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Talking all things: Rosario Dawson coming out, Iranian chess sluts, Bloomberg maybe picking Hillary Clinton, Trump's entrance into NASCAR, and finally, how Mike Bloomberg is a steaming piece of sh*t! Joined by mega guest Rudy Giuliani!
Show Guide:
Malcolm in the Middle Open: 00:01:53
Joke Segment: 00:02:40
Bloomberg POS Meat Segment: 00:21:40
Commercial 1: 00:47:05
Rudy Giuliani: 00:50:16
Commercial 2: 01:07:55
Closing Segment: 01:10:00
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StevenCrowder Hace un mes
What are your thoughts on Bloomberg? What do you think of his chances for the Democrat nomination and his chances against Trump?
Nunya Dambidniss
Nunya Dambidniss Hace un mes
@Danny Meeks Like The Fear of Terrorism They Pushed on Everyone after 9-11 ? Problem, Reaction, Solution ;)
Nunya Dambidniss
Nunya Dambidniss Hace un mes
@Lipjam INSIDE JOBBER on Crowder.
Nunya Dambidniss
Nunya Dambidniss Hace un mes
@SUPER SENT So what's the point of even having Government if That's all It did ?? As You say, Ignore It & It'd DISAPPEAR :)
Nunya Dambidniss
Nunya Dambidniss Hace un mes
You have This 9-11 Jobber On ??? FUCKED.
nunya inct
nunya inct Hace un mes
StevenCrowder Bloomberg has no chance. As you said with his NYC drink size limits, salt ban, then waffling on stop and frisk (Giuliani did a great job explaining the differences between his, and Bloomberg’s daily implementation of the program). Self sufficient Americans don’t want to be lectured to about firearms, salt, soda sizes. He’s a dictator and offensive to self reliant Americans who are not by any measure idiots. I think the bigger threat is Sanders because 1) illegals come here for free stuff and then they abuse these programs that give it out. Our demographics are changing. In 1990 the US population was 90% White. We are now 66% white. Illegals come here with third world values and a third world culture that is incompatible with Western Civilization. Legal immigrants want to assimilate, they come here with skills we need and are overwhelmingly law abiding. 2)The public education system has been so perverted by Leftist Democrats these young people think everything should be free, and the government can provide it without any adverse cost. They were indoctrinated and are clueless. Trump has been magnificent so far with his policies and court appointments. He had better win, otherwise, the next Democrat president will do whatever is possible to keep our borders open and it will be the death knell for the US as we know it. It’s easy to be a leftist and live in a majority white community (or go to museums, art shows, craft fairs) it’s not so easy the second your foot sets down in ANY inner city. I know because I lived in New Haven CT and worked in every city in CT. They are all cesspools. New Haven is only above the fray -marginally- because of Yale. We are one major crime away by an illegal in that sanctuary city before Yale takes a big hit being a draw to the brightest young minds.
Scott Vergin
Scott Vergin Hace un día
As a farmer myself I find Bloomberg’s comments about farming highly inaccurate.
Sierra Charlie
Sierra Charlie Hace 4 días
Crowder, you missed the most important question to Giuliani. Everyone knows the AG is a Republican, the FBI DIR (may be) a Republican, but neither have put forth any prosecutions of not just the Bidens but all the corruptible Dems. Why? This is a national disgrace.
Pure Ironn
Pure Ironn Hace 8 días
You can just tell Joe was annoyed with Crowder 😂
Samantha D. Schweit
Samantha D. Schweit Hace 9 días
Make gangs snap again LMFAO.
Penelope D
Penelope D Hace 10 días
My Greek grandparents and their parents lived long lives with no fucking healthcare.
Elias Knight
Elias Knight Hace 11 días
Vince Lombardi first said, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." P.S. I am sorry that I am not a member of mug club. I cannot afford it. But I am highly grateful for what you do. As soon as I can pay for it I will.
saeed sal
saeed sal Hace 14 días
35:50 112 years old? Noob my grandpa is 143 we are from the south of Saudi Arabia
Nicholas Nikezic
Nicholas Nikezic Hace 18 días
Treatable-ish. At that age no one would give angroden deprivation therapy.
Collector Hace 20 días
Only stupid people need the government to tell them how to live.
Chantel Smith
Chantel Smith Hace 24 días
OzziTheMan Hace 25 días
My father is that person im my life 1:23:24 im grateful I have a father like that
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Hace 27 días
Bloomberg- you dig a hole, put in the seed, cover it up, add water, and the corn comes up. How to be a democratic politician. Buy your way on to the debate stage, spend millions on super bowl commercial, promote some of the dumbest ideas ever though up, and still get beat by Trump Sincerely a Indiana Farmer
popsicle33 Hace 29 días
Mini Mike is gone!
OneWhoDreamsAwake Hace 29 días
*Bold of you to assume I have friends or loved ones*
Charlie Milroy
Charlie Milroy Hace un mes
Nothing to fear but fear itself is basically about self imposed fear, meaning what you fear does not reflect reality
Zviki Segal
Zviki Segal Hace un mes
my dad made it on LWC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Sosnowski
Joe Sosnowski Hace un mes
Skyler turden is literally the worst
Dorito Reiss
Dorito Reiss Hace un mes
Tell Pop Crowder to buck up. I tore my labrum and bicep tendon and played softball with them torn for 6 years before having surgery.
javy sto
javy sto Hace un mes
Make gangs snap again 😆 Hey im puerto Rican i snap Everytime i pick pockets 😆
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer Hace un mes
Why don’t you ever discuss how Zionists Jews control both parties and are destroying this nation from within Crowder? Trump is a Zionist and is in the back pocket of Israel! Wake up and talk about something more substitute than this childish bullshit?
Maclain Hunter
Maclain Hunter Hace un mes
"theres nothing to fear but fear itself" is a great saying when youre talking about a stock market crash like FDR was....just like it would apply to the fearmongering around the coronavirus causing a selloff...its when idiots take it out of the context of FDR's speech (where he also said people shouldnt be irresponsible with margin & credit which would make him "far right" in todays world) like some sort of confucian proverb that it becomes douchey and meaningless! Its actually one of the few things FDR said about the economy that makes economic sense!
ADRIAN C TUROW Hace un mes
donald and giuliani would be some cool dudes to talk to!
ssadvorian Hace un mes
Stop and Frisk is example of government abuse
Shane Thompson
Shane Thompson Hace un mes
6:10 is the best thing I’ve seen in 2020 so far
ryudragonlord1 Hace un mes
Mr Pibb a taco bell exclusive. And the main reason they go through more mountain dew than any other business that doesn't serve Dr Pepper.
bill hanna
bill hanna Hace un mes
Hey Rudy why not let the new investigation into the 911 attack that the NYFF are asking for ?????
Tnn Dll
Tnn Dll Hace un mes
I like Crowder's style. He's more of the younger college looking guy type conservative. very cool.
giyuu is well liked
giyuu is well liked Hace un mes
Farming is super easy obviously I mean it's not like it's one of the most important jobs in the planet lol
el Taco Grande
el Taco Grande Hace un mes
Was rust belt poison a nod to norm’s box office poison joke on Conan? Sounded just like it haha
Rakadazan Hace un mes
The best one yet!
Flowers inherhair
Flowers inherhair Hace un mes
The Chauncy Gardener Effect 😂
Flowers inherhair
Flowers inherhair Hace un mes
B Farmer
B Farmer Hace un mes
Sweet Coheed and Cambria Shirt @Quarter Black.
Misadventures in 3D printing.
Misadventures in 3D printing. Hace un mes
The Trump skits are getting old. Also I hope you talked to Joe before you did that one. If not that's just lame.
ohifonlyx33 Hace un mes
I totally forgot about malcolm in the middle.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Hace un mes
Someone make the penis song into a ringtone please
Witcher Devin of Lyria
Witcher Devin of Lyria Hace un mes
Crowder = Malcolm confirmed.
Jesse Darren
Jesse Darren Hace un mes
LOVE THE INTRO!!!!!!!!!!!
J Wall
J Wall Hace un mes
Hippo milk is pink. You won’t catch me sleeping on hippos 😂🤣
Sami Hammoud
Sami Hammoud Hace un mes
can we take a minute to appreciate the malcolm in the middle intro i never thought i would get so much nostalgia from a steven crowder vid
Chris Millsap
Chris Millsap Hace un mes
I'm Puerto Rican and can't snap.
tubez4321 Hace un mes
"Is anyone surprised Rosario Dawson is bisexual?" No. Just utterly, completely and totally indifferent. I've rolled my eyes at "coming out" stories so many times that they should be infinity stones on the infinity gauntlet.
frogsoda Hace un mes
About the only thing I've ever seen her in was Clerks 2. Where she said "Sometimes it's okay to go ass to mouth."
Aidan Briggs
Aidan Briggs Hace un mes
The Malcolm in the middle opening nöce
David Romero
David Romero Hace un mes
I think Dems might go for him if Hillary is on the ticket. Don't underestimate the power of media and university indoctrination.
hugehappygrin Hace un mes
An Ominous Anonymous
An Ominous Anonymous Hace un mes
Wow. Excellent interview! Perfect blend of humor and information. Crouter and Giuliani are both on point here.
Coury Russell
Coury Russell Hace un mes
11:00 I was waiting for the Rosie O’Donnell reference lmao
MsJustaskme Hace un mes
Please Steven.....You are so wrong about our health care in Canada. I am a Conservative. Despise the liberals and democrats. I have had many surgeries through our health care here in Ontario. All were done promptly. The problem now is we have too many freeloaders (legal/illegal immigrants and lazy asse people) that pay either zero or not their fair share in to it. There is talk now of a two tiered system. BUT I will be honest I know nothing about the USA health care and how it works and how much it costs. But I do know how Insurance companies work....not good.
Damien Leonard
Damien Leonard Hace un mes
Rip the 112 year old guy tho
ScoutMaddox G
ScoutMaddox G Hace un mes
Fk joe rogannn he is voting for a commie
Matt Hace un mes
Did they actually get Joe Rogan in on this for that sketch?
Donald Wheeler
Donald Wheeler Hace un mes
Damn - I like those chorus songs; please keep 'em coming!
death-by-ego Hace un mes
Fun fact about the Bloomberg Desouza joke... if you actually read that article he flashed, that money was split among several candidates and didnt go over the maximum allowed. These candidatea were running against someone who he didnt like the policies of. Dinesh just gave well over the limit. Facts are fun...despite the fact that it works against a joke. Well at least Crowder doesnt claim to be news, unlike TYT who lies and then does claim that title
Robert Carlton
Robert Carlton Hace un mes
The Corona virus death toll has nothing on the Clinton Virus death toll . Though both reportedly have the same symptoms, shortness of breath followed by a searing pain in the head.
Orkan Kurt
Orkan Kurt Hace un mes
I love how old people (Who have paid taxes for their entire life) should NOT get help? So those that paid the most in your stupid system gets nothing?
Kyle Oien
Kyle Oien Hace un mes
I think Bloomberg lost all of the Midwest when he said that about farmers. I wasn't going to vote for him, but he lost what little respect I had for him after that.
son of man
son of man Hace un mes
Ryan O'Reilly
Ryan O'Reilly Hace un mes
Are those who are ignorant to hippopotamus facts... dippshitopotomi?
SpookySkulll Hace un mes
You might want to start paying attention to corona, crowder...
Chet Reams
Chet Reams Hace un mes
Chicken shit lol
Alex Murillo
Alex Murillo Hace un mes
that Malcolm in the Middle opening brought back my childhood.
Jack Price
Jack Price Hace un mes
I farm for a living and if Bloomberg is willing I will give him a shot
Luke Himself
Luke Himself Hace un mes
*Boo the ending.. BOOOO..*
David Gill
David Gill Hace un mes
You did a horrible job with Rudy -- you aren't on his level, should have let lead without your goofy remarks. Learn when to act like an adult
Rilriia Kilurden
Rilriia Kilurden Hace un mes
Wow, your "mega guest", Rudy Giuliani, is a man so hated for screwing over first responders after 9/11 that even Wikipedia has the hatred NYC has for him documented. No really, tell us about this authoritative source again. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudy_Giuliani_during_the_September_11_attacks
Caulin Whitewater
Caulin Whitewater Hace un mes
16:13 this is very well done, nice job
bar882 Hace un mes
The joe skits
Robert Mosher
Robert Mosher Hace un mes
Vincent J Lombardi is the one who coined the phrase "fatigue makes cowards of us all..." . He was fanatical about his players being in great physical shape because he believed that the game was won in four minutes during the game. The last two minutes of the first half and the last two minutes of the game. He believed this so much he pushed his players to the point of exhaustion where several ended up in the hospital.
K i r k H 4 2 0
K i r k H 4 2 0 Hace un mes
LOLOLOLololOLoLOlOLOLOloL! cat cookin.
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