Adrienne Talks About Her Journey to Get Pregnant - Part 1

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The Real Daytime

The Real Daytime

Hace 11 meses

We discuss Carrie Underwood recently opening up about her miscarriage and her journey to become pregnant. Adrienne opens up about her own experience with trying to get pregnant, and how it’s more difficult than she expected.

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Anai Valdez
Anai Valdez Hace 3 días
3 miscarriages, 1 stillborn , a rainbow baby girl, and another rainbow baby girl on the way 🦄🐝❤️
LavenderSiren Hace 5 días
Miscarriages are so common but we as women feel like there is something wrong with our body. If we talked more openly about it wouldn't feel so shameful.
Ashely Díaz
Ashely Díaz Hace 6 días
I thank God that I've moved along my first baby loss. He or she is an angel now. I'm currently more than half way along my current pregnancy and it has helped me heal so much. I love her to death and I haven't even met her yet.
Sofia Johnson
Sofia Johnson Hace 7 días
I absolutely love these girls they are funny smart and i couldn’t ask for a better group of gitls
Kamri Yksl
Kamri Yksl Hace 7 días
For those asking where does adrienne talk, it’s in part 2
Remicia Albright
Remicia Albright Hace 11 días
What about the ones who having trouble getting pregnant
D.L. Moore
D.L. Moore Hace 12 días
If you haven't been through it just try saying that you have never been through it and you cannot imagine the pain they are going through. Tell them you love them, and that if they hurt then you hurt. Then just be there.
Debora Castillo
Debora Castillo Hace 12 días
Having at miscarriage is one of the most traumatic experience for a women, but have a tubo pregnancy is 10 times worse because to find out if you have one other that bleeding they do a ultrasound and you see you baby and hear the little heart ♥️ and for my that was very traumatic also they have to do a C section and end up most of the time losing one ovaries
Saint of God!
Saint of God! Hace un mes
Probably The Lord really don't ready for a person to have the baby as yet. That's what I say to myself. I don't think a person should feel bad to hear that. I don't! Because ANYTHING THE LORD WANTS THE LORD GET! that's what I say to myself. The Lord God have a GOOD REASON Y He is not ready for a female/make to get a baby. My brother also haven't gotten a baby neither and he SURELY DON'T BEHAVE LIKE HE'S MATURE enough to get a baby nor probably would reach the baby more good and he don't even know how to take care of a baby good! SO GOD DEFINATELY PROBABLY DON'T READY FOR SOME PEOPLE TO GET/HAVE A BABY.
Chareika Parrish
Chareika Parrish Hace un mes
I love you guys you truly have helped me and others get through so many painful situations
gina Festa
gina Festa Hace un mes
sometime those who miscarry sometimes got option, like freeze eggs or how a supplement women who get preg for you if you having issue
Kelly’s World
Kelly’s World Hace un mes
I’m so glad you mention Kelly Clarkson
Alen Jones
Alen Jones Hace un mes
interesting video thanks. 🙎‍♂🙎‍♀💁‍♀💕❤ want to get pregnant. Download this method It is a natural method that helped me get pregnant.
Shalay Kyles
Shalay Kyles Hace 2 meses
I had 12 pregnancies and only giving birth to 4 children. So trying to have babies wasn’t simple for me. Especially because I had cervical cancer first. The cancer was advanced, so I never understood why it was so hard.
Avail Mcdowell
Avail Mcdowell Hace 2 meses
Wow click bait. Should be illegal
Mercedes Shiro
Mercedes Shiro Hace 2 meses
There women who are doing abortion while other women are suffering to concieve, Misscourage.
Mercedes Shiro
Mercedes Shiro Hace 2 meses
Please to those who are doing abortions watch this you will change your mind. Real talk i love it.
Maria O
Maria O Hace 2 meses
One of the reasons I’m scared to get pregnant. 😭
Ella R
Ella R Hace 2 meses
Lol ok i understand the praying and stuff but giving birth isnt all about god. She may be fit to be a mother but her body was not prepared for it yet. Simple
Stephanie Achane
Stephanie Achane Hace 2 meses
Yes, sometimes your lifestyle can cause a miscarriage too.
dawn lanzola
dawn lanzola Hace 2 meses
it will happen when it happens right now god don't think your ready
Magali Pita
Magali Pita Hace 3 meses
I was told that before maybe "God dont want you to have kids!!"
Genevieve Ratties
Genevieve Ratties Hace 3 meses
@adrienne, God's timing is perfect. Dont be a Sarai trying to fulfill God's promise he made to Abram. God promised you a hope and a future... Battling with endometriosis is scary, I might not be able to have children one day... Im down for a Jeannie lifestyle. But just the thought alone is scary. @thereal please have an episode of endometriosis... I am 1 in 10. Thanx
sandip saindane
sandip saindane Hace 3 meses
Tamera I love the way you gave intro. And thanks for the real this is really inspiring thanks Carrie Underwood to speak out about this . It will inspire every single living woman who doubt herself after miscarriage and get insecure about her body and doubt her potential weather she can ever have a baby or not.
Imani Bobani
Imani Bobani Hace 3 meses
This was posted on my last birthday 😊❤️
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu Hace 3 meses
Guido Feliz
Guido Feliz Hace 4 meses
Why blame God? Are you serious?
Aa'liyah Robbins
Aa'liyah Robbins Hace 4 meses
I didn’t even get to hear my baby’s heartbeat I was only 6 weeks & it still hurts to think about it. It only happened a couple of months ago. So what Tamara said is very true it doesn’t matter how far along you are .. once you get that positive test you’re already attached at least I was
Rasha Abdulla
Rasha Abdulla Hace 4 meses
Loni looks BOMMMBBBB
Dramacat 21
Dramacat 21 Hace 4 meses
I feel bad for the woman at 3:53 she looked very sad when they were talking about miscarriage
Teriya Bishop
Teriya Bishop Hace 4 meses
Ummmm hello aloha I'm still waiting for Adrienne to talk about her issue 😒😒😒😒
Kayte Larsen
Kayte Larsen Hace 4 meses
Children r a blessing from God. There is demonic powers that are responsible for miscarriages stillbirths and abortions. Lilith is one. It's always spiritual warfare. Not God. But the enemies doing! The month of October is pregnancy and infant loss recognition? How many do not realize what occultists do in the winter solstice? BEING A PARENT IS THE JOB WITH THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SPIRITUAL WELFARE! September October November are the months dedicated to human sacrifice. The month of October is purely dedicated to infant sacrifice. Think about when God said Do not pass your children through the fire when they used to worship moloch. Satan hates children. He hates anything that God loves!!!!! All throughout history its the saints blood spilled. Satan's doing. It's a spirit behind all of it. And its NOT the spirit of God!
Libraa Lovee
Libraa Lovee Hace 5 meses
God dont give you more then you can bare
OSCAR and EMMY Hace 5 meses
Shocking how a woman takes drugs for most her adult life that makes her body an anti-baby environment then when they actually want to have a baby when they are pushing 40 they seem to keep miscarrying. SHOCKING JUST SHOCKING SMH
MzDollyAwesome Hace 5 meses
2:32 but it really might not happen tho
A N Hace 5 meses
As someone who recently experienced a miscarriage, it's really comforting to hear the words "it's not your fault" because for some reason, we blame ourselves so much when our body fails to give us a baby that we had come to love and were excited to meet.
T. J.
T. J. Hace 6 meses
I think Jeanie's question was STUPID!!! What do you say!!! The same thing!!! What are you going to tell her "stop trying!"
Kathy Kinder
Kathy Kinder Hace 6 meses
I wonder why Adrian doesn’t want someone els to carry her baby since she is afraid
Leidy Landaverde
Leidy Landaverde Hace 6 meses
I lost my baby at 20 weeks pregnant in 2018. And I’m still crying here listening to tamera
amanda Lee
amanda Lee Hace 6 meses
Amen ! My mom told my aunt if she wasn’t having premarital sex she wouldn’t have lost the baby. Keep your comments to yourself !
Charlotte Dye
Charlotte Dye Hace 6 meses
My mother had a miscarriage before me - within a few months again she was pregnant again. I'm grateful for the miscarriage because it meant I was born as I am. I know it must have hurt her some how, but I know now she doesn't regret it either. Also I was 4ish and told her that I "pick her, changed my mind and picked her again". I had no idea she had a miscarriage at that point - let alone what one was. Its why sometimes I feel this kind of thing... its just the potential children trying to see who would suit your family more.
Rachele Hace 6 meses
Why do people recognize it’s a precious baby when the pregnancy is talked about this way concerning a miscarriage. But women want to say it’s MY choice and MY body when they want to decide to kill a living person cause they want to be selfish and have an abortion. A baby in the womb is a person and no one has the right to murder another human being PERIOD...Great segment.
Fallon H.
Fallon H. Hace 7 meses
Too much contraceptive pills as a teenager affects ability to be preggers in 20s and over. Also switching to balanced raw vegan and getting in iodine will get you preggers in 2-4 months
Lovely Pes Clan
Lovely Pes Clan Hace 7 meses
I have suffer 3 miscarriage, and All I can say is I’m so sorry for your loss. I know where my babies are.
turnip poppy
turnip poppy Hace 7 meses
Dealing with infertility I hate hearing your time will come or it will happen to you. Those words hurt almost sting. BC no it may not happen. Its different for eveyone and I had to sit each of my friends and family members down and say hey don't say these things to me. They cause me pain. And they were so understanding. Now I get hugs or a shoulder to cry on. When a test comes back negative I have people to talk to but they dont say the things they used to BC they know how I feel. My friends go so far as to tell me they are prego before they post it on social media so that I'm prepared and don't just see it. Its so kind and thoughtful and I'm truly thankful to have friends who understand my feelings and help me.
Anne Wambui Kanyi
Anne Wambui Kanyi Hace 7 meses
Kai Diver
Kai Diver Hace 7 meses
Akira Peterman
Akira Peterman Hace 7 meses
Loni don’t know what she talking about because she doesn’t have children. Thank you Tamera for being so humble to the situation
Earth Energy Evolutions
Earth Energy Evolutions Hace 7 meses
Damn kelly what happened.
Lourdes B.
Lourdes B. Hace 7 meses
She didn't say a single word
Kentucky Jap
Kentucky Jap Hace 7 meses
There's a part 2 to this... Which Adrianne does talk about her pregnancy issue
RM- Nelson
RM- Nelson Hace 7 meses
Where was Adrienne talk?
Florentina Howie
Florentina Howie Hace 7 meses
Trying for a year for a baby. Been so eager to have one. I thought it would happen after stopping birth control
Katithi Musyimi
Katithi Musyimi Hace 7 meses
Ya'll should eat well, us Africans are very fertile and it's because we eat fresh food and unprocessed unrefined food.
K Garcia
K Garcia Hace 8 meses
Whats the right thing to say? Sometimes nothing. Wait until the person opens up before asking. LONI is rt. Be sensitive.
L G Hace 8 meses
In pregnancy all the steps'must happen in order. If a step is missed, the pregnancy usually stops AND there are more miscarriages than women know'because they happen so early & women think its'just a period. I've had 3 but also have 3 Wonderful sons.
Brandis Crosby
Brandis Crosby Hace 8 meses
Lou Lou's Basement
Lou Lou's Basement Hace 8 meses
Heyyy!! I’m a new Blogger! Looking for some new readers! Inspire, Love and Laugh! Check it out!
bubu joo Estes
bubu joo Estes Hace 8 meses
The title is so f ricking misleading.Adriene did not say anything about her journey to get pregnant.. Not watching this anymore.
Vanilla Yuri
Vanilla Yuri Hace 8 meses
I suffered 4 miscarriages and God blessed me with 3 handsome boys. Miscarriages is not something to wish for anyone.😭😭😭
Finlay James
Finlay James Hace 8 meses
I had a journey to have my son, I’m signed in his account and didn’t realise oooops haha.... I went through 6 years of ivf treatment and our last chance/attempt worked and I had a beautiful, healthy 10lb baby boy Finlay and he’s now 5 ft and 10 years old just wanted to share and thankyou for your show xxxxxxxxx
Silvia j
Silvia j Hace 8 meses
Looking into adoption is an option if you can afford it because their are women who want and can take of a baby their are also women who don’t won’t their kids or can’t take care of them
Myra Hace 8 meses
dont ever make promised to someone you are not god. ‘dont say it will happen for you bla bla bla...’ sometimes silence and just being there is enough.
Bunny Boo
Bunny Boo Hace 8 meses
Tamera using big boy words
buddhism daily
buddhism daily Hace 8 meses
Newsflash God doesnt let anyone get pregnant. Having unprotected sex causes a fetus to be produced. Lets leave God out of this one please.
TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty Hace 8 meses
Don’t say, “It’ll happen for you”, because, sadly, it may not.
Skeeter Vetrone
Skeeter Vetrone Hace 8 meses
I gained 70 lbs and took up smoking after my miscarraige. Its been almost 19 years and i still get weepy when i see babies on tv cus i was never able to get pregnant again
Earth Energy Evolutions
Earth Energy Evolutions Hace 8 meses
What channel is this on? On sky or virgin tv?
Sioned Schofield
Sioned Schofield Hace 8 meses
So true i had 3 miscarriage s back in 2010 still with no child tamera
Vivienne V
Vivienne V Hace 8 meses
Love this 💞
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