A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge

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Cut Hace 8 meses
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hairy butt sniff
hairy butt sniff Hace 4 días
@Unauthorized lmfao
Re B
Re B Hace un mes
TasteMyStinkhole Hace 2 meses
That dating coach is hideous. Eyeballs looking different directions, and her ridiculous outfit is lolololol
everything is awesome
everything is awesome Hace 3 meses
@Zoned 247 😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Fox
Anna Fox Hace 3 meses
​Hi, I'm a nude model, please rate my photos by the link (careful I'm there without panties 👅👅). 💖 bit. ly/ your_queen 💖 (delete space!)
Cheyenne H
Cheyenne H Hace 19 horas
I could do this tho
Karola Hace 20 horas
She was amazing!! And not just because she guessed so well, but her character is amazing, she said so good things! This woman is really likeable, I feel that it would be really interesting to talk to her.
Katie baton
Katie baton Hace un día
She sounds just like Taylor Swift Omg!
quran .2345
quran .2345 Hace un día
I put quran vedios in my channel I would be happy if you guys listen to them
Nashyj Hace un día
"Holy dick" is my new favourite saying
big dill
big dill Hace un día
kermet on crack
noelle s
noelle s Hace 2 días
This is so fucking crazy
Vanessa Valdez
Vanessa Valdez Hace 2 días
She got em all right! Awesome!
marc junan Gomez
marc junan Gomez Hace 2 días
She's amazing!
Gerard Jones Felicia
Gerard Jones Felicia Hace 2 días
“Holy Dick” must be pretty GODLY
who is Louise
who is Louise Hace 3 días
Ok but the interracial couple was cute af
millie l
millie l Hace 2 días
there are lots-
Jan Els
Jan Els Hace 3 días
Um... can this woman please find my soulmate?
Ashley Gallardo
Ashley Gallardo Hace 3 días
Holy shit, that was amazing af
TimmySama98 Hace 3 días
Richard K.
Richard K. Hace 3 días
why you americans are always dressed so weird?
alkhafaji hamza
alkhafaji hamza Hace 3 días
Holy dick she got them right
alkhafaji hamza
alkhafaji hamza Hace 3 días
Um she don't look like she just helps men talk about the relationships.
JOY HAZRA Hace 3 días
This has to be the only episode where someone gets everything right.. Man she is good...👍
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza Hace 3 días
Skelebear Ghøst
Skelebear Ghøst Hace 4 días
I wish there was a series of this specific lineup, it was interesting seeing Sarah pair them. Not forcing this channel to make a series of this, it’s just a suggestion
Shareen Hace 4 días
Her confidence makes her really attractive
dsteph6 Hace 4 días
Damn she is good
anano sanikidze
anano sanikidze Hace 4 días
But the question is ...have they slept with Bobby
Robert Antonio
Robert Antonio Hace 4 días
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Glamour Subliminals
Glamour Subliminals Hace 4 días
that girl makes me looked tan
Kari OoF
Kari OoF Hace 4 días
*everybody raises hands* Me: *surprised Pikachu face*
Tiffany Sales
Tiffany Sales Hace 4 días
Eliott Szostak
Eliott Szostak Hace 5 días
A bit ironic isn’t it, that she says ‘Holy Dick’ at the end.
Ender Wiggins
Ender Wiggins Hace 5 días
She’s a steely-eyed sharpshooter that’s for sure
Zefanya Hermansjah
Zefanya Hermansjah Hace 5 días
why was I scared she'd get this wrong lmao
butterfly stomach
butterfly stomach Hace 5 días
About the girls couple, i bet the girl wearing pink is a bottom.
Yo Dream!
Yo Dream! Hace 5 días
Actually when the girl laughed @3:29, you can see her looking her pair
Kimiko Yong YX
Kimiko Yong YX Hace 5 días
bonjour les amis
bonjour les amis Hace 5 días
I would definitely go to her if I had a relational problem she so professional
Gus Dewan
Gus Dewan Hace 5 días
Oh wow.... 💯% correct... Perfect
Ariana Ribeiro
Ariana Ribeiro Hace 6 días
"do I look gay?" Me: I mean I'm seriously attracted to you right now so yeah.
Jessica McGuire
Jessica McGuire Hace 6 días
That was dope.
WhO ́s YoUr DaDdy ?
WhO ́s YoUr DaDdy ? Hace 6 días
She looks like a Goat - Change my mind
Abdalnaserfaleh Zeiton
Abdalnaserfaleh Zeiton Hace 6 días
Hi I'm looking for meet a good girl
Scott Sullivan
Scott Sullivan Hace 6 días
Ladies, please listen carefully at what this dating coach is implying. She has said over and over that the girl should sleep with the guy on the first date or even before the date.
BillyBob Hace 6 días
Someone let her know ... She forgot to wear pants.
Hi stalker
Hi stalker Hace 6 días
She looks like felicity smoak to me or at least the actress
Strong is the new black
Strong is the new black Hace 6 días
Yeah... I want to date the Dating Coach
botak ccp x
botak ccp x Hace 7 días
Holy Dick
munyamto Hace 7 días
Imagine dating a dating coach
Sandeep Humagain
Sandeep Humagain Hace 7 días
the last couple look like brother and sister
Bhavesh Rana
Bhavesh Rana Hace 7 días
I dare her she cant find my match because i am damn single
notaboutthat Hace 7 días
They made it easy for her ngl!
Richie Patil
Richie Patil Hace 7 días
Was it just me or did you edit the fuck out of her last speech lol
chirag Hace 7 días
Wat the fuck how is this possible
sikhumbuzo shawa
sikhumbuzo shawa Hace 8 días
Wow she really got em all
Cpo8oo7 Hace 8 días
Yass quen for getting it all right!!!
Regina Ivanka
Regina Ivanka Hace 9 días
Look at the Thumbnail, They’re Holding hands at the Back
paloma del rey
paloma del rey Hace 9 días
*I can't be the only one who thinks that the "do I look gay?" girl looks sooo much like Lexa from The 100*
Tasmiyah Khatun
Tasmiyah Khatun Hace 9 horas
She does omg
Khumo Nkosi
Khumo Nkosi Hace 2 días
paloma del rey for real though
Louie Noceja
Louie Noceja Hace 3 días
ellipirelli Hace 9 días
Pleeeease more videos with Cora 🙏 she is incredible!
Paige Blackned
Paige Blackned Hace 9 días
im surprised, she deserves an award or something 😳
uwu s-senpai
uwu s-senpai Hace 10 días
She's so pretty
kedean Duffus
kedean Duffus Hace 10 días
5:10 ... oh her buisness is gonna be booming, does she have a website?
Queen Kii
Queen Kii Hace 10 días
here at 666k likes
Bianca Hace 10 días
OH SHIT that was good
That one little bastard
That one little bastard Hace 10 días
Bruh I’m sorry I swear though if this bitch paired me up with my own gender I would feel embarrassed 😂
8 8
8 8 Hace 10 días
this woman is missing pants
Lara Ullmann
Lara Ullmann Hace 10 días
It’s so sad that sleeping with each other became such a casual thing these days. It should be part of a deep loving relationship and not just physical pleasure.
Il Y Aura Du Soleil
Il Y Aura Du Soleil Hace 10 días
She should put this video in her resume
Il Y Aura Du Soleil
Il Y Aura Du Soleil Hace 10 días
6 girls and 4 guys 🤨
Il Y Aura Du Soleil
Il Y Aura Du Soleil Hace 10 días
This proves that you don’t need pants to be a genius
elena Hace 10 días
6:28 what’s even the point of this question 😭
Melissa Campo
Melissa Campo Hace 10 días
What an awesome dating coach! 👏🏼
Barni Tepliczky
Barni Tepliczky Hace 10 días
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