50 Cent, Snoop Dogg React To Gayle King's Kobe Bryant Assault Question

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ET Canada

ET Canada

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After Gayle King explained why she asked Lisa Leslie about Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case, Roz Weston and Graeme O'Neil reveal 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg's reactions during "ET Canada Live".
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Destiny Loveless69
Destiny Loveless69 Hace 4 horas
So here my opinion if it was your daughter would you still commend him ? Would he still be your hero 😡😡😡 these were rape allegations someone daughter so all of you who say this is disgusting what’s disgusting is the fact he was married and even entered another room with another woman so please he’s no hero !!! Yes we all make mistakes and his wife forgave him and continued to raise his kids as a family !!!! Now Vanessa is the real hero !!!
nemo gwala
nemo gwala Hace 10 horas
Aaron Cabrera
Aaron Cabrera Hace 16 horas
No one gets a pass. No celebrity gets a pass..same goes for Kobe. They should’ve asked. No one trashed Kobe’s character more than Kobe when he cheated on his wife.
Big Cashh
Big Cashh Hace un día
bro this she need to gtfo. She steady trynna egg it on if the case was dismissed stfu ! With all due respect!
KobeBryant ThanosStopper
KobeBryant ThanosStopper Hace un día
Snoop went he fuck IN!! Hahaha 😂 I have nothing but respect for that man.
KobeBryant ThanosStopper
KobeBryant ThanosStopper Hace un día
She’s upset that her network released that part of the interview? Maybe you shouldn’t have asked the question in the first place, you dunce!
al p
al p Hace un día
Graeme Oneill looks like Bashar Assad 🌝👍
Enzo Thunder
Enzo Thunder Hace 2 días
She implied like he was guilty and lisa to infatuated to see the truth . shes wrong af
Isaak Sparks
Isaak Sparks Hace 2 días
Montez Demarrco
Montez Demarrco Hace 2 días
50 cent said it best!!
C Farnsworth
C Farnsworth Hace 3 días
Gayle King is nothing without Oprah! Not even a has been more like a never been!
Robin Dees
Robin Dees Hace 3 días
Disagree with NOBODY wanted to be associated with Koby because of THAT issue. You MUST mean CERTAIN folks in society. The black community did NOT have the SAME issue with Koby..FACTS
Robin Dees
Robin Dees Hace 3 días
You don't get to dictate the responses that people have to the questions that are asked either.
Robin Dees
Robin Dees Hace 3 días
OW & GK are just into black exploiters
Robin Dees
Robin Dees Hace 3 días
If it was FAIR for gayle to ASK. It is FAIR for ANYONE or ANY outlet to respond..HOWEVER they desire. I saw it all abd it is NO DIFFERENT with how gayle did R. Kelly. That is just how "THEY" do...Victmizers always play the victim. The fact that she said she INSISTED that THEY keep that part in. Which could mean Leslie could have said more that you also could have hae taken out.
Temitope Mohammed
Temitope Mohammed Hace 3 días
Kobe is gone. Let the man and his beloved daughter rest in peace.
Williette Thomas
Williette Thomas Hace 4 días
You have not apologized to the Bryant family.
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas Hace 4 días
Why are you white guys weighing in on something you have nothing to do with... know nothing about and do not experience?? WTF is wrong with you people??
Remy Slaughter
Remy Slaughter Hace 4 días
should have just never asked about it smh
Little Traveller
Little Traveller Hace 5 días
You wanted her take and then disregarded it anyway. But you wouldn’t see it because you were his friend
yap dem
yap dem Hace 6 días
Gayle was wrong on all levels. To keep pushing and trying to bait Lisa into a response to diminish Kobe's name and legacy, is classless.
Amber Lindop
Amber Lindop Hace 6 días
Kobe Bryant is a rapist and people don't care because he could dribble a ball. I am glad he is gone
MilkMonster Hace 7 días
50 went surprisingly deep with his observation of the whole situation lol.
its_Mai Ku
its_Mai Ku Hace 7 días
I agree with you guys about not asking a dear friend or family member about what that man went through and dealt with. The dude just passed. I agree it's completely wrong, but I also think she don't mean it in any bad way. I'm not saying I'm picking her side, I'm saying we shouldn't be so harsh on her. Getting threats is scary and I don't wish death or anything bad upon her. She know and knew she messed up asking that. Even if the video was edited.
Sheryl Iheanachor
Sheryl Iheanachor Hace 8 días
we are not idiots...
Sheryl Iheanachor
Sheryl Iheanachor Hace 8 días
why is your channel defending gk? gk / o are not good peps....gk cheeses story...i tend to believe sd said what was right....karma...smh...gk / o your a taboo!...all that died with kb / daughter ...rest in heaven with God Almighty!
Arleen Thomas
Arleen Thomas Hace 9 días
This whole she is your fault and no one else you and your colleagues at CBS your whole staff should be blamed for this whole situation in her the biggest role to be playing for, I'm sorry but Gayle King is a liar took out of context that's a lie
Challenge Of The Mighty
Challenge Of The Mighty Hace 9 días
Muse Khadir
Muse Khadir Hace 10 días
Guy's there is no smoke whitout a fire. Stay faithful to your family.
757primetime Hace 10 días
Gayle is a coward. She has interviewed kobe before and never addressed these issues with him. Smh
Grace Bepo
Grace Bepo Hace 10 días
About time!!
Marie Franco
Marie Franco Hace 11 días
Plain and simple Gayle was wrong in every way.She could’ve asked Kobe those questions when he was alive..Why wait and ask these uncomfortable questions at this interview?So soon after his death she’s a disrespectful woman who deserves all the backlash!
Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor Hace 12 días
I find it dismissive that Gayle dismissed her friendship.
lorrizzo Hace 12 días
Wrong - when I watched the clip yes a few hairs raised, but after watching the full interview, and grasping the goal Gayle was going for of "stop the questioning of the dismissed allegations" and when Gayle stated that it was dismissed a few times over and added the victim refused to testify, and Leslie backed it with "That's how we should leave it" that added to the solid ground to say it was over and done let it go basically saying it to ALL OF THE media world who are the ones who keep rehashing it and bringing it up to tarnish Kobe and his family. That's the important last words in response to the whole issue - and you two dredging it along and saying what you are about how basically Gayle was covering her butt, but alas letting Leslie say the last line made the impact. They had their time for questions regarding that issue, let it go period. I didn't feel animosity coming from that question, I felt Gayle leading Leslie to let the world know - LET IT GO, it was dismissed and they are both now gone, stop trying to tarnish his memory.....MAY THEY ALL R.I.P. and Godspeed and Peace be to all their families.
Godor Snypér
Godor Snypér Hace 13 días
50 cent knows wtf he talking about!
Jessica Pazo
Jessica Pazo Hace 13 días
It was bad timing enough, to bring up that topic, but then she pushed...like she wanted lisa to say something bad...just trying to make herself look good. Totally uncalled for and in bad taste. I mean the man just lost his life...and his little girl died! And she wants to smear his name just to see how far she could take an interview? Shame on you
redartistic Hace 16 días
Love Snoop!!! Real talk there!!
awesomearchangel Hace 17 días
I would like to see Oprah remove the new age book in her booklist....the new age believes that men and women can become gods on earth. She is currently the commander of a one woman nation.
Rae Wambia
Rae Wambia Hace 18 días
Oprah and Gayle sell outs
caprum ra
caprum ra Hace 18 días
This woman is a with. Her and others like her only purpose is to demolish the black man
Paris Henning
Paris Henning Hace 19 días
One batch 💀
Elizabeth Ray
Elizabeth Ray Hace 19 días
Gayle was wrong for that why bring that up about him Let the man rest damn that's crazy
LtBrown1956 Hace 19 días
1. ms king was correct to ask the ori question 2. ms leslie gave a great answer that I find has the absolute ring of truth 3. the follow up question ("you would not even know would you?") WAS stupid and nonsensical 4. I believe Kobe was innocent both legally AND morally, of rape 5. I think kobe was the 2nd GOAT and the issue does NOT cloud this I am a old white male former cop and kobe's explanation and leslie's reasons why he believes him are totally convincing!
Strider 4life
Strider 4life Hace 20 días
Snoops reaction was the best.
Madison Rivera
Madison Rivera Hace 20 días
Snoop shouldn't have Apologized have alitt more Respect Gayle jus Stfu Kobe not here your a disgrace Vanessa should get you for talking trash
D'Andre Gaddy
D'Andre Gaddy Hace 20 días
You talking bout a whole interview. We all know Kobe's positives and you trying to bring up his supposed short comings. And kept digging after Lisa took her stand against your questions. You care about your people and the black community as a whole keep our men and women's honor intact. Go investigate those white men that pay yo stanking ass.
Shawn Denise Coley
Shawn Denise Coley Hace 21 un día
Gayle and Oprah overstepped a boundary that shouldn't have been crossed in the first place! This topic shouldn't been aired to begin with. You and Oprah are bunch of sellouts to the almighty dollars. You have no respect for Kobe Bryant's family. Kobe and his daughter Gigi along with 9 other people was killed in the helicopter crash. Have some respect and stop being a buttinsky. Respect the Bryant Family.
Virginia Coleman
Virginia Coleman Hace 21 un día
Gayle, the part we saw was unnecessary!!! You wanted to get Lisa's take on it...(after 17 years, 2 weeks after his fatal helicopter crash)? Gayle, you should have NEVER asked Lisa Leslie (or any of Kobe's friends, family or teammates), any question regarding that incident!!! The courts had already acquitted Kobe Bryant, back in 2003! Plus, he went on television and publicly apologized to his wife, for his infidelities; and to his acusser!!! This incident embarrassed his family, the NBA, & the entire Lakers organization, including his teammates, associates, friends, endorsements/sponsors, coaches & those who looked up to him, and probably lost respect for him! He lost major endorsements, plus he had to pay his accuser millions of $$$ in a civil lawsuit!!! So why does Gayle King (Oprah's best friend), & the news media (CBS, NBC & ABC) still have him on trial in the court of public opinion???
Sherry Lewis-Rucker
Sherry Lewis-Rucker Hace 21 un día
I don't think it was appropriate to bring the matter of the sexual incident to the forefront. The case was dismissed therefore, it should even be discussed. I agree with Lisa, Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) and Snoop. Leave it along!
Jaime Alonzo
Jaime Alonzo Hace 21 un día
Gayle king is trash.she showed her true colors.now she is making excuses, and blaming the network for her evil deeds.
Makayla Coleman
Makayla Coleman Hace 22 días
And she's acting like if they show the whole clip that still wouldn't have changed because you still brought up the question.
MikeG Russakoff
MikeG Russakoff Hace 23 días
Another scum bag putting rattings above being a descent human being total race hatter
Danni Bishop
Danni Bishop Hace 24 días
You didnt asked kobe this question when he was alive. Why wait till he died with his daughter to ask his friend it? You didnt asked him then; you shouldnt of asked now. Periodtt. Lisa as kobe's friend you handle gayle, with grace, compasion, intelligence, poise, elgance. You didnt let your emotions over shadow your judgement to get mad at gayle.
Dope Films
Dope Films Hace 24 días
Shut up yall just trying to make the media seem unbias
Develle Williams
Develle Williams Hace 25 días
White commentators bed wencher lols
Keith Conklin
Keith Conklin Hace 25 días
black lady talking to a black lady about a black male and some how its the white man's fault WTF
Veronica Richards
Veronica Richards Hace 26 días
You should not have asked anything about the case, period!!! Very annoying and disappointing on your part, this man is gone and his family is grieving, idiot!!
Towanda Sherrod
Towanda Sherrod Hace 26 días
Gayle King, Why would you Even bring that up.Kobe has passed on you nut you should have ask Kobe while he was alive,all you and your girl friend OW do is put our black men down .What was you looking for .Time has passed on you wanted the young Lady to say something else. So Snoop Dogg gave it to you he don't owe you no apology. You Gayle need to apologized to Kobe's family.
Elijah Murray
Elijah Murray Hace 26 días
I don't ever want to hear from this woman again. Period
yee haw
yee haw Hace 26 días
She deserves it, watch what u say Gayle, still waiting for that apology 🤦🏽‍♀️
Casper C
Casper C Hace 26 días
azra dervic
azra dervic Hace 27 días
People in Europe die from Corona and Amaricans talking who said this, who was wrong, this should.... this is already past. Wake up...
Simon Morton
Simon Morton Hace 27 días
Snoop knew xactly what he was doing, shrewd move really. Fucking trial by media. There's too much of this bullshit. There's no full stop with the American media. Same over here nowadays. Absolutely no respect, or regard for mans family
msvisualize Hace 27 días
50 cent for president .
Mimi H
Mimi H Hace 27 días
Gayle: "oh but Lisa you wouldn't see it" The mouth speaks what the heart feels
Wufangbuug Wifangbuug
Wufangbuug Wifangbuug Hace 27 días
Whole interview or not. She looking like Wendy Williams. They got some wierd wit dem
Nae Nae
Nae Nae Hace 28 días
They’re white and they don’t care really about Kobe or Gail. Leave Kobe alone and let him Rest In Peace ✌️
William Altemose
William Altemose Hace 28 días
yikes the black community is viscous. respondent: a white boy who made his way in the late 60s
Leigh Emerson
Leigh Emerson Hace 28 días
What’s wrong with Gayle stop pushing her to down Kobe 🤦🏽‍♀️
Brian David
Brian David Hace 28 días
I agree with Snoop 💯℅ on what he said
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