6LACK, Khalid - Seasons (Official Music Video)

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6LACK - Seasons ft. Khalid
Listen: smarturl.it/Seasons6lack
East Atlanta Love Letter out now: smarturl.it/EALL
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Director: Emilie Badenhorst
Production Company: COUSCOUS
Executive Producer: Salim El Arja, Jordan I. Cardoso
Producer: Natalie Mattozzi, Benjamin Narich
Cinematographer: Todd Martin (ICONIC)
Production Designer: Terry Watson
Editor Henry Kaplan
Colour: Ricky Gausis @MPC
#6LACK #Seasons #Khalid #LVRN #EastAtlantaLoveLetter
Music video by 6LACK, Khalid performing Seasons. © 2019 LVRN/Interscope Records


sizwe sigcino zungu
sizwe sigcino zungu Hace 2 horas
6Lack with the chandelier😂😂
Israel Ramirez
Israel Ramirez Hace 13 horas
6lack looking like Xerxes from 300
Clownan around
Clownan around Hace 22 horas
We out here
Tashana Todd
Tashana Todd Hace un día
I do like it so much 😍😏
Joselyne Babirye
Joselyne Babirye Hace un día
Too dope❤️
TeeOozy Hace un día
Love this song
DJ Metoyer
DJ Metoyer Hace 2 días
Damn, 6 came a long way. Ive been here since prblms and man let me tell you, 6 is one of my favorite RnB singers in the game rn. #realshit
anil ani
anil ani Hace 5 días
Super song
karma centrik
karma centrik Hace 5 días
Thank you for this❤️
Shaddy Hace 6 días
They don't need 6lack up the radar.. this guy is a dual threat... Anyways, Khalid Vocals 💕🔥
Zama Dlamini
Zama Dlamini Hace 6 días
ohhh summer is calling😙
Poc9900 Hace 6 días
This nigga sound sound fire
Shameka Childress
Shameka Childress Hace 7 días
Very intimate scene w/ QUIN??? Dating maybe??
B F Hace 7 días
Not going to lie Kendrick and jcole would have been an great addition to this as a remix or sum.
Santanna Portis
Santanna Portis Hace 8 días
Summer’s calling....A beautiful summer is calling ❤️❤️❤️
Nayaab Mehmood
Nayaab Mehmood Hace 8 días
listening to this when your high is so 😭
TG GrizzSaw
TG GrizzSaw Hace 8 días
When two incredible sounds meet Magic happens 🚁👑
Tonia Bard
Tonia Bard Hace 9 días
Know it's you baby Dee and I love you so much baby Dee because you are everything to me and because you are my dream come true for life and only you baby Dee for life
Crack Head
Crack Head Hace 9 días
I know the girl with the yellow shirt and red shorts she is my sisters friend she like 19 or 20
Christine Sambrano
Christine Sambrano Hace 12 días
This whole video was aesthetically pleasing lol
mlcourey Hace 12 días
Who wrote this song?🤔
Lola Wolfe
Lola Wolfe Hace 12 días
Fuck probably 6lack 😍
blind foldme
blind foldme Hace 12 días
fuck...i love this song so much. there is such an underlying sadness to it that i cannot explain. moves me to tears
Wynter Brooks
Wynter Brooks Hace 12 días
My theatre teacher is the old lady with her husband.I SEE YOU MS HUGHES!
Samukeliso Dube
Samukeliso Dube Hace 12 días
Psychedelic Trips
Psychedelic Trips Hace 12 días
i dont get it..
josue flanquin
josue flanquin Hace 13 días
a dream colab----
Sepentina Gaming
Sepentina Gaming Hace 14 días
The Art of Josh
The Art of Josh Hace 14 días
If I get infront of a camera I want a chandelier on my head too!!
James Ford
James Ford Hace 15 días
Have you ever looked to someone and said"I could spend my whole life with you "You're lucky the greatest thing I could do is marry you 'Cause if I could, I spill my blood Down to give you my last breath The old me on his last stretch 🔥🔥
Elle Beth
Elle Beth Hace 16 días
Why am I just hearing this when fall is coming?... ugh!
Meep Hace 16 días
this is a fuckin' masterpiece
philani sboniso
philani sboniso Hace 16 días
im from south africa. we love you man
AlwaysThere x3
AlwaysThere x3 Hace 16 días
i liked the horses in the background
Sarah's Life
Sarah's Life Hace 17 días
Sending love all over the world🙏🏽🌞🌏
Star Kandee
Star Kandee Hace 17 días
Wow. First time hearing this, great vibe. My new chill song. 🤗. The voices are mesmerizing I'm hooked. The video.. perfect 🙏🏼
Abraham Depute
Abraham Depute Hace 17 días
iam in love with this song
Eazy Money
Eazy Money Hace 17 días
Aye that’s QUIN🔥🔥
TheWill116 Hace 17 días
Anybody know the girl on the motorcycle , just askin for a friend
Ashton Ryuu
Ashton Ryuu Hace 18 días
is it me or does 6lack sound like Frank Ocean just a lil bit??
James Smith
James Smith Hace 18 días
6lack; what’s up with the autotune. Messed the whole thing up
James Smith
James Smith Hace 18 días
Khalid killed IMO
Aweely Didumo
Aweely Didumo Hace 18 días
I quit....
Fifty one Fifty
Fifty one Fifty Hace 18 días
Are my texts making it to you in the time I have? Nommix Jael
Fifty one Fifty
Fifty one Fifty Hace 18 días
Someone yelled code blue Someone on the opposite side I was isolated Not sure what’s next Jael Nommix Mom sent me to the wrong side I didn’t know I was afraid I panicked
Pinkie Dlamini
Pinkie Dlamini Hace 18 días
bee lovey
bee lovey Hace 18 días
This song is so beautiful 😍🤧🤧😭😭😭
Talia Seays
Talia Seays Hace 18 días
Khalid. Is. Sexy. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
pempho maliwa
pempho maliwa Hace 19 días
keep the fire burning bro...this z an amazing track..good work man,,,,
Magic. Mac
Magic. Mac Hace 19 días
Umtiti feat 6lack
mlcourey Hace 19 días
I love this song 😇🙏🏻🙏🏻😇✨✨💖!!!
_m.atola Denni.s_
_m.atola Denni.s_ Hace 19 días
Tatenda Chisambiro
Tatenda Chisambiro Hace 19 días
summer here we come l'm going crazy with this video
TwooTv Hace 19 días
this man vision is out of this world... this is dope . new age soul you gotta put them up with the goats Prince and such
SHYluvsCHUCK Hace 19 días
reminds me of Jisoo's headpiece in Kill this Love😍
Fon Hace 20 días
J Jimm
J Jimm Hace 20 días
Omg man how two voices bounce off each other so gracfully with the beat LOVE it
sesame nyambe
sesame nyambe Hace 20 días
Leticia Trotter
Leticia Trotter Hace 20 días
Lavisha 254
Lavisha 254 Hace 20 días
Jamal Greene
Jamal Greene Hace 20 días
6 Black this a great song never heard of him before now glad I took the time to listen
Subham Das
Subham Das Hace 21 un día
A beautiful summer just ended
Onica Greene
Onica Greene Hace 21 un día
Ur voice is just so soothing, 6lack, I can listen to it all day.
TheYoung Cyrus
TheYoung Cyrus Hace 21 un día
Why so many dislikes? Its a great song and a great video.
Taé Taé The Savage
Taé Taé The Savage Hace 21 un día
He’s such a cancer 😭 LOVE THIS WATER SIGN ENERGY!! ♓️
Arianna maria
Arianna maria Hace 21 un día
Listen to Get A Grip by Trap Letterman on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/tristen-stevens-783618339/get-a-grip
chester111102 Hace 22 días
Love all of your songs
ARAH Hace 22 días
But the problem is, the beautiful summer is ending
Emssi 951
Emssi 951 Hace 22 días
Reminds me of the best holiday flashbacks🏖🌅😊
Sopheen doña
Sopheen doña Hace 22 días
I hope one day a featuring 6lack & Majid jordan
Tshimbii M
Tshimbii M Hace 22 días
I’m here for the 5th time. 😭💕💕💕 Ps I have the song in my phone
Pashent Taylor
Pashent Taylor Hace 22 días
Beautiful period
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