey they give you $20 for submitting your kdr? thats cool i guess" ... shortly after hearing joe explain what is really going on facepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm
Chase Correra
Chase Correra Hace 2 meses
Hey Angryjoe team I recently had to redownload all my games to my PS4 and when I tried to play spec ops on modern warfare it said I didn't own it and sent me to the PlayStation store. Once the screen loaded a message popped up saying "content can't be viewed at this time". I looked online for similar issues and saw alot of people having the same problem. But you know what worked perfectly? Their store lol.
TheDarKnight 57
TheDarKnight 57 Hace 3 meses
Joe's professional attitude has really declined with time. RIP.
BirdOfHermes83 D.
BirdOfHermes83 D. Hace 3 meses
It's hard to get things in and out of there?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!
Dos Wheels Яouges
Dos Wheels Яouges Hace 3 meses
Everytime I watch this channel I have to turn down the sound to keep my eardrums from bleeding. That guy constantly starts yelling out of nowhere.
Bipolar 5150 J. Kalemody
Bipolar 5150 J. Kalemody Hace 3 meses
lol.. got a question to angry joe.... how bad does a game got to be in order to get a rateing of only 3 or lower lol ... I asking because iv seen you rant extremely hard on some games to the point of a verble form of nuclear war but end up giving it a 7 ... sooooo how bad does a game gotta be to go to a much lower rateing????????
Dylon Kelly
Dylon Kelly Hace 3 meses
Please review the Witcher season 1
Alteredmemory Hace 3 meses
Are you guys able to do Amazon affiliate links on the game reviews you do. You get a percent on everything purchased for 24 hours after they click on your link. I don't know if games count but easy enough to look into. To help generate some money for you and keep channel going at the level you guys deserve.
🙏🙏🙏 1:41 🔥💛 👇👇👇👇👇
hyperM plays
hyperM plays Hace 3 meses
No time to watch this last week. But there is more to tell about Fallout 76 today. I'm looking forward to the next episode :-)
ThelastJoke Hace 3 meses
LOOL now AJ hates Star Wars
Chase Rissling
Chase Rissling Hace 3 meses
If we're talking about cod can we please bring up how shit their spawning is?
Rflexion Hace 3 meses
Christmas is Monsday.
MQN Hace 3 meses
Destiny 2 did this with the Kill tracker Ghost but free
Beaner Juice
Beaner Juice Hace 3 meses
Why do I hate Alex
Rikka Togashi
Rikka Togashi Hace 3 meses
Honestly, a game that's only for some people doesn't deserve game of the year
Proj3ctShadow Hace 3 meses
You can see your KD Ratio in the barracks in MW please do your research next time
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa Hace 3 meses
LOL. Most people in China use VPNs. They can watch you. However, I imagine with what you've said here, you won't care for many of their comments.
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa Hace 3 meses
Expansions of lore are VERY different than today's DLC.
Clark Collins
Clark Collins Hace 3 meses
Haven't played a more crappier game like Death Stranding. It's easy for you to like when you're a Kojima pleb.
Clark Collins
Clark Collins Hace 3 meses
Alex with the burner to OJ during the COD segment haha that's why I subbed this channel lol
Clark Collins
Clark Collins Hace 3 meses
LMAO Rogues Apparel shirt cost 20 bucks! 20 bucks for 1 shirt? GTFO.
Fat Penguin
Fat Penguin Hace 3 meses
Can people not divide small numbers in their head?
Rico Wang
Rico Wang Hace 3 meses
Hey there. From China, you can still buy game from steam. It is kind of grey area.
Skylar James
Skylar James Hace 3 meses
Currently only way to get The Nitko Operator is to pay.
C. Huang
C. Huang Hace 3 meses
Stadia is a joke.
DannosaurusRex Hace 3 meses
Halo 3 didnt show deaths during the game either, i never thought it was that big of an issue , but 20$ for the featire seems a lil nuts
W P Hace 3 meses
I dare you to say something cringy in the bethetic twitch channel, hahahahahaha
W P Hace 3 meses
No BS, but the new devs working on FO76 Have to watch modding video’s in order to figure out working on the game, hahahaha
chancyvonsnuffals Hace 3 meses
star wars has been put on such a high pedestal its not possible to make a great movie.
chancyvonsnuffals Hace 3 meses
fallout 76 is a masterpiece. no game will ever be as successful and popular as that game.
Sean Hace 3 meses
Don’t buy a shirt for one of your buddies never give another grown man clothes you bought for him hahah
Coolmedina117 Hace 3 meses
aww Joe "I was skinny and happy" ;_;
Darth Kermit
Darth Kermit Hace 3 meses
Sometimes Joe needs to stfu and let the other guys speak.
CJ Hace 3 meses
24:15 "THAY-NOS" Oh god, here we go again with the Thanos and thay-nos mispronunciation crap.
Viper911GT3 Hace 3 meses
You should check out World of Warahips puerto rico fiasco, $240 Tier x Primium ship you say, here ya go, or pay some for a ship and soome boosters and if you dont complete the remaining missions, dont get your Rico and lose all your money, or Play 24h a day with 0 sleep for 28 days including Xmas day, boxing dan and new years eve and new year and you may get it for free if you can secure a 70% win rate... but basically paaayyy usss money for Our tier 10 ship.
datingsas Hace 3 meses
Google sucks currently
Sandriaan Hace 3 meses
I love how every news episode Joe randomly goes in to his own little world, but yet still able to maintain the conversation 🖖🤟
Audrius Kliukas
Audrius Kliukas Hace 3 meses
I didn't even notice you can't see deaths during the game before this controversy broke out. That's how much K/D matters to me. I guess you can be mad on principle, but it's really pretty worthless feature. I don't get why would anyone pay any amount of money, let alone $20 for it.
ShadyKray's #SHADYPLAYS!
ShadyKray's #SHADYPLAYS! Hace 3 meses
*Reload's ESwomen, phone breaks. "Damn you Fallout 76!!!" 😄😄
Mario & Luigi
Mario & Luigi Hace 3 meses
Google don't give a fuck......every other YT video I watch is a damn Stadia commercial. GTA online also put a patch out, changed a lot of shit 👎👎
Jason Spears
Jason Spears Hace 3 meses
Joe, did you know they changed the history of wake island. They switched the invaders. Thought you would get pissed where they’re messing with history again.
Johnny White
Johnny White Hace 3 meses
Is it just me or is the angry Joe channel getting worse for ads. Every 4 or 5 mins I get ads now. Also giving you those ones you need to watch for at least 20 seconds. Or is that all channels now?
BeastaH Hace 3 meses
I threw away all my consoles for this!
Jeff Werner
Jeff Werner Hace 3 meses
They are just slowly trying to kill off the fallout series...
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 3 meses
Please remember to like the video!
Black Knight007
Black Knight007 Hace 3 meses
Mw19 devs cut communication yet they can respond to Ninja. No Minimap changes or Sbmm be addressed. Deaths & ping not on scoreboard
THIZZAVELI Hace 3 meses
Game cost $60 A few skins and a kill death ratio cost $20 You just paid like a quarter of the game. The witchers Huge/epic expansion blood & wine(almost the size of a last gen game) cost $20
Ulysses Hace 3 meses
Give another review for "For Honor"
Chi Sasa
Chi Sasa Hace 3 meses
Death Stranding did not deserve GOTY. Boarderlands 3 gets it clearly. But dweebs say its a masterpiece. Its NOT A GAME! its a video INTERACTION.
Chi Sasa
Chi Sasa Hace 3 meses
Fallout 76 is like the bastard family member you hear of constantly, that brings poor tidings and ill reputation for your social edifice.
David Mrg
David Mrg Hace 3 meses
How Bethesda makes anything today. And Cod and their 20 dollars watch so it begins 😂
alekpo2000 Hace 3 meses
all these online multiplayer only games seem to end up being crap in like 3 months, im done playing them... will stick to indie games and non multiplayer games only in the future
Marsonis2ya Hace 3 meses
So Joe..how do you feel now about the star wars film considering most of the early reviews say its crap.
Nikoemil Hace 3 meses
K/D was actually in the game, they took it out just to implement the watch🤯
Uzi F
Uzi F Hace 3 meses
FYI you can see you and your friends kds u see the leaderboards
Alpha Bones
Alpha Bones Hace 3 meses
remember back in the original modern warfare when all cosmetics were free and the only thing you paid for was dlc?
Mana Dude
Mana Dude Hace 3 meses
Death Stranding definitely should have won GOTY. And yeah, fair. IGN did bash Death Stranding when it first came out, then started rolling out video after video of features and story in the game. Which tells me when they wrote their review they hadnt completely finished it.
Giraffe PNWfarmer
Giraffe PNWfarmer Hace 3 meses
Merry Christmas guys!
Mana Dude
Mana Dude Hace 3 meses
Joe is such a loud, rude prick.
Munchman Hace 3 meses
Angry Joe: How did they make this game? Me: They didn't make a game, they made a mess.
R del
R del Hace 3 meses
During the event yes the only mode available on fortnite was the rise of Skywalker Star Wars event so for about an hour the only thing you could do in the game was be in the lobby for event. They had a false choice during event that we could choose what scene we wanted to see but rigged to only show the same clip to everyone titled “Jedi mind trick “ scene the other choice were “Darth jar jar “ “knights of ren” and one other I can’t remember but looksike my lobby and every lobby chose Jedi mind trick
Andrew Sells
Andrew Sells Hace 3 meses
I don't normally comment on any ESwomen videos but I have discovered the angry Joe show this year..IMO.. My favorite thing on ESwomen/the Internet. Hope all of you have a merry Christmas!
Nick Davidson
Nick Davidson Hace 3 meses
If you pay $20 for that k/d watch, you are a moron. You see them at the end of every round.
Officerpapi Hace 3 meses
Ehhh I don’t mind the whole watch thing just don’t start getting extra asf adding stuff like buying killstreaks with real money etc etc
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