7 Millennials Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

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7 Millennials Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut
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Ju’well Cobb
Ju’well Cobb Hace un hora
When Sonny said he was tired of hearing the word charity he was being rude Because if it wasn’t for that charity Mohamed wouldn’t be here i think sonny was just pressed that he got voted out
Gianna lira
Gianna lira Hace 3 horas
it’s like destiny got herself into that mess with her apartment there are cheaper options
Jonatan van den Bos
Jonatan van den Bos Hace 3 horas
help i want to marry aaron
Nataly Naranjo
Nataly Naranjo Hace 3 horas
i like aaron because he was really chill and didn’t care about what others thought and even though sonnie diskliked him he still didn’t care and wanted to use the money for a good purpose.
Nataly Naranjo
Nataly Naranjo Hace 4 horas
please do this with teens because that’ll be interesting
Nathan Skylar
Nathan Skylar Hace 5 horas
Im only here bc yall disabled tha comment for the newest one with the highschoolers, BUT that short haired marine bitch was annoying and im happy she got voted out😂
pickle barrel boy
pickle barrel boy Hace 6 horas
Oh my god. Mr sign language and pink hair are KILLING ME
V Deng
V Deng Hace 9 horas
Noone talking how Aaliyah hid a vote
Blinkeu Hace 13 horas
destiny deserved it imo 🥺 she’s so pure and wholesome. + adam, aaliyah and destiny are all so cute together
cirek Hace 14 horas
i clicked because I thought that destiny was a dwarf
nevaeh. steele
nevaeh. steele Hace 14 horas
Bro FUCK sonne
The Joker
The Joker Hace 14 horas
This is a reflect of our society and how it is working right now
Georgia Spurgeon
Georgia Spurgeon Hace 15 horas
Sport but ducking sonne dosing on everyone he needed to be out straight away what an arsehole honestly acting like you can’t learn ASL on ESwomen
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Spaghetti and Meatballs Hace 15 horas
Soo many LIKES
josiah hood
josiah hood Hace 19 horas
The straight white male gets voted out first..... Not surprised
lia watts
lia watts Hace 19 horas
This is the first out of all the videos that they all liked each over 😂
Danae Piccione
Danae Piccione Hace 19 horas
I really dont like the girl with pink hair
Jaime Rose
Jaime Rose Hace 20 horas
Millennials...good grouping to sum up that generation. How many times can you use "like" in a sentence? Who get's the money? The crazy girl, go figure. It was cute to see them compete for cash though, thanks for the entertainment.
Domfofnf Odndidndjf
Domfofnf Odndidndjf Hace 20 horas
ok sonne just google sign language
cathy flores
cathy flores Hace 21 un hora
Better than the high schoolers😂
Linda Le
Linda Le Hace 21 un hora
Tracy is soooo annoying.
kaila howard
kaila howard Hace 23 horas
I don’t think sonne sucked I just think he wanted people to get the money who really needed it. Charity is great but against mental health, your mom going deaf, and paying your mom back, Yaa he probably would like someone to use it personally. Earl, Destiny, Aaliyah, and Sonne had some personal issues taht it would really help out with. But just winning it and giving it away, which isn’t bad, but from other view points and circumstances it’s like “well.... why did you come here to get it from some people who could use it on themselves.” Charity is not a bad thing but from Sonne perspective it wasn’t the most important thing in that room. Granted he can also watch ESwomen or something, y’all also don’t really know his situation. So before you guys are quick to put him down, think about it from his eyes☺️
Flip Flop
Flip Flop Hace un día
Oh my god I felt uncomfortable watching this. I think I’d just leave and give up if I had to argue about who needed the money more
milkcherry Hace un día
obviously i can’t judge someone’s entire character from this video but it bothers me that tracy kept asking who voted for her. it’s disrespectful to the others because they clearly did not want conflict.
iWackYew Hace un día
i wouldn’t be mad at all id make some bs ass excuse and if i didnt work so be it
usernameee Hace un día
after the course of just this video, I basically have a crush on Aaron. "Why are you here?" Aaron: "to make friends :)" "I don't care to know who voted me off, I'm sure their reasons were valid to them", speaking out and telling them not to make Destiny choose, volunteering at a kids camp whose lives have been affected by cancer. and i totally agree with him when he chose Aliyah and Mohammad as the top 2 most deserving.
code988 Hace un día
Wait how do i sign up for this it sounds fun
code988 Hace un día
Wait how do i join, i wanna do it
Maria Mirau
Maria Mirau Hace un día
Why did Paying for an apartment stay on for so long?
Maria Mirau
Maria Mirau Hace un día
$24 000 for mental illness!?!
Maria Mirau
Maria Mirau Hace un día
Why is everyone so fake. Dumb
Cali Frazier
Cali Frazier Hace un día
Not being able to afford classes to communicate with family or cancer being voted out first? How
Kae77 H77
Kae77 H77 Hace un día
I believe Aaron is supporting Camp Kesem💙💚. As a current Kesem kid I appreciate Aaron's support. Camp Kesem got me through a lot and I don't know where I'd be without it. I think Aaron should have made it longer in the game but ignorant people got in his way. He tried though, and kept his head held high. Spread the Kesem magic💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚
Lola Bartlett
Lola Bartlett Hace un día
sonne, there’s online classes bro and damn well they’re free. shut up.
James Cruzツ
James Cruzツ Hace un día
Black guy annoying as fuck
Iris Dixon
Iris Dixon Hace un día
This video was great but I need to make a comment about the high school one. Am I the only one that started dying when the fucking marine biologist started crying like?? Lmaaooo, saying she was a Buddhist and then was the first to fall then said the game wasn’t fair, cracked me up
sophiaspaghetti Hace un día
wait when was that in the video
Rose_Z Hace un día
Tracy and Sonne be snakes 🐍
Naomi Hace un día
I'm not saying that Erin was the best reason to win, but most of the times on these episodes the white dude always get casted off. Not saying that it's wrong or right thing just an observation. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Hace un día
no one cares about the white boys opinion
MAJID 8888M Hace un día
Is there a problem if you translate your videos into another language and re-publish them?
Mia Ross
Mia Ross Hace un día
Mia Rutherford
Mia Rutherford Hace un día
Aaron.......Mary me
Jenna The bunny
Jenna The bunny Hace un día
love earl
Jenna The bunny
Jenna The bunny Hace un día
Destiny is so cute
Jenna The bunny
Jenna The bunny Hace un día
aww the girl with the mental illness made me feel so bad bc I understand exactly what she’s going through
Isabelle Berry
Isabelle Berry Hace un día
Aaron is unproblematic and hella cute, Earl is a phenomenal angel and Mo was flawless. The three with the best reasons didn't win and I find it pretty shitty :/
abbey jayne
abbey jayne Hace un día
aaron has my heart
Tara Lang
Tara Lang Hace un día
When my brother lost his hearing I taught myself sign language through ESwomen and practising with deaf people over Skype that I found online. It cost me nothing. There’s no reason to spend $1000 on that.
Hoda M
Hoda M Hace un día
My fave people was earl super positive vibes, Aaron for not being a sore loser altho sponsoring a camper amazing goal I hope it works out, Mohammed fashion icon and nice lastly destiny had such mellow sweet vibes I understand why she made it to top three.
Richie's Crazy Volgz
Richie's Crazy Volgz Hace un día
Amazing video. Check for more eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Ofu9F-EiVRs.html
Pola Barberis
Pola Barberis Hace un día
the girl with pink hair was SO ANNOYING
Raven Willis
Raven Willis Hace un día
I understand Aliyahs mental health and how it messes with her physical and it’s something I really don’t want to talk about but it’s something a lot of women that are able to do that I cannot at the moment.
Clara Krisch Torbisco
Clara Krisch Torbisco Hace un día
her face tho 14:52
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina Hace un día
Women will always win.
anu _
anu _ Hace un día
The pink haired girl is pretty annoying sorry to say that :/
mark9241 Hace un día
That cotton candy machine a lyin hoe She knew they announcing their votes, that's her strat. That "what? Vote? That's mean!😭" bullshit 😂
Kay Utley
Kay Utley Hace un día
Aaron was empathetic, Destiny was sweet, and Earl was awesome. I wish they all could have split the money. :P
Katie L
Katie L Hace un día
Erin and destiny are so cute
Ēl Gŕeñædə
Ēl Gŕeñædə Hace un día
Um why he has to pay for sign language 😂, I learned some sign language in ESwomen and by getting books at the library . Also h9s mom can text him , she ain't blind. 🤷🏽‍♂️
sophiaspaghetti Hace un día
im going to hell for laughing at ‘she aint blind’
Megan -Thea
Megan -Thea Hace 2 días
Sonnie honestly being complicated cause he could've learnt sign language in many other reasons...the girl with the mental health issue, Aaron and Mohammed are the only 3 peope who should have been in the last 3...SORRY
[space_ bar.]
[space_ bar.] Hace 2 días
destinys voice, i don’t know why, but reminds me of melanie martinez. either way, she was absolutely my favorite and so incredibly sweet and adorable.
j.m Hace 2 días
2:27 uugggghhh wow....
Morgan Hace 2 días
Sonne saying he didn't want the money to go to charity was a valid point. Only a portion of the money donated is actually used for the intended purpose. Even though non-profit organisations don't make profit, they still need to sustain themselves as an organisation, meaning donated money can be put into advertisement, website development, merchandising, ect. Since a lot of the people in this video probably wouldn't know about each others favourite charities, giving $1,000 to a company you know nothing about kind of seems irrational. You should always do your research before donating, and know that charities should be completely and absolutely transparent with how their money is used. It's valid to argue for the money to go directly to someone in need within that circle.
Morgan Hace 2 días
Mohammad was there for a very good cause, but why was he in top 3? He didn't need it like sign language guy. Same with Earl, why was he in top 4??
Morgan Hace 2 días
Traci: I paid off my dogs vet bills and now I want the money back *someone votes for traci* Traci: pikachu face
Lily Proto
Lily Proto Hace 2 días
Ok I’m sorry Sonne is being really annoying, “I’m so tired of hearing the word charity” tbh I’m tired of him running his mouth, he’s out of the competition, his opinion doesn’t matter😂😒🙄
evie brook
evie brook Hace 2 días
Why are half of them sweethearts and the other half pretentious, victim-playing cunts who overuse the word “valid” so much it’s basically fucking redundant at this point lmaooo
Lowcountry Adventures
Lowcountry Adventures Hace 2 días
what a shitty game, just makes ppl deeply hate eachother
Jason Jenisch
Jason Jenisch Hace 2 días
Of course. The white male trying to help children who have parents that have died or experienced cancer is kicked out before the girl that wants more money
Lowcountry Adventures
Lowcountry Adventures Hace 2 días
You couldnt of picked a more liberal looking group of people....hahahahaha
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