77 Bxrry Major Update.. WTF Is Going On? Is he okay?

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The Fortnite Guy

The Fortnite Guy

Hace 4 meses

Go sub to bxrry: eswomen.com/women/UC5O4HpSW9ivgOMOYq1nsPOQvideos
77 Bxrry Major Update.. WTF Is Going On? Is he okay?
This is a sensitive topic, but I had to cover it because it just doesn’t make sense.. comment down below what you think.

fortnitebxrry77 bxrry77

Marcus Zion
Marcus Zion Hace 2 meses
Yo, this is a little old but I always see 77 bxrry looking at something. This my personal assumption but could be his dad? But after all this we love you Bxrry
Rtv BigKohl
Rtv BigKohl Hace 2 meses
If your in 2019 if you look in his glasses you can see a phone but no person so I'm not 100% sure if there isnt
masta wu
masta wu Hace 2 meses
He should have said shut up before u end up like my dad
captain mostafa
captain mostafa Hace 3 meses
I feel like he did this for clout but he was the one who destroyed his setup that's just my opinion
Ghost_YT 1k
Ghost_YT 1k Hace 3 meses
The fuck I’m confused 😐
TSG_XdshOother. Hace 3 meses
He might be wanting donations (just my opinion)
Soryu Jacob
Soryu Jacob Hace 3 meses
At 9:29 he was looking at someone
CreeperCraft Hace 3 meses
Your Bot Gigi
Your Bot Gigi Hace 3 meses
So what are we going to do to help 🥺
Mallo-_TheSecon- Hace 3 meses
I am moving with my friend me and you are the same
Mallo-_TheSecon- Hace 3 meses
Go live with a friend
graves shadow
graves shadow Hace 3 meses
You can see the reflection of someone in his glasses
Tuff ._.
Tuff ._. Hace 4 meses
This dude still didn't remove the fucking video. Holy shit
Trixzy Hace 4 meses
All the 77 members should put money towards a 77 house so that them and Bxrry all have somewhere to stay and have their gaming setups and get his stepdad arrested
J R Hace 4 meses
lol this whole situation was staged for donations and subs/followers
Lotus Yt
Lotus Yt Hace 4 meses
J R proof I wouldn’t b suprised tgo
Ayaan Vlogz
Ayaan Vlogz Hace 4 meses
Is it just me or I think that he sounds like ceeday and Bxry
Kyan 1k
Kyan 1k Hace 4 meses
BARRY: forgets to clean hamster shit out of a cage Barry’s step dad: well then I guess I’m going to break your over 2k setup because u didn’t clean a cage
zay3x Hace 4 meses
he should move in with nobu
V Eo
V Eo Hace 4 meses
search marina joyce this might be the same publicity stunt
Chitoge Kirisaki
Chitoge Kirisaki Hace 4 meses
Marina Joyce ?
Jakeyy Hace 4 meses
marina joyce?
Jshbe h dnd j3beh
Jshbe h dnd j3beh Hace 4 meses
9:23 someone in backround
Gaming Hunters
Gaming Hunters Hace 4 meses
In the video u can clearly see that he's looking up all the time like his dad is right there
prince pressure
prince pressure Hace 4 meses
He did it for subs, it’s sad.
prince pressure
prince pressure Hace 4 meses
Let that ended quick.
AZORA FLAME Hace 4 meses
I think this is fake because he keeps looking the the top left as if someone is standing there prompting or telling him what do do or say but if I am wrong I am extremely sorry and will support him throughout this whole situation
kaleb Hace 4 meses
He has over 200k views, I see multiple things behind him he could sell, he's wearing nice clothing - he's well off. I wouldn't give money away to someone just because they can't play video games anymore when their video is titled "goodbye, I love you all" yet they have a gofundme so they can continue. It's either bait or someone who doesn't have a grip on how things work in the real world which is probably why his step-dad smashed his stuff. He needs to go out and work a real job for a while most likely. He can't just be provided with these things he didn't work for and make money off of them whilst being well off like it'll continue to work for the rest of his life, he needs to have other choices, and this is forcing him to consider them. Not trying to be hateful.
Kenny Howell
Kenny Howell Hace 4 meses
I don’t think this is fake AT All but what if he facked it for clout
red monkey gaming
red monkey gaming Hace 4 meses
Dam i hope he will be ok
ItsWebsss Hace 4 meses
Why does he keep looking down like he is reading something
strafeRUST Hace 4 meses
bxrry is a bitch
James Lee
James Lee Hace 4 meses
He needs help dude. It’s clear this seems like he cough because of the donation because he saw it and took a moment and then he coughed.
Leonardo Caschili
Leonardo Caschili Hace 4 meses
I don't know Rick...
Taika_TrashContent Hace 4 meses
You can tell that Bxrry is looking right at his dad. (You can kind of tell from the reflection on his glasses)
Just a random account
Just a random account Hace 4 meses
Abuse to him is probably not being able to play 😂😂. His dad isn’t even doing anything bad
Half Breed
Half Breed Hace 4 meses
So basically the step dads an abusive ass hole but the family needs him cause he’s there only source of income that’s actually tuff
Ffs Hace 4 meses
Why’s he kicked out of his house Evan know his step dad abused him
TNT Gaming
TNT Gaming Hace 4 meses
But the biggest question is why did your stepdad get angry all of a sudden? Did you do something or anything because only psychopaths have no emotions nor feelings and unless your dads a psychopath then what’s the reason. All I’m saying is maybe Barry isn’t saying something apart from the fact that he’s in trouble. No hate just saying and until we know what that thing is nothing is going to get resolved it’s just going to go back and forth until Barry is cracked and this is going to be really stressful for the 100k followers.
L4cikaaa Hace 4 meses
The live was forced obviusly
Camry Hace 4 meses
It’s like 77 Bxrry has bad thoughts And 77 Toast has bad thoughts
Cristy Fuentes
Cristy Fuentes Hace 4 meses
hes just some cry baby little kid complaining about his life but does nothing but stream lol
Devo Hace 4 meses
Feels bad
Luca Rossoni
Luca Rossoni Hace 4 meses
Fuck area 51. Let's storm his stepdad
Tamara Haltiwanger
Tamara Haltiwanger Hace 4 meses
He still need help to me
TDX KxLANEx Hace 4 meses
Definitely looks forced as well, he looked to his left multiple times and took little pauses every time as if he was being told what to say. People that know him closely need to pay super close attention which I'm sure they are.
Bravo_Nate Hace 4 meses
He kept looking to the left(his right)
We need to swat his step dad
SHRED _ Hace 4 meses
O have Barry added on epic from before he blew up
Fxshy Hace 4 meses
U sound like golden modz if your golden modz love your VIDZ
aye gg’s. Bro
aye gg’s. Bro Hace 4 meses
He can easily just live in his friend’s house or somebody’s house who is in 77 or something
Oh my feet’s
Oh my feet’s Hace 4 meses
Look at 9:20 is someone communicating with him?
Itz Abstar2787
Itz Abstar2787 Hace 4 meses
Just leave him alone
Letric Tony
Letric Tony Hace 4 meses
His dad smashed his setup over a hamster
Brandon Sing
Brandon Sing Hace 4 meses
So basically, all this happened over some cleaning he didn’t do
SmileFN Hace 4 meses
Brandon Sing dont make fun of this u dumbass
Joaquin Galindo
Joaquin Galindo Hace 4 meses
1 like = 1 prayer form 77Brxyy
Tropiks Hace 4 meses
People look at 2:19 and pause. If you look close in his left lens you could see someone holding a big board.
Echzost Hace 4 meses
Thank you for your support tfg you’ve now sent this problem to the public
Clikyn Hace 4 meses
Cant he stay with his grandma
itsurboii yaar
itsurboii yaar Hace 4 meses
Its almost like Mariana joyse case
Babyccino Au
Babyccino Au Hace 4 meses
“Cough if your in trouble”, AND GUESS WHAT GUYS.... HE FUCKING DID A NORMAL *COUGH*
Dark Cookies
Dark Cookies Hace 4 meses
Why is it adds on here on the video
Marshall on 60fps
Marshall on 60fps Hace 4 meses
Notice how he looks away after every sentence
Marshall on 60fps
Marshall on 60fps Hace 4 meses
I think he still needs help
Ratncar is loco
Ratncar is loco Hace 4 meses
feel so bad for him
Harv Hace 4 meses
Stay sus Barry you’re in 77 for a reason and don’t worry 😉 about your stepfather
SBE SHUN Hace 4 meses
Your like the fortnite guy cuz you just be talking and rambling
シDuxcyy Hace 4 meses
He is the Fortnite guy
Garrett Jensen
Garrett Jensen Hace 4 meses
Bxrry you can come take shelter at my house 🖤
Dirty Turdy Boy-O
Dirty Turdy Boy-O Hace 4 meses
I’m just saying Barry can just sue the sites that make him go public and if since he said that he doesn’t want it public he can sue and get some money
Void Dominick69
Void Dominick69 Hace 4 meses
I just subbed to 77 bxrry #helpbxrry
1000 subscribers with no videos
1000 subscribers with no videos Hace 4 meses
Monetizing a video about a kid being physically and mentally abused. Disgusting.
C4Ti0n :3
C4Ti0n :3 Hace 4 meses
KoproM9 wdym this was a week ago so why comment now
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