Addressing Sway & Hype House Drama #Teatalk Bryce Hall Boxing Match?

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Josh Richards

Josh Richards

Hace un mes

Sorry this teatalk had to be more on the serious side. Moral of the story, you will run into a lot of fake people in your life. They will demonstrate one thing in person then when your back is turned completely switch up. associate with people that will lift you up!
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Sadie Miller
Sadie Miller Hace 11 minutos
Pls make sure Charlie is safe though.I feel like something basis going to happen to Charlie in the future.
ItsBryannaYaGirl Hace 32 minutos
Simp :0
Ava Kjeldsen
Ava Kjeldsen Hace 50 minutos
Am I the only one who cried when peaches said that?
Alya Kothdiwala
Alya Kothdiwala Hace 2 horas
I ship jarli some ppl don’t but he still cares about charli🥺💕 which is pretty cute
Gacha_ Meme
Gacha_ Meme Hace 2 horas
Griffin was crying 😢
X.BRENDAZZ.X A Hace 4 horas
peace out
peace out Hace 5 horas
Αγαπη Ξενικακη
Αγαπη Ξενικακη Hace 5 horas
Jarli Jarli Jarli Jarli 👑
maria melina
maria melina Hace 6 horas
Let me say it for the girls : we would marry boys like this without hesitation
Z a y l e e F a i t h
Z a y l e e F a i t h Hace 6 horas
Peaches made i video on insta and she was saying something like she was taping her daughter or something it was something like that
Scarlett Playzz
Scarlett Playzz Hace 7 horas
At the end of the peaches part I think quin went to cry of camera
Emily Haynes
Emily Haynes Hace 7 horas
wow josh is actually so fucking genuine
Haley Caroline Marshall
Haley Caroline Marshall Hace 8 horas
She was being pretty mean to charli😤😤😤
Jonson Clarke-Harris FUT
Jonson Clarke-Harris FUT Hace 8 horas
The fact that they all care about Charli is so cute 🥺 Griffin is like a big brother to Charli
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson Hace 8 horas
It's sad
Casavant Léa
Casavant Léa Hace 8 horas
Griffin pleure psq il es comme un peu son grand frère si jpeut dire
jazmyn jasso
jazmyn jasso Hace 8 horas
Can't we banned her somehow?
Sniper _Kate
Sniper _Kate Hace 10 horas
im scared for charli, peaches found her adress
Brooke Curran
Brooke Curran Hace 10 horas
Josh started tearing up about the r@ping charli
Gia Palacios
Gia Palacios Hace 10 horas
I stg tea toks are my favorite thing and they always brighten my day 😭😭😭
Maison -_-
Maison -_- Hace 10 horas
She shouldn't be cancelled SHE SHOULD BE ARRESTED
Frankie Atkinson
Frankie Atkinson Hace 10 horas
Love how the boys protect the girls❤
vowlfn on ig
vowlfn on ig Hace 10 horas
“you know how fucking angry this gets me”, what you gon do ? e- punch him 😭
Lydia Vittorio
Lydia Vittorio Hace 11 horas
Ok if they know then Charli has to know what Peaches is doing
aydenrayss Hace 11 horas
My respect for Josh just went higher
anne.sfashion Hace 12 horas
briza lopez
briza lopez Hace 13 horas
Yk what I just noticed it looked like Josh was about to cry over charli and no cap I ship them go king and queen💅
Kaye Norman
Kaye Norman Hace 13 horas
When griffen was crying it was like charli is his little sister
Maci Maddox
Maci Maddox Hace 13 horas
Gacha Sparkle
Gacha Sparkle Hace 14 horas
Why r all the sway boys and hype house boys good looking 😑
Marley Gogarty
Marley Gogarty Hace 15 horas
My respect for the boy just went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
• Ocean•
• Ocean• Hace 15 horas
Griffen looks like he was crying 🥺
Nisacosentino Hace 13 horas
• Ocean• I think he was🥺
OG YUNGBOY Hace 17 horas
We all know Quinton didnt confront him peacefully
Free Edits
Free Edits Hace 17 horas
Josh responds to this peaches thing was so cute💖🥺
Emmie Ames
Emmie Ames Hace 18 horas
You can tell that they want to protect charli at all costs and its so cute
Itzayana Madrid
Itzayana Madrid Hace 18 horas
Plz protect Charli
Rosario Balbuena
Rosario Balbuena Hace 19 horas
This makes my heart feel bad
Reese Potter
Reese Potter Hace 20 horas
Do you have Dino nuggies?
McKinlee Stones
McKinlee Stones Hace 20 horas
Josh i ship charli with your date please!
*Ella Bella*
*Ella Bella* Hace 21 un hora
I dont understand why griffin cheated he had everything 🥺
Ardyn Larson
Ardyn Larson Hace 21 un hora
Peaches needs to stop why would she say that about a 16 year old girl or anyone
NerminJade ASMR
NerminJade ASMR Hace 21 un hora
She's disgusting wtf I'm literally mad at peaches
Gabriella Van Nieuwburg
Gabriella Van Nieuwburg Hace 21 un hora
so jaden and them arent friends anymore?
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop Hace 22 horas
aww it’s so sad when I see griffin already sad ab Dixie I can tell he wasn’t her back and when he say the peached vid he was so sad cause charli was like his little sis 😭😭😭
erin danko
erin danko Hace 22 horas
griffin really was like charli's protective older brother, and even though she probably hates him right now(and has every right to), i feel like he would still do anything to protect her!!
Kaylee Grace
Kaylee Grace Hace 22 horas
josh has matured so much i can’t
Star Snoops
Star Snoops Hace 22 horas
why does griffin look so sad
sunshine Hace 22 horas
Josh turning into Anna opp
Nee Dee
Nee Dee Hace 22 horas
Y’all are awesome and I love how the boys protect the girls and honestly peaches is so fucked up she needs to go to jail cause honestly she acts like she is wanting to kill her kid someone needs to call the police like take custardy of her kid and then peaches should go to jail
officializeth Hace 23 horas
griffin looks so heartbroken
Lillian Gardippe
Lillian Gardippe Hace 23 horas
These boys literally protect anyone they know. That's why I wish they where my cousins :((
MonkeyJanet Hace 23 horas
Poor Char Char❤️
Armonie Plays_Roblox
Armonie Plays_Roblox Hace 23 horas
Armonie Plays_Roblox
Armonie Plays_Roblox Hace 23 horas
Ok I love how you care about charil🤗🤗😌😌💜💕
Eliza Tiffany
Eliza Tiffany Hace 23 horas
Griffin was crying and josh was trying to hold it 🥺🥺🥺
Anime Roblox
Anime Roblox Hace 23 horas
griffen got so upset over the charli and peaches thinks, charli is like a sister to him
Honey._. Bee
Honey._. Bee Hace un día
"T-t-today jUniOr"
Destiny GonzalezReyes
Destiny GonzalezReyes Hace un día
Ik I'm late but I watched this for the second time and it kinda looks like Josh and Griffin was crying when talking about peaches and Charlie
BTS Army
BTS Army Hace un día
Looking at Griffins reaction made me sad ... 😔💔 And no i am not crying yall are 🥺
Sophia Acosta
Sophia Acosta Hace un día
Sophia Acosta
Sophia Acosta Hace un día
I love how the boys are protesting charli bc I feel like crying why would peaches do that
Edits Daily
Edits Daily Hace un día
Charli WAS Griffin's little sister that's why he was crying. But he fucked it up with Dixie. He lost my whole respect for him. He had no need to cheat. If he didn't like Dixie he could've broke up with her but no it has to go over drama
Samantha Butler
Samantha Butler Hace un día
I stan jooooosh
anjanique rivers
anjanique rivers Hace un día
ew peaches is disgusting.
Eliza Vlogzz
Eliza Vlogzz Hace un día
Chastalynn Hernandez
Chastalynn Hernandez Hace un día
Yourlocalidiot U-U
Yourlocalidiot U-U Hace un día
4:43 🥺omg that’s so cute look at their faces
Gabby Minutillo
Gabby Minutillo Hace un día
Bro who else stared crying?
MacyPlays Games
MacyPlays Games Hace un día
Peaches is back
Pineapple Sunset7
Pineapple Sunset7 Hace un día
Griffin was literally crying cause charli is like his little sis🥺
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