Aesop Rock - Drums On The Wheel (Official Video)

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Rhymesayers Entertainment

Rhymesayers Entertainment

Hace un mes

Directed By Jim Dirschberger
Illustrations By Travis Millard
Animated By Steven Gong
Produced By Aesop Rock
Additional instrumentation by Grimace Federation
Mixed By Eddie Sancho
Mastered By Joe LaPorta
#DrumsOnTheWheel #FreedomFinger #AesopRock

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ArcaneRez Hace 6 horas
GOAT? Hell naw..
Justin L
Justin L Hace 10 horas
Beast uvvva beat, Astros play on psyconaughtic feilds flowin down the multiverse of hooks and snares. Pure fuego and food for i-deers.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Hace 21 un hora
Aesop and doom should do a track.
The Guy
The Guy Hace 22 horas
You dont know how powerful my thoughts are, real real real ,i slapped bitched the evil one, even the soul is alive after and before death,be careful who you piss off,i chose good over evil. At least i keep records of all the good and all the evil i do,your money aint worth shit in this realm
Justin Le Roux
Justin Le Roux Hace un día
Brian Novak
Brian Novak Hace un día
I can't stop listening to's like falling in love all over again
Brian Novak
Brian Novak Hace un día
Mmmm sick video, dope track
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith Hace un día
Damn... aesop must really wanna disappear... and I love it
ShadowSmoke Hace un día
fuck straight edge punks
Richard Ulrick
Richard Ulrick Hace 2 días
I think system of a down might like this beat
Corby Dorian
Corby Dorian Hace 2 días
Yeah....this is fuckin next level as always.
Lucas Sullivan
Lucas Sullivan Hace 2 días
Man, goosebumps, every time this man fire some lyrics off. Number one lyricist, no questions!!
Ryan Latham
Ryan Latham Hace 3 días
What I'm striving to get happy with my flow now...just these lyrics....fuck
TheKronnos Hace 3 días
this game playable? :D
s Hace 3 días
im just drunk feel like im trippin
Cade Bell
Cade Bell Hace 4 días
Another classic....
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Hace 4 días
This snuck by me man. Holy shit though. Wonderful.
Eric Renz
Eric Renz Hace 4 días
Cm p
Cm p Hace 5 días
While mainstream still argues over who's the 🐐. Living legends are still hard at work and making it look easy.
Jeremy Wark
Jeremy Wark Hace 5 días
Fucking rad man
Jeremy Wark
Jeremy Wark Hace 6 días
Fuck yea man
Jules Smeets
Jules Smeets Hace 6 días
fuck china mac
Dustin Deranleau
Dustin Deranleau Hace 6 días
Who the f@#k are the 172 people that didn't like this song!! Wtf??
David Nicolas
David Nicolas Hace 6 días
had to listen to this like 3 times before i started feeling it. Strizzate fire.
Justin Long
Justin Long Hace 6 días
God damn
Pat McCormick
Pat McCormick Hace 6 días
He needs to be on a RTJ track.
STRYDER Hace 6 días
Rhymesayers is one of the goats, from Atmosphere to Aesop you just can't go wrong
Devon Ulmer
Devon Ulmer Hace 7 días
Pure. Genius.
oEatpeopleo Hace 7 días
the weathermen!
Mkaurene Hace 8 días
The things that Aesop and company cultivates are amazing. How often is it that you scroll through comments and find only love? Aesop is the dopest hip-hop artist, he makes magic through art and honestly I feel like we are all lucky to experience a positive powerhouse like him. You can really tell he is a true artist. Big props to A-E-S-O-P the peak twister!
Alcatraz H
Alcatraz H Hace 8 días
Why can't I hit that like button about 1 million more times???
PsykoNecro Hace 8 días
Dopest song I've ever heard from Aesop. Lyrical King 100%. Been hearing on repeat every day since the 1st day this dropped
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Hace 8 días
dang he bodied this so hard
Drew Nielsen
Drew Nielsen Hace 8 días
Awaiting tour dates
Ghost Hace 9 días
This homie is of the charts wit his sick flow and lyrical genius 🎶 dam homie
chauncie extreme
chauncie extreme Hace 9 días
props from all the followers, who never saw it fit to even give this guy a nod for the foundation of a genre . Too busy using his music (and some even his name) getting rich on his groundwork & catapulting to fame. thank you AESOP Rock, from ASAP Rocky
Chris Maw
Chris Maw Hace 9 días
Dam I love this track so sick
Imagine A World
Imagine A World Hace 9 días
Such a necessary song rn man
Chilli Palmer
Chilli Palmer Hace 9 días
This shit is so tight zoddamn
JDub: The Family Gamer
JDub: The Family Gamer Hace 10 días
at around 1:40 you can actually hear when decides to take his bars and leave Earth. O_o Aesop is unreal!
Vyn Valin
Vyn Valin Hace 10 días
500k views...what a joke, should be 500m
Heinzpeteromfg Hace 10 días
damn I've got goosebumps. Aes really outdid himself again here! love your music! Really sad that shipping to europe is so expensive, I'd love to get some merch and stuff
Alex S
Alex S Hace 10 días
This is why rapper like 69 make a flash in the pan and are gone in a couple years but Aes can draw listeners for over a decade. SUBSTANCE is what gives longevity in this game.
riohillman Hace 11 días
Pure dopeness.
Fly Design
Fly Design Hace 11 días
Come to Australia ffs.
Calvin Dirette
Calvin Dirette Hace 11 días
I started starting my days off with this song. This shit gets me goin. Makes me wanna write 26 hooks and a shitload of verses.
corey hopper
corey hopper Hace 11 días
Love you aes
Michael Thomason
Michael Thomason Hace 11 días
man if someone could tab this on guitar that'd amazing o.o
cheese chisel
cheese chisel Hace 11 días
never fart out of anger
Night Man
Night Man Hace 7 días
Yes Sensai
Fortified Mind
Fortified Mind Hace 12 días
I just had a Wave Twisters flashback halfway in :) great video!
MR. OBJECTS Hace 12 días
he good
shawn guillemin
shawn guillemin Hace 12 días
bad ass. got music I never get out cause ESwomen act like not me. funny......rk. 559. steez. this my type shit .... fuck lol
Burhan Alwaissi
Burhan Alwaissi Hace 13 días
i get it, drums on the wheel. like the steering wheel i get it now
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller Hace 13 días
Probably be more successful if your name wasn't like asap rocky..
Night Man
Night Man Hace 7 días
Aesop Rock has been around way longer than ASAP.
Melkiot Mason
Melkiot Mason Hace 13 días
New fan here. This shit claps harder than a strippers cheeks.
Matt Woolard
Matt Woolard Hace 13 días
Says "Do you read me?" Too much. 2 thumbs down.
Kip Tregg
Kip Tregg Hace 13 días
I feel like no one I know knows how important this first verse is to me
Mr. Orisha
Mr. Orisha Hace 14 días
49 and loving this shit sun
Jilly Hace 14 días
I wouldn't know what to do with his brain, but he does. Every time
A J Hace 14 días
Aesop in top 3 alive.
Fvcked Hace 14 días
oh fuck, im late but now wet af. Aes should partner with some devs to make this SHMUP made.
Walker Flocker
Walker Flocker Hace 14 días
This shit is so good. This dude is new to me, I'm glad I found him
Obscure Famous
Obscure Famous Hace 14 días
I read you Aes. Call me sometime, homie.
professor Knull the 3
professor Knull the 3 Hace 14 días
He compares Earth with space metaphors, he compares space with Earth metaphors....
Bryan Bettcher
Bryan Bettcher Hace 15 días
Almost great dam shame we are out numbered in taste but hey they are trying to make this a GENRES but even those come and go so plz don’t stop making hits!!!!
Calvin Dirette
Calvin Dirette Hace 15 días
This beat makes me feel like asking brock lesner to a gentlemans dual.
Gibson1961SG Hace 15 días
Reminds me of Greydon Sqaure
AJ P Hace 15 días
Would be perfect close credit song for Hbo's Avenue 5
sorryfornoname Hace 15 días
i want the fucking game
Mark Zorn
Mark Zorn Hace 14 días
it is an actual game. It's called Freedom Finger and its available on Steam, Switch, PS4, and Xbox
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