60 Days In: Nobody Wants to Mess with Abner - Full Episode (Season 5, Episode 7) | A&E

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More than halfway through their time in jail, the participants struggle to make progress on their missions- as pod drama boils over, some hit their breaking point in Season 5, Episode 7, "Don't Swing First". #60DaysIn
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"60 Days In" offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars as innocent volunteers are sent to live among the general prison population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret.
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A&E Hace un mes
Binge all 6 seasons for free here! play.aetv.com/shows/60-days-in/season-1
Kenneth Barnett
Kenneth Barnett Hace un mes
@Zane Adra the Q
Sheldon Kelly
Sheldon Kelly Hace un mes
W o
Lis 777
Lis 777 Hace un mes
I'm new to watching this show so I'm wondering what their "mission" is or is it just to finish the 60 days? I didn't know if they have to do specific thing's as a mission or not.
Austin Rainbolt
Austin Rainbolt Hace un mes
@Cory Schulz sup
Corvan Westbury
Corvan Westbury Hace un mes
Okay thanks!
R R Hace un hora
Mark yells: your a jerk dude Mark: I'm the head of the whites...period
Gage Payne
Gage Payne Hace 4 horas
It is what it is 😂😂
Sosa Ramirez
Sosa Ramirez Hace 21 un hora
I would litterly Kill for a strawberry donut rn 7/10/20 1:09PM
Antoinette Bush
Antoinette Bush Hace 23 horas
I know this has nothing to do with the show but I wish we could comment on some of these dumbass commercials.
Antoinette Bush
Antoinette Bush Hace un día
I can't believe David was snitching after he left the pod. I just a preview I have to catch-up due to being in the hospital for a few months about my Lupus. I would love to be a part of this show. I'll show you how it goes in jail.
Dominic Hace un día
King Saucey
King Saucey Hace 2 días
Girls can’t fight
ultimatebeast 59
ultimatebeast 59 Hace 2 días
Abner was playing his part to seriously like bruh don’t forget you a on the low snitch and not a real inmate
joseph luna
joseph luna Hace 2 días
David a real one broo.. on the real
Mituki Omori
Mituki Omori Hace 2 días
Ur screwed if ur mixed
BabyLeo Reacts
BabyLeo Reacts Hace un día
Fax wtf 😭
Angela Riendeau
Angela Riendeau Hace 2 días
I hope Abner feel like a real man picking on a kid. I hate him so much.
Big Cat
Big Cat Hace 2 días
It's like a box of crayons, you only belong to one color. WHAT? Worst analogy I have ever heard
c c
c c Hace 2 días
Abner is a straight up gangster. He didnt even last up to 2 days before he reverted back to his gangster ways
Sammie Baxter
Sammie Baxter Hace 2 días
Abner over here saying Ikika is racially confused? Yet AB Boricua calling himself a Chicano😒
Sonny Vargas
Sonny Vargas Hace 2 días
Yo this is in az
Zediahc Demos
Zediahc Demos Hace 2 días
Vivian’s really the only girl doing her mission. Brooke had an opportunity in the beginning, but they ruined it for her. I don’t think Jazmyn can do her mission effectively, as it doesn’t seem like there’s gangs in that pod
Jenga Hits
Jenga Hits Hace 3 días
Why are all the cops so fat like they took being pigs to a different level
Jake Lepinskas
Jake Lepinskas Hace 2 días
They do more for the country then you ever will white boy
Connor Fewer Vlogs
Connor Fewer Vlogs Hace 3 días
14:47 what did that wall do to him
Chris Harris
Chris Harris Hace 3 días
Tell me why David or aka ”Prince” lol look like OJ Simpson lmao
david cuevas
david cuevas Hace 3 días
Lmaoo she said at this facility they messed up lmao anywhere you look it literally makes no sense
kirby mgod
kirby mgod Hace 3 días
29:10 lmfao
2kAcholic Reaction
2kAcholic Reaction Hace 3 días
I keep checking the inmate but not checking them CO they the ones doing all the helping
blasphew Hace 3 días
I love how she threw the bottle and caught it 😄
Lucero Garfias
Lucero Garfias Hace 3 días
Realize an inmate playing with a cup 😂 3:40
Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno Hace 3 días
David remind me of Marcus from Detroit: Become Human
William Grant
William Grant Hace 3 días
Shepherdschapelcom explains whole bible God bless
ImD Best
ImD Best Hace 4 días
13:02 so he dont sound like david?
Chad Dixon
Chad Dixon Hace 4 días
Its just county jail. I mean we've all been there. Right? Guys?
Eddy Dishart
Eddy Dishart Hace 4 días
I just gave this show 5min of my time. I honestly don't think I've ever seen anything more stupid. Watching a bunch of grown clowns playing 'prison politics' like little kids playing Lord of the Rings is not only ridiculous...its embarrassing.
Allecia Lynn
Allecia Lynn Hace 4 días
If I ever go to jail I wish I could be in the men’s pod the girls pod LAME asf
D Hace 4 días
I have noticed that the women CO's are extremely fat. I think that needs to be addressed for safety reasons.
SARA TORRES Hace 4 días
The only person that I like from the girls pod is Brooke but she needs to step up for herself she kinda be looking scared
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne Hace 4 días
The ladies don't smuggle drugs they smuggle toilet paper. I think Abner is too deep in, he might just get himself arrested once he's free
Julio Sosa
Julio Sosa Hace 5 días
He said he runs chicano with a puerto rican flag tatted on him lol. Stop it
Strange Ray
Strange Ray Hace 5 días
Abner: It is what it is Me: iT Is wHaT It iS
Xero Heart
Xero Heart Hace 5 días
From Target employ to leader of whites
Constitutional Patriot
Constitutional Patriot Hace 5 días
They label her "right wing" conservative? LMAO. It is just Conservative
Delano Ferrer
Delano Ferrer Hace 5 días
Abner did that right chicano politician .. 101
Delano Ferrer
Delano Ferrer Hace 5 días
County jail alot diffrent then prison thats for sure Esspecially in california making a scene like that in front of the cop they both wouldve got wacked either that or a riot wouldve popped off ..oh my this is soft..
AlwaysStudying Hace 5 días
37:51remind u abner is rican..not mexican..ikika is black and Hawaiian which is not a race...ctfu
AlwaysStudying Hace 5 días
32:49 a police officer is da realest 😂😂
AlwaysStudying Hace 5 días
30:10 No race politics in that county ctfu..abner be bullshitting
AlwaysStudying Hace 5 días
Abner gotta do his geneaology 😂😂
Tiny Sandwich
Tiny Sandwich Hace 6 días
"I didn't want to become this" You are the company you keep.
hey im retro
hey im retro Hace 6 días
lets go watch discovery channel can i go😂😂😂
Robert Tem
Robert Tem Hace 6 días
Tony and abner really think they somebody lmao
James Cottingham
James Cottingham Hace 6 días
Sees the girls pod show up* *skips to abner* 😂
DinkleDigeroo Hace 6 días
The ultimate Irony of these videos, is that A&E as a company, will face the gallows over treason, but they are perfectly happy to put on full display, racial intimidation, bias, assault, and think we're not going to remember.
Johny Goodman
Johny Goodman Hace 6 días
Abner must of watch "American me" 10 times before he went to do the show lol
Louis Bryant
Louis Bryant Hace 6 días
Abner is like the movie"In Too Deep"🤣😂
Eric Pack
Eric Pack Hace 7 días
Vivian is an Instagram chick who i follow lmao
Frederick Jordan
Frederick Jordan Hace 7 días
Yo this is the nicest jail I ever seen. "He should be in charge he is a really nice guy and easy to talk to." I was like yeeaaa they chose me. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
xSerVinGxJusTicEx Hace 7 días
Anyone else ever been in David's position? I know what that's like man, and I feel for him.
Emma Grace
Emma Grace Hace 7 días
ikaika do be kinda cute tho
KingAnonymous 18
KingAnonymous 18 Hace 7 días
Ab took that too far, my guy did nothing, you couldnt give him a day to choose? Even Im confused, ye hes dark skinned but you heard where he and his parents from.
BIG MAYATE Hace 4 días
LMAO "A day to choose" 😂 he has to think about it
Richard Christiansen
Richard Christiansen Hace 7 días
A show full of scumbags for scumbags!!!
Shottygod 2008
Shottygod 2008 Hace 7 días
Bro I feel bad for kika
Evelyn Lamptey
Evelyn Lamptey Hace 8 días
Ikaika wasn't racially confused he just didn't want to join a gang. He used the excuse of him being mixed with a bunch of stuff so he wouldn't have to choose. You can tell because when he first came in he was questioning why people had to be in gangs because of their race. I don't judge him because I wouldn't want to be excluded into one group of people, not being able to associate with anyone else without being called a traitor or getting hurt.
periodt. Hace 8 días
i love how abner has so much chicano pride
Jmb Finesse
Jmb Finesse Hace 8 días
Poor ikika ab made his time miserable there lmao
Jmb Finesse
Jmb Finesse Hace 8 días
How tf I end up watching full episodes of this I said I would never go back 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Jmb Finesse
Jmb Finesse Hace 8 días
I would smack that man's dinner tray on the ground if he coming at me like a enforcer
Lana Campbell-Moore
Lana Campbell-Moore Hace 9 días
The dudes have more drama than the females lol🙄
Bella luv
Bella luv Hace 9 días
ol boy sound like Kevin Heart!
RHN3 Hace 9 días
Imagine being Hawaiian, Mexican, and Puerto Rican 🤣🤣🤣 Just claim Mexican bro, best one
Rae Baby
Rae Baby Hace 5 días
Lol . i wouldve chose Mexican
Paige Cherie
Paige Cherie Hace 9 días
Grabbing inmates by their hair is not an appropriate form of restraint.
Juanito The best
Juanito The best Hace 9 días
Abner is Puerto Rican but wants to be Mexican so bad it’s cool we’re just cool
Devin H
Devin H Hace 9 días
Super high power camarada super sureno Abner who rolls for the Chicanos.
Mike Ormsby
Mike Ormsby Hace 9 días
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