50 Cent Speaks On ‘Power’, Wendy Williams, Megan Thee Stallion + More

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Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Hace 12 días

50 Cent drops in to talk the sequel to 'Power' called 'Power Book II' and whether he's team Tommy or team Ghost. The rapper also touches on Wendy Williams, his recent drinking habits and the new special woman in his life.
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50 Cent Speaks On ‘Power’, Wendy Williams, Megan Thee Stallion + More
The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.

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Italy T
Italy T Hace 30 minutos
love him 🤷🏽‍♀️
The Brownchic
The Brownchic Hace 44 minutos
Goldie Hefner
Goldie Hefner Hace un hora
“From the streets to rapping to endorsements, to directing....Homie f*ck what then haters talm bout....YOU LEGENDARY❗️They gotta put some respect behind your name.” ~Gwapoluchi
Taylor Lutz
Taylor Lutz Hace 4 horas
You are all very arrogant. I do not have time to sit here and listen to you be demonstrative and arrogant. I am happy to listen but we must be mindful of ourselves. Good luck
Gmail Account
Gmail Account Hace 8 horas
11:09 wats he sayin
live life
live life Hace 8 horas
Remix was cool but the first one was harder that's it both will do switch it up why not
Katoni W.
Katoni W. Hace 12 horas
Da god was quiet
justin sangster
justin sangster Hace 12 horas
50 is a very intelligent man. The way he articulates and presents himself is on point he's not just talking to talk like so many.. he makes alot of good points. I was about 12 when GRODT came out, am now 29.
K Price
K Price Hace 13 horas
Much respect to 50.
Lucca Parolo
Lucca Parolo Hace 23 horas
US of A: Oh, Its 50 Cent! Zimbabwe: Oh, Its 50 million dollars!
Nikki J
Nikki J Hace un día
50 does not age a bit
God's Child
God's Child Hace un día
He's so cute & adorable 😘
Israel Garcia
Israel Garcia Hace un día
50 talks about a Black Latino he always had that funny tio vibe
Alfredo Zertuche
Alfredo Zertuche Hace un día
it's not a desperation twerk😂😂😂 facts
Tammi Lewis
Tammi Lewis Hace un día
Iiiiiiii loooooooove 50 cent
Be Humble
Be Humble Hace un día
25:00 hahaha dont call me hahahah 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Roger Seebald
Roger Seebald Hace un día
One album wonder right there
Thanseer Hace un día
2 × DIAMOND selling artist
Freddy Wilson
Freddy Wilson Hace un día
Ye a savage... Did noone catch that remark about everyone cheating on their partner accept her
Freddy Wilson
Freddy Wilson Hace un día
Anyone wanna help me out by subscribing to my channel?
HoodieLU Hace un día
So nobody else noticed how he stroked the water bottle @15:33 ?
illegal alien
illegal alien Hace un día
Bro he did that on purpose
Jervaughn Davis
Jervaughn Davis Hace un día
That 69 shit got me crying😂😂😭😭
Dj Merdji
Dj Merdji Hace un día
Listen and watch VIDEO first, and after SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANEL 🔔🔔 50 Cent-Hustlers Ambition(Deep Remix) eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-NaWbu5exyUE.html
Ross Rossiter
Ross Rossiter Hace un día
I wonder why he never put up smurfs bail though?
Ross Rossiter
Ross Rossiter Hace un día
Fif is one charismatic mother. I'm surprised there isn't a little 'ting' and a glisten on his teeth every time he smiles. He's obviously enjoying life. More power to him.
Debo Da Don
Debo Da Don Hace un día
Megan the male horse you can tell who wasn’t paying attention in Kidner garden🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😳
ZSAZSA RODEO Hace un día
Rocco. mp4
Rocco. mp4 Hace un día
50 cent: isnt relevant this video: has 2M views 50 cent: Comeback?
Johanna Lappalainen
Johanna Lappalainen Hace un día
Michael Wingfield
Michael Wingfield Hace un día
She tried to bait him into saying something positive about the metoo movement and the lgbtyzrs36gk ppl. Both trash propaganda.
Game of Thrones season 8 is trash
Game of Thrones season 8 is trash Hace un día
I thought I was the only one😊🤔
P TOWN SAVAGE 600 Hace un día
Nate Hace un día
I’m glad he spoke on the problem with free speech now. The heterosexual male isn’t allowed to express himself, feels like you gotta hold other adults’ hands through conversations because they get sensitive over everything.They can say whatever about you though, and you’re supposed to accept it, like a chump. Despite how people feel about Trump, he’s necessary, dude speaks his mind, no matter how many folks he offends. Men need to take that power back.
Nate Hace un día
Lmao dude called Megan The Stallion, and Amber Rose, hoes publicly.
Neisha Davis
Neisha Davis Hace 2 días
This interview was lit 🔥
mack17able Hace 2 días
Help Support Flint,MI Artist eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-KZ1sBBdaWes.html
thelastDAN Hace 2 días
Will Envy ever stop dressing like a 19 year old from 2008
KMnnA Hace 8 horas
Find out next time on Dragon Ball z
Leah Padgett-Jones
Leah Padgett-Jones Hace 2 días
CTG shut up!!! Although Ghost got his ways, He betta not die!!!!!
C C Hace 2 días
There's rappers better then 2pac hahaha who Mike Jones
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones Hace 2 días
Is his lady Daphne Joy?
Game of Thrones season 8 is trash
Game of Thrones season 8 is trash Hace un día
Not again he with Cuban Link on ig boy she as a motherf****r 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
rosemary mays
rosemary mays Hace 2 días
Ok Angela, I see you what cha hair poppin and outfit on 10. Who you got cute for?
Pearl Ray
Pearl Ray Hace un día
rosemary mays I was thinking the same thing
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones Hace 2 días
I want to go to one of their parties.
Jonathan Jay-T Meleki
Jonathan Jay-T Meleki Hace 2 días
25:05 Takashi 69 part thank me later
صالح Hace 2 días
Bruh, American people too stupid that y’all should see a doctor.. nobody get stoned to death in Saudi Arabia for whatever reason. It’s fuckin crazy how ur brains work.
Klark Kent
Klark Kent Hace 2 días
Trey Songs can't sing that's why it sucks
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones Hace 2 días
I know damn well this grown ass man did NOT just say bufFET 😒😒🤣🤣🤣 I love 50 though 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Tammi Lewis
Tammi Lewis Hace un día
Ikr Lmmfaoooff I was oooooook.
maurice morrison
maurice morrison Hace 2 días
Bow wow tow up
mystiquee beauty
mystiquee beauty Hace 2 días
Nah 50 the funniest guy I fucks with him
F. Rose
F. Rose Hace 2 días
Good interview! ✌️
Jojoangel1205 Hace 2 días
Barcode _E-town , NJ 🤙
Ms.Vee Weathers
Ms.Vee Weathers Hace 2 días
Someone name all 50cent TV shows?
Moe Som
Moe Som Hace 2 días
On Saudi Arabia 21:33.. And it's far from the truth. 50 chill!
Moe Som
Moe Som Hace 5 horas
@iiBYWAYx يا سلام عليك. 1-متى شفت رجم حتى الموت ينفذ قدامك او سمعت عنه؟ 2-متى شفت احد تزوج 4 حريم لانه يتبع الدين اللي يقول له if you can afford it! وين راح العدل بينهم؟
iiBYWAYx Hace 11 horas
Moe Som من قال لك اني اشوه؟ السعوديه تحكم بالنهج الاسلامي ومعروف وش عقوبه الزنا ومفصله تفصيل بالقران
Moe Som
Moe Som Hace 17 horas
@iiBYWAYx اجل ليش اتحاول تشوه سمعة بلدك وانت عارف ان كلامه عار عن الصحه!!
iiBYWAYx Hace un día
Moe Som I’m a saudi by the way🤷🏻‍♂️
Moe Som
Moe Som Hace un día
@iiBYWAYx That's sad. I think now you can visit saudia for tourism and I'll be glad to have you as a guest 🌹
Ibra Adam
Ibra Adam Hace 2 días
هرجة السعوديه في دقيقة 21:36
osa -nash
osa -nash Hace 2 días
Fifty halalh 🙏🏻😂🔥
A. Ripdae la Wise Escobar
A. Ripdae la Wise Escobar Hace 3 días
Go watch 50’s Drink Champs interview with Nore after this. Wonderful hilarious interview.
Lamar Newton
Lamar Newton Hace 3 días
“Have a baby by me baby and be a millionaire, I right the check before the baby comes, who the hell cares?”
PHILLY PHREAK!!! Hace 3 días
Yeah he looks he ain't got no money. 50 got that long money! Smart business man!
Aalique Grahame
Aalique Grahame Hace 3 días
Yooo, Yee be setting niggas up 😂😂. She always catch envy slippin 😂😂😂
snickers 762
snickers 762 Hace 3 días
BossTeamEntertainment Hace 3 días
:55 They said that shit aint broke so don't fix it 😂😂😂😂😂
RightFootLetsStomp Hace 3 días
When does he talk about Wendy Williams? I missed it
Anya Nice
Anya Nice Hace 3 días
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Kimberly JEAN PIERRE Hace 3 días
Fifty is never the bad guy🤩🤩🤩🤩
K. Banks
K. Banks Hace 3 días
25:07 👍🏾
SpEcIaL ED Hace 3 días
Haha 50 i$ da Be$t
King Malik
King Malik Hace 3 días
I think he’s right on the money with how artists and performers got better. Rappers who rap better than 2Pac? Only possibility right now is Cole, and he’s not even popping like that. It’s all the lils and mumblers that are getting all the streams, great artists are around, but they don’t get the love they deserve because of what’s popping right now. Hot trash.
Tamekka Bailey
Tamekka Bailey Hace 3 días
I love u 50
bitbatbutttiktaktuk Hace 3 días
How can everyone be team tommy ? Tommy is irrational and emotional and street shut if you want to continue being on the corner and known to police sure keep going that way but your going to be in and out of prison straight up but ghost that nigga he is the guy that ends up being Mayer or governor or congress just like some of the clintons and the bushes who were shifting major weight ! You know that shit those fuckers get away with killing niggas for leaking emails and shit that’s a whole different level of gangster
Casey Turner
Casey Turner Hace 3 días
Cancer gang real genuine ‼️‼️
girlscott411 Hace 3 días
Chris brown has not elevated anything. His talent is nowhere near Michael’s. He hasn’t even reached MJ during his “Jackson” era.🙄
staf mu
staf mu Hace 3 días
jay emme
jay emme Hace 3 días
He’s a very nice person been a fan since I was 14/15 and still a fan today
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