Addressing My Weight Gain...

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Today I discuss my struggles with weight, comments, and my bling obsession.
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Special thanks to “What Mia Did Next” for the video she made about my weight comments. It meant so much to me.

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ShaneGlossin Hace 2 meses
Aiza Curada
Aiza Curada Hace 8 días
Hi shane You should put a fridge inside your gym for yoyr water, gotta stay hydrated while exercising 😁 i love you and don't let those hoe commenters get to you. 💗♥️❤️
Alex Napier
Alex Napier Hace un mes
shane you have beard goals, i'd love to see you give it a shot on lettin it grow for a bit? I wish I had half the beard you got
Zoe Sylvester
Zoe Sylvester Hace un mes
Making comments 500 ly ❤️
not a human
not a human Hace 2 meses
I miss your old videos
jen bombay
jen bombay Hace 2 meses
ShaneGlossin please investigate this corona virus!!! There is wayyyyyy more to this story!!
Cori Jaxx
Cori Jaxx Hace un hora
i dont mind that hes gained weight cause no matter your size we are all beautiful but hes looking very unhealthy and depressed and defenitley (ik i cant spell) not anything like himself in 2017. im worried about his mental health. i love u shane and i have since i was 7. dont stop being u and while quarantine is happening please bring back shanaynay!!
Aby Li
Aby Li Hace 4 horas
Idk why people are just wasting their time in things that aren’t relevant to their own life, Shane is cute the way he is, the only thing is that he should only take the work outs as a health matter more than just doing it because people are talking about his weight. And I’m kinda sure he is doing just so. And being sincere all those people talking about his weight are all those who are morbidly obese in their mind trying to project their fear in someone else’s body. Accept it! Period.
GURUNG Bidha 1C02
GURUNG Bidha 1C02 Hace 6 horas
shane we all love you just the way you are we don't want to see you be very sad we all love you , you are my idol.
lick lick lick lick
lick lick lick lick Hace 10 horas
Shane needs a bling throne Like so shane sees this
lick lick lick lick
lick lick lick lick Hace 10 horas
Shane should bling himself and get Swarovski piercings
victor owns the moon
victor owns the moon Hace 15 horas
i know i am late to this video but everyone is beautiful in their own way and if you ever decide to make fun of a person because of their weight their size their clothes their face about anything just know your only talking shit because others talk shit about you and you decide to take out your anger out on others just because you felt pain and you decided to think others havent felt your pain so you will show them how you felt when you felt that pain other might not have felt pain the same way you did but they still have felt if you think this you need to learn everyone has feelings and everyone is different and beautiful in their own unique way and if you dont think this you need to fucking learn cuz this is true and you too may think your beautiful the people who make shane feel bad about his weight you maybe pretty on the outside but in the inside you have an ugly heart and you need to fix that so get you and your bad attitude out of here and you can come back when you have a better heart and a good attitude so yea and everyone is beautiful just the way you are so always remember that
Leila Dalzell
Leila Dalzell Hace 15 horas
Shane you so talented and just amazing in every way!! I know negative comments hurts and it can make you feel insecure n shitty but as long as your happy and have the support from your family and friends please don’t put yourself down. We all love you 💗💖
Summer Oof
Summer Oof Hace 15 horas
Yall realise....this is shane were talking about? The actual king of youtube? Like leave him alone 🤚
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Hace 16 horas
shane we love you pleqse calm down , you are my fav youtuber you really make me so happy , when I'm sad I watch your Videos and it makes me feel so better ❤
ruby boyer
ruby boyer Hace 17 horas
shane youre cute as f*ck adn dont let anyone tell you anything else
Allison Castillo
Allison Castillo Hace 18 horas
I love Shane and I will never talk about his weight🥰😢
Uིnིiིdིeིnིtིiིfིiིeིdི fིlིyིiིnིgི oིcིtིoིpིiིeི
Uིnིiིdིeིnིtིiིfིiིeིdི fིlིyིiིnིgི oིcིtིoིpིiིeི Hace 18 horas
Guys smash like if you're gay as fuck and watching this 😎👌🏳️‍🌈
Marisol Osornio
Marisol Osornio Hace 18 horas
I really love Shane. Like, he deserves all happiness. He makes the world seem just a little better, bit by bit, every time he opens his mouth and make others laugh. I love you, Shane. Bless you❤
Grace Abbott
Grace Abbott Hace 20 horas
I rewatch this and the way Andrews voice brakes for him and says "oh no" when Shane says he almost threw up gets me :(
fan of Preston
fan of Preston Hace 20 horas
lol 2:53 to 3:04
mark kelly
mark kelly Hace 21 un hora
At the end in the blue hoody, you can see Shane I'd getting so BUFF, LIKE SLAYYY
Liam Babacan
Liam Babacan Hace 22 horas
THANKYOU SHANE I NEEDED THIS all my life i have been shamed for my weight even when i lose it. All the conversations ii have with my family is "oh you lost weight" and "you've been gaining weight" so just the little thing you said I just want to thank you ~
Hana Rizal
Hana Rizal Hace un día
i want to talk about shane's situation with all the pressure that he has been handling. i am really worried and concerned about shane's mental health issues since this has been a very difficult time for him. adding the hate he gets just makes it worst. i love shane and would want him to be happy, but the negativity from social media drains him of his own happiness. i personally think that shane should take a break from the internet to focus on his mental health and himself. he deserves it and really needs it.
Faithrosemary Jayne
Faithrosemary Jayne Hace un día
I am absolutely disgusted by the fact that anyone could comment on such an amazing gorgeous person with a beautiful soul , he is perfect the way he is and no one should ever make him feel any other way - x❤️
I’m in the Ghetto Ratatatata
I’m in the Ghetto Ratatatata Hace un día
I feel so bad that Shane had to go through this Shane is so funny and nice even when he’s dealing with these problems. I miss Shane posting, stop sending him a lot of hate, he deserves better.
Brooklynn Anderson
Brooklynn Anderson Hace un día
###stopfatshamingaqueen (Shane)
Meghan Emery
Meghan Emery Hace un día
i started crying when they kissed tho
Sophia Thompson
Sophia Thompson Hace un día
Oh man, this video was made at the beginning of quarantine... and now we are... still here ✌️😗
Be Relax
Be Relax Hace un día
Hi gyis , 🖐 i have a new method for >> Whight Loss Contact with me at 👇
Lindsey Hill
Lindsey Hill Hace un día
omg i am going to sound like such a mom for a second but like i find it so cool that you like that stuff like thats even got me on wanting to make my WHOLE ENTIRE wall just like bling! I think that is so cool that you love that stuff and i completetly support you. Also i find it so sad that people would comment that and ive always got your back! :') Thanks for opening up about this because i dont have instagram or facebook so like yeah. love you guys so much! :))
Daniela Milanez
Daniela Milanez Hace un día
Personally I don’t really like bling/ bedazzled stuff but seeing shane so excited about getting stuff bedazzled makes me so happy. Jajaja💕😎
LeeLa H
LeeLa H Hace un día
Getting Joker vibes from all the green
Joanne Wijnands
Joanne Wijnands Hace un día
you sooo deserved this.
Jada mily
Jada mily Hace 2 días
Shane Your beautiful Just the way u are don't Let people Drop u down to ground 0. Also your Jokes are so hilarious I don't laugh at u I laugh with you.😉
Keolani Velez Alam
Keolani Velez Alam Hace 2 días
This is like christmas for shane
Mom Nom
Mom Nom Hace 2 días
people come in all different shapes and sizes, wouldn’t life be boring if we all looked the same! Variety is the spice of life!!! Onelove
Our Crazy Family
Our Crazy Family Hace 2 días
Shane you can not let these people get to your head people love you and look up to you as a person in life and sure people may be rude and I understand that but when I’m crying in my room if watch you..... you make me laugh in the hardest times I’m going through really rough patch but you make me happy and make me laugh don’t let them get to your head
Broken Disc tv
Broken Disc tv Hace 2 días
Shane you have a six pack if I were to remove every piece of skin on your body you would have one I don’t know I suck at cheering people up😅❤️❤️
Honor Davis
Honor Davis Hace 2 días
Shane not fat ! .the person how comment that can got fuck their self !.
Nicole Pelo
Nicole Pelo Hace 2 días
“do you think anyone not gay as fuck is watching this” that’s the most true thing i’ve heard all year
Ava_31 Hace 2 días
I feel so gay and I’m a lesbian lmao
Ava_31 Hace 2 días
At 25:56 Do you think anyone who is not gay as f*** is watching this I was CALLED OUT and SHOOK.
Charlotte G
Charlotte G Hace 2 días
I love you -patrick 2002 Chocolate with nuts
Ava_31 Hace 2 días
Do the lesbians like bling? Trainer: Not really Me: So true!!!!!! (As a lesbian lmao)
sadie sadie
sadie sadie Hace 2 días
everyone: shane what are you gonna spend your collaboration money on? shane:
Lexa Hansen
Lexa Hansen Hace 2 días
How is it that literally twelve year olds go on twitter just to body shame people.... Even tho Shane is over it I had to say this 😐
Headcartoon Hace 2 días
I’m picturing the two of you in harnesses, giant bedazzled butt plugs, with the word slim written in lipstick above your butt.
Møcha Hace 3 días
My parents are like that. I’m sorry people do that. It sucks and it hurts. Some people just don’t understand.
Terry LeBlanc
Terry LeBlanc Hace 3 días
those comments are rude and not true whatsoever. You look absolutely amazing Shane!! And the bling is STUNNING
jackq2134 Hace 3 días
I'm literally huge for a 16 year old don't be ashamed Shane I support you
exoticgaming yt
exoticgaming yt Hace 3 días
this is retarded im not gonna judge you if you have a certain addiction so what is the difference of us judging shane its just a habbit we need to let him whatever he wants whenever he wants we arent his life his family is
Iain Adams
Iain Adams Hace 3 días
Anyone else notice Shane has his 7 Plus and an 11 Pro popping up in different videos
The Artsy One
The Artsy One Hace 3 días
Honestly, Shane look adorable like this UwU
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Hace 3 días
Not even joking I need his slime when it comes out like anxiety me needs that when I’m crying
SaveDaWolfs UWU
SaveDaWolfs UWU Hace 3 días
U r such a inspiration to me and finding out some one said that makes me sad because I hate my body and people have made fun of me so I’m so so SO sorry😭
L*** G******
L*** G****** Hace 3 días
Ryland: "Giveaway!" Shane: "I'M NOT GIVING THIS SHIT AWAY."
Harlow Pierce
Harlow Pierce Hace 3 días
Bianca McIntyre
Bianca McIntyre Hace 3 días
Honestly Shane does not deserve the hate he got, hes just on youtube to make you laugh and learn about sociopaths haha. Shane's videos got me through the hardest times in my life and honestly i dont think d still be there without him, he styled my sense of humor, thats why im the "funny friend" Shane if you see this, Thank you, for all you've done honestly i could write in detail about how much you've helped me but it would take you years to read, literally. i love you and respect you so much, Thank you
Lindsay Ussery
Lindsay Ussery Hace 3 días
i love so much miss you soo much love shayne
toni rutkowski
toni rutkowski Hace 3 días
2:03 yes bitch
toni rutkowski
toni rutkowski Hace 3 días
i fucking love you bitch iam fat
Isabella Fortune
Isabella Fortune Hace 3 días
Tira Shane should’ve done something in this video!!!
raven the demon wolf
raven the demon wolf Hace 3 días
omg whoever said them things should stop its not their buissness your doesnt matter you the most wonderful person in the world
Sean Smith
Sean Smith Hace 3 días
this was the best video lol but am i the only one who loves the barbie music in the backround lol
нαѕтʝ gнαиαтι
нαѕтʝ gнαиαтι Hace 3 días
its ok Shane, I also get fat-shamed and I don't think that the scale numbers matter and that u should ignore the fat-shaming just like i did
Stacy Lawson
Stacy Lawson Hace 4 días
Emily Someone
Emily Someone Hace 4 días
2:51 “Bye Ryland” 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Alexandra Incognito
Alexandra Incognito Hace 4 días
25:18 Haha I love how Ryland is trying to motivate Shane to get the trash cans. He's going to be a good mum. He is such a sweet little thing.
bonnie turner
bonnie turner Hace 4 días
Shane you are literally a part of ESwomen history. Your name will be around for a century after you’re gone! Don’t stress about your damn weight queen! You are so gorgeous u shine queen we love u xx It’s ok to not be a perfect person, nobody is x
Jade Castellanos
Jade Castellanos Hace 4 días
Good job!:O 😊
Joslynne C.
Joslynne C. Hace 4 días
I love you Shane 💙
Joshua Animate's Stuffs
Joshua Animate's Stuffs Hace 4 días
No shane you're beautiful. You have abs
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf Hace 4 días
This is what you are Shane; Q - Quirky as hell U - Upbeat E - Exciting Tea E - Enough N - Necessary (We love you Shane! ❤)
Reagan Lipe
Reagan Lipe Hace 4 días
Shane isn’t even fat, he’s just a man living his life as an adult. Nobody should be talking about his, or anybody’s weight. Every body’s body is different. Shane I’m sorry that you had to experience that. Nobody should be bringing you down, they should be lifting you up. You are a successful, healthy, and hardworking man. I’ve watched this video a million times and every time I cry because it’s sad to see that there are people in this world that come at you like that. I wish you the best and you don’t deserve the hate, you deserve all the love 💕❤️
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