68 Lipomas Removed From a Patient's Arms! | Dr. Pimple Popper

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tlc uk

Hace un año

This patient has the largest amount of lipomas that Dr Lee has ever tried to remove in one go! With countless bumps covering both of her arms, April is desperate to get rid of them as soon as possible!
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Kai Alderman
Kai Alderman Hace 5 horas
How much does something like this cost to get done i too have a large amount. Not nearly as big though
Calamity Natalie
Calamity Natalie Hace un día
Dr Lee’s work is impressive enough without the added sound effects!
Erryn Delaney
Erryn Delaney Hace un día
Riyadh Asmar
Riyadh Asmar Hace 2 días
They look like Brains
Soki Moh
Soki Moh Hace 2 días
Looks yummy
Syndicates of America Bleeps
Syndicates of America Bleeps Hace 3 días
They look like they could be eaten.....
Nickson Torio
Nickson Torio Hace 3 días
I vomit
00 goop
00 goop Hace 3 días
Just one away from nice.
Delilah Duckett
Delilah Duckett Hace 3 días
Wow that was a lot
shamzambada Hace 3 días
i wanna eat those lipomas
Lynelle Ainsworth
Lynelle Ainsworth Hace 4 días
Everyone else: *disgusted by the lipomas* Me: EW SHE JUST HAS A BUNCH OF HOLES ON HER ARMS NOW!
M salim
M salim Hace 4 días
I have got too many .. how it will cost to do ..
K Hace 4 días
2:10 - Those are usually found hanging in a sack on a different part of the body.
Alisson Fernandez lopez
Alisson Fernandez lopez Hace 5 días
Muy buena cirujana,Dios la bendiga!
Ludwin Anderson
Ludwin Anderson Hace 5 días
White people always got some crazy shit goin on...
FoxerZ Game
FoxerZ Game Hace 5 días
She looks like she’s not hurt THAT HURTS OPENING THE SKIN !? I’d get a sleeping shot and I’d still be crying
emily evans
emily evans Hace 6 días
Dr lee is so pretty and awesome! She’s so good at her job
jel bugnay
jel bugnay Hace 6 días
I love how Dr. Lee handles the surgery that makes me want to watch the video. 😂 Instead of being grossed, it makes me become excited to watch how will doc remove the thing. 😂
Rochelle Laylo
Rochelle Laylo Hace 10 días
The kid's handsome
Jaquanna Young
Jaquanna Young Hace 11 días
Me: eating mac and cheese( and me)looks at the stuff)Me:NOPE!
Walker Nelson
Walker Nelson Hace 11 días
Dermatologists are completely underrated. They deal with some of the grossest stuff.
Garren kakaoppo
Garren kakaoppo Hace 11 días
her son is so sweet
Daisy Bivins
Daisy Bivins Hace 11 días
what in the hell.
Christian Cedillo
Christian Cedillo Hace 12 días
I have a question
David Craig
David Craig Hace 13 días
Damn! Just damn! I might have nightmare tonight.
Kamron Washington
Kamron Washington Hace 13 días
Oop Hunter should be 18 now and I'm turning 18 soon sooo
Diego Velez
Diego Velez Hace 13 días
I would feed that to my dog mixed with dry food
ღViolet Vainღ
ღViolet Vainღ Hace 13 días
The holes of april's arm reminds me of freddy kruger
robloxian normie
robloxian normie Hace 13 días
imagine dumpster diving on their building
Kat A.
Kat A. Hace 15 días
Well... haha... hellooo HUNTer😏😏😘
SUBZERO 999 Hace 16 días
2:41 did she say s word or shoot?
Irvene the Virgin
Irvene the Virgin Hace 17 días
Oh I love hunter definitely my type.
Okay_ish_fish Hace 17 días
Just one more. PLEASE.
Dream X Omar
Dream X Omar Hace 18 días
I’m going to name her Karen........ Jesus Karen 69 ohhhhhhh nooooooo
Dream X Omar
Dream X Omar Hace 18 días
Oh my God I didn’t even watch the video the oh my god now I just saw it no I think I just threw up oh my God
Kyla T
Kyla T Hace 21 un día
I just hope to have a son as incredible as Hunter. He seems so sweet and caring!
McKenna Byers
McKenna Byers Hace 21 un día
Suddenly this banana bread doesn’t look good anymore
Cil Ordonez
Cil Ordonez Hace 21 un día
I know there is one more tell me there is one more!
Omid Eftekhari
Omid Eftekhari Hace 22 días
he looks so old for 17
Ruby Johnson
Ruby Johnson Hace 23 días
Isnt it kinda satisfying when the lipomas just kinda pop out? 🤣
Vinod Okai
Vinod Okai Hace 23 días
So like she is not asleep
Nabiha Kaski
Nabiha Kaski Hace 23 días
Why even try!? Those lipomas are smoother than you
Books Rebound
Books Rebound Hace 24 días
It makes me SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE when I find out a hot guy is a minor. K figured he was like 19 20 but nah he's a kid and I feel icky :/
T Dude
T Dude Hace 24 días
I love the episode
felix marco canedo
felix marco canedo Hace 24 días
Dr. Lee:*after removing all lymphomas* *Me seeing holes*OOOHH MYYY GGAAAAWWWDDDDD OOOHHH HELL NOOO
Nanda Kurewa
Nanda Kurewa Hace 25 días
You have a fine lookin' son HAHAHAHAHA
Ari Funderburgh
Ari Funderburgh Hace 25 días
Did a chicken like lay 38 eggs in each arm
Skye Hatton
Skye Hatton Hace 25 días
Anybody else think the son looked like Andrew Garfield?
Shurlanne Thomas
Shurlanne Thomas Hace 25 días
Those holes
Chloe Cundiff
Chloe Cundiff Hace 25 días
HenryYYT Hace 25 días
Idk why but this feels so satisfying.
divinitex_ trouduk62
divinitex_ trouduk62 Hace 25 días
I want to know how a french man can see this kind of video on his own recommendation ?
Dem thang
Dem thang Hace 26 días
Her son is cute asl
Riley Elliott
Riley Elliott Hace 26 días
I'm a 17 year old chic who watches pimple popping videos at 12:45 a.m. - yep.
Chloe Destua
Chloe Destua Hace 26 días
I like it. Its veey satisfyingl
Jazmin Limon
Jazmin Limon Hace 26 días
There was 38 on her left arm and 30 on her right arm? Since 38+30=68
Carlos Martinez Monton
Carlos Martinez Monton Hace 26 días
Cara ela faz cirurgia com ou sem nestezia?????!!!!!!!!!
slither king
slither king Hace 26 días
Yes 100 time yes
Shurlanne Thomas
Shurlanne Thomas Hace 26 días
Maybe she is 68?
Kimberly Moua
Kimberly Moua Hace 26 días
Her son’s jawline thooooo
lauren Hace 26 días
Mad respect
lily pallete
lily pallete Hace 26 días
idk but my body feels weak or something
ER Nurse
ER Nurse Hace 27 días
oh my god! Does that hurt?!!??!! :O
stone creek
stone creek Hace 27 días
Looks like prawns.
Greg Greg
Greg Greg Hace 28 días
Forbidden popcorn
Gira Luna
Gira Luna Hace 28 días
It looked like shrimp :)
Chamone Pearson
Chamone Pearson Hace 28 días
Erin* Kat
Erin* Kat Hace 28 días
What a supportive son ... Way to go guy, you really held your moms head up.
lqmangle Hace 28 días
such a waste of free food
Henry Yau
Henry Yau Hace 29 días
i get tired just by looking this
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