A day in the life of our cats

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Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun

Hace 6 meses

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A day in the life of our cats
which is technically not a single day because turns out it's difficult to film cats
and also I wanted to add Haku cam
which couldn't be filmed at the same time as normal Haku
or you would see Haku with a gopro hanging from his harness
but the base of the video is one day
we just refilmed some parts where the footage sucked
so when our curtains are opened five billion different ways throughout this video
that is why
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Rachel and Jun
Rachel and Jun Hace 6 meses
Q&A Why do we put water in their bowls: To force them to drink more since cats (especially cats that eat dry food) tend to be dehydrated a lot and it can cause health issues like urine crystals and kidney stones. Haku has urine crystals once the first year we had him. Why don’t we just feed them wet food? When we initially got our cats we had a hard time finding food that Haku and Nagi would eat that didn’t also give them diarrhea. Poor Poki also is susceptible to bloody diarrhea and will leave blood spots all over the apartment if we’re not careful with what he eats. Our vet recommended this specific one (Prescription Diet... I believe Digestive Care) and now they all have A+ beautiful poops. We also often boil and finely chop chicken, and sprinkle that on their food. We’re open to possibly trying other types of food for them sometime, but we just want to be careful because their stomachs get upset easily and if Haku doesn’t like it he just won’t eat. But dry food is supposed to clean their teeth and now that you put water in it their teeth aren’t going to get clean: Dry food doesn’t really clean cat teeth very well, but we do have cat tooth brushes (silicon finger brushes) and cat toothpaste and we actually brush their teeth (although not every day). Why don’t you try water fountains for your cats: We’ve had them but he cats kept breaking them, and after a while no matter how much we cleaned them they’d start getting slimy and the cats wouldn’t drink from them anymore. I’m definitely willing to try again sometime if I figure out something different I can try to stop it from getting slimy! Also I always forgot to turn it off while filming and we’d have a hundred comments saying “THE WATER NOISE THO D:” Why don’t you guys sleep together: Wat. We do!! Bed sets are really common here in Japan, where you buy either one big bed frame or two that lock together, and then each partner gets their own mattress so they can have exactly the level of comfort they want. We have two semi-double mattresses because sleep is hella important and I want my damn room to stretch! I have foam pads on my side because Japanese mattresses are as soft as wooden planks, so my side ended up higher than Jun’s. JUN’S HAIR: yeh 💕 :D
MineCVid MCPE Hace un día
‘beautiful poops’ I’ve literally never heard that being said in my life
wendy nope
wendy nope Hace un día
Good cat parents.
Ayesha Xx
Ayesha Xx Hace 4 días
As they r older
Ayesha Xx
Ayesha Xx Hace 4 días
Yesssss I used to do that but now they drink water on its own
57thorns Hace 7 días
Soft as wooden planks? That must be why I slept so well that day in a spa when I was on a trip through Japan last May. I like my beds hard, so normal hotel beds are generally hammocks.
Referrings Hace 2 horas
This video should have been 24 hours long!11!!!!11
Pepe- chan
Pepe- chan Hace 12 horas
Poki is like my cat. Just screams for me because he is hungry and want some food. 🙃
kim jong un
kim jong un Hace 23 horas
i swear my cats will be in the bathroom with the lights off and be like cat 1:ok i’ll cut the skinny white mans head off and you’ll cut the ears cat 2: ok then we both cut the mou- me:comes in them:OHHH WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH
It’z Raira
It’z Raira Hace un día
Poki sounds EXACTLY the same as my cat, and acts the same, other than the paw trick.
Suga stealing my jams
Suga stealing my jams Hace un día
I felt weird when Jun called his cats baby
Mr. Fbi
Mr. Fbi Hace un día
Is that water in the bowl with the cat food? The fuck?
Sadie C
Sadie C Hace un día
I'm allergic to cats so this was a little odd yet fun to watch
Luna Rip
Luna Rip Hace un día
Loved the video it was so cute. You have beautiful cats 😸 We have 3 also Hershey, Looie and Big Tony. 🥰
林京慧 Hace un día
May I ask where did you get your trash can from? The ones at 1:46
wendy nope
wendy nope Hace un día
Put the camera on poki and let him do whatever he wants for a day
Shannon Linklater
Shannon Linklater Hace un día
That was fun and cute to watch. Thank you kitties for sharing lol
Luthien Bellamy
Luthien Bellamy Hace un día
I thing that they need to eat more (specially Poki). I leave a lot of meet for my cats all day and they still with hunger xD
Ana Maria Velez
Ana Maria Velez Hace un día
Adoro a poki... Sus travesuras hacen reír.
Stephanie Hace 2 días
can you make more cat video's
Stephanie Hace un día
oh oops the cat video's are on another channel.
ale vel
ale vel Hace 2 días
Too much plastic bags for the cats waste
BoycottNCSoft Hace 2 días
I think Poki remembers killing and eating birds. Poor Poki, so misunderstood.
kelli blue
kelli blue Hace 2 días
And now grooming. Because you stoopid hoomans didn't do it right. :-) p.s. your new place is very cute and calming in a very minimalistic way. :-)
にゃは Hace 2 días
Prabhat Kumar
Prabhat Kumar Hace 2 días
His home is very beautiful and comfortable for both of them and their 🐈
Sunshine Hoseok
Sunshine Hoseok Hace 2 días
Can we talk about how cute they sleep?🥺Poki is cuddling with Rachel. Haku is sleeping around Rachel’s feet area and Nagi is sleeping right next to Juns pillow. I swear I’m getting a cat
參Mochii Hace 2 días
IM CUTE Hace 3 días
Poki and lulu from cream heroes should bond! 😂❤❤
PaiKea Hace 3 días
Por que vocês colocam a ração misturada com a água?
Snuff Muffler
Snuff Muffler Hace 3 días
The haku cam is sooooo cute
Ержан Жангырхан
Ержан Жангырхан Hace 4 días
Мечта каждого иметь столько же котов и кошек
The Wandering Man
The Wandering Man Hace 5 días
Dog: Man's best friend Cat: Man's worst nightmare
Emelie Hace 5 días
Jun: ' I don't think so ' Rachel: ' Are you sure? ' .. 😂
ÆŘÕ ŻÊŔØ Hace 5 días
Poki is so cute i hope i have cat like poki too.....
Polly Hace 6 días
I not sure if they have them for cats or not but for dogs who eat to fast you can get special bowls. I don't know how it works but you might want to check at your local pet store.
Arcticphantom9 Hace 6 días
Haku and Nagi: *peacefully eating* Poki: mMeEeOoOoWw!!! I also just realized that Poki is just a cat version of Kermit @jennamarbles dog. They both scream uncontrollably for attention
Raining Peacefully
Raining Peacefully Hace 6 días
Pyroli 18
Pyroli 18 Hace 6 días
7:15 Haku is dead xD
KittyKitGaming Hace 7 días
2 precious floofs. And one trouble floof, also precious.
57thorns Hace 7 días
I am happy that one cat chose Jun as their main human.
Ivan Awesome
Ivan Awesome Hace 7 días
Poki:Sees Rachel wake up Also poki:So you’ve chosen food
Imperiom Hace 7 días
POKI has a problem so big that they had to buy a special feeder for Haku ... They dont have to think POKI is ok. he isnt right. and they should address it
Mein Fisch
Mein Fisch Hace 7 días
Nagi: *trills* Haku: *cute meow* Poki: *awful demonic karaoke singing at 2am*
Jenni Locke
Jenni Locke Hace 7 días
Poki is so naughty! I love a naughty little tuxedo cat 😻
Lily Ngo
Lily Ngo Hace 8 días
where can i buy a jun pls I need one
Magic Pinky
Magic Pinky Hace 8 días
Nobody: Me: (secretly associate Haku, Nagi, and Poki into different houses in Harry Potter)
vicio90pa Hace 8 días
Just saw we share same laptop hehe! what do u play?
אתם /הם
אתם /הם Hace 8 días
No one: Poki: MMmmm... Rachel's butt...
Мышьяк _ Cat
Мышьяк _ Cat Hace 8 días
какие кричащие кошки.......
Wolfie Playz 101
Wolfie Playz 101 Hace 8 días
Poki the alarm clock!
JustDogini Hace 9 días
Jesus i hust watched nine minutes without even seeing the time... Well, think i found a cure to my anxiety Also SFMBE
Aidyl Hace 9 días
I need to know what breed they are please, I had a cat called an ax and it was exactly the same color, same fur, same eyes and died a month ago by death, he climbs up being totally healthy. I would like to know the origin of this kind of cats since I am looking for one to be able to give him even the love that I cannot give my baby because life took it away from me. I need to know and be able to fill this pain with someone who reminds me of my cat. I want to know their history and know where they are born with this peculiar hair please tell me ...
Aidyl Hace 9 días
Your beautiful cats and your videos fill me with life because I see my little cat. I have pictures of my cat that I can send you by email so you can see what I'm talking about
Lynn Johnston
Lynn Johnston Hace 9 días
Your black and white cat may digest his food quicker...chances are if he is crying...he is hungry. Definitely looks thinner than the other two.....🤔
Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox Hace 9 días
A week in life for my cat: Half the week: 5:30 AM: asks to come in then go right out In between: idk 12:00 AM at night: asks to go out again The other half of the week: My cat: I need attention 1000 hours a day.
shromp Hace 9 días
Haku looks just like my cat! Just look at my profile 🐈
感動猫体験チャンネル Hace 9 días
I want to go to Tashiro again! It was winter! Next time I want to shoot Tashiro Island in summer! !
Салтанат Мерхатқызы
Салтанат Мерхатқызы Hace 9 días
Ballisticwaffles The third
Ballisticwaffles The third Hace 10 días
3:43 Kill mode engaged
7ミリラーク Hace 10 días
猫の可愛さは罪に値する(^-^) もー可愛いすぎる❤️
Shadow Flame
Shadow Flame Hace 10 días
We need Haku cam more often
Dowgo Hace 10 días
Poki is the equivalent of an alarm that you cant turn off
Hema Latha
Hema Latha Hace 10 días
Please put enough food for Poki as the food you're putting is not enough.
Spectator Anon
Spectator Anon Hace 10 días
I have my volume almost all the way down *And I still hear Poki*
Crimson Ace
Crimson Ace Hace 10 días
Ain't cat hair dangerous?
MJ Inabnit
MJ Inabnit Hace 11 días
spoiled pussy if I ever heard it! :) My two tigers have to work harder for the treats here. But they are both amazing and so very happy to be off the streets. Regards you guys, keep up the good work. j
Amanda Mayoss
Amanda Mayoss Hace 12 días
I love poki!
doodle_digg _
doodle_digg _ Hace 12 días
Poki is... Vocal
Ömer Yiğit Bütüner
Ömer Yiğit Bütüner Hace 12 días
Hour cars is cute
Tailsray Hace 12 días
1:33 Poki: MREEROEOORKEMQLEJRKROWJWOWKWPJEEOKWOWO Plate: *is hit* Poki: ...meow :o
Asriel Hace 12 días
14:02 I laughed so hard
Liv Elena Jacobsen Veiby
Liv Elena Jacobsen Veiby Hace 12 días
julianto triwijaya
julianto triwijaya Hace 12 días
Poki: the alarm Haku: the curtain puller, for the sun Nagi: the one jumping ans stepping all over the bed The all work twogether to moke them up, with a goal in mind. Poki: *Master, I need NUTRIENTS!*
R Deda
R Deda Hace 13 días
When do they go outside? Never? Not natural.
Tsar Hace 13 días
They eat in separate rooms from POKI !!!! this is racism, this is discrimination !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sydney W
Sydney W Hace 13 días
Poki doing the most.
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