50 Cent On Floyd Mayweather, French Montana, Naturi Naughton, Pop Smoke + 'For Life'

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50 Cent stepped up to Ebro in the Morning to discuss his brand new show 'For Life,' as well as what's next with the 'Power' series going forward.
As usual, he wasn't shy as he addressed rumors he punched French Montana, memes towards Naturi Naughton, Floyd Mayweather, thoughts on Pop Smoke, linking back up with Dr. Dre and Eminem during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, told a Steve Stoute story, and more.
'For Life' airs on ABC Tuesdays at 10 P.M. EST.
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Keonne Williams
Keonne Williams Hace 2 días
50 is a Genius.🖤😎🔱🤑
Falano Hace 2 días
5:53 popsmoke
Falano Hace 2 días
5: 53 pop smoke
IZZAR Hace 10 días
50 cent still can't say Scott storch aahaahha
Juris Doctor, NYS Bar Exam Candidate 2019
Juris Doctor, NYS Bar Exam Candidate 2019 Hace 11 días
One of New York’s Finest!!!! 🙌🏾🤴🏾 From HipHop to Entertainment Mogul: STARZ, ABC all his movie credits and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Boat Records
Boat Records Hace 14 días
I found this video the fight between Rick Ross against gun play at 2:18 the fight will play in my music video eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-RIs6qFFfjkQ.html
rmathers 7
rmathers 7 Hace 14 días
I wish 50 would release a new Album for his Prequel Show "Kanan's rise" , 10 Tracks. included Eminem
ListenAndLearned Hace 16 días
50, don't let that weight creep up on ya bro. People start looking at you different. Stay healthy
E. Martinez
E. Martinez Hace 19 días
He is an old pop 💫
Bobby Hace 20 días
2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-tksK1Szuis8.html
Derrick Terry
Derrick Terry Hace 20 días
These radio clowns hate trump sooooo much and you see when they tried to roast them and 50 goes “ it’s cool “ cuz he’s not stupid.
Gabriel Palmer
Gabriel Palmer Hace 21 un día
Do 50 and floyd still have beef
kkmichelle 314
kkmichelle 314 Hace 21 un día
I'm glad he's happy
Mathieu Gagnon
Mathieu Gagnon Hace 23 días
Yo 50 get 'em with the staaaapppp
mabz zaman
mabz zaman Hace 24 días
50 drops gems in almost every interviews. Always learning something new from him.
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez Hace 25 días
Lmao that money gone. He talking about his money. Guess he forgot he filed for bankruptcy before. He throwing shade on the low and trying to act like he not. Seems a little jealous of mayweather
Ice Cream Sunday
Ice Cream Sunday Hace 26 días
I love 50 he is the man! Ebro look the nigga who just got the job to bring 50 his shoes and ask if he want something to drink. Gthoh
tristan van der molen
tristan van der molen Hace 26 días
This let you think about mayweather and 3 weeks later his ex got killed
DJ DA VINCI Hace 27 días
Floyd net worth is at least 500 millions $
Connie Matthews
Connie Matthews Hace 27 días
You would punch him in the face stop lying 😂😂😂😂😅
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia Hace un mes
Love 50. Realest in the game! OG..
Bobby Hace un mes
2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-H9tEvfIsDyo.html
T J Hace un mes
Sooooo, not " cool" at ALL!!! It was cheap and cowardly!!! FIRST AND FOREMOST, You're not supposed to talk bad about the deceased!! Then to bring up something that happened years ago after he passed, instead of asking him herself when he was alive, was pathetic and tells alot about her character. Or lack thereof!!!
PACIFIK Hace un mes
Scott Skorch
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man Hace un mes
G ggggg g unit
Harmoneggs arm and legs
Harmoneggs arm and legs Hace un mes
Yo I love this dude but maybe he dont like Floyd because his son lools just like him.hahhha yo go check it out.Fiftys son looks like a cross between him and Mayweather.Its crazy funny.
M West
M West Hace un mes
I love me some 50 cents
Tremain Smith
Tremain Smith Hace un mes
50 cent is 🗑, pay full attention no more G-Unit
Ali Baba
Ali Baba Hace 23 días
Tremain Smith he got smoke popped
quinn foley
quinn foley Hace un mes
wait...i thought ebro was like 5'6" lol
cruyff1899 Hace un mes
50 looks like he be eating good
ShortyTMusic 116
ShortyTMusic 116 Hace un mes
“Cause the money gone” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damion Cox
Damion Cox Hace un mes
Ain't no way I can allow 50 to convince me that Floyd has ran thru 700+million over the last 5 years. Between Pacquiao, Berto, and Conor McGregor he took home 300+, 100+, and 300+ million respectively. Not considering other investments and increase drawn from said money and money previously earned. Its impossible.
reon lawrence
reon lawrence Hace un mes
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-6AIIdrRSgSk.html 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌
Ielijah small
Ielijah small Hace un mes
Floyd make million errr week of his life
Carla Sims
Carla Sims Hace un mes
I love this dude.💖 Stay blessed Curtis.
Egyptian Kitty
Egyptian Kitty Hace un mes
He’s so funny
RANGEROV3R Hace un mes
Ebro won’t even let 50 talk he has the attitude of a guilty ass person for real
joe kingsbury
joe kingsbury Hace un mes
Ebro stil not answering why he didn’t play their music tho
I am Enobeus
I am Enobeus Hace 28 días
All I remember is that interview with Stro uploaded Aug 26 2015. Some bs about letting them struggle to add to their success. He was talking about new rappers at the time. I've always acknowledged Ebro as two faced since then. I bet all the money a lot of potential big breaks were killed. He must want it that way for some reason. He's an asshole for it though.
blazinpyromaniac Hace un mes
Crazy Pop Smoke died less than a week later
John Snow
John Snow Hace un mes
Shea Mcg
Shea Mcg Hace un mes
"Having the ability to focus on something or to work on it will allow you to work hard enough to be good enough at it. That's the kobe bryant run he out worked those people" 🔥
Promise Rutendo
Promise Rutendo Hace un mes
“With that lifestyle that money is going lol .” Fofty on Floyd 😂
Moonie Dizzel
Moonie Dizzel Hace un mes
50 like 60 years old and still hating.
Ali Baba
Ali Baba Hace 23 días
Moonie Dizzel he got smoke popped
Tish Hace un mes
Loved how he said “I’m not single” 👏🏽
noran Hace un mes
lmaoooooo fiddy is too funny man
Vincent Matlock
Vincent Matlock Hace un mes
Same drug dealer different product
Yardbooty Hace un mes
Without my contacts in this fool looks like David Ortiz 😭
Justin Purdy
Justin Purdy Hace un mes
50 a genius..all I gotta say
michael jackson
michael jackson Hace un mes
Wait didn't 50 say he would outsell Kanye, if he didn't, he would retire back in like 2008 2007? Well he lost.wtf is he hating on Floyd for? Oh I get it, nuff said.
michael jackson
michael jackson Hace un mes
@Basketball God a fool purchases, I have never purchase an album, paid for pauper view nor do I indulge in anything that will not reciprocate. I find it comical that most do, and you back it, "it's just promotional" but Kanye's album was great, I pirated it in 2008.
michael jackson
michael jackson Hace un mes
@Basketball God he lost, and this is the problem with the current state of America. Unfulfilled promises, never take a charlatan at their word. It's boxing, I purchased neither nor do I endorsed the idolatry concept. I find fork tongued individuals repulsive, no matter if it's "just Business"
Andrew E Spencer
Andrew E Spencer Hace un mes
50 kept it real. Ebro and Flex killed hip hop
Haris Iftikhar
Haris Iftikhar Hace un mes
I'm Laughing Staright To The Bank With This Ha ha ha ha hah
BeenOfficial Hace un mes
“ FACTS Vs Fiction”. BeenOfficial. Feat. Haddy Racks
lilmacc 19
lilmacc 19 Hace un mes
Fitty Cent done did some growing up type shit..I've always been a "fan" but hot damn cuh this mf did some mature sh*t. Really though. I'm impressed.
Keonda Washington
Keonda Washington Hace un mes
I ❤️ 50 but it’s probably because I’m petty too, I try to dislike him but I can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You better claim your lady Fif she is 💣
John Smith
John Smith Hace un mes
his talk show is trash. I’m only watching cause 50 on here .
Mohmood Al Hafiz
Mohmood Al Hafiz Hace un mes
Great interview
Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor Hace un mes
50 done lost his neck along with his eyebrows
TheMarsBus Hace un mes
50 Cent starting to look like Oprah.
Gail Day
Gail Day Hace un mes
I'm playing res Hot Chili Peppers 👍
Gail Day
Gail Day Hace un mes
Gail Day
Gail Day Hace un mes
❤️ Kobe
Gail Day
Gail Day Hace un mes
Gail Day
Gail Day Hace un mes
OMG internment with out trial happened in Ireland 👍
Gail Day
Gail Day Hace un mes
Hip hop ❤️🍀 red chilli peppers 🤔
Sage Atala
Sage Atala Hace un mes
Never cared for rap or most rappers but I got nothing but respect for 50 cent.
Dana Alexis
Dana Alexis Hace un mes
Who else was dying when 50 said wooo baby 😂😂😂😂 RIP POP SMOKE 💙💙💙🕊🕊 5:55
Darryl Hayes Hayes
Darryl Hayes Hayes Hace un mes
Personally I'm not a fan of this show and 50 cent brought that out clearly this turned backward cap wearing dude is a pure crappy interviewer ( Ebro stinks ) 50 was the only reason I came to this show. ✔️
Nate Hace un mes
50 keeps it G. Especially when he was talking about the sexual assault allegations that have come to light in recent years.
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