After We Collided - Official Teaser

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After We Collided Official Teaser Trailer

after movieteasertrailermovie trailer

Beatrice Hace 2 días
Did u guys notice in the first part where Hardin said “Tessa open the door!” At the corner of the video there is like a doll figure moving pls reply back if u see it
Brianna's Pet keeping Life
Brianna's Pet keeping Life Hace 2 días
I can’t wait I hope it’s as good as the books but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing 😉
frankenstein Hace 3 días
does anyone know any website i could stream it on for free because it is not available on netflix in my country 😰😥😓
Julia Vibar
Julia Vibar Hace un día
It hasn't been released yet
Victoria wylde
Victoria wylde Hace 3 días
wow, I'm so excited!
Phobia IncuRsiO
Phobia IncuRsiO Hace 5 días
Anyone else gay
Isha Patra
Isha Patra Hace 6 días
I actually read the book (out of excitement)and you'll understand every part of the trailer tbh. Still excited to see what parts of the book are included.
Clashers Time
Clashers Time Hace 7 días
M missing my old Shy Tessa
Saumya Gupta
Saumya Gupta Hace 8 días
Josephine Langford is killing it♥️ If u agree hit like👇
Liam Owens
Liam Owens Hace 9 días
There's another one???? Damn
M Hace 9 días
Straight up garbage.
Nur Fadhilah
Nur Fadhilah Hace 9 días
“my tessa would never kiss a dandruff”
RaquelClaraRegina Hace 10 días
omg words can not describe how excited I am for this!
lavinaqilaah Hace 11 días
Yung Bratz
Yung Bratz Hace 11 días
I didn’t know this was a thing
MaNu Hace 12 días
Adam Chavez
Adam Chavez Hace 12 días
Hopefully a train
Michaela Ryanne
Michaela Ryanne Hace 12 días
I’m so excited! Tessa is such a strong character that has a lot of growth in this book and doesn’t just take shit anymore! It looks so good so far.
Владлена Чебан
Владлена Чебан Hace 13 días
Song pls???
Damla Yaren Kandiya
Damla Yaren Kandiya Hace 13 días
watching the teaser everyday at the quarantine days ✌️ begging for the film 🤩🤩
Sumanth Sebastian
Sumanth Sebastian Hace 14 días
Do you want me to stop No just go slow ☺☺
Vishva Santoki
Vishva Santoki Hace 14 días
When this movie release?
Lisa Marina
Lisa Marina Hace 15 días
I want to know who read the whole book After series? Because I am currently at the third volume and I have some feelings that Hardin and Tessa will not be together at the end...and I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!! Please I want some spoilers😂😂😂 P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
Lisa Marina
Lisa Marina Hace 13 días
@Giselle Garcia Thank you sooo much!!😄😄😄
Giselle Garcia
Giselle Garcia Hace 13 días
Don’t worry there will be a happy ending :)
Jasmine Hany
Jasmine Hany Hace 16 días
tessa has an attitude glow up
Jan Wizzarak
Jan Wizzarak Hace 17 días
💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.* *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*
Nick Connour
Nick Connour Hace 17 días
Holy shit. Her saying “There is no ‘your Tessa’ anymore!” Gave me the chills!
Stevie Pigford
Stevie Pigford Hace 17 días
Shyte CRAP CRAP 🖕👎
Kyryn Patricio
Kyryn Patricio Hace 17 días
Can't waitttt😍
James Bond
James Bond Hace 18 días
Who plays the main character? She's kinda hot
Bijoy Paul
Bijoy Paul Hace 16 días
Josephine Langford
Zachary Robles
Zachary Robles Hace 18 días
The love chapter begins in after 2
Fanni Gál
Fanni Gál Hace 18 días
When Hardin asked that "so last night meant nothing?" That just legit broke me because of his face when he asked it
이가은 Hace 18 días
Chinmay Thingalaya
Chinmay Thingalaya Hace 21 un día
Faith Greenfield
Faith Greenfield Hace 21 un día
I’ve just come back here to re watch🥵🚀
Zehra Çicek
Zehra Çicek Hace 21 un día
people who love this books and series must have serious problems really like have you seen this boys behaviors? he seriously has an anger problem. and the girl? she is the most stupid female character ever that I think even her existence is an insult towards our gender. and don't get me started on that pride and prejudice scene! that was awful. as a classical literature nerd who always loved Austen's works so dearly, that scene was unendurable to watch. If you consider those piece of papers a book and this peace of script a movie, than you really must reconsider your taste. (i watched this movie just to see if I can expand my extreme cringe level and i haven't even made it untill the end, IT WAS THAT AWFUL, REALLY.)
Asawa ni Lee Taeyong
Asawa ni Lee Taeyong Hace 21 un día
im played this shit a hundred of times bitch im tired, where's the movie
Esha Hace 21 un día
Chills ....literal chills
Chaima Doumi
Chaima Doumi Hace 21 un día
When will be on Netflix
Amelia Hace 22 días
let me get something straight why the hell is she their old apartment? it's weird
Erin Williams
Erin Williams Hace 22 días
I already know what happens. I read all three books but I still want to see it.
Yasemin Meral
Yasemin Meral Hace 23 días
Shubhangi Verma
Shubhangi Verma Hace 23 días
Phewww It's seems too steamy than the first one!!!! I read the books all of them and I seriously can't wait for it to be released Jeez I'm getting goosebumps already!!!! Though I wonder if Harry saw these movies I mean they were pretty much his fanfic....but boii i wish i read these books a bit later at least I'd remember dialogues and what will happne next. I just remember it all blurry now. I'm so gain gonna imagine that 2012-2013 Harry this whole movie again....Oh God the nostalgia!!! Bring me a tissue!!
Hana Hương
Hana Hương Hace 23 días
when will the film release?
Yasemin Meral
Yasemin Meral Hace 23 días
His accent is just amazingg
Yasemin Meral
Yasemin Meral Hace 23 días
I’ve watched it many times...
Harry Styles
Harry Styles Hace 23 días
ok but.. have *anyone* read the book🥵
Camille Lake
Camille Lake Hace 25 días
Rishika _
Rishika _ Hace 25 días
i have read after 2, and there wasnt any part where tessa kissed trevor, im confused😕
Rishika _
Rishika _ Hace 18 días
@Dita Indah S. ikr it doesnt make any sense
Dita Indah S.
Dita Indah S. Hace 18 días
Me too. The fact is that it's Trevor who would kiss tessa first, but he didn't do it because tessa says she needs time
Demora Aulia
Demora Aulia Hace 26 días
That part tessa say " there is no your tessa anymore" more slaying if you guys play in 0,5x
María Luebbert
María Luebbert Hace 27 días
I can't wait for the movie tf
dude im baaaked
dude im baaaked Hace 27 días
Man, i gotta fuckin piss sometimez
cherin Hace 27 días
honestly im keep watching this teaser like i can’t wait anymore!!!
Shreya Goel
Shreya Goel Hace 28 días
Omg..i love this couple. I watched after movie and ican't wait for after2
Saiara Mark
Saiara Mark Hace 28 días
When the movie will bee??
Hussaina Bohra
Hussaina Bohra Hace 29 días
This movie better have tessa beating the shit out of molly
Kiara barathlal
Kiara barathlal Hace un mes
This is becoming fifty shades of Tessa and Hardin
Emily Chiccine
Emily Chiccine Hace un mes
I feel like there is going to be such a huge disconnect between the first and second movie. Like I LOVE that this is straight out of the book but the hallway scene of him saying “my Tessa” feels so out of left field since in the first movie it felt like their relationship was so base level and lasted two seconds. I’ll never get over how wrong they did the first movie and it almost makes me more aggravated that this is so spot on to the book. I need a first movie re-do!
쏭쏭 Hace un mes
I hope the after movie will be released soon in Korea
Bella Cullenova12
Bella Cullenova12 Hace un mes
Song??? ❤❤❤
josephine Hace un mes
Anyone who know what song is it??
Prayag Sujith
Prayag Sujith Hace un mes
Devil in you
Veerika Gupta
Veerika Gupta Hace un mes
Fucking trevor
SF9's Baebaero
SF9's Baebaero Hace un mes
*YT suggestions : After we collided* *Me : You mean 50 shades darker* ?!
Robin Malo
Robin Malo Hace un mes
I’m not your Tessa anymore
Joe Malo
Joe Malo Hace un mes
Joe Malo
Joe Malo Hace un mes
Joe Malo
Joe Malo Hace un mes
Im not Tessa anymore
Korea forever
Korea forever Hace un mes
Is it only me who has seen this teaser for an unhealthy amount of times???? Like damn! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I can't wait!!! 😭😘😍🙏
Emelee's E.
Emelee's E. Hace un mes
Tessa went from a bottom to a fucking TOP in 0.5 seconds
Shruti S
Shruti S Hace un mes
I feel this is more funny than intense
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson Hace un mes
I just want to see her naked, does she get naked
laura Contreras
laura Contreras Hace un mes
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