6 Vegans Vs 1 Meat Eater - Jubilee React #6

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Hace un mes

vegan now lads
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evanislost Hace un mes
Beekeeper here. I don't do anything crazy like they report on those peta websites, nor do any of the other keepers I know. Peta is fucking weird. Beekeepers are necessary to pollinate alot of the crops that vegans rely on. So, the shit they eat is borne from the labor of insects, just like honey. So, going by their own insane logic, they're not even really vegan either.
diirt_ Hace un mes
from a vegans perspective, i totally understand, but there's no way anyone can be 100% vegan. its not possible, so we try and come as close as possible to 100% as we can. We have a HEAP of toxic vegans in our community and its beyond annoying; gives us a bad rep. I'm vegan because I love animals and I feel far too guilty knowing how animals are farmed (referring to factory farming) ALTHOUGH if it was more "hunt to survive" like back in the day, without factory farming, I'd more than likely do the same. I absolutely hate peta. they make us look like we're crazy, most vegans don't agree with them (like did you see them crying over fishing in animal crossing?? ITS A GAME LMAOO) but my point is, after all my blabbering, is that we're doing our best at that 100%. :)
GeneralArmorus Hace un mes
That's cuz almost the whole food indutsry is exploitative. Not eating bee vomit aka honey is a start.
TONIO .B Hace un mes
Big PP energy
BRO_ xD Hace un mes
Yo I'm a beekeeper too
Claudiana Clau
Claudiana Clau Hace un mes
Vc copia o Felipe Neto
Shawn Naylor
Shawn Naylor Hace 38 minutos
1:34 Buckwheat BUCK-wheat NOT VEGAN
Justin Sanny
Justin Sanny Hace un hora
poor Brandon
Dragons Mix
Dragons Mix Hace 2 horas
Erin is the vegan god that happens to look like a human highlighter
Yousif Shamandour
Yousif Shamandour Hace 2 horas
Did you know that honey bees are bad for America because they scare of the other pollinators, honey bees aren’t native American and came from Europe
EceX Hace 2 horas
I care about bees cuz I want honey in mc
Martin Verbrugge
Martin Verbrugge Hace 2 horas
I’d vote Erin out right away just because of how annoying she is
Professor El
Professor El Hace 4 horas
This is why I don’t like vegans. Damnit Erin why you so annoying
Meribel Matsalu
Meribel Matsalu Hace 4 horas
Ey, do you know Julebee? That’s not vegan
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak Hace 5 horas
"there are good reasons to go vegan, but there is always that one person that ruins it for everyone" This is so true. I have wanted to go vegan for so long but I put it off because of the obnoxious vegans that make all of us look bad. I'm vegan now and I try not to be like that because everyone has the right to live their own life.
Juliette Jones
Juliette Jones Hace 6 horas
erin is a karen lol
Vicksteria •
Vicksteria • Hace 6 horas
Actually tons of candies do have agar agar, pectin or cornstarch acting as a jellyfying agent.
Victoria Galut
Victoria Galut Hace 13 horas
I bet Erin's also a feminist. Hahaha
Sinedin Eddahbi
Sinedin Eddahbi Hace 13 horas
Peta the Queen cuts of her own wings and feeds them to her children.
Veena Hace 16 horas
SOUR PATCH KIDS ARE VEGAN haha maybe Erin is the uneducated one..
Nandini Hace 17 horas
I was kinda relieved when brandon got eliminated. It saved him from further torture by erin
Artistic Vision
Artistic Vision Hace 18 horas
so I watched a video of Paul McCartney answering most searched google questions about him and one of the questions was "Is Paul McCartney a vegan?". He said he's vegetarian, not a vegan. His reason for being vegetarian is because he believes every animal that comes into the world should be given a chance. Now I'm not a vegetarian or vegan myself, but I just thought his reason is understandable and genuine. I understand that a vegetarian and a vegan are two different things but I feel Erin should respects others way of eating and living and justify her why in becoming vegan. Her ultimate goal should be to respect other living being, just like Paul McCartney. I feel vegans like her turn people off the idea of becoming vegan and instead I feel people looking to give up eating meat to save animals should look towards Paul McCartney's why of being a vegetarian.
Anthony McCannon
Anthony McCannon Hace 19 horas
Me not being a vegan knowing he was the mole since the beginning because he used the simple tactic of running up the clock
Quacksøn Hace 20 horas
Lol imagine not being in flör gang a month ago
Stolenツ Hace 21 un hora
Sour patch kids are vegan though?😂
Samuel Briceno
Samuel Briceno Hace 21 un hora
Cringe dude Pewdiepie 2020
ChaBoyBlue Hace 22 horas
I was just scrolling to see if there is a person who didn’t type a comment about Erin but she is annoying
Beef Cakington
Beef Cakington Hace un día
I bet erin is gonna say that vegan is for women.
Jackilyn Greeley
Jackilyn Greeley Hace un día
Brandon as a person makes me happy.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace un día
PewDiePie: I don’t care about bees Barry benson: I file a lawsuit If you never seen the bee movie Barry benson is a bee he becomes a lawyer and sues the humans for eating honey also he’s the ya like jazz meme
Evan J
Evan J Hace un día
Erin is such a karen
JEANIE Hace un día
I love meat to much so. Its sad a lot of vegan areas totally assholes and but cases. That give a big bad rep for the nice ppl who don't eat meat
ya mum gay
ya mum gay Hace un día
i don’t like erin already.
drritoo Hace un día
Not floor gang!!!
SF_ XeHn
SF_ XeHn Hace un día
Petition to legally name erin “Ellen degenerate”
Blank Shadow
Blank Shadow Hace un día
I thought vegan was about your diet?
Dmitri Shaw
Dmitri Shaw Hace un día
PewDiePie: like the video Erin: ThaT IS NoT VEgAn
Peach Tik Toks
Peach Tik Toks Hace un día
im gonna punch erin istg, why does every erin i know such a bitch
DwightTheIslander Hace un día
Erin is Gatekeeping being a Vegan
SBTENDY14 Hace un día
Sour patch kids are vegan is she stupid or something
UltimateTouhouLove Hace un día
at least five month Vegan guy has a interesting choice of hair style
T Bread
T Bread Hace un día
Honey is actually good for bees, since they get a really good home n shit, not having honey would actually be bad for bees. Watch bee movie lol
Grady McClendon
Grady McClendon Hace un día
Erin is the reason people kill themselfs
Jade Dalynn
Jade Dalynn Hace un día
I care about the fucking bees
Ben Hall
Ben Hall Hace un día
Erin believes that there are more than 2 genders
Bobthechook Hace un día
Erin is a vegan karen Small peepee
Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller Hace un día
This girl said she doesn’t eat eggs because there is a chicken in it... bruh it’s not fertilized
FreakishlyTrue Hace un día
12:08 had me dying!!!! 😜😜😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣🤣
Every__Adorable A
Every__Adorable A Hace un día
Erin literary just became a meme😂
Every__Adorable A
Every__Adorable A Hace un día
Short haired girl prob didn't graduate😂😏
Legendary Rabbit
Legendary Rabbit Hace un día
my boy Jaylyn was being annoying on purpose!
Delphine Sideras
Delphine Sideras Hace un día
Erin is annoying and she keeps picking on Aron what soup do you use
Delphine Sideras
Delphine Sideras Hace un día
Vegan people are so weird
DeVoeXx Hace un día
erin more like a karen
aidan maclachlan
aidan maclachlan Hace un día
I fuckin love you "I DONT CARE, ITS BEES"😂😂😂
Anim -_-
Anim -_- Hace 2 días
I like turtles
papi wewe
papi wewe Hace 2 días
arent the plants alive
Hotpocket Hace 2 días
Guys if you wanna know if someone is vegan look at their eyes and see how sunken in they are
Hotpocket Hace 2 días
Erins eyes look so unhealthy, sunken in and grey, its pretty common in vegans, erin also had a mental issue
Hotpocket Hace 2 días
They all have sunken in eyes, prime example of veganism
Hotpocket Hace 2 días
Erin is definitely a feminist liberal who cries when they see a chicken die on a farm
Hotpocket Hace 2 días
Vegans are an example of mental illness
Aaron Jackier
Aaron Jackier Hace 2 días
I ate chicken while watching this 👍🏻
Benjitater Hace 2 días
I don't care if they eat bees
wolfgang Hace 2 días
Anyone of you peeps here vegan?
BlobKing 29
BlobKing 29 Hace 2 días
I got a vegan advert while watching this
The Golden One 101
The Golden One 101 Hace 2 días
12:33 is why you came back
AK 47
AK 47 Hace 2 días
I think people who limit themselves are the most annoying people
While watching I was actually interested in the game but now I just want erin to lose
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Hace 2 días
Erin was really gunning for the money
ItsYoFriendAce Hace 2 días
vegans (some): I don't eat meat because animals have feelings me who is non-vegan: plants have feelings too
ViOS Lyrics
ViOS Lyrics Hace 2 días
Ughh that Erin girl, worst combo Vengan, feminist (the dumb type) and a Karen😑
Vickvoppock Volomonkane1969
Vickvoppock Volomonkane1969 Hace 2 días
Erin is such a punchable person
Hee Hoo
Hee Hoo Hace 2 días
Ruhil Rosly
Ruhil Rosly Hace 2 días
I am not vegetarian or vegan and this video makes me cringe so much.
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